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STORM 81 Juno 2010

        No. 81               Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                  Juno 2010
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

‘WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE WHITE RACE?’ A future mulatto anthropologist may ask this question. Of course, without our inherent genius, is possible there will be no institutes of higher learning to produce either anthropologists or other intellectuals. Contacts send us snippets of information from media, own observations or conversations overheard. We piece together the ‘puzzle’ of what passes for life under the New World Order.

CONVERSATIONS OVERHEARD: A conversation between two attractive, young, professional white women. Their aim was to avoid ‘loosing their figure’ via the natural physical changes that come with child-birth. Bimbo One: “If - God forbid - I’m ever required to produce an offspring - I’ll use a surrogate". Bimbo Two: “I said the same thing, too, but then when it came to it…" These few words summarise an ideological framework at odds with white survival yet very popular in the controlled media & amongst the lumpen intelligentsia.

1973 - YEAR THAT CHANGED OUR WORLD: What conceptual elements built this framework? Ideas such as the ‘throw-away society’. Whatever no longer brings pleasure is ‘inconvenient‘ & therefore to be discarded. Since 1973 this includes marriage & familial ties; national & racial loyalties; and all love for one’s own children, whether pre- or post-born. The Ultra-Left ALP government of Edward ‘Gough’ Whitlam ruled Australia briefly 1972-75. In those short years all Hell broke loose on our poor country.

CHILD MURDER A tidal wave of legislation poured forth, some just bad but most pure evil, the effects of which we still suffer from today. Key areas Whitlam influenced were child murder, marriage termination and birth prevention. What changed in 1973? The killing of unborn children became legal in the US. It then became the norm in every other Western country including Australia. By 2009 the US had butchered 48 million. Even Australia with only 21 million people has murdered three million of its potential white soldiers & workers.

DIVORCE: Since the ALP legalised ’easy divorce’, also in 1973, the marriage rate has fallen to below 46% of all ‘long term relationships‘ I.e. more than three years. The average Australia marriage now lasts 11 years. Since the ALP’s granting of ‘equal opportunity’ to de facto relationships these have gained a equal footing with legal marriages. 54% opt to ‘live together’. They can still claim property rights and every other ’rights’ after they ’separate’ as long a they were together for 3 years. The question for many is: ‘why marry?‘

CONTRACEPTION: Contraceptive ‘pill’ was invented in France, 1962. In 1973 Whitlam made it freely available. Many Leftists parents put their daughters on ’the pill’ at age 12. Others simply provide a ready supply of condoms as does every public toilet, night clubs, university or anywhere else sexually active youth are likely to congregate.

SEX EDUCATION: In 1973 this became standard in all schools. Today it begins in Grade Two. Courses from years 7-12 such as Health & Personal Development (HPD) or Personal Development Education (PDE) are now standard. These force students to wrestle with issues such as homosexuality, bisexual sex, rape & contraception in class, in front of each other. In 2004 the Federal Liberal government legalised to free use of the post-intercourse aborticidal drug, the so-called ’morning after pill’ RU486.

WHAT HOPE THE WHITE RACE? Given all these Leftist ’advances’ is it any wonder our young, blonde, professional, white woman - who our contacts says was “stunningly beautiful” - saw it as her right to avoid conception. She saw this as a job for ‘lesser mortals‘. May seem harsh but Hollywood’s female role-models like Madonna, Nicole Kidman and Angela Jolie are routinely lauded had all ‘opted out’ of birthing preferring to adopt African orphans.

THIRD WORLD ADOPTEES: Third World adoptees are required as there are NO available white children in the West as all ’unwanted’ are murdered. Jolie has been quoted saying: “I could not be so selfish as to have a child of my own when there was one orphan in the world”. Given inability of modern youth to think for themselves, a bi-product of mass media saturation and life-long 'education/ indoctrination’, is no surprise our fit young professional saw it as alien, even obscene, to birth?    

MATERIALISM: Frightening statistic: ‘Australians today live in larger houses than 20 years ago but have half as many children’. Four bedrooms for two people? ‘To store all their material possessions’.

GODLESS CHURCHES: A STORM contact is with an all white, Afrikaaner church. Was shocked when, in November 2007, the day after KRUDD’s Leftist ALP were elected, their new assistant pastor from South Africa prayed “thank god! We now have a progressive government!“ Senior pastor was worried at many newly arrived Afrikaaners amongst his flock so appointed sole Anglo-Indian, married to a blonde British, as chair of Sunday School Board. To stop Afrikaans being spoken at Youth Group he appointed their daughter as ‘Youth Leader’.

BLACKS RULE WHITES: The only two blacks in the church now run all child & youth activities, where the future is shaped. But are they good leaders? On a recent surf camp she showed her true colours. She’d ordered the youth not to go swimming till after lunch. When two did she saw fit to inflict ‘collective punishment’ on all Afrikaaner youth for ’disobeying’ her. They were banned from swimming for the rest of the day! After the camp many left the group and the church. Pastor was happy to be free of these ‘racists’.

BLACK INFLUX: He then announced the 500 member church was to become ’a multicultural church’. Huh? First Maori family had arrived, courtesy of the church’s free-food handouts. Pastor immediately inducted their eldest daughter into the church choir, its first black face. Following week the first black Africans appeared at church. Pastor could almost be heard to utter a ‘hallelujah! No more monochrome membership’. One could ask the African: “you expelled us using ‘Africa for Africans’ So what are you doing here?” The black was grinning from ear-to-ear. No doubt poverty is what he left behind in Africa. So why allow him into another white country? Why welcome such into their church? So we can repeat the process, all over again! Appears Whites have a death wish.  

NEED FOR A NEW ‘PUBLIC SPACE‘? STORM subscriber suggested: “In South Africa & the US the main ‘public space’ is the local church. Going there is not a religious duty but more of a social occasion. In Britain & Australia however, the only ‘public place’ is the public house - the pub. So in the US & South Africa the public space alcohol-free. Not so in the UK or Australia. To gather a community together always implies alcohol consumption. Until we establish a new ‘public space’ there can be no success in the battle against violence & public drunkenness. US also has a second public space in the diner. Is seen in many the US TV shows from Happy Days to Seinfeld. An area where food is consumed communally but is essentially alcohol-free.

CHURCH AS PUBLIC SPACE: A benefit of having the church as ‘public space’ is one can publicly claim to be a ‘Christian’ - an asset in the US and South Africa. But such claims are viewed as a liability in the UK and Australia. In the US & SA it simply means you attend the local public space. In the latter it suggests you’re a religious fanatic. This explains why 55% of Americans claim to be Christians even though they don’t act like it. In Australia only 16% claim Christ. In the UK it is only 6%. The white Race needs a future free of stupifying substances. We will only survive if we remain awake and alert. Dullness will doom us.

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