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        No. 80                 Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                     Mai 2010
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SBSTV Lost Worlds: Slave Revolution 7.30pm Solday 5 Juli 2009 (55 minutes): Writer/director Noland Walker, Producer David Davis for Koval Films 2006 & NBPC. Programme consultants were: Professor Laurent Dubois, Duke Uni, author Avengers of the New World; Jean Claude Martineau historian & former Haitian Presidential Spokesman; Jean Casimir Former Haitian Ambassador to US; Colleen Dayan(J) [daughter of Moshe?] Professor of Humanities, Vanderbilt Uni; Professor Madison Smart Bell, Goucher College.
“In 1785 Haiti was the French colony of Santo Domingo (SD), its capital the town of Santo Domingo. SD was the richest state in the Americas. Its wealth came from sugarcane grown on slave-plantations. Its prosperity ended as a result of the 1789 French Revolution. By 1799 SD’s population was a 40,000-strong white ruling class and 500,000 African slave-workers. Slaves outnumbered whites 15:1. Between these two groups stood the 40,0000 mixed-race/mulatto/Coloureds. As half-whites they had the right to be slave-owners, businessmen, even to own plantations. For some this was not enough: they yearned for legal equality
Following the 1789 overthrow of the French king Coloureds saw an opportunity in the increasingly radicalised National Assembly. In 1791 they sent a delegation to the National Assembly in Paris asking that Coloureds be granted equality. When news of it reached SD working class whites began beating and killing Coloureds. The National Assembly in Paris reacted by immediately granting Coloureds their wish: legal equality. Back on SD the conservative white governor refused the decree. Whites feared ‘reform’ and openly discussed secession from France. They began openly discussing an ‘Alliance of Slave-owning States of the Americas' to include the Southern states of the USA.

With whites and their former Coloureds allies at each other’s throats the black-slave majority saw a chance to strike. On 8 August 1791 Bookman Mandati(?), a slave & voodoo priest, called a meeting of slave representatives from all areas of SD to plan a coordinated revolt at plantations across the island. It was set for two weeks time. To cement the deal BM insisted they kill a pig & drink its blood in an act of voodoo ‘communion'. BM said: “if the whites God tells them to commit crimes then our gods call for revenge”. Simultaneously on 22 August 1791 more than 1,000 Africans attacked their masters. JCM boasts: “they were as violent as the system. It was revenge”. 
The bloodshed soon spread. The initial 1,000 were joined by another 20,000. Over the next three days over 1,400 sugar & 180 coffee plantations were destroyed. Terrified white survivors streamed into the capital, San Domingo. There they organised a hasty defence that managed to hold out against successive waves of assault by blacks. Eventually these abated and SD’s whites even managed a number of counter-attacks. Fighting swung back and forth for weeks. After three months whites were able to capture the revolts leader, BM, whom they beheaded for his many capital offences. The uprising was now leaderless. 
Future first President of Haiti, Toussant Lavatour(?), was born a plantation slave but was freed in 1770 after working as coachman for a liberal plantation owner who’d allowed him an education. By Autumn 1791, like many Coloureds, TL had become a slave owner with three plantations. Unable to decide if he supported the black majority, as to do so would mean forfeiture of his property, his mind was soon made for him. Slaves on the plantation of his liberal former owner revolted. TL arrived - first to rescued his former owner, then to lead the revolt. 
After BM’s death the blacks lacked any leader with political or military skills. With their new leader, the mulatto TL, they had both. He offered the whites a deal where they would release 200 leading black revolutionaries in exchange for a promise to ’return to work’ on the remaining plantations. White leaders rejected this. Why? JCM: “whites wanted revenge for all the loved-ones they’d seen butchered before their eyes”. After this rebuff, TL refused to negotiate any peace settlement: victory would only come via the battlefield. 
Four months after the revolt which they themselves had sparked the French National Assembly dispatched 40,000 troops to suppress the slave uprising. MSB: “They brought new Commissioners from Paris, ones much more liberal than their previous rulers. These clashed soon with the local white plantation owners,” especially after the Republic executed King Louis XVI in 1793. Soon after a new, much more radical Commissioner arrived, Sontenax(?). A hardened revolutionary, he advocated immediate abolition regardless of the consequences. It was not long before he appointed Coloureds to prominent positions in the local governing Council. [emphasis ours]
Two years after he had joined the uprising, TL had become its leader. In 1793 he wrote an open letter to the slaves calling himself ‘the Leader'. JCM: “TL decided to play upon the European rivalries. He wrote to Spain asking them to take over SD which was still the America’s most prosperous colony. Spain, which had colonies neighbouring SD, sent arms to TL. With these his slave army soon overwhelmed & annihilated three white-held cities. Horrified planters appealed to aid from British forces based in neighbouring colonies. When the British agreed, Commissioner Sontenax(?) used this as an excuse to send a delegation of slaves to Paris where they demanded freedom ‘in exchange for fighting traitors in the pay of both Spain & Britain'. 
LD: “Sontenax portrayed the slave owners as traitors & the slaves as true Republicans. The National Assembly was fooled and passed a law freeing all slaves in all colonies". Over one million slaves around the globe were instantly granted French citizenship. Slave leader Desaline now called Republican France ‘his natural ally’ as both they and he were fighting European monarchies. TL & Desaline ‘joined forces’ with the French against Spain & Britain. Together they drove them out of SD. In reward TL was appointed first black Commissioner of SD, the first Black Commissioner of any colony anywhere. TL was a wily politician but jealous. Envious of the popularity of white Commissioner Sontenax amongst ordinary blacks, he had him exiled from SD. 
Other aspects of TL’s rule have been questioned. TL saw that to retain their freedom SD’s government needed funds. To that end ordered all former slaves to return to the fields. They were to grow sugar, a cash crop. They preferred instead to grow food for themselves. Most lost confidence in TL’s regime, seeing little difference between his methods and those of their former owners. This was confirmed when TL wrote the country’s first Constitution. It banned discrimination, but also made TL ‘governor for life'. MSB: "That was unnecessary. He could have achieved what he needed to without that but in the process he set in train 200 years of dictatorship". 
In 1798 TL’s forces defeated the last British units in SD. Another rising French general, Napoleon, chased the British from Egypt. TL expressed hopes the two highly political generals 'could be allies’. After Napoleon lead a coup which overthrew the Paris Directorate, TL worried that reactionaries had gathered around Napoleon. Rumoured to be slave owners, they urged Napoleon to restore slavery. 
In 1802 Napoleon announced he wanted to “rid SD of  black rule”. He sent a large military expedition to SD declaring he’d “stop forever the march of blacks around the world”. After the French Army landed in SD TL fought hard but his followers deserted him. After only three months fighting he was forced to surrender. TL expected to be well treated but was so ill-used that within a short time he had died in a French prison. 
Desaline remained free, even cooperating with the new white military governor. One day news arrived from the nearby French colony of Guadeloupe: Napoleon had reintroduced slavery. Desaline was soon leading a new revolt on SD. Its aim: to kill all whites. MSB denies this. “This was not a race war! Desaline killed no British or American whites - only every single Frenchman”. Desaline used a ’scorched earth’ policy which saw every town & city in SD burnt to the ground. Within a year the French Occupation Army was defeated. By the time they left SD in 1803 the had lost over 50,000 men. 
Dayan “this was not just a black revolt but a revolt for all peoples”. LD: “This was for freedom for all peoples”. Slave owners in the US & Spanish-ruled Cuba forced their governments to refuse entry to any one from SD, including white refugees, lest word spread of the successful slave revolt spread to their own restive African populations.
“Post-script: France demanded crippling reparations; the US withheld recognition for 60 years. Poverty, corruption and oppression continue to today”.
CONCLUSION: Three moot points are raised by this documentary:
1. Whiggers like Dayan, Bell, Dubois et al paint a picture of life in pre-revolt SD as entirely ‘good versus bad’. All blacks are saints; all whites are ‘racist’. Reveals their ’history’ is merely Leftist polemics.
2. These ’historians’ - whether black or white - are eager to trumpet the ’achievements’ of Haiti’s salve revolt leaders when all they did was destroy.
3. None see the obvious irony: “1785 Santo Domingo was the richest state in the Americas…today's Haiti is the poorest". Difference? White rule. Blacks can only destroy, not build. Obvious parallels with Africa abound especially Rhodesia post-1979 & South Africa since 1994. Whites build. Blacks become envious but only replace wise white rule with loot, rape & murder. Where ever these pests appear ruin follows. Yet since 1994 over 500,000 Africans have been imported to Australia. Why? To reprise their roles in Africa & Haiti. [our emphasis].

