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STORM 128 v2 Mai 2014

No. 128                    Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                        Mai 2014
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only
We get information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. Here’s the latest:

WHITE TAXI DRIVER: A white Brisbane taxi driver told us:
“I used to make $500 in just five hours. Now I’m lucky to pull in $300 in a full twelve-hour shift. What’s gone wrong? There’s now too many taxis, too many taxi licences being issued and too many Indian drivers. These Indians enter the country as ‘students’ then instead take jobs like taxi driving claiming they need to do so in order to pay their ‘tuition fees’. No one asks what courses they may be studying and whether these skills are needed in the Australian economy. Our investigation found the majority are training at TAFE* to be hair-dressers, cooks or accountants.  Did you know Australia imported 10,000 Indian-trained accountants last year, all in the midst of the greatest Depression since 1914? The Indians goal? Australian Citizenship, obtained with graduation from any TAFE College”.

“An example of their illegal activities: up to ten Indians driving on the same taxi licence. When asked they all claim to be that same person but we owner-drivers can easily see they’re not. That method is now frequently used, especially with ‘457’ drivers*. The owners ‘hot bed’ them. That is, two Indian drivers share a bed in accommodation provided by their boss. As one driver drives, the other one sleeps, then they swap. And so on.
The boss rents one house but can fill it up with ten Indians. Then he deducts their ‘rent’ from their wages, making it even cheaper for him. Why employ Indians over local whites when there is obviously no ‘skills shortage’ to justify the issuing of 457’s? Simple: money. Locals expect a 50/50 cut with their bosses, Indians do not. They’re happy to work for 40/60, the boss keeping the lion’s share”.

*TAFE: Technical And Further Education colleges are where trade-skills are learned and apprenticeships are served. It is these skills Australia has lacked since 1983 when a very foolish Prime Minister, who now lives in China, declared all students must complete 12 years of schooling. This was instead of the then current 10 years compulsory plus 2-3 years at TAFE. Those seeking to go to university had to complete 12 years at school. But after 1983 both TAFE and university entrants had to do 12 years. Being logical, most parents thereafter forced their kids unto University. The result? A ‘skill shortage’ of 97,000 jobs in the TAFE areas and an oversupply of university-trained unemployed. It has created a permanent imbalance in the economy.     

**457 refers to a Visa 457. Created to overcome an alleged short-term ‘skills shortage’ in 2004 but now just a backdoor for illegals to gain citizenship. Under Regulation 457 an employer may make application whereby, having taken reasonable steps to recruit locally, he can obtain Immigration Department permission to import ‘needed workers’ if same can be proven to be in ‘short supply’.

A.N.A. ACTIVITIES: People often ask: ‘what has ANA been up to? We never hear anything’. ANA has returned to its origin, which was to mimic Australia’s Trotskyite Left organs. These specialized in infiltration of larger political groups to ‘turn’ their policies and actions. ANA’s First Chair, J. Saleam, perfected this method. We have tried to follow it ever since. If you ‘don’t hear from us’ take it we are ‘at work’. Here’s one ANA tale.

KAP: Katter’s Australian Party was formed in early 2011 by renegade National Party of Australia MP Bob Katter Jnr. An MP in Queensland State and the Federal Parliament for 38 years, Bob quit the rural-focused National Party of Australia after they became too like their allies, the urban-based Liberal Party of Australia. He is now an Independent in the seat of Kennedy, the largest in Queensland.  

The two parties – NPA and LPA - merged in 2009 to become the Liberal National Party so Bob formed his own party, the KAP. KAP stood 76 candidates for 89 seats in the Mars 2012 Queensland State Election. They already held two seats via two LNP defectors. KAP lost both of these but gained two more off the LNP so maintained the status quo. Many on the Right who had placed their hopes in Bob saw them dashed. What happened? ANA contacts within KAP revealed ‘what happened’ in one branch on Brisbane’s northern fringe:

“I contacted KAP HQ at Banyo. ‘Can I join a local branch?’ ‘Join? Why not form one yourself!’ they said. HQ put us in touch with another local who turned out to be an ALP member and trade union official. As TU’s are the backbone of the ALP, I wondered why he wanted to join KAP. He told a good spiel then said: ‘don’t try to contact me I do nightshift so will be asleep during the day’. Fair enough. But after six months and no word I called HQ. ‘What’s the go with the branch?’ HQ: ‘Oh, the other guy [TU/ALP member] met with a local LNP member, who also wants to join KAP. They agree they see no need for a local branch till after the next election’ [in Mars 2012, still seven months away].

I was finally contacted by KAP’s local candidate just one month prior to the election. Using my local knowledge gained from previous elections and only he, his wife and kids for help, with four weeks hard work I managed to deliver him 2,000 votes on polling day. He was very grateful. After the election the candidate and I agreed to join the nearest existing KAP branch as KAPHQ still refused to let us form one.

