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STORM 129 Juno 2014

No. 129                    Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                      Juno 2014
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. The latest:

SOMALI CONTACT (1): @ 21.5.13: 
“The recent London Conference pledged US$380 million in ‘aid’ to Somalia. We now have solar-powered street lighting in Mogadishu thanks to Denmark and Germany”.  
“My son works in London. His job takes him to Israel. He’d never met an Israeli before. Now he tells me: ‘they’re marvelous people! Intelligent, cultured, well-read’. But…when he first sat in a board room with them, he said it was nothing like being in a board room in Australia or America. Here we are very formal. But in Israel…they stand nose-to-nose and shriek at one another! He couldn’t believe it. His boss looked at him and shouted:’ go on! Get into it!’ So he did. Now he tells me: ‘you remember those singing lessons you made me take where I learned to project my voice? NOW I use them’. He said: ‘it is like being at a BBQ – you SHOUT!’Israelis, they look European but they’re not. They act like Arabs but they aren’t. They’re a RACE apart”.     
“I worked for Telstra [government telephone monopoly]. I was there in 2000 when they got privatised. We all got sacked! Then they re-hired half of us as ‘contractors’ a week later but at reduced rate of pay and minus all benefits. Then in 2005 they failed to ‘renew’ half of those contracts. So now they only have ¼ their original work force. That’s how ‘privatisation’ of State assets works”.   
“Singapore is experiencing a population boom. Due to skills. You got skills? Get a PR(work permit?) within seven days. Singapore needs skills, creativity. The guy from South American who co-founded Google fled the US to avoid taxes. Now lives in Singapore. Pays only 20% tax. Same in Hong Kong but there only 15% tax. [Why? No social welfare, no underclass to provide for no Africans or ‘indigenes’. RE]. I had a guy in here the other day who flies for the Qatari Air Force. Pays no tax at all”. 
EURASIAN OBSERVER: As told to STORM@ 25.7.13: 
“I’ve lived in Singapore and Malaysia. People say, especially in the US and Australia: ‘Singapore is the Asian model for democracy and capitalism’. WRONG! It’s a perfect model of authoritarianism. These people, they look at it as outsiders. Try being a local!
In Malaysia they have a indigenous preference system, for everything- university entrance, jobs, the lot. Is called Bumi-putra –‘sons of the soil’ but is really just a version of Apartheid. Yet unlike Apartheid we hear not a word of criticism from anyone in the US, EU or Australia. Why? Racism. As long as it’s Asians doing wrong by other Asians no one cares. 
In Malaysia if you are one of the minorities - ethnic Chinese or Indian – it doesn’t matter how well you do at school a Bumi always gets the best job. Ethnics? We get to do the scum-jobs. That’s why so many Ethnics are now migrating to Australia and Britain. The Malaysian Islamic Party, PAS, won elections in the four Northern States bordering Thailand where there is now an Islamist insurgency. UMNO, the ruling Malay party, has been in power since Independence from Britain – for 50 years. Just like the ruling People’s Action Party in neighbouring Singapore. Thankfully, UMNO is currently fragmenting.  
As a half-Chinese, half-Australian I can tell you the Bumi system is the worst. The East of Malaysia is oil-rich but it’s where the Chinese live. They financially prop-up the West Malay states where all the Muslims live. In the West only three cities are prosperous – including Penang and Kuala Lumpur. All are run by the Chinese. Why? Because Malays just refuse to work. Our wealth is used to finance the very system that oppresses us. The Malays say that as ethnic we are not ‘real’ Malays”.        
[Sounds great! A country that favours its own, not Others. Whites need to realize the media lie to us. All the world uses discrimination to favour its own. The West is the odd man out. Is why it’s flooding with millions of pieces of unwanted, Third World refuse. These correctly see us as unnatural and suicidal but are happy to take advantage of that. Ask yourself: who advocates ‘open borders’? Same alien, anti-whites, world-wide. RE]. 

EDITORIAL: After our last issue, STORM #128, we were accused of ‘an own goal’ i…e. any rational assessment of the Katter’s Australian Party set-up or day-to-day running was seen as ‘off-limits’. Let’s be clear. This editor having heard the Hon. Bob Katter MHR speak on two occasions for 90 minutes and 60 minutes firmly believes him to be ‘the One’ who can lead Australia back to Independence and even greatness. Having read of AH’s phenomenal performances before live audiences in the 1920’s we all seek The One to replicate Him. It is our belief Bob is the One. 

THE ONE: That said, why has no one heard of him? The media reduce all to eight-second sound bytes. Fit these and you get elected. Don’t and you don’t. All is dumbed-down politics to the point where only used-car salesmen and con-artists can win. Public naturally blame the message but is the messengers who are the bottle neck. If democracy is to be achieved we must smash through this chimera, this opache screen. We do NOT accept our pale sickly imitation of it as such. 

SO WHY ‘ATTACK’? That said, why ‘attack’ KAP? Simple: we want them to be better. Here’s two examples. One year before the Queensland State election in Mars 2012 and then again one year before the Federal Election in Nov 2013 local supporters of KAP denied the right to form a Branch sought to ‘raise awareness’ of the mere existence of KAP. After meetings many members of the public who said: ‘damn both the ALP and LNP! If only there were another party?!” Our friends would then speak of Bob’s KAP only to be met with blank stares. What was needed was an official flyer that could be left in their hands with a contact address, phone number, etc. Simple? Not in the maze of KAP bureaucracy. 

ROUND ‘N’ ROUND: Our friends rang the KAP Banyo HQ office number. They got an office girl. 
With no authority to act, she advised them: ‘you’ll have to contact Bob’. 
‘The MP?’ 
‘So where is he?’ 
‘Tasmania (3,000km to the South)’. 
‘Is there anyone else closer we can speak to ?’ 
‘The State Management Committee’. 
‘Who on that committee can you put us onto?’ 
‘That’s private. That’s not available to the public. Maybe you should try your local Federal Electoral Council’. 
‘Who’s on that?’ 
‘It hasn’t been formed yet. We’ll keep you informed’. 
‘What if we just issue a policy list on a brief flyer and give this phone number?’ 
‘No! And what policies?' 
'You’ll need approval for any policy announcements’. 
‘From who?’ 
‘Your FEC or the SMC’. 

KAOS HQ: And round-and-round in circles. After ten phones calls to the same office girl our friends could still find no one at ‘HQ’ who claimed to be responsible for anything’. So what happened at both the 2012 and 20913 elections? A week before the 2012 election our friends got a phone call from a breathless candidate. He said: ‘you’re on a list! Can you help out at a polling booth on election day?’ Of course. But after six hours and handing out How to Vote flyers we won 2,000 votes, so desperate were voters for an alternative, any alternative to the totally bankrupt Two Party duopoly they voted for a party they’d never heard of and for a candidate they did not know. 

IMAGINE…Imagine, what could have been achieved if KAP had allowed our friends that year to prepare the voter’s minds BEFORE they arrived at the polling booths. Given this remarkable effort, we expected a totally improved outlook for the Federal poll due 18 months later. No. Nothing. KAP HQ were still in disarray. Again, stone-walling till three weeks prior to the poll then another breathless candidate phones our friends…you know the rest. But why? 

ALIEN CONTROL: Is no secret that our two major political parties, of the alleged Left and supposed Right, are both under corporate and alien control. This explains the sale of public assets and media and all our God-given resource to others. In 2013 Credit Suisse listed Australia as the ‘richest country n the World’. This story went unreported in the Australia media. Silence. Only one story carried it the Terry Sweetman(j) Opinion column. Terry or Jerry is a System attack dog, routinely use to lambast or slander any challengers such as Bob Katter or Pauline Hanson. A loathsome tick, Jerry is wheeled out whenever the System feels the public may be in danger of becoming aware. 

INFORMATION DENIAL and MATRIX-LIKE OPPRESSION: Is like the computer-generated policeman in the Matrix film trilogy who hunts the newly aware hero, Neo. Come to think of it, Jerry is just the spear point of the many media dudes who fulfill that role across the declining West. Of course, he is in the pay of Ruben Moloch/Rupert Murdoch who’s 177 newspapers, magazines and cable channels around the world. Can we say they are responsible for that decline? Yes. But denying information and pushing ‘false news’ a crime in many countries. Oh? 

OUR HOUSE ON FIRE: Picture a house on fire. Women and children are asleep inside. You go to knock on the door but members of the media stop you. The police intervene. Government officials, instead of aiding you, prevent you. The women and children begin coughing, asphyxiating?? in their sleep. The house quickly burns. Their coughing recedes against the loud crackling of the materials that compose the house. One child lets out a muffled scream whilst you struggle. Gagged, with a half dozen thugs from the government and media. They threaten, punch and kick you, forcing you to the ground. They stomp you into unconsciousness. At dawn, you awake to find the house a smouldering ruin. 

NEED FOR A WHITE HOMELAND: Too dramatic? Ask the Afrikaaners. Ask the white of Belgian Congo. Of Rhodesia. We recently met a white woman with a Bob Marley-style accent. Her English was almost incomprehensible. We asked “you from Jamaica?” “Nooo, maaaan, from a liddle place called Gren-ay-dah [Grenada]. Ya may ‘ave ‘eard of it?” “So what are you doing in Australia?” “Weeell, dey got Independence and us whites ‘ad to go, ‘y’know?” Yes, we understood. Whitey flees from ‘freed’ non-whites. We flee from there to here, here to there. Where's it end? Where's our impregnable ‘homeland’?       

BOOK REVIEW: Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy by Dr Colonel-general Dmitri Volkogonov (Moscow: Novosti/London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989). 
“The Russian counter-offensive outside Moscow against German forces managed to drive them back 250 kilometres. The offensive lasted from 5th December 1941till 7th January 1942” (p.431).
In November 1941, Hitler claimed: ‘Germany has taken 3.6mllion Russians prisoner-of-war and I forbid any English blockhead to say this is not proved. When Germans do their math, they get it right.’ Total number of Russian prisoners of war captured by Germans throughout the war from June 41 to April 45 was 5.16million. In 18 months of war, from June 1941 to December 1942 three million men - 65% of the Russian army - became prisoners” (p.439).  
“Stalin became keenly interested in the fate of missing soviet generals.  Like Kachalov,  Ponedelin, Vlasov, Yefremov, Potapov, Rakutin, Samokhin, Lukin, Rikhter, Malyshkin, Zhilenkov ( p.440). Of these only Richter, Malyshkin, Zhelenkov and Vlasov actively supported the Germans. Why did they? Several possible explanations: Only 20 years had elapsed since the revolution.  Many still felt aggrieved by Soviet rule.  Many more feared the Nazis or desired to adapt and survive.  Others, especially in 1941, believed the Germans had come to stay.  A few were just plain criminals.” 
“General A A Vlasov was commander of the second assault army.  They were cut off on the 28th June 1942 near Leningrad.  At the time, Stalin was unconcerned.  He had lost many armies.  But several weeks later, Beria, chief of the secret police, showed Stalin a document which claimed to come from the ‘Russian Committee’ led by a ‘Lieutenant-General Vlasov and a Lieutenant-General Malachkin” (p.442). 
“In 1942, after Vlasov’s Russian Liberation Army (ROA) came into existence, the Germans formed various other national legions from prisoners of war camps:  Georgian, Armenian, Turkistani, Caucasian, Baltic and others.  Prisoners of war joined to survive.  Joachim Hoffman’s book on Vlasov [published by Rombach in 1986, p. 3] claims that by May 1943 ‘the Wehrmacht had recruited 90 Russian battalions and 90 national legions’ from amongst USSR prisoners of war” (p.445). 
“Vlasov made use of such white émigrés as Ataman P.N.Krasnov and  generals A.G. Shkuro and Sultan–Girei Kluch” (p.445). 
“General Zhelenkov became Vlasov’s personal representative to the prisoner-of-war camps.  He’d been a member of the war council of the 32 Army when captured.  Lt. general Malyshkin had been chief of staff for the 19th Army.  In February and May 1943, Vlasov and the other former soviet generals were tried in absentia and sentenced to death.  The sentences were carried out in August 1946 after the condemned had been repatriated back to Russia” (p.446).
“One result of these mass defections was for Stalin to order the deportation of their families as ‘bandits, traitors and German volunteers’.  In 1944, he ordered the mass deportation of  all ethnic Chechens, Ingushes, Balkars, Tatars, Karochays, Kalmyks and Meskhetian Turks. 26, 359 Kalmyk families [93,139 people] were deported.  It took 19,000 NKVD, SMERSH and NKGB troops to deport 650,000 Chechens, Ingushes, Kalmyks and Karochays to ‘eastern USSR’ ” (p.445).
On 20 August 1943 Stalin ordered the expulsion of Chechens and Ingushes ‘and others’ from all army units as ‘unreliable’. 3,767 Armenians, 2,721 Azerbaijanis and 740 Dagestanis were expelled from the Red Army’s 61st Infantry Division alone. They were replaced by ethnic Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians” (p.485).  
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