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N&INS Juli 2009

Nationalist & Internationalist News Service                          
Juli 2009
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 Channel Seven News 6pm Frigasday 3 Juli 2009:
“there have been red faces in the State government after it was revealed today the Tugun Desalination Plant has only worked for two days in the past eight months”.
[State election was 21 Mars 2009, four months ago. Means Tugun failed to operate for four months PRIOR to the election which the ALP narrowly won. Media knew but remained silent when such information could have lost the ALP the election. Media censorship must end for a free nation to emerge. Smash the media blackout! RE].

Deutsch Welle TV The Journal: In Depth c/- Briz31 TV (QCTV) 4.30pm Frigasday 3 Juli 2009:
“The area of Somalia known as Puntland has an elected President, Abdirahman Mohamed Muhamed who says his government 'actively pursue' pirates. We found in Basaso Prison over 100 Somalis captured by the French Navy and deposited here. This is the only form of ‘foreign aid’ to Puntland, a state the West refuses to recognise. They serve sentences of between 10 years to life for piracy. Many claim to be fisherman who lost their jobs due to ‘illegal foreign fishing fleets which poach all Somalia’s fish’. They say they had no choice but to ‘tax’ these vessels. The West calls this ‘piracy’. The view of many Somalis is foreign fishers are the only criminals. We hear similar stories in Basaso, which replaced Mogadishu as Somalia’s main port. Puntland authorities acquiesce to pirates’ demands. Is simple: they are the sole source of cash for this poor region”.
[Reports suggest piracy nets Puntland US$30 million per year. Is a government happy to be ‘bought’, as are many  black regimes around the world. An Independent white state, based in Qld, could use its vast mineral wealth to ‘buy’ such friends recognition & UN seats. Would keep us from sharing the fate of Rhodesia or South Africa. RE].

Reporter Andrea Buchberger:
“The German Defence Minister announced deployment of an additional 300 service personnel to Afghanistan at the funeral of three Bundeswehr soldiers killed in Afghanistan last week. Will be crew members on NATO AWACS planes. Is in addition to German crews of Tornado strike aircraft”. 
“US unemployment figures reached six million or 9% today - a 27 year high”.
SBSTV World News Australia 9.30pm Frigasday 3 Juli 2009:
“4,000 US Marines enter Helmond Province in South Afghanistan with 650 Afghan troops. One US soldier was  kidnapped and two British soldiers killed”.
“A bi-partisan team of Australian Senators is in India to explain plans to ‘beef up’ security for Indian students here. Many Indian students complain they do not feel safe. One said: ‘when I wait for  train late at night on the platform I don’t feel safe.’ " 
[Lenient ALP laws regarding Ab & Maori crime makes all unsafe: why favour only Indians? RE].

Channel Seven News 6.25pm Thorsday 2 Juli 2009:  Weatherman John Schluter:
“a persistent haze over the entire city of Brisbane today is in fact a dust cloud driven from South Australia by 50 km per hour winds. It’s expected to continue out to sea and even reach New Zealand”.
[SA was site for British A-bomb tests in 1950’s. Our version of Nevada, is 90% desert so was seen as ‘perfect’ for detonating A-bombs in. N&INS were contacted in 1979 by an ex-RAAF crewman. Dying of cancer he was happy to tell us his story. Was at Maralinga, SA the chief A-bomb test site. His job was to crew a RAAF Lincoln bomber, a ‘chase plane’. Were tasked with following A-bomb mushroom clouds as they drifted across our continent. He told us he followed one 'as far as the Central Qld city of Rockhampton' before it drifted out to sea.

All during the 1970's the Left & later the Greens protested French A-bomb tests at Mururoa Atoll, French Polynesia. None asked questions of dust clouds from SA. Last week‘s ‘cloud’ may have a similar effects to those from Chernobyl. these drifted over the Ukrainian capital, Kiev two days after the reactor cores melted down. But, hey, this is Australia where the ALP One-Party State rules at every level. Their controlled media will never tell you: only N&INS will. RE].

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