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STORM 70 Juli 2009

        No. 70                 Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                  Juli 2009
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

BIG BROTHER IN YOUR OFFICE: We recommend any who have not read George Orwell’s prophetic novel ‘1984’ should do so. He predicts a Socialist future where dictator ’Big Brother’ is omnipresent using ’tele-screens’ to observe every citizen. Whether at home, work or in the street everyone is watched & listened to 24/7.

BILL GATES: ‘Windows Vista’ is latest offering from Bill Gates media empire. With his Microsoft system now used on 95% computers world-wide this ’benevolent billionaire’ now rules the information world. Vista sends all your home computer’s information to Microsoft Central in the USA for ’storage’. Is Bill Gates ‘Big Bro’?

CANNOT DELETE? Contact told us his US-issued Dell computer does the same through its ’Dell Office Assistant’ feature. He didn’t want it but can’t erase it. Appeared over the Internet one day as part of his regular ’Updates’ from Dell. What do I mean he ‘can’t delete‘? When he read the ’removal instructions’ this sinister phrase appeared: “you may remove this icon from appearing on your screen but not this function from your computer”. Sorry. Once it has installed itself it cannot be deleted - even if you think you have. Brought to the attention of a contact, a local ‘computer geek’ replied: “Good! I have that. Means Windows fix any problems without bothering me”. Hmm. What’s that old line? ‘Slaves grow to love their chains”.

VIRUSES, WORMS AND TROJANS: We investigated Windows Vista. Small print in its ‘online contract’: “should you refuse permission for the installation of this system NOW Windows may install it at some time in the future WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION” (our emphasis). Paranoid enough for you? Do you wonder who spends so much time & energy creating so-called ‘viruses’ (deletes material from your computer); ’worms’ (sleeper programmes that steals your information & send it back to whoever originated ‘worm‘); ’trojans’ ( programmes that hijack your computer & to serve as part of someone else’s network without informing you). [As I write a ‘pop-up’ ad from ‘Dell Support’ says: ‘your computer does not have the latest Windows service package & security update. Click now to install‘. I click ‘remove‘. It replies: “you have deleted Dell Support. We will monitor your system to make sure it is optimised”. Uh-oh].

CRIMINAL or ‘POLICE’? How to ’catch a thief’? Hire a thief. Want to remove worms? Hire the expert who invented the worm in the first place. The people who offer ‘the cure’ also spread the original disease. Is logical. We’re schooled to fear anonymous ’hackers’ yet original inventors of the personal computer were originally hackers themselves. Gates’ first paid job was as a 17 year old. He was hired by a small US corporation after they caught him ’hacking’ their mainframe. They hired him as ‘security expert’ to plug the gaps he himself had created. This thief is now a billionaire philanthropist. Has he changed his ways? A recent Gates’ documentary: “he rose to power through thieving others ideas. He then sold their own ideas back to them - now under licence to himself“.

MORE PARANOIA: Since 2001 every mobile phone is fitted with GPS (Global Positioning System). Same device  used in cars to direct a driver onto the best path to their destination. As of 2008 Is installed in all new laptops. Excuse?  “It may get stolen”. How’d US military kill Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden (ObL) in November 2001,  second month in the War on Terror? Arabs are addicted to mobile phones. In the half of the world without ‘landline’ telephones, the Third World, Western companies like Nokia have ‘leapt over’ the expensive installation of traditional telephone lines. Prefer to work on a cheap $25 mobile phone. In parts of Africa & India these already these exist, often owned by the entire village. A village, no matter how poor, can now have instant world contact.

DEATH FOR ObL - AND US ALL: How was ObL killed? Eyewitnesses in Afghanistan said: “we were sitting down to eat when this 19-foot long missile flew past, down the mouth of the tunnel where ObL & 300 men were. It exploded; the whole mountain collapsed on them. We couldn’t dig them out. We fled”. How’d a missile find him? Flew down mobile phone signal. US got the idea from Russia who did same thing in first week of 1995 Chechen War to the democratically-elected President of Chechenia. Next phone call you answer could be your last.

War of the Birds ABCTV 2pm Solday 18 Janus 2009 (2005 documentary) (50 minutes):
Executive Producer Anthony Geffen; Writer/Producer Richard Cane. By Atlantic Productions for Animal Planet. Based on declassified British Top Secret documents of WWII.
Fred Dyke of the National Pigeon Service:
“In WWI British Army & US Army utilised over 200,000 messenger pigeons in the trenches to deliver messages. At war‘s end both UK & US ‘de-mobbed’ their pigeon services. Germany did not. In 1939 Britain had to begin again. At first they used pigeons only on British bombers. Were released from ‘downed’ aircraft to reveal their locations. Most famous rescue was by Winky a pigeon released from the middle of the North Sea. For this she received the first Dicken Medal, wartime medal for heroism - an animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross. Dicken has been won by five horses, 18 ducks and 32 pigeons”. 
Examples like Winky attracted attention of the wider military community. Former MI 14 agent Jack Lovell: “usefulness of pigeons lead to a British Intelligence unit being created - MI 14“.  MI14 pigeons were carried to France with Special Operations Executive (SOE). SOE pigeons returned to Britain with photographic film from French Resistance, the only way this could be conveyed. Germans took note of Britain’s use of pigeons. Former German Pigeon Service member Ludwig Spitweiser: “our GPS trained pigeon-interceptors - Peregrine Falcons". From 1942 onwards these decimated British pigeon forces. LS: “a falcon travels the same speed as a pigeon, 60 mph in level flight, but in a steep dive a falcon can reach 200 mph“. British pigeons also fell to wild Falcons living along the British Coast so the British government issued an edict. All Falcons were to be ‘shot on sight’.

