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STORM 86 Novembis 2010

        No. 86               Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action             Novembis 2010
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only. 

ABC News Radio 936AM 10.36am Moonday 15 Mars 2010:
“Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott calls for Inquiry into the practice of ‘thanking traditional owners (sic) before official government events. Liberal Senator Eric Arbetz: ‘as a Christian I feel we should be thanking our Creator - even other deities’. Liberal backbencher Wilson Tuckey: ‘I refuse to! Never have & never will. I thank no one for the right to stand on Australian soil. Many people’s from many lands made us what we are today & built this country’ ”.
[Non-Abs made Australia; Abs built nothing. ‘Thanks’? For nothing! RE].

AB APOLOGY: Contacted by parent of a child at local Special School (for disabled /retarded kids). Told us since the ’Sorry’ speech by PM KRUDD in 2008 the school had erected a 3’x 5’ plaque in the schools entrance foyer. Is a copy of the ’Sorry’ speech. Aims to 'welcome' Abs. We asked: “do any Abs attend the School?” “Well, there was one two years ago…” Shows ’Sorry’ is not aimed at ‘welcoming’ people who aren’t there but indoctrinating those who are. Aims to brainwash white kids, even those brain-impaired, to believe this country is not ours but someone else’s. We’re unwanted invaders & should leave.

AMALGAMATIONS: In 2006 Queensland ALP government forced the State’s 113 Queensland local Shires to ‘amalgamate’ into 73 unrepresentative ‘Regions’. In March 2010 the Regions declared all Queensland public libraries would have a ‘Welcoming Place’ for Abs, inveterate illiterates. These types have a school dropout rate circa 80%. Why ’welcome’ people to a place they’ll never enter? Again, it’s aimed at the white majority. Reinforces message: ’this land is not yours’.

'THEIR PLACE': On Moonday 26 April 2010, ANZAC Day public holiday, Australia’s special day, ABCTV ran a new series for kids My Place. Is about a refugee-infested, inner-city primary school with each episode on a different redo. How they came to Australia & why they’re ‘true Australians’. Who’s missing? Whites. Blurb says it’s ‘from an award winning children’s book’. What award? Teacher told STORM:"the Australian literary ’awards’ system is now so pro-Left that many schools deliberately avoid buying books with the golden ‘Children’s Book Award’ label". Is a by-word for under-age sex, teen abortion, perversion, witchcraft, rape, incest and bestiality!

AFRIKAANER EXAMPLE: We’re asked: ‘how were South Africans duped out of their homeland?’ In 1994 68% of whites voted Mandela into power, ending 350 years of white-rule. Since then one million have fled overseas. What induced them to vote for their own extinction? 50 years of brain-washing as we’re now suffering. Don’t blame aliens for stealing our land but the whigger-traitors who control our education system. We must first remove our internal enemies, then secure our borders.