He and I attended three of their weekly branch meetings immediately following the election. Was pointed out to us that their candidate got only 1,800 votes to our 2,000. Was quite resentful. After all, they had a branch and we didn’t. I suggested our candidate run for the next Federal election, due on Sept 2013 in 18 months. This would help us avoid a repeat of the delays experienced before the State election. They refused.
Instead they insisted on pointless weekly meetings to discuss  - what? At that meeting, same thing. At the next meeting…you guessed it. We smelt a rat. At our initial meeting with our candidate and I had been speaking favourably of the NCC. Several people became openly upset and some even got up and left the building. This included a Vietnamese guy in a wheelchair. After the meeting I was approached by their former candidate and now branch chair. He said: ‘all these people are ex ALP: they hate the NCC! Next time I’d appreciate it if you don’t’ mention the NCC at meetings’. Aha!

Let’s get this straight: KAP HQ allowed ALP and LNP set-ups to stop genuine members from setting up a branch. Then they steered the genuine members into a fake KAP branch run by the ALP? Hmmm. Did we eventually get a Federal candidate? Yes, but once again only a month before polling day. Did we get our man, who had a high profile and had gained 2,000 votes? No, they ‘chose’ a nobody who was obviously an ALP agent. 18 months had been wasted in weekly ‘meetings’. On what? Nonsense. Sole goal was to deter genuine seekers and members.

KAP HQ refused to do anything. No officials would talk to our contacts only the junior office girl who answered the phone but “cannot comment on policy”. During the 18 months we were only allowed to meet Brisbane members at Qld Parliament Annexe for a BBQ. 28 attended but when party HQ officials were questioned as to policy direction and planning we were all fobbed off and treated like fools. One official, the unhelpful office girl, said: “we want members to donate $50,000 each so we can move HQ from Banyo to the CBD”. “Why?” I asked. She: “Banyo’s just too far from the CBD!” looking exasperated by the question. So I asked: “do we get a tax deductible for party donations?” She: “if you need to ask for a tax deduction you aren’t rich enough to be in this party!”

So you might wonder, how well did our Federal candidate do in the 7th Octobis 2013 Federal Election? He got fewer votes than the 2,000 our boys gained for KAP at the State election. As each Federal seat is comprised of five State seats, that means we got 2,000 votes from 13,000 voters, they got 2,000 votes from 75,000 voters. The result was a landslide to the LNP in both the 2012 State and 2013 Federal elections. In the Mars 2012 State election KAP got 11% from across Queensland but was sabotaged by ALP/LNP preference swaps i.e. their votes negated ours. LNP won 75 seats of 89. ALP won eight and KAP two. KAP beat the Greens, so we were now officially the No.3 party in votes. The ultra-Left Greens were demolished, due to their support for the ALP government’s extreme Left policies. Still, the Greens came fourth.

KAP faithful expected a re-run of the Queensland results at the following 7th September 2013 Federal Election. They hoped to ‘build on the State results’ but a month before the polls the LNP pulled a massive rabbit out of their hat of dirty tricks. Billionaire, and LNP ‘life member’, Clive Palmer staged a noisy but very public ‘walkout’ from the LNP. The next day he founded his own party, Palmer’s United Australia Party***, soon shortened to Palmers’ United Party or PUP.

WALK OUT – OVER WHAT? The media never asked and Clive never mentioned it. We in KAP smelled a rat. PUP went on to spend an alleged AUD$17 million in that month, far outspending KAP. Worse, it drew all the attention from donors and potential members. KAP was ignored by the media but was denied access to paid ads by its lack of funds, PUP garnering all these****. Overnight PUP had the required number of candidates and was running blanket advertising on all media, especially TV. Result? PUP literally ‘stole’ KAP’s votes, winning 11% of the votes and leaving KAP with only 1.5%, down from its widely anticipated 12.5%, according to polls done  just the day before Palmer made his very public departure from the LNP.

Does all this sound like ‘sour grapes’? Then let’s see what differences, if any, there are between KAP and PUP policies. What’s Palmer stand for? No one knew then or now but he was everywhere in the controlled media. It was impossible not to ask: was he really ex-LNP or just a false-flag operations on behalf of the LNP to cut off the threat from the KAP? Under Australia’s electoral system the new Senators elected on 7th Septembis 2013 will not take their seats till Juli 2014. Only then does ALP/Green control of the Senate slip into LNP/ PUP hands. Let’s see what happens when LNP control both Houses. They did in 2004 when John Howard introduced laws so harsh they toppled his government and unseated himself, only the second Prime Minister ever to do so.
 ***United Australia Party was the Liberal Party of Australia’s original name in 1949. 
**** A contact of ANA’s quipped: ‘this reminds me of the UK where the BNP got ambushed by UKIP’.

DVD REVIEW: My Way (2011) (137 minutes) (In Korean, Japanese & Chinese + English Subtitles).
Universal Pictures; Comcast; CJ Entertainment; SK Planet; TV Chosun; Director KANG Je-Kyu. As usual, Asian cinema make Sollywood films look like the dross they are. Bias? Of course. Little CG here. Want a thousand extras? Don’t photo-shop them: hire them! Real people, real films, real events.

