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N&INS Juli 2009

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Juli 2009
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Channel Nine Live Broadcast ‘Michael Jackson Memorial’ 8.30am-2pm Wodensday 8 Juli 2009: Performances and eulogies by usual media types & has-beens. One declared: “Michael wasn’t just a great singer he was THE greatest singer of all time!" Boastful Americans competed to outdo each other in hyperbole; for 6 ½ hours, without a single commercial. Who paid for it? BBC Radio reported the broadcast would “go world-wide". Seven Network carried story of Jackson’s death every day for 14 days. Some ask: ‘why? He was a has-been?!’ But he was one of the new global new elite: race-mixers.

14 DAYS OF WACKO: Most shown pictures during the 14 days from death to interment were of Michael holding his white son, the one with bleached hair. Aim was to promote racial integration. In 2000 we were warned: “racism will be to the 21st century what sexism was to the 20th century”. Michael Jackson, regarded in Australia as an oddball, was darling of Hollywood's elite - a collection of perverts & Chosen. Current race-mixing elites pin-up girls include Angela Jolie, Nicole Kidman & Madonna. All are shown regularly in popular women’s media carrying their black children. In the same way Michael was regularly shown with his white kids. These opinion leaders have an impact.

OTHER RACES: White twenty-some-things now routinely seek partners from other races. This 14-day and night celebration of a sad freak is the System‘s way of showing its approval of his marriage to two white women. They’re telling white youth: race-mixing will be rewarded. Our two Chinese-owned networks, Nine & Seven, carried the greatest share of Jacksonian coverage since his 23 Juno 09 death. Both these high-lighted alleged 'racist attacks on Indian students' over the past month on their 'current affairs' (scandal) shows Today Tonight and A Current Affair. Later turned out to be false. All the purported ‘students' were working as late-night taxi-drivers & petrol station attendants, dangerous jobs. Chinese media use ‘racism’ and model race-mixers like MJ to brow-beat whites into self-destruction.

SBSTV World News Australia 6.30pm Frigasday 10 Juli 2009:
Reporter Daniel Sandford, London:
“Article in The Guardian newspaper alleges the News of the World, a British tabloid owned by News Limited [Murdoch], hacked into email accounts of thousands of British politicians & celebrities through their mobile phones. Two NotW reporters were gaoled in 2007 for hacking into emails of the Royal Family. Scotland Yard says it will not pursue the latest case due to ‘insufficient evidence’. Director of Public Prosecutions says he will. Guardian alleges News Limited paid one million pounds in bribes to keep case ‘quiet'".
Channel Nine News 6pm Solday 19 Juli 2009:
“Ambulance officers in Qld are to receive Aggressive Behaviour Management training after their calls to be issued with MACE spray were rejected by Health Minister. Officers are routinely subjected to violent assault, even grievous bodily harm, when attending drunk or drug affected people. Police statistics show a 60% increase in violent crime since 2004”.
[Alcopops - alcohol-laced soda drinks - became available in 2004. Howard’s Federal Liberal government altered the soda drink mix under pressure from dominant brands to allow caffeine  to be added to ALL sodas not just Cola. Five years later we see effects of Capitalist ‘self regulation’ as in Finance sector. RE].

SBSTV World News Australia 6.30pm Tuisday 21 Juli 2009: Reporter Brian Thompson:
“US Defence Secretary Robert Gates announced expansion of US military by another 22,000. Brings total to 570,000. Is hoped this will reverse the sharp increase in suicides by service personnel which some blame on their being detained long after their tours ended. Video released by Taliban of a US soldier captured in Afghanistan, Idaho Pfc Bowe Birkdale(?), brought outrage from US officials”.
BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 933FM 5am Frigasday 24 Juli 2009. Reporter Tom Esement, Tbilisi:
“during a tour of Georgia US Vice-President Joe Biden met with Georgia’s President whom he assured of continued US support. Now ‘reset button’ is pushed in US-Russian relations Georgians fear abandonment. Mr. Biden addressed the idea of ‘spheres of influence’ [that Georgia belongs under Russian control] by saying: ‘we now live in a multi-partner world’ ".
[War in Iraq exposed US military weakness as did war in Vietnam. Superpower? US only talks of ’partners’ when it can no longer force the world to obey its fickle will. America’s leaders are tools of Others. Their media, music and cinema are a curse on the world. Will be no peace for the world till their vile voice is stilled. RE]

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