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STORM 75 Decembis 2009

        No. 75           Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action            Decembis 2009
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only. Some names changed to protect the indolent.

'RED ANNA' MAKES HISTORY: On 21 March 2009 appointed Qld ALP Premier ’Red Anna’, also known as ’the Captain’ after her infamous forebear of HMS Bounty renown, made history as Australia’s first ‘elected’ female leader. Australia already has many female ’leaders’ but all are ALP appointees, e.g. almost every Sate Governor including the Governor-General is now female. Previously this largely ceremonial role was held by retired generals, admirals etc - all males.

EMILY's LIST: Now most are ALP lawyers and members of the US-based cult 'Emily’s List' a hyper-Left cell of elitists devoted to the destruction of the white race and the emasculation of white men in particular. For this reason the so-called War on Terror’ can only end badly for we white males. If Islam is defeated in this proxy war then all men lose as Islam is the last patriarchal religion on earth. More than a religion, it's a way of life, one that resists EL’s end game: a world-wide femo-cracy.

HURRAH  FOR RED ANNA? Shouldn’t we congratulate Red Anna? A year ago Red Anna was appointed Premier by out-going ALP lawyer ’Sneaky Pete’, who then fled to the US to escape his many political foes in Qld. His long-term contacts in the US Democratic Party, made through NSW Right Senator Stephen Loosely, secured him a nice sinecure as ’law professor’ at a North Carolina university. Pete was soon short of cash so got Red Anna to spin him a second sinecure - as 'Queensland Trade Commissioner for the Americas’. Is paid AUD$300,000 per annum to do nothing. Is cosiest cot in Australian political life, second only to Federal posting as ’Ambassador to Ireland and the Holy See’.

GAIR’S DLP: That post was made infamous in 1974 when then Ultra-Left ALP Prime Minister Edward ‘Gough’ used it as a lure into ‘retirement’ for notorious drunk & leader of the rival Democratic Labour Party, Senator Vincent ‘Vince’. Having effectively decapitated the DLP Whitlam’s the ALP, at the 1975 election, proceeded to demolish the remaining five anti-Communist DLP Senators   This Catholic clique had held the ’balance of power’ in our Upper House for 23 years.

BENT GREENS: After 1979 their place was taken by an Ultra-Left pro-ALP outfit and splinter from the Liberals the Australian Democrats. Was not till 2007 election that all eight of the Australian Democrats Senators were defeated, destroying this nest of vile traitors. However their place was taken by in the rush to obliterate Australia’s white males by an even more debased outfit, the Australian Greens, a party as one insider put it: “half Trotskyite, half queer” who now hold five Senate seats.    

INDIVIDUAL WORTH: It was in 1975, with the demise of 'Vince’s DLP that all life in Australia took a turn to the Left. Nothing has been the same since. Does one individual count for much? Our Left media & academia tell us ‘no’. But history tells us otherwise. Was only one Napoleon, one Mussolini, one Gair. Without him the DLP collapsed. Floodgates opened for Left.

THE SPLIT: 'Vince' had been Qld ALP Premier in 1958 at the time of the notorious ‘Split’ when the ALP, under Federal Opposition Leader Dr ’Doc’ Evatt, began an internal ’purge’ to remove all Catholics. We recommend any interested read The Split by Robert Murray (Melbourne: Cheshire, 1970). During WWII the Soviet Union’s spy agencies infiltrated the ALP and its member trade unions. These boasted that “we control 10,000 members of the Australian Armed Forces”. The ALP Federal government, 1940-1949, under Prime Minister’s Curtin & ‘Ben’ Chifley, feared a coup. Was a major reason for the ALP keeping Australian troops in PNG after 1943, when all Japanese resistance had ceased.

