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STORM 74 Novembis 2009

        No. 74            Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action           Novembis 2009
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

DAY OF THE DEAD: All cultures have a ’day of the dead’ where they remember the ’departed’. Mexico has an entire industry surrounding this event, a mixture of Catholic mysticism & Amer-Indian folklore. Chinese ’appease’ their dead once a year to reassure spirits they are not forgotten. Prevents them seeking solace from or revenge on the living. West has only Halloween (’Hallowed E’en’ or Evening) which Church turned into ’All Saints Day’ & ’All Souls Day’ as a way to control it. NYC mongrel mob, who pacified Birth of Saviour into ’Santa Claus’ & His atoning death into ’Easter Bunny’ have also done a job on the dead. Yearly give us foolish teen-pix about haunted houses & ’trick or treat’. Halloween is now the third largest sale date for sweets/lollies in the US after - you guessed it - Santa Claus Day and Easter Bunny Day. Is usual for the NYC scum to invade others cultures and loot what they want, denigrate what they don’t and distort all for their own profit.    
ANZAC DAY BREECHES: Aussie ‘day of the dead’ is ANZAC Day. A ‘stand-alone holiday* that cannot be diluted, even though parasite media baron Rupert Murdoch tried to in 1995 with ‘Australia Remembers’ badges. Sent out millions to schools & used his iron-grip of the print media (has 12 of our 15 dailies) to run ad campaign to promote his ‘vision’ of ANZAC Day. Trouble was our ‘funding fathers’ foresaw this. In 1920’s a Federal Act of Parliament mandated all mention of ‘ANZAC’ to sole veteran organisation, the Returned Services League (RSL). So Murdoch the sleazy NYC billionaire (claims to be an ‘Aussie’ but quit being Australian in 1982 so he could live & work in NYC with his Masters) was in ‘breech of copyright‘. Was made look foolish & forced to ‘recall' the millions of badges. Was last time someone tried to ‘hijack’ ANZAC Day.

FOREIGN HIRELINGS: During Cold War RSL suffered annual pickets by  Soviet Front group ’Women Against Rape in War’. Would abuse & berate ageing diggers each ANZAC Day. Like massive annual Hiroshima Day parades, these once drew ten of thousands of idealistic youth to capital city streets. WARW ceased abruptly when  Soviet funding ceased in 1991 with collapse of Soviet Union. Red scum are now silent but veterans still march. Each year media run same debate: “does ANZAC Day glorify war?” Stock reply: “it celebrates those who gave their lives for their country, an example of self-sacrifice for all to emulate”.

DEAD WALK: Our society is under assault from the New World Order. Its ’world culture’ says ’are all equal’. Is hard for any country to claim a unique position without being slammed as ’racist’. In a society under pressure from capitalist materialism’s profit motive via our NYC Masters, is good to have one day to reflect on a time when  motives were purer. When asked by the media every ’digger’ says: “I’m here to honour fallen comrades”. Seems pat but like all things simple is true. Since post-WWII explosion of Freudian psychoanalysis via America** we all look for ’hidden agendas’. What do veterans & their surviving families, who march in their in place when they’ve gone, seek? Not ’glory in war’ as Left claim. Instead they wish to assure the dead. Despite our officially enforced secularism we know they watch our every move. We should accept that. Like Chinese and Amer-Indians we Aussies have our own sacred day - a DAY of the DEAD.

RECLAIM OUR CULTURE: RSL showed how easy it was to prevent a media maggot like Ruben Moloch from hijacking their day. Isn’t it time the Church did the same with Christ’s Birth and Death days? If copyright law can protect the dead from the Chosen why not also protect our GOD? Law is one of the few things these thieves fear. So use it. Ban mention of the Fat Man & his Furry friend. These two pre-Christians deities are demonic totems for Satanic cults unconnected with the Christian events commemorated. They should be pushed back to the fringes along with Reuben & his carrion. People who won’t save their own culture are contemptible - but people kept deliberately ignorant are simply in need of information. Is our job to INFORM  them.

* all other public holidays shift to the nearest week-day, e.g. Easter and Christmas usually are taken as the nearest Friday or Monday. ANZAC Day alone stays on the 25/4. It never shifts. So this year the public holiday was a Saturnsday, ensuring the largest crowds ever.