Created a problem: German agents in Britain also used pigeons. Without wild British Falcons more German pigeons reached their home base in France. Military historian John Hughes-Wilson: “Britain quickly reintroduced Peregrines to the wild but this time trained them to capture alive, not kill, enemy pigeons. Britain took two German pigeons as POW’s. MI 14 agents copied the German’s serial numbers and distinctive ’message loops’ on their legs and fitted these to weak, second-rate British pigeons who were then released from aircraft over Occupied France. Disguised pigeons, being too weak to fly home to Britain, naturally flocked to the nearest pigeon-loft.

Put them into German hands (possession of pigeons by French civilians was punishable by death). But in their disguises they were taken for regular German Pigeon Service agents. As such they were taken to the French Coast & sent to Britain carrying messages to German agents. Instead they flew back to their home base at the British National Pigeon Service. This delivered Top Secret German intelligence straight into our hands“. By war’s end the BNPS had suffered 85% casualties.      

SBSTV World News Australia 6.30pm Tuisday 20 Janus 2009:
“Washington DC is gearing up for Inauguration of its first African-American President. Rumours has it Defence Secretary Robert Gates is being held in a ‘secure place’ in case of catastrophe”.

BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 93.3FM 430am Wodensday 21 Janus 2009:
“Continuous LIVE broadcast from the Inauguration of Barak Obama”.

Channel Nine News 4.30am Wod 21 Janus 2009: “Continuous LIVE broadcast from Inauguration of Obama”.
LIVE - WHY? Why should Australian & British media care so much about installation of yet another puppet US President, latest hostage of a corrupt Capitalist System? Same System promises so much yet only serve robbers & parasites. Neither of these media networks cared enough to give Geo. Bush’s two Inaugurations more than a passing mention on their evening news bulletins. So why so much trouble for Obama?

REDS & SYSTEM IN CRISIS: From Decembis 2007 to Decembis 2008 rapacious Capitalist System teetered then collapsed. Allowed opportunity, political space for ‘Other Forces’. In the past that meant Communism. Even a casual observer knows so-called Communists of today are trendy, Greenie step-children of the Sixties. Not political purists but wishy-washy flakes, drugged out followers of has-been icons like Fidel Castro & Che Guevara. Such as these run groups like ‘Antifas’ and other anti-white/pro-immigration organs. For real change only ‘alternative’ is Right. How many Commies languish in prison for their beliefs? None! How many Rightists? Hundreds! Reds only role now is to prevent us seizing power, to ‘run interference’ for very System they claim to oppose - Capitalism.

WHY OBAMA? Obama campaigned on ticket of ‘Change’. Simple-minded, even cynics, say his election “shows America can change, can turn its back political ‘business as usual’, on its racist past, etc”. Even hardened sceptics were taken in by media hoopla. But wait: didn’t this same Obama vote in the Senate to approve US$700 billion ’Bank Bailout Bill’? He did this just one month before being elected. Records show his ‘fund-raising’ leapt from US$65 million in September 2008 to US$155 million in October 2008, shortly before the vote was taken. Where did that vote-winning extra US$100 million come from? Same banks that profited from the ’bail-out’. While promising no more ’business as usual’ Obama did exactly that.

MARKETING/PACKAGING: Obama is just another crooked product of thoroughly corrupt System but media, both private & government, worked hard to package him as ’saviour of the world’. This prevent jaded punters, who’ve lost jobs, pensions & futures, from looking for an alternative. To us. Installation of ’O’ breathed life into System for a few more years. H.L. Mencken said: “no one ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the general public”. ’O’ will give his Capitalist/banker masters the breathing space they need to muddle through current crisis, entirely of their own making.

But if they fail they can always shoot him, creating a martyr in whose name terrible things can be achieved - like his forebears Abe Lincoln & JF Kennedy. Either way System wins. Despite this ANA press on: show dozey masses that all Capitalism promises is not gold but a gift-wrapped poison pill; a pretty, perfumed lie. Be blunt: is not their fault their house is overpriced, their job has gone to India or their children cannot get an education. Is System‘s. Same System ‘O‘ & Co have promised to save.

TIME FOR AKTION: Now more than ever the ignorant masses need TRUTH. Where else will they get it but from us? Now is the time to double your propaganda budget; simplify your material; make it more accessible for un-initiated. Drop your usual ’catch phrases’ & slogans. Think: ‘what do the masses need to hear‘? Write in simplistic way, as the controlled media do. Write as if for a six year old. Only one idea per leaflet. ’Keep It Simple’. These fools have been coddled. They CAN’T think their way out of problems. Remember that. Speak as one would to a retard. Take them one step at a time. The best result is when they come to you a week later & tell YOU the same argument you presented to them - but this time they think it’s THEIR idea! In short they now OWN the message.

PERSISTENT PAYS OFF: Old guy in his sixties spoke to one of our member’s recently. After six months of slow input he’d finally ‘clicked‘. Said: “It’s true: world is run by ***s! I got proof!” All in front of his race-mixers work-mates. Had no fear. Was beautiful to see a ‘new world’ of understanding open up to him. It took time & lots of patience. ’O’ will fail to deliver. May take 2-3 years to become clear to them so be ready with answers for ‘why can’t he seem to succeed‘? NOT because “he’s a dumb-ass black!” but because he’s a System’s stooge. System & its Secret Masters must be overthrown, not its paid hireling on four-year contracts. Say: “don’t change stooges - change the whole set-up".

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