Sunday, 8 June 2014

SNIPPETS #42: Male Suicide

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p.15 Brisbane Courier-Mail 24th Decembis 2005: 'Tragic trend in today’s society' by James McCullough, Men’s Health reporter :
“Depression struck again this week in Brisbane. Planning visionary Trevor Reddacliff took his own life on Tuesday. Reddacliff’s sudden death follows a growing list of well-known men who have taken their own lives, most suffering depression. 
Men of all ages are in the high-risk group according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. These indicate suicide claimed more lives than motor vehicle accidents. 
In 2003 there were 2,213 deaths in Australia from suicide or six deaths per day, four times higher than the female rate. Figures for this year are suggesting it may top 2,500 deaths with men aged 25-44 making up half of these. 
Depression, divorce, mood swings, unemployment, financial hardship are all risk factors”.    
[emphasis ours]
ANA Comment: Since equality laws were imposed on Australia in 1972, male employment opportunities have shrunk. Competition is weighted in favour of female, non-whites and immigrants as clearly stated on every government applicable form. These categories get 'preference'. Until a 'level playing field' is reintroduced the rational reaction to playing in a 'rigged game' is to quit. All know this but prefer fewer white males so talk about 'reducing the white male suicide rate' is just that: talk. RE]

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