** Freud was a Chosen living in Vienna Austria. Had a minor practice convincing troubled young women and bed-wetters that their mental ‘ills’ arose from being molested by their own parents while infants. Freud was unknown outside a tiny circle of crack-pots & cranks till Herr Hitler entered the city following the 1938 Anschluss (Unification) of the two Reichs. Freud fled to New York knowing his nonsense was unwelcome in the New Order. Was made welcome in the US from whence his fame spread pushing aside such rivals as Jung and Reich.  

DVD REVIEW: Body of Lies (Warner Bros) (2008) (123 minutes).
Writer William Monahan; Stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe; Vince Colosimo. Novel by David Ignatius(J). Filmed in Rabat, Morocco. Producer/director Ridley Scott also filmed Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven and Gladiator there. Producer Donald DeLine: “after making four movies [in Morocco] Ridley understands the culture, the country and the people”.

ORIGINS: Author David Ignatius(J) was for 30 years a reporter for the Washington Post. First novel Penetration, i.e. what Intel agents do - 'penetrate' opposing and organisations, both State-supported and otherwise. DI: “In 2002 I talked to a friend in US Intelligence. I asked him: ‘who is doing the best job in the War on Terror?’ He told me: ‘The Jordanians‘. I lifted the basis plot idea from the book The Man Who Never Was based on a British Intelligence operation during WWII. They ‘created’ a man who didn’t exist. Used him to carry a false message to the Germans”.

PLOT: CIA agent Roger Ferris (Leonardo de Caprio), based too long in the Middle East, goes ‘native’. Falls in love with the Arabs, even has Arab girlfriend. His CIA controller Ed Hoffman (Russell Crowe), a cruel selfish Chosen, sets out to remedy this by 'setting up' Ferris, up repeatedly. All this achieves is to get three of Roger’s loyal, local operatives killed in three different ops. Finally Ed ‘sets up’ Roger himself, requiring Roger to be rescued by a Jordanian double-agent. In frustration, the final scene has Roger quit CIA and join the much more professional and less 'gung ho' Jordanians. Throughout the film Ed watches the world, GOD-like, from his Langley HQ ’war room’ via drones & satellites, dispatching death & death squads at a whim. Roger is repulsed by Ed’s detachment and distain for human life, his neo-colonial attitude towards Arabs.

SCOTT GONE ISLAMIC? Seems Ridley Scott has also ’gone native,’ rejecting the West in favour of Islam. His local fixer Sol Sokoli (J) called him “Scott of Arabia” for his close attachment to the Arab cause. BoL is latest in a string of fine films by Hollywood denouncing US role in Iraq under rule of Geo Bush II, a Republican. But now rule by a Democrat & their first black has begun we may see a 180’ degree turn. Anti-war movement under Nixon 1968-1974 had been a pro-war movement under Leftists J.F. Kennedy 1960-63 and LB Johnson 1963-1968.

NIXON: Many remember Nixon as the ’Vietnam War’ President yet it was JFK who started the ground war by murdering South Vietnamese President Ngo Diem only four weeks before dying himself. If we are right all production of anti-war films will cease from early 2009. Supplies of DVD’s will evaporate. ACT now. Buy copies & hide for posterity: BoL, Good Shepherd; Stop Loss; Syriana; Babel.  

BBC World Service ‘Business Report’ c/- SBS Radio 93.3FM 5.55am Moonday 4 Mai 2009:
“Germany is to set up a series of ‘bad banks’ where they intend to ’warehouse’ toxic assets worth US$330 billion”.
CAPITALIST MEDIA DISTORTIONS: Capitalist media & banksters collude to deceive us. Distort normal speech: ‘toxic assets’ AKA ‘bad debts’. Media & banksters don’t want to spook dozey public so invent new ‘buzz’ words e.g. ‘negative growth’. Huh?! Growth can only be positive so ‘negative growth’ in the economy can only mean the economy has shrunk or contracted. The RECESSION began in Oct 2007 but the BBC and other controlled media refused to say ‘recession’. Instead called it the ’R word’ till 2013. Like 'the N word' (for Nigger) in US or 'the K word' (for Kaffir) in South Africa those refusing to use the ’R word’ reveal themselves as part of a fiasco. Same politically correct social engineers who loathed apartheid now praise the corrupt, debauched ANC rule.

