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STORM 76 Janus 2010

        No. 76              Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                Janus 2010
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only. 

Newshour with Jim Lehrer SBSTV Saturnsday 4.36pm 30 Mai 2009: Reporter Jeffrey Brown:
“The Pentagon says computer hacker attacks on its facilities have increased from six million in 2006 to 360 million this year”. 
FROM BUDDHA TO JESUS: History Makers 87.7FM 5am Sol 7 Juno 2009 (15 minutes):
From Buddha to Jesus’ is a new book by Christian convert from Thai Theravada (High Road) Buddhism. Author Steve Chukalthai(?) has been a pastor in Melbourne for the past nine years. He says:
“many Christians claim their religion is unique and superior this cuts them off from outreach to people Buddhists. This is important to Australians. The region of Asia, our near neighbours, have 4 billion people making them the world’s largest region. Many of those are Buddhists or Buddhist-influence [Hinduism with one billion people is the root from which Buddhism sprung. RE]. Many now migrate to Australia. Since the 1996 Australian Census Buddhism has increased at 106% per year. This is still growing. So what is the similarity between Christianity and Buddhism that we can use to ’reach ’ these people for the Gospel? 
Buddha said there are five rules none must obey to ’reach Nirvana’. Don’t kill, steal, lie, drink alcohol or have sex. This puts him alongside Moses’ Ten Commandments. So Buddha believed in rules. He also believed in what Christians call ’sin’. He called it ’Karma’. Why do bad things happen to people? Buddha says this is due to ’bad karma resulting from bad thoughts, deeds & actions’. But Buddha provided no escape from bad karma. He even said ’don’t pray to me - I’m not a god!’ So Buddhists who pray are praying to nothing. 
They claim Buddha has ’escaped to Nirvana’ which means he’s not even there to hear their prays - but Jesus is. Jesus died on a cross, the only ever sinless perfect man He died not for His sins but for ours. He is the answer to every Buddhists prays. He is the answer to ’bad karma’ as it was sin or bad karma that killed Him. That’s why he came - to absorb it all. So Christianity and the Cross are the fulfillment of Buddhism”.    
ABC Radio 4QR 612AM 1.45am Moonday 8 Juno 2009:
“US President Obama attended ceremonies at Normandy in France to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings. This follows his three day tour of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Germany“.  
BOOK REVIEW: A Cure for Money Madness by Spencer Sherman(J).
Interviewed from Ukiah, USA by Michael Toms(J) for his show New Directions on ABC Radio National 792AM 2am Moonday 8 Juno 2009 (60 minutes):
MT: “You’ve been investment adviser for 15 years. What've you learned about investors in that time?“
“I got an MBA from Harvard but then studied psychology. Business schools don’t teach psychology but they should. What I’ve learned over time is that most people are governed by fear. Some see it as greed but it is really fear. Why did Bear-Stearns make unwise investments? They feared what their peers might say if they did not. I had a client who refused to diversify when the market peaked. He stayed with this one stock till it hit zero. Afterwards I asked him if he’d asked his wife’s advice. ’No’ he said ’she would have told me to sell’. He feared his wife’s disapproval so he ignored what he knew he should do. Watching the markets taught me more decisions there are made from emotion than from reason.
This means the unskilled investor has just as good a chance as the one with an MBA. Why? Records show most investments are made when markets are high & most sales come when markets are low. That is the opposite of logic. To maximise your investments you rationally should sell high & buy low. That is not what happens as most stock market investors, whether professional or amateur, follow their emotions. My research showed this applied equally to prices paid for real estate".  
ABC News Radio 936AM 5.30am Moonday 8 Juno 2009:
“US authorities have complained a 12 month gaol sentence yesterday given to a  US man for the drowning murder of his wife on the Great Barrier Reef in 2007 was ‘inadequate‘. They say he will be charged on his release & his return to his home State of Alabama“. 
[Human life means nothing under an ALP government. RE].
“Hundreds of Indian students yesterday protested in Sydney saying they have been the targets of racist assaults but NSW police refuse to take their claims ’seriously’. One, a taxi driver, said he’d had his face slashed but police had yet to interview him. NSW Police said ‘race is not a factor in how seriously they pursue an investigation” 
[.e. they don’t care if whites get their faces slashed either! Again, life in an ALP ruled State is poorly valued. NSW Indians hoped for a repeat of their victory last weekend when they rioted in Melbourne and Ultra-Leftist ALP regime there passed an emergency ‘Race Hate’ law to punish any who’d attack these so-called ’students’. These Indians all admit they were attacked while working on late night shifts at 7-11 stores, petrol stations & as cab-drivers - all dangerous jobs. To claim they’re ‘students’ is false. Gained entry as such but now are just job-thieves. RE].  

SBSTV World News Australia 6.30pm Tuisday 9 Juno 2009: “British National Party has gained from 8-10% of the vote in European Parliament elections gaining them two seats“.

ABCTV News 7pm Saturday 13 Juno 2009: Reporter Mary Scutis:
South African lawyer Paul Winer has accused financial adviser Barry Tannenbaum, now living in Sydney, of running a ’Ponzi’ scheme in his home country which cost investors AUD$1.5 billion. Mr Tannenbaum is refusing to leave Australia to answer charges”.    
Background Briefing: Noel Pearson’s Life & Times (replay of 2000 programme) ABC Radio 936AM
6am Solday 14 Juno 2009 (60  minutes) Reporter Paul Barclay:
“Noel Pearson was Australia’s leading Aboriginal Land Rights activist as Chair of the National Reconciliation Commission. NP is from Hopevale (Qld) a former Lutheran Mission Station. He got a scholarship to St Peters Lutheran School in Brisbane then another to the University of Sydney where he won a degree in History/Law. An activist turned bureaucrat NP has lately moved away from the bureaucratic welfare model to a greater involvement with private enterprise, much to the chagrin of his former allies.
He says:
“I got a late-in-life epiphany that it was not bureaucrats with their lists of needs but social entrepreneurs & commercial opportunists who can help our people. Social entrepreneurs don’t see problems, like the bureaucrats do. Instead they see possibilities. There are 15 different departments dealing with youth. Each has their own agenda and programme but none of it is tailored to the needs of local community. An approach that works in Central Australia [NT] will not work in Cape York [Qld]. We need to sit them all down around one big table and talk. We need an integrated approach”.
He spoke of the Aboriginal community of Lockhart River.
“There’s are 600 people there. I don’t want to be critical but it’s a hell-hole. I sent in this white couple, a husband and wife, entrepreneurs. They found a latent talent for art among young women there. Two years later nine of those girls are selling paintings, some for $10,000 apiece, and exhibiting at Biennale’s. For a small community of 600 to have so much talent! What talent have they for music or sport or academic achievement? Who could have seen that? Not the bureaucrats".  
NP has employed a Harvard MBA to help with his Cape York Partnerships scheme. NP draws a lot of his new ideas from ‘Third Way’ theory.