National Interest programme ABC Radio National 936AM 3am Saturnsday 1 Mai 2010 (55 minutes):
Journalist & former NSW ALP Premier Bob Carr on ‘Electoral Primaries’:
“The Victorian ALP are experimenting with US-style ‘primaries’. The issue is both Liberal & Labor parties are moribund. People aren’t joining community groups these days whether parties or churches. This is an attempt to reinvigorate the political process. To be pre-selected to run as an MP today requires only that you write a letter to a selection panel or appear before a panel from Party HQ. But a primary requires you to get material out to thousands of registered party supporters. However, that takes money. A problem we see from the US is a primary gives ‘special interest’ groups yet another way to strangle debate. Key lobby groups in the US Republican Party are Fundamentalist Christians & the National Rifle Association
These two guarantee masses of voters turn up at primaries. Their candidates win. Nowadays only 16% of registered Republican voters actually vote in party primaries, increasing the influence of lobby groups. Key lobby groups in the Democrats are the Teacher’s Unions and trial lawyers. They control primaries. Both groups are trained to persuade people and have substantial funds. A problem of Australian party politics is ‘branch stacking’. A MP’s get elected by bogus members of a branch who are recruited or ‘stacked’ simply to do his bidding. It runs counter to democracy. Primaries could become branch stacking on a larger scale”.
Dr Paul Mees(?) of RMIT, author of Transport for Suburbia on myths of ‘urban density‘ & public transport. PM:
 “Public surveys in Australia show the majority support better use of public transport but this is not reflected in use. Why? The current pattern of public transport fails to follow demand so people use private cars. What’s the pattern? A ‘radiating’ system where all public transport routes in our cities flow into the CBD in the morning & again in the afternoon. To get to a neighbouring suburb you have to travel into the CBD then back out. Only a beggar for punishment uses public transport. Look at German & Swiss cities. These follow a ’spider-web’ system like my favourite, the small Swiss town of Schufhausen where everyone uses the bus. 
German public transport has three goals:   1. ease of ’transfer’ from one mode to another - you don’t get charged to transfer;    2. you’re ‘undercover’ from the elements at all times; 3. you don’t need to walk more than five steps to the next leg of your journey. Australian urban planners fall into two errors by talking about ‘density’ & ‘technology’. This means all we need is higher urban densities for all our urban issues to be resolved. This is completely false. It’s because they visit European cities but never get beyond the Old City. They assume that’s ‘it’. If they went further they’d see suburbs & semi-rural areas integrated into the urban zone - just like here. 
Not just in Europe but Canada, too, where they’re way ahead of Australia. 30 years ago we were ahead, now they are. As for density well, Calgary is like Adelaide. Montreal like Sydney & Vancouver matches Melbourne. All these have what we haven’t: an integrated urban transit system - all modes of public transit form a single unit. Here, as in Brisbane & Sydney, bus and train are rivals who compete. In Canada they feed one other. A second error is technology. It’s assumed: buy the latest gadgets the system will work better. 
WRONG! Zurich's trams are 40 years-old but look brand new as they’re well maintained. How did Germans & Canadians change the way they do things? They did not pretend that public bureaucracies can reform themselves. Instead a pressure groups & entrepreneurs got involved. Reform has been tried in Australia but every time the same old bureaucrats are dragooned from the failed structure into the new structure and simply ruin that, too”.
HOW AUSTRALIA FELL FROM GRACE: In 1989, under the Ultra-Leftist misrule of an ALP Prime Minister the Chosen in Sydney celebrated a key historical event, 50th anniversary of their ‘first fleet’. From 1949 shiploads of Chosen began arriving here as ‘refugees’. A total of 50,000 eventually shuttled here at the invitation of then Liberal Prime Minister Sir Robert Menzies. All later openly supported the ALP. What possessed Menzies to do it? His reasoning was simplistic. “After WWII Australia was broke. We know from the Bible that wherever the [Chosen] are they are wealthy and prosperous“. Is like saying “bubonic plague lead to the creation of hospitals”. Mistook 'cause' for 'effect'. Chosen appear wealthy in comparison to the society that hosts them. They drain wealth from their Host society then drop off like bloated ticks, if not first surgically removed.

'BLESSINGS' OF THE CHOSEN: What has been Australia’s fate since the 1949 inrush? They’ve, of course, rewritten our history to include themselves. Is now claimed Chosen were a ‘significant proportion’ of the First Fleet, 1788. Also were ‘over-represented’ at Gallipoli in 1915. Came to light in 2005 when Chosen began a campaign to have all Christian crosses removed from war memorials & graves at the historical landing site in Turkey. 10,000 Australians died during a ten-month siege of Turkish positions yet Chosen now say their war veterans are ‘offended’ by presence of Crosses.
Matches a pattern of increasingly overt Chosen demands.

CHRIST DELETED: In the two weeks before Christmas 2000 Australian TV showed 49 ‘seasonal’ programmes. Admittedly 47 were secular rubbish e.g. ‘How Rudolph Got His Red Nose’ type stuff. But after 9-11 2001 all this ended. For Christmas 2001 we saw only three seasonal TV shows. It has been this way ever since. Why? Excuse: ‘Muslims are offended’ but we suspect it was the Chosen. In 2001, fifty ABC Learning Centres, a Liberal Party-owned day care chain & the largest in Australia, banned all Christian ‘Nativity'  scenes from their premises. Instead Santa Claus, a commercial rival, was allowed. ABCLC told media: “we received complaints”.