VANISHING WHITE AFRICA: Feminist Christian preacher, Rev Dr  Jennifer Turner in Scripture Union daily Bible Notes Encounter with God, May 2009 page 47 boasted of Mandela’s 1994 election as “birth of the South African nation”. Huh? 350 years of white occupation in South Africa since Jan Van Reibeck in 1652 AD are erased. Likewise we now read in the media ’Zimbabwe gained its independence from Britain in 1980’. No, it was in 1965. But the 15 year white War of Independence for Rhodesia 1965-79 is erased from history books. 27,000 people died to retain their freedom - or did they?

‘BRAVE NEW WORLD’ ORDER: Official histories now question whether there really was a Cold War. Our daily lives are becoming more like Orwell’s 1984 & Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Marriage is banned; heterosexual sex is denounced as perverse; ‘low intensity’ wars are fought simply to ensure ‘security measures‘ at home stay in place indefinitely; people are held in detention for years without charges while the same States boast of their ’democracy’ and ’fight for freedom’; where certain categories of humans - from unborn children to white males - have their ’rights’ removed so favoured categories - like sterile white women and blacks - can trample over them on their way to the top.

WHO WON THE COLD WAR? Is this editor growing old and cranky? Maybe. Aforementioned books by Orwell and Huxley were on 1970’s school reading lists in Qld, at the height of the now-doubted Cold War. Forewarned us of fate awaiting us if the Reds won. Both books have since been removed. So who won the Cold War? Not the West, not the Right but the sleazy Leftists who now rule our school curriculums. They prefer a ’social justice’ education to one that trains for real jobs.

TOXIC IMPORTS: Created a ’skills shortage’ as an excuse to import Asians & Africans who lack all basic skills but one: they are trained killers who hate white men & lust after white women. Why does every white country in the world now import the most worthless trash in the world - Sudanese and Somalis? Both groups have spent 30 years in tribal warfare and know nothing of civilization, culture or honour. Have only been brought to Australia, Ireland, England, Canada, the US and Finland for ONE purpose - to erase us all from history. Even in 1989 ALP ‘anti-discrimination’ laws barred any media from mentioning ‘race’ of either crime victims or their attackers. Why? Was 15 years before first Africans appeared in Australia but ALP, like all socialists, are sometimes over-zealous.

WATCHMEN: We at STORM are often asked: ‘why bother! No one is listening’. Maybe but we need to ‘redeem the time’ as the Bible warns ‘for the days are evil’ (Ephesians 5.16). For those who believe they will one day give an account to a Higher Power for they actions, or lack of them, we have no alternative but to be ‘watchmen’ shouting a warning to all regardless of whether or not it is heeded (Ezekiel 3.17-21).

CAPITALISM or COMMUNISM? Latin American financial adviser Hernando De Soto, claims Vladimir Putin & Hillary Clinton as 'friends'. Was interviewed on BBC World Service, Mai 2009:
“there is no end in sight for the global economy so long as no effort is made to track toxic assets. Every other thing on this planet - from cars to radio stations - is numbered & quantifiable. Why not these? Nearest estimates put the value of toxics at anywhere between US$500 trillion and US$1 quadrillion. They out-value everything else on the planet, we think... So why is no one grouping them together? 
If I was given the contract I could do this very quickly - that’s what my company does! But no one is doing it. We have a global financial crisis. It began with defaults by sub- prime mortgages in the US -but these are worth only US$ one trillion. The crisis has so far cost US$50 trillion in loses. Why? Because no one knows who is holding toxics and how much they have so no one has ’credit’ because no one has ’credibility’ - that’s where the word comes from. 
For fifty years the Capitalist West lectured the Communist East saying ‘don’t fix prices, don’t be inflationary, don’t be deflationary' etc. Then when the West, has a crisis they throw out the textbooks and issue taxpayer's funds to the greedy bankers without identifying the innocent from the guilty. Instead. they reward them all for breaking their own rules. The rest of us sit back and ask: ‘maybe Karl Marx was right.' 
You’re in danger of resuscitating corpses! Everyone in the world will have to pay for these handouts - from Third World farmers to middle class people in the West. Soