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Saudi Rule of the U S A
by Benn Yogarni 

PROJECT FOR A NEW AMERICAN CENTURY: The Bush Administration adopted the Neo-Cons PNAC just prior to 9-11 2001. This called for actions to “set the Middle East ablaze”. Why? US NeoCons, under pressure from MOTS, wished to re-write the borders left after 1919 by the forced dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. PNAC was the blue-print for this. America, and MOTS, had no role in the first bordering as this was done by the secret French-British Sykes-Picot Treaty of 1917.* PNAC was first proposed in 1994. Was presented to then Prime Minister 'Bibi' Netanyahu who rejected it. Was shown to President Bill Clinton who rejected it.

G. W. BUSH: In 2000 it was shown to candidate Geo W Bush, who agreed to it. GWB then won election as 44th US President. GWB recruited many of his father's former 'team' to run his Presidency - Rumsfeld(J), Cheney, etc. These were all quite eager over the PNAC agenda but counselled GWB to 'await the appropriate opportunity'. Many ignorant media make much of GWB's non-reaction at a school he was visiting when word came of the 9-11 attacks. Why was he so deep in thought? He knew the 'trigger' for PNAC had arrived. He fully understood the implications, unlike the shallow media.
Much is written of close contacts between Bush and Saud dynasties due to their oil 'business'. As G H Bush's National Security Adviser, General Brent Scocroft, later boasted: "after we rescued the Saudis from the Iraqis [in 1990-91] we were asked by our Middle Eastern friends [Saudis] to go to Somalia. We had to show we would help a poor Muslim country not just a rich one. After all, five of our last six wars have been to protect Islam". US bombing Bosnia Serb forces in 1995 is now clear, as is US bombing of Serbia over Kosovo in 1999.

SAUDI RULE OF AMERICA: Ironically, two of G H Bush's first statements on the 1990 Iraq re-annexation of their lost 23rd Province, Kuwait, were telling. He said: 'we are not going to war to make the world safe for feudalism' and 'the US military are not guns for hire'. Kuwait today remains a feudal state; the US military are now clearly tools of Saudi foreign policy. After 9-11 many members of SAudi families were flown out of the US to avoid too close a questioning of their role in the WTC events. The 2012 US Presidential Election cost one billion dollars. Even a billionaire like Mitt Romney could not break the Saudi-MOTS funding stranglehold over the Oval Office.

'FIVE OF OUR LAST SIX WARS…': What was B. Scocroft referring to? It was US strategy to topple Soviet rule in Afghanistan after the 1979 invasion but who funded it? As we now know from the excellent HBO/Time-Warner film Charlie Wilson's War starring NeoCon Tom Hanks, all the funds came not from the US but the Saudis. The arms came from Egyptian arms factories. The Us took the applause but it was the Saudis who ran the operation. Osama bin Laden was a CIA financial comptroller in the Pakistan border for the Saudis, i. e. he kept an eye on where the money went. It was his family construction company that built the 'caves' of Tor Bora where US Spec Ops later hunted him and failed. ObL was never a terrorist. More of an accountant. Soviets left Afghanistan in 1989. Was not till 1995 that ObL was expelled from Saudi space for demanding changes to the way the country was run. Was then he was branded a 'terr' (terrorist) by US forces, the Saudi's pit-bulls.

CHECHENIA, BOSNIA and KOSOVO: After the 1989 defeats of the Soviets the Soviet Union itself collapsed. Muslim regions of the Soviet bloc were now open to conversion by Saudi's Wahabist emissaries. Missionaries is one thing. But missionaries with money is quite another. Madrassas (Islamic boarding schools) began to appear all over the Third World. After seven years memorising the Quran these talibs (religious Scholars) were unfit for normal work but primed to be jihadis (holy warriors). They began to appear on numerous battlefields. Their usual media nomenclature is as 'foreign fighters'. Their latest appearance is in Syria as the ISIL but more of that later.

CHECHEN WAR I: In 1993 a war of Independence erupted in the Soviet republic of Chechenia. A former air force general Jokar Dudiyev became President. But Chechenia has 25% of the Soviet's oil. Was the target of Hitler's advance into the Soviet Union in 1941. Hoth's Panzers were on the verge of capturing Grozny when Hitler recalled them to help extricate the infantry from Stalingrad. The rest is history. Dudiyev was a secularist but wars in Muslim majority states rapidly attract Saudi interest. Soon after they dispatch their surfeit of talibs. Recent examples of this are Mali in 2013 and the Central African Republic 2014. Dudiyev kept them at bay by defeating the Red Army in 1993. The regime of Boris Yeltsin, ill-advised by US Neo-Cons, retreated, his failing economy and inappropriate forces unable to sustain another anti-Islamist war.

CHECHEN WAR II: A retired general and budding politician signed a truce. Russia withdrew. The general was late assassinated. Dudiyev was assassinated. Then Yeltsin fell from power in 1995. Immediately the new President, a former KGB Colonel, reignited the Chechen War. This time Russia, with smaller forces but better tactics, won. Their local henchman Kadyrov still rules there. Saudis were not happy to see Muslims again under the boot of kaffirs (infidels). Putin was now their foe.

BOSNIAN & KOSOVO WARS: From 1992-95 the Saudis encouraged the break-away republic of Muslim Bosnia from Christian, Serb-ruled Yugoslavia. Saudi jihadis appeared on the battlefield, practising savagery and alienating all they met. Acting on Saudi orders, the US bombed the Serbs to aid the Bosnians, ending the wear pin their favour. Today Republika Serbska is treated as a pariah but Bosnia is recognised everywhere. In 1998 ill-trained Kosovo Liberation Army terrorists began a war against Serbs in the heartland state. Initially these were defeated by police units. In 1999 a second KLA appeared, lead this time by NATO Spec Ops troops and aided by NATO air-strikes. The Serbs are soon expelled from their own land. Saudi intent was evident.

THE SAUDI's Active ROLE on Behalf of PNAC: The Saudis, once a US puppet state and ‘ally’, but now more like the US's joint masters, MOTS, weathered the Arab Spring fire-storm better than most. How? By using their oil wealth to undermine their regional rivals, especially the Morsi government in Egypt and Assad's Syria. They used a tactic that has proven successful since the 1979 anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan. They export their ‘angry young men’. These oppose the Medieval-era oppression at home in Saudi, os the government 'exports' them to other countries.

HOW TO END THE SAUDI's WARS: Instead of toppling the anachronistic Saudi absolutism, their exported radicals murder and maim others from Mali to the CAR, from Syria to the WTC. A quick way to save thousands of lives and bring peace to many Third World nations? Topple the Saudi autocracy. The US elite, however, won't allow this. They gain much of their wealth from the Saudis oil. Maybe it is time to topple the US plutocrats, too. They recognise this danger so began their covert war against Russia in 1995. It continues till today.

US COVERT WAR: Ostensibly the current US-Rus conflict is over the Ukraine. In reality, it is to see which ‘model’ will run the world. The Saudi/US model combining oppression with media & sports ‘bread ‘n’ circuses, beguiling the masses. Or Putin’s of restored national sovereignty and national pride in real achievements. The latter terrifies globalist oligarchs as it threatens their power. What of the Arab Spring? Like its 1968 Prague Spring predecessor, it is a game of smoke and mirrors, a secret service chimera aided by high-tech media tricks. A battle for minds but not hearts. For raw power, not ideals.
* See David Lean's film Lawrence of Arabia for the after-effects. T.E. Lawrence's life-long opposition to the bordering is seen as one explanation for his 'accidental' death. See Ralph Fiennes' film Lawrence After Arabia
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