FALSE ALLEGATIONS: UCB News, a Christian media source, followed up on these allegations. Found them to be false. They c contacted all 50 centres affected. Each denied having any actual complaints but said they were “ordered by Head Office to delete ‘religious content’ from their Christ-Mass – just in case”. By Christmas 2009 things were more overt. A 20-foot high Menorah was erected outside Brisbane City Hall, at taxpayers expense, to celebrate Hanukah. But missing was the traditional giant Christmas tree. Why?

“It may have offended Muslims”. In 2009 the playing of Christmas carols at all Westfield shopping malls, owned by Lowy, Australia’s richest man, were banned. “They offended Muslims”. See now why the aliens have been brought here? To excuse Chosen excesses as they extinguish their foe, Jesus, from Australian civil life. Menzies, you fool!

ABCTV Australian Story: ’Something in the Air’ (part two) 8pm Moon 22 Februa 2010 (25 minutes): Producer Wendy Page; Director Trudy McRoberts. Sources: Dr Christoper Hickley, eco-toxicologist, NIWA (NZ); Dr Fiona Young, reproductive toxicologist, Flinders University (SA); Dr Alison Bleaney, General Practitioner & local councillor, St Mary’s, Tasmania; Dr. Marcus Schammell, a marine ecologist.
“After Dr Bleaney noticed a higher than average incidence of rare cancers in her small town medical practice she did some research. She found all cases occurred in people who lived near a creek with run-off from a Pine plantation. Dr Bleaney suspected pesticide poisoning. But water samples sent to government laboratories came back ‘negative’. With Dr Schammell, a local Green, she pressured the council to do tests. These too came back ‘negative’.Council then threatened to prosecute Bleaney for ‘any lose of tourist business’ to the town. 
Dr Bleaney was forced to research in secret engaging two top toxicologists, Dr’s Hickley & Young, at her own expense. Their tests also found ‘no known toxics’. So what caused the cancers? Bleaney & Schammell visited the Pine plantations. To their great surprise they found it was the trees themselves that were toxic. Questions to the Victorian Pine Growers Council, who’d supplied the Tasmanian growers, revealed these new trees to be a genetically modified ‘hybrid with accelerated growth features’. Their enhanced toxicity was simply a case of ‘unintended consequences.’ ”    
Open Line programme (talk-back show) with Trevor Chappell & guest Dave Reneke editor of Time & Space magazine ABC ‘Local Radio’ 4QR 612AM 3.45am Wodensday 9 Juno 2010:
“NASA no longer exists. What remains will sold off to private enterprise by end of 2010. Future US space exploration will be by corporations”. 
“Under a 1967 UN treaty, proposed when it was obvious the US would land a man on the moon, no country may lay claim to terrestrial territory. This wasn’t signed by a number of countries including China. An American found a loophole. Realtor Dennis Hope founded the Lunar Land Corporation. He’ll sell you an acre of Moon for US$29.95. So far he’s made US$8 million. It’s legal. He had it tested in a US court. Challenged that he didn’t ‘own’ the moon so could not sell it he replied: ‘prove I don’t own it!’ 
“A Japanese company has unveiled a ‘solar sail’ several metres wide in space to test a new source of power for space travel. Thinner than cigarette paper future sails will be 2 km, five km & 10 km wide & collect photons of energy from the sun, then use it to power an engine. It’ll be slow at first but increases rapidly over time. There’s no friction in space making this possible for ‘deep space’ exploration. Japan is also planning to use ion engines - a non-chemical, non-polluting power source”. 
“Japan’s Shimuza Corporation wants a Lunar Belt around the Moon’s 11,000 km equator, a chain of solar panels to collect sunlight 24 hours a day to be beamed back to Earth via microwave. ‘Platforms’ in the ocean, like oil rigs, will collect it with be no danger to people. Will include a 20km-wide Lunar solar dish”. 
“China recognises no restrictions on lunar activities. They wish to put ‘a Red foot-print’ on the Red planet, Mars, by 2025. They see potential fuel in the form of Lunar helium 3 for use propelling craft to Mars”.

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