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STORM ALERT #48 : 'our boys on the Syrian front!'

STORM ALERT #48     
 1st Mars 2014
STORM ALERT is published in the Public Interest. No action should be implied or inferred. Opinions expressed are entirely those of the author only.
By Arad Radezske 
BBC World Service News 4am Saturnsday 1st Mars 2014:    Reporter Sebastian Usher:
 “3,000 rebel fighters have been killed by rival factions in Syria in the past two months. Al Qaeda recognises the Al Nusra Front but not the ISIL, Islamic State for Iraq and the Levant. ISIL has been forced to retreat to its home-base of Raka(?) in Syria”.  
What is going on in Syria? Simple question but a complex answer made more difficult by biased reporting and half-truths by Western Intelligence agencies. So here goes with a potted history.

BACKGROUND: In 1994 a US NeoCon [a post-Cold War Trotskyite fraction, neither Neo- nor Conservative] group wrote a Manifesto that promised to ensure US rule for the next 100 years. One key phrase was ‘to set the Middle East ablaze’. The Neo-Conmen presented this to US President Bill Clinton. Bill, a wily lawyer from Arkansas, swiftly rejected The Plan. Soon after his numerous sexual ‘affairs’ began to leak into the media. Bill was eventually impeached. The NC’s next approached Israili Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. He also rejected it. Soon after Bibi lost power to his Labour Party rivals. In 2000 Geo W. Bush became US President. When approached by the NC’s he endorsed their Plan unreservedly. Soon after 9-11 occurred. The rest is History or Their-story. Geo.W Bush served eight years as President and retired a very rich man.

A PREVIOUS PLAN, in 1917: The Neo-Conmen planned to ‘re-write the map of the Middle East and North Africa’. ‘Re-write’? They believe the original break-up of the Turks’ Ottoman Empire was muffed. After nearly 100 years the Neo-Conmen saw it was ready for a ‘reboot’. Hence their new Plan.
Capt TE Lawrence was a WW1 British Intelligence officer based in Saudi Arabia. Believing he had single-handedly defeated the Turks with his Bedouin allies TE formulated a ‘plan’ for the post-war treatment of the Ottoman Empire, a massive landmass stretching from North Africa to the Balkans to Russia. Lawrence sought a large Pan-Arab-staat with its capital in Damascus.[see where Syria fits? RE]

VERSAILLES FAILURE: TE pursued his goal at the 1919 Versailles Treaty Conference which ambitiously set out to re-write all the borders of those defeated in 1919, including the Ottomans. This conflicted with someone else who had a plan for a quasi-European colony in Palestine. TE left Versailles unhappy and later died in an ‘accident’. He was not alone. The errors at Versailles directly lead to the rise of A.Hitler in Germany and B.Mussolini in Italy. Both were angered by perceived mistreatment of their countries at Versailles. Is why many say ‘WWII began in 1919’. At Versailles it was revealed that a France and Britain had signed a secret treaty, also in 1917, to divide the former Ottoman Empire between them into 22 countries. Those states remain today, a product of the 1917 whims of the British and French Empires, now both since crumbled. Much conflict and many lives were lost following the 1919 ‘carve up’. So we could see the NeoCons attempts to redress of a historical ‘error’ as praise-worthy, but…most nowadays are wary of such do-gooders.

NEW PLAYER: In 1948 a new player was added. This was the result of another secret 1917 ‘treaty’ whereby Britain would establish a ‘colony’ in Palestine in return for desperately needed wartime loans. Called the Balfour Declaration it was not exposed till 1927 when it provoked widespread unrest in Arab-majority Palestine. This lead to the many deaths. The British expelled the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to Germany. There he came under the sway of one A.Hitler. Grand Mufti was grandfather of Yassir Arafat who became PLO chief in 1967. Britain allowed this colony to be created but only the US could guarantee its survival. They did this through six major wars and its numerous punitive raids on neighbouring states. By 1994 the US was weary of the endless struggle. So was the colony. Its major minds decided on a bold course of action. It planned to ‘re-assemble’ its troublesome region into a more manageable lineup. They wrote The Plan. The most powerful of former satrap was to go first.

IRAQ: In 1991 a loyal CIA operative, Saddam Hussein, was ruler of Iraq. He had joined the CIA in 1961 whilst in Egypt. He was there following a failed assassination attempt on Iraq’s then anti-Western strongman. In 1979, with CIA help, Saddam became Iraq’s strong man. In 1980, on US orders Saddam attacked Iran. A limited offensive it was not meant to conquer Iran but to punish the Ayatollahs for the 1979 of toppling long-term US regional puppet, the Iran’s Shah (Emperor). The Shah had, thanks to lucrative US defence contracts, the strongest Armed Forces in the region. A staunch anti-Communist, he had attempted to ‘modernise’ his autocracy whilst retaining absolute power – sound familiar? Saudi and other Gulf State US allies are attempting this task right now. As in 1979 US ‘advisers’ will be telling the sheiks ‘it is feasible’ whilst keeping their own bags packed. No doubt folk told France’s King Louis XIV similar things in 1789. Some modernisers say: ‘look at the British royal family!’ A constitutional monarchy, true, but in a country that has suffered SIX civil wars. Iraq was defanged in 1990-91 but not conquered or re-moulded. That took place after the Second Iraq War/US invasion in 2003. That task was generally completed by 2011. It was then safe to begin the next Stage of The Plan, the Arab Spring. Named after the Czech Spring of 1968 this was a Western plot to topple Soviet rule in Central Europe. An operation of the US’s CIA it failed but US media made much of the resultant Soviet oppression.

HUMAN RIGHTS AS A WEAPON: This let to ‘human rights’ becoming a weapon for the first time in History with which to beat up on one’s factional opponents. US-sponsored groups arose across Eastern Europe leading to more oppression and the 1977 Helsinki Accord whereby the US could scold the Soviets for ‘human rights’ abuses whenever they felt fit, imposing UN sanctions, etc. Use of HR by the European Union and US continues today. The latest is the issue of ‘gay rights’ in Russia and the Third World, especially Africa. Use of HR attacks contributed to the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Empire. How? US creates a provocation. Soviets respond. Instantly, US media proclaim it ‘a HR issue’. Same trick was used in the Arab Spring to justify toppling of M. Qadafi in 2011, Egypt’s Mubarak in 2011 and Yemen’s President in 2013. All these are former Ottoman satraps.

ANCIENT HISTORY PAID BACK: Another issue that arose, but the US media ignore, is ancient History. A certain group that rule in the Mid.East colony and key areas of the US were once slaves in both Iraq and Egypt. When? In 605 BC and 1250 BC, respectively. What?! YES. We’re dealing with major ‘payback’ here by a group whom atheist Karl Marx said: ‘their collective will constitutes the Will of GOD’. You wonder now at their control of the US economy and their ‘end goals’? The death of all others through incessant wars. The victor? Them. US is their latest ally/victim. USSR was their tool 1917-91. It threw them off so it then became a target. Is why US, their current tool, attacks Putin at every chance. When will their rule end? One of their key groups in the US today boasted: ‘at out annual bash we can guarantee 2/3 of the US Congress will attend’ whether willingly or not is unclear.

UKRAINE IN CONTEXT: When 2/3's of a country’s Parliament are hostages to an Alien Enemy entity it is time for a mass rescue or mass self-destruction. Given drug policy and sex addiction rates in the US it appears they are pursuing the latter goal. Who will be their next ‘host’? some say China or even Russia, again, if Putin can be deposed. It could be why the US/EU bloc engineered this Ukraine coup. Provokes Russia so US can then blame them. The old Cold war ‘provocation’ trick still works!
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