This story is a stunner and all true. Korean director Kang Je-Kyu tells how it all began in the 40-minute Making Of featurette. “I saw a photo from the D Day beaches of German POW’s. Among them was a Korean. That sparked my interest. As did a later TV documentary on the man”. A Korean at Normandy? Fighting for the Germans?! We won’t tell too much but this tale is a real hummer from two obscure battles of WWII, i.e. no Americans were involved so it’s as they ‘did not happen’. These were the 1939 Battle of Nomonhan/Kalingol, on the Chinese-Mongolian border, and December 1941 combat near Zkedovsk, Russia.

‘How'd Koreans get into the Wehrmacht?’.  Suggest you hire this DVD, an eye-opener on WWII ‘from the other side’. Finally, something more than just the usual US jingoist, propaganda like 2014’s The Monument Men. Yuk! US soft-power in the world rests on two things: its control of our minds via Sollywood and the holo-ho tale. Intertwined with the second is the implicit: ‘we saved the world from the Nartsi menace’ i.e. we punished whites who wanted to be free and used other enslaved whites to do it. 70 years later we are still in chains. Thanks but no thanks! [query our misuse of English? All electronic words are now monitored by US spi agenceez. Their computerz use correct Engrish, so we should not. Helpz stay unmonitored an outta gayal longa. Try speaking it rather than reading it. RE]

BOOK REVIEW: Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy by Dr Colonel-general Dmitri Volkogonov (Moscow: Novosti/London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989).
“In July 1941, Stalin, Foreign Minister Molotov, and Beria [NKVD chief] met Bulgaria’s ambassador Ivan Stamenov. Stalin asked him to act as mediator in talks with Hitler. Stalin offered Germany the Baltic States, Moldovia, Ukraine and Byelorussia. Proposing a second Brest-Litovsk. Stalin: ‘if Lenin could do it, so can we’. Stamenov refused saying: ‘why even bother? You’re going to win!’ ” (p.412).

“On 29 July 1941 W. Churchill wrote to Stalin asking what assistance Britain could provide. Stalin replied: ‘[the Western Allies] must guarantee the USSR 30,000 tonnes of aluminum, 400 aircraft and 500 tanks per month. Without this the USSR will be defeated. The subsequent aid from the Allies was on a massive scale but is consistently ignored by Soviet historians” [our emphasis] (p.485).
[Hitler’s prediction on 6 June 1941 that ‘this war will last only six weeks’ was accurate. No one envisaged the massive influx of Capitalist aid. RE].  

“After three weeks [of War] Soviet forces had retreated 450 kilometres. Their losses were colossal: 30 infantry divisions wiped out; 70 divisions had lost 50% of their man power; 3,500 planes were destroyed; 50% of fuel and ammunition.  After only three weeks! German loses were 150,000 men, 950 aircraft and hundreds of tanks. There were 30,000 POW’s, ‘mostly lost parachutists’ (?). (p.417).
“On 29 June 1941 Stalin ordered Beria to form 15 NKVD divisions from existing personnel” [to match Hitler’s SS divisions?] (p.479)

“Stalin put General D.G.Pavlov, Commander-in-Chief of the Western Front, on trial along with Generals V.Y. Klimovskikh , A.T. Grigoryev and A.A. Korobkov.  All were accused of being in an ‘anti-Soviet conspiracy’ in that they had ‘failed to train their troops for action’ and these had subsequently ‘surrendered their weapons to the enemy’. The four generals were charged under Articles #319 and #320 of the Criminal Code. All were sentenced and shot on 22nd July 1941, their property confiscated” (p. 421).

“Millions of soviet troops were captured. All those who managed to escape back to Soviet lines were immediately arrested and sent to ‘Special Camps for Checking’. Many of these were executed; others were sent for long terms in concentration camps. Stalin sanctioned the arrest of a large group of army generals. Some were sent to camps, others were shot” (p.425).
“In August 1941, Shaposhnikov reported to Stalin: ‘of 212 army divisions, 90 have only 80% of their full complement of troops. The Germans still have 60 divisions with 500 thousand men.’  By 30th September 1941, the Soviets had lost 96.4% of their combat aircraft” (p.425).

“On 16 August 194 Stalin signed into law notorious Order #270. In part it read:  ‘Any who surrender are to be regarded as malicious traitors and are to be shot on the spot.  Cowards and deserters are to be destroyed.  Their families are to be arrested and deprived of all state funds and assistance’ ” (p.427).
“As a direct result of Order #270 Y. Stavski soon reported to Stalin: ‘the 24th Army alone has shot 600 of its own men for attempted desertion or panicking’ ” (p.427).

“On 17th Sept. 1941, after Stalin had refused to allow a withdrawal, Kiev fell. 452,720  men including  60,000 officers were captured along with all their equipment.  Stalin was largely responsible.  500,000 troops were listed as ‘missing in action’ after Kiev” (p.429).
“On 12th May 1942, Stalin launched an offensive at Karkov. It ended on 26th July 1942, after twenty Soviet divisions had been wiped out”. (p.431).
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