‘RED’ ARMY? After 1945 major Australian Army units were not returned home but posted to Japan instead on Occupation duty with 'British Commonwealth Forces in Japan' (BCOF). By 1947 British Labour government had abandoned Occupation. Australia did not. BCOF became largely Australian. Is why our troops were second armed force to arrive in South Korea after North Korean invasion of 1950, right on the heels of the US Army’s ad hoc Task Force Baker. The bulk of our army was in Japan, just across the sea. Australian government feared its own Army. Knew it was not a ’popular revolution’ in 1917 that seized power for the Soviets but a simple military coup by units of Tsar’s own Army but preceded by strikes in key sectors by Soviet-run trade unions.

1948 COAL STRIKE: In 1948 Australia suffered its first and only nation-wide coal strike. In that era all of Australia’s power generation came from coal - whether electricity for homes, offices, factories or to drive freight and commuter locomotives. Without coal the nation ground to a stand-still. We could not operate without control of the mines and the Reds now had this. Terrified, Chifley’s ALP Federal government ‘militarised’ all coal mines. Elements of the Army, those still loyal to the ruling Right faction of the ALP, were drafted in to mine coal. Suspect, Left units were posted to PNG, Japan or forcibly de-mobilised. A coup was narrowly averted but Reds had given the ALP Right a real fright.

WARTIME ALLIES: In September 1939 the Conservative Menzies government banned the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and its dozen rival Red fractions on the basis that these were “tools of the USSR” which, allied with Germany, had invaded & annexed Poland. In June 1941 Germany invaded its ally, the USSR. This made the USSR our ‘ally’. By then Menzies was out of office and the ruling Leftist ALP quickly ’un-banned’ the CPA.

CPA - REDS IN THE BED: The wartime alliance of USSR-UK-USA allowed the once-banned Communist Parties to infiltrate all areas of  political and economic life in those countries, but especially so in Australia. By war’s end in 1945 the major question in Australia politics was: ‘How are the Reds to be exposed & rendered safe?’ ALP was too deeply infiltrated to undertake the task. An external outfit was called for. A group rabidly anti-Communist and motivated by religious zeal: the Catholic Social Studies Movement, founded in 1936 by the Roman Catholic Church.

‘CSSM TO THE RESCUE‘ OR PAPIST PLOT? CSSM began life after the Pope issued a 1931  Encyclical calling for Catholics to reject both rivals atheistic philosophies of Communism & Fascism in favour of a vague ‘Catholic Socialism‘. He foresaw ‘Catholic trade unions‘ and post-war political parties such as the ‘Christian Democrats‘ in Germany & Italy. But in 1948 the ALP chiefs faced a new dilemma: having called in the CSSM ‘Rat-catchers’ how were they to control them? By 1954 they realised they couldn’t. A real Leftist threat had been replaced by a perceived Papist Plot. As a result the original Rightist ALP leadership were replaced by Leftist ‘Doc’ Evatt, Founding President of the UN General Assembly. Was in NYC that Doc came under influence of Soviet agents.

ANTI-CATHOLIC PURGE PUTS ALP IN LIMBO: On his return to Australia he was horrified to find ’his ALP’ under rule of Ultra-Right Catholics. Doc proceeded to ’play the sectarian card’ in Australian politics.ALP had always been a Catholic party, representing 40% of the population. Was simply because ruling Protestant elite, the 40% Anglicans, barred Catholics from entry to university, higher education & most Public Service jobs. As late as 1967 major retail outlets like Woolworths still had an unofficial ‘ban’ on hiring Catholics. Lower classes sought alternate access to power so joined trade unions in 1891 which then founded ALP in 1893. Most were Catholics. Doc sought to sever this historic connection.

SPLIT ISOLATES ALP FROM POWER: From 1954-1958 the ALP were ’split’ as Doc pursued his religious rivals. His ’mania’, as his rivals then and later believe, shortened his life. Many thought him mad. His obsession led him to purge every Catholic from what had been primarily a Catholic organisation. Doc Evatt plunged the ALP into a 23 year-long exile from Australian political power. ALP only began to recover in 1968-72 when Whitlam’s ’new guard’ - a Uni educated elite - seized power in an internal coup in 1968 from Old Guard led by Arthur ‘Artie‘ Caldwell. Caldwell was last ALP Federal leader to be a genuine worker, not a Uni-educated lawyer or academic.

23 YEARS OF ‘WHITE-ANTING’: During their 23 year exile from political power the ALP were not inactive. Their ‘new guard’ began a long & brutal purge of their ‘uneducated’ foes from all arms of power within the ALP & unions. After decades of struggle Left gained ascendancy in every union & institute of higher education. Then consolidated an iron grip on all media & schools which continues till today. Whereas previously to work you needed an ALP-union approved ‘ticket’ e.g. fork lift operator or railway engine driver, now none may work without an ALP-approved educational ’ticket’ - a degree from an ALP-run university.

ALP MONOPOLY ON POWER: Was the main motive for Queensland ALP Premier ‘Sneaky Pete’s 2006 dictat that all four year-olds attend Prep School, adding a thirteenth year to their compulsory education. Was not to make them wiser but to lengthen their Leftist indoctrination. Education in Australia is a closed shop with few private operators. Is how ALP maintain their perpetual rule.By 2007 ALP had reached an unprecedented height. Every major city, every State & both Territories plus the Federal level were ALP fiefdoms. All other parties were excluded from power. Became embarrassing even for hard-Left. Irony is that, just as in former USSR, with absolute power came absolute responsibility - and catastrophic failures. Leftist fiascos are now routine nation-wide.

SOCIALIST SHORTAGES: Shortages now exist in every area from electricity to clean drinking water, from hospital beds to doctors & medicine - just as in the USSR. Even old Soviet excuses are being dusted off & trotted out. Along with this is an unprecedented control of media & regular smears of any potential regime opponents. How will ALP rule end? Not through a sudden, over-nite collapse as in USSR or by internal coup via some home-grown Gorbachev. Will require a mass defection from ALP of key operators and the bulk of voters. To achieve this the ALP must be publicly exposed as ineffective & inefficient. Requires re-gaining control of media & education. How? Hmmm.

MEDIA GLOSS WANING? Absolute corruption of ALP’s atheistic rule was seen in 'Red Anna’s 21.3.2009 ’election’. All polls showed she received not 51% of votes, as she claimed, but only 41%. Even pro-ALP Murdoch media were stunned. So how did Anna retain office? Her ALP also rule the Queensland Electoral  Commission, one of Australia’s  most oblique organisations & a key institution for perpetual rule. Let‘s never forget it was QEC which put Pauline Hanson on trial & in gaol for something she had not done (stealing AUD$502,000). Was 'Sneaky Pete's ALP government that rescued her, illegally, from a three year gaol sentence after only 11 weeks.

QUEENSLAND’S ELECTION-RIGGING COMMISSION:  Was QEC’s evil twin, the AEC,  which abolished Hanson’s Federal seat of Oxley forcing her to stand for Blair which she then ’lost’ despite 45% of the primary vote. Was QEC which on 21. 3. 2009 unseated Qld’s last remaining One Nation MP ( of 11 elected in 1998) Rosa Lee Long. Long’s seat was abolished forcing her to run for a nearby but un-winnable seat. Is same trick  QEC used in 1952 to remove Australia’s only ever Communist Party MP, the lawyer Fred Patterson. Where to begin in extirpating corruption?

INDEPENDENT ELECTIONS COMMISSION: Begin by establishing a Independent Electoral Commission to replace ALP/QEC fraud. Truly ‘independent‘ - not one stacked with ‘usual suspects’ who pollute every aspect of political, educational & economic life in Australia. May need to recruit from Mars. Is why popular joke after 2007 Federal ALP ‘victory’ by ‘Kevin 07’ was “why don’t the Mafia have much influence in Australia? Because the ALP got here first!”

NEED FOR A RADICAL RIGHT: How ever the end of absolutist ALP rule comes we must be ready for it. Is key motivation for keeping groups like ANA active & alert. We must be ready to ’carpa diem - seize the day’ when the inevitable collapse occurs. Keep tabs on ‘rats’ who will try to hide then reemerge under our New Order. Why else do our Leftist rivals in the Leftist New World Order, in the US & elsewhere, continue hunting ‘Nazis’ and to arrest ‘Neo-Nazis’? So lumpen (politically uneducated) masses have no one to lead them in reprisals against life-long Leftist tormentors.

LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT: System enjoys the confusion & mental disconnect that happens when Leftists reappear as fake Rightists as happened in the US in 2000. US President Bill Clinton’s mentors for eight years (1992-2000) were stooges of crooked Wall Street bankers. Clinton lost power to Geo Bush II in 2000 but his stooges remained in power simply re-labeling themselves ‘neo-Conservatives’. Real Conservatives were ignored, jailed & killed. For eight years the self-titled ‘neo-Cons’ ruled America. Public grew poorer & more confused as former Left-turned-Right looted them. In 2008 ‘Al’ Obama was elected on wave of a backlash against the neoCons. But guess who has re-appeared in his Cabinet of ‘change’? Same ugly unelectable old faces.

US POLITICAL SUICIDE: Some commentators marvel that Traditional Right US voters, I.e. white male Christians, voted for a Leftist semi-Muslim black. Why not? Anyone who promised to free them from this sad sick saga of lies and corruption was welcome. McCain only promised ‘more of the same’. Voters were never going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Her corrupt sex-fiend husband was still ‘hanging around like a bad smell’ & she was equally implicated in the crooked Whitewater land deal. Both had escaped censure. Let’s hope US voters will not pay too dearly for their choice. In 1917 Russians rejected Kerensky’s ‘more of the same’ government in favour of radical Bolsheviks promising ‘change’. Fifty million died as a direct result.

SALVATION OF THE WEST: System needs total flush-out in Australia, the US & Britain where “voter anger is at an all-time high not just with parties but the party System” (BBC World Service c/- ABC News Radio 936AM Saturnsday 30 Mai 2009). Financial collapse occurred because greedy banks used their paid hirelings, our so-called MPs, to legalise the looting of our bank accounts. What’s surprising is both sets of crooks assumed the dozey public would not be “angry”. Share same view of us as their Masters: we’re sheep to be milked & slaughtered at their whim. Let’s agree with our chief foes: NEVER FORGET - NEVER FORGIVE! Long after this ‘financial crisis’ is over we must recall the shameful conduct of our Masters & their stooges. Can the British or any other Parliament in the West be reformed? Not as long as the Masters rule us.

ISLAM OUR SAVIOUR? Some conclude is only by Divine Intervention or Islamic Victory we will be freed from alien rule. No. GOD gave Man a brain to think & arms to use. We are His instruments on earth. Don’t look to the skies. You know what needs to be done - DO IT! As for Islam saving the West - forget it. Islam talks but does not do, a common problem with many politico-religious philosophies. Forget basic appeal of Islam, a claim to true ‘equality’, suppression of feminists & its in-built patriarchy. Look at Islam’s reality: 75% of world’s refugees are from Islamic countries. Flee random violence of fanatics, Islam’s self-appointed ‘guardians’. Islam separates world into two Zones, the Zone of Peace (where Islam reigns) & Zone of War (where Islam doesn’t rule).

CHRIST NOT MULLAHS: Irony of daily news (BBC World Service 5am 30 Mai 2009):
“15 killed in mosque bombing in Southern Iran”; “19 killed in bombing Karachi, Pakistan. Follows 24 killed on 28 Mai 2009 in bombing Lahore, Pakistan”.‘Zone of Peace’? Nowhere in Islam do we see any freedom except for zealots to kill & rulers to be despotic. Let’s forget help from Islam. We might as well hope in little green men from Mars.

The fact is that in the decrepit West we carry a truer seed, more like ourselves - the Christian Gospel. While the Church have failed in their task of presenting the true Message of peace, security & freedom the Message still remains. The Churches require the same ‘cleansing’ as the West’s Parliaments & other institutions. It will take a new Hercules to cleanse these Augean Stables but once cleansed they can be rebuilt in our image and in that of The Saviour.

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