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SNIPPETS# 40 'G7 versus Rus over Krim'

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by Benn Yogarni
BBC World Service News 4am Thorsday 5th Juno 2014:
Reporter Chris Morris (J): “G7 will never recognise the illegal annexation of Crimea”.
Reporter Hugh Scofield: “Russian President Putin will meet with both the French President and British Prime Minister tonight”.

“Ukrainian government abandons two border posts near Luhansk after a series of attacks. Civilians are fleeing into Russia to escape the violence”.

Reporter Jane Peel: “All leaders from the G7 meetings then moved onto Normandy for the 70th anniversary of the Allied D-Day landings where 4,000 troops died in one day”.

“At the G7 US President Barak Obama spoke out against Scottish independence. ‘Britain is our ally. It must remain strong and united’ ”. [our emphasis]

US HYPOCRISY: Hypocrisy has always been a US trait. The current denizen of the White House err…Black House has been no exception. It was the EU, lead by Germany, which broke up Yugoslavia in 1992. Began with Slovenia and Croatia, now minor elements of the Fourth Reich, the German-French dual-ruled empire known variously as European Economic Community, Common Market or ‘European Union’.

US ROLE IN EUROPE: Fourth Reich? Isn’t that a bit raw, especially on D-Day, the day celebrating the ‘liberation of Europe from Nazi tyranny’ as the official blurb has it? It was not a liberation but an enslavement. In both 1917 and 1941 the US delayed its entry to both WWI and WWII till after it had profited from aiding BOTH sides, militarily and financially. There was nothing moral about their actions. It was purely for power, as it is today. As for European Union, it was united – from 1940-44 under strong German leadership. So why not leave it alone? US sought not a free ‘united Europe’ but one under its perpetual Occupation.

KOSOVO LESSON: Let’s not forget Kosovo. It was 1999. For eight years of civil war where the forces for unity in Belgrade had striven to hold together Yugoslavia despite aid and provocation from the EU and US. Then the US and EU forces, i.e. NATO, struck. In 34 nights of bombing they leveled Serbia and drove its forces its forces from Kosovo, one of its foundation provinces, the birthplace of Serb identity.

SELF-DETERMINATION: How did the US and its EU lackeys justify this illegal air war? On the grounds of Wilsonian ‘self determination’. In 1919 the US President Prof Woodrow Wilson proposed and forced upon the Versailles Peace Conference his ‘14 points’. The nub of these was that all peoples have an inherent right to be ruled by people like themselves.

ENEMIES & ALLIES EQUALLY IN U.S. SIGHTS: The immediate aim was to fragment all the losing European Empires into their component parts. Of course, Wilson was also targeting his own Allies, but their turn would come under his protégé FDR after 1945. 1945-60 the US dismantled all the world’s empires, simply to construct a US-lead mercantile bloc. Not an empire as such but a collection of weak and enfeebled nations, none strong enough to resist Washington DC’s imperial fiat.

FALLOUT FROM VERSAILLES: Wilson believed ‘imperial rivalries are behind all wars’. Simple: no empires = no more wars. But how small should an ethnic unit be to have a ‘right’ to secede and what became of their ethnic minorities? Is now generally accepted it was Wilson’s flawed ‘vision’ that set the stage for WWII. Ethnic rivalries did not end in 1919. E.g. the millions of Germans, remnants of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Second Reich, were forced to live under alien rulers. They would not rest till they were united, under a German government.

SELF DETERMINATION: Ethnic agitation, and the subsequent oppression in Poland and elsewhere, were only to be expected. Wilson had made no provision for these. Instead of peace, he had set a slow fuse to a firestorm. That brings us to today. Are Scots barred from following the path laid by Kosovo? Why would the UK bomb Belgrade on behalf of Muslim Kosovars but keep Christian Scots in thraldom?

MUSLIM RULE: It is no surprise that secret Muslim Barry Soetaro/B.Hussein Obama agree with the London clique. He sees no future for Christians in America or anywhere else. In fact, his only objection so far over the Rus veil of protection over Krim has been on behalf of its Tartar Muslim minority. No doubt BS/BO is obeying his Saudi Arabian pay-Masters. It was they who urged the war on Rus after failing to topple Syria’s secular government. Despite three years of suffering, Assad reigns secure thanks to Rus arms and aid. So BS/BO was ordered to attack the Rus directly.

UKRAINE, A U.S. PAWN: Saudi funds paid for the US-trained Meydan, the Ukrainian rent-a-crowd who for three months confronted the elected government of Victor Yanokovic. Remember the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ gang? Same pay-Masters. But unlike OWS one night, the Meydan mob, spearheaded by the Right Sector, an armed fascist militia, attacked and seized the Parliament. They drove the government from office. This coup followed the pattern set by NATO Spec Ops units in Libya in 2011.

ARAB SPRING – A JOINT U.S.-SAUDI OPERATION: First the mob, with its uniform banners, balloons, chants and T-shirts. Then the guns, covertly lead by foreign ‘advisers’. These tactics managed to topple Tunisia’s government in just two weeks of Februa 2011. Then they began in Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt and Syria. Yemen resisted for one year, sparking a civil war that continues. In Libya, after six months of daily UK and French air-raids, Gadafi was overthrown. 20 minutes after capture he was tortured, sodomised and executed. After three years Assad is still in power.

US-SAUDI FRUSTRATION: Not only that but the various ‘regime opponents’, in fact  rival puppet forces, hated each other and began to battle it out over ‘who would rule Syria after Assad is gone’. US puppets, the Free Syrian Army and Isreelz proxy, Al Nusra Front, came under sustained attack by Saudi’s ISIL irregulars. 3,000 died. The revolt crumbled. Frustrated, the US-lead gang sought a larger target: Russia itself…

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