Brisbane Courier-Mail reporter Tony Koch wrote a series of award winning articles in 1999 on the issue of violence in Aboriginal communities. He’s been covering Kawanyama (Qld) for 19 years.
“I watched a riot there. One police car. Three hundred people fighting. A woman having her brains bashed out with a tree branch…I later went into the Women’s Shelter where she’d fled. The bloody place was full of bullet holes!”
Franky De Mail, Secretary of the First Nation’s Council:
“The average Aborigine gets paid $180 welfare money every Thursday. They get the bus to Cooktown - that’s $30 for their fare - they drink in the pub all day then buy three packets of smokes, a carton of beer and two flagons of wine. Then go home. They drink all night and all day Friday. The money is gone. There are ten people in the house - that’s $1,800 spent - but no one has paid the phone bill, the electricity bill or bought a single slice of bread”.
Warren Snowdon, ALP Left MP for NT criticises NP for turning to “the Right“. NP is scathing of the ALP Left calling their reaction to his new approach ‘unrealistic’. NP:
“They call me Right-wing when I talk of the ‘social breakdown of law & order’ in Aboriginal communities. The Left refer to this as ‘petty crime’. I challenge them to go to Cairns Base Hospital. See the women stabbed with star-pickets, the horrendous violence we inflict on each other… Its time the Left ‘got real’".
Robert Blakely Palm Island Council Chair:
“What’s nothing wrong with people working for the dole? They must earn not just receive”.
WAR ON ‘EDUCATION’: Long-time readers of STORM will know this editor’s low opinion of the Australian ‘education’ system. Was matched recently by a father who told us “I’d rather smash my kids heads in with a rock than send them to a University. The man, a fundamentalist Christian but no lover of the Mittel Ost Colony, said he had seen ‘too many’ young Christians sent off to Uni’s only to return home within the year as raving atheists. “Most never recover their faith. They take up the lifestyle of the devil - drinking, smoking, drugs, casual sex“.
Another father told us how his child found the Uni method of ’education’ to be biased and open to intimidation. “Say your kid is studying journalism. In first year The kid gets articles to rewrite. These must be rewritten as the tutor wants. These tutors are always some ALP-appointed low life drunk, a former reporter who can‘t work anymore. His or her job is to twist the future reporters into his or her own perverted image. Any who refuse to be so twisted are simply ’failed’.

SYSTEM BIAS: System is totally biased. Only pro-Left students are allowed to pass. From what I have seen the same method applies in all Australian Teacher Training institutions. Even the so-called ’christian’ or Catholic training outfits all use lecturers from the State system so are equally polluted“. We were contacted by a lecturer from a conservative theological college where future pastors are trained. He said he would never become college President as he lacked a Doctor of Theology (D Th.) but could not get beyond his current Masters of Theology. Why? He would have to study at the local State Uni and all the theology lecturers there were atheists. In order to pass his exams he would be required to DENY all his basic tenets of belief. “I refuse to do that, to stoop so low simply for another piece of paper”. The question is not ‘why does he not submit?‘ but, under such circumstances,  why did his denomination require their college President to have a D. Th.?

Because they had accepted ‘the world’s’ values. This lecturer also told us of a church in his denomination who appointed as Chair of their Deaconate (board of management) a lecturer at the local State Uni, a man with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) but who was an avowed atheist. “Then what use was he as a church leader“, we asked. “None”. In fact he soon headed up a Social Justice Task Force that regularly embarrassed the denomination by making loud statements to the media about social and political issues. Their views ran contrary to the entire 10.,000 member organisation. Fortunately, this church group had a democratically elected annual assembly. After a year of provocations this SJTF was ordered to be disbanded. Turned out it had only six members! Not all churches are so blessed with a democratic set-up.

ANGLICAN CHURCH: Just look at the Anglican Church and the various issues its ’leaders’ espouse. The media regularly warn of a ’split’ in the church but the truth is the conservative members know if they depart they will lose all property, finances, everything. This has already happened in the past two year s to member churches who’ve attempted to leave since US Bishop Gene Robinson was appointed in 2007.
Same happened in Australia in the 1970’s when the conservative Methodist, Congregational and Presbyterian Churches amalgamated to form the Leftist Uniting Church. Any individual churches who resisted were simply robbed of their property. So a local congregation that had built a church, paid for it, run it by themselves for a hundred years could find themselves ‘out in the street’ when an anonymous Head Office pulled the plug on them. So many stayed in ’their’ churches even though they no longer understood the new-style Leftist preaching or methods.        

BBC World Service C/- SBS Radio 933FM 5.30am Wodensday 17 Juno 2009:
Reporter John Simpson, Tehran: “Anti-government demonstrations have shaken the Islamic regime to its core”.

Analyst Roger Bootle: “A report from the European Central Bank says the big European banks may be in much worse shape than so far revealed. They’ve only admitted amounts they hold in failed securities but not in failed loans, which may be much larger. The ECB predicts a ‘tidal wave’ of bad debts yet to be exposed”.

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