MURDOCH BREAKS COVER: Is not often Enemy breaks cover but this time we caught it in print. In Februa 2010 Communications Minister Conroy gave away AUD$250 million to Australia’ three private TV networks Channels Seven, Nine & Ten. Why? The ruling ALP is a trade union-based party. However, in response to the Global Financial Crisis the ALP ordered all public assets to be sold or 'privatised'. In the November 2007 Federal Election combined union expenditure on behalf of the ALP was estimated at AUD$200 million, mostly on emotive TV ads. But this time, in 2009, the unions are angered by the ALP’s privatisation blitz. They refuse all funds to the ALP, hoping to force a reversal of ALP policy. Instead the ALP sought 'other sources' to finance its expensive TV spots.

BOGUS REFUND: One way was to provide a fake ‘tax refund’ to each private TV network for the cost of their annual 'licence fee'. Excuse ALP used was 'it is due to hardship'. Each of the networks now owe the ALP a 'favour' worth AUD$250 million. In the same week Federal Communication Minister Steven Conroy donated AUD$3.6 million to the 31 Network, smallest, non-government network (made up of four capital city ‘community’ stations) and the only one so far un-bribed. ALP Left already ‘own’ the two government radio/TV networks - ABC & SBS. We predict no media will report anti-ALP news prior to the November 2010 Federal Election. Rudd’s victory is assured.

FOXTEL’S SHARE: But he made one mistake: forgot to bribe the hated US-based Murdoch News Corp’s pay-TV subsidiary, FOXTel. Why? Simple: as they currently pay no ‘licence fee’ it was impossible to 'refund' it. But Murdoch wouldn’t be denied his AUD$250 million 'refund' so began a week of vicious attacks on ComMin Conroy & KRUDD via every Murdoch outlet. We assume he got what he'd demanded as it suddenly stopped. Regardless, we had a rare glimpse of Murdoch-in-action, which is as rare as seeing the Loch Ness monster breeching.

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