Wednesday, 12 March 2014

SNIPPETS# 26 Poland and Ukraine

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by Ixul Dante
BBC World Service 'Hard Talk' 740pm Wodensday 12th Mars 2014:
[Much bluster and rant from an eloquent English speaker. Is he really Polish or a US agent? RE] 
Amongst other things he spoke against: 
'Russia should beware of redrawing borders or it will end up like 1939 again. We are all watching Russia's treatment of minorities. We all know how that ended. Russia's actions in Ukraine are a threat to Poland's sovereignty. We have the total support of the international community ". 
MINORITIES: Yes, but few know how it began. Bromberg massacre, anyone? The Polish persecution of their German minority 1919-39 was an issue the League of Nations warned them about. It is what provoked A.Hitler's response. 
REDRAWN BORDERS: As for 'redrawing borders' maybe this Poles' German masters could explain their actions in Yugoslavia 1989-99 when it was their explicit support that lead to Croatia and Kosovo breaking away from the Federation. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were made refugees, thousands were killed due to US/German determination, supported by all of NATO. 
Maybe the Poles recall 1999 when they aided US aggression, the US air war on Serbia over separation of Kosovo? 
Redrawn borders is what made Poland what it is today. What about East Prussia, Silesia, Pomerania? How far do you wish to go with this? So much cant, hypocrisy and lies. 
THREATS TO SOVEREIGNTY: The US is dying, drowned under a sea of debt. $16 trillion they can never repay. Their solution is to destroy China and Russia before they 'go'. Just as they destroyed Iraq in 1991, Serbia in 1999 and Libya in 2011. All regional power centres must be neutralised. That's what is behind the Syrian war. Why? The dying, senile US political elite wish to secure a future for their bastard Staat in the Mittel Ost. 
THREAT TO PEACE: Poland, don't begin another World War! Don't be the tool of the International Elite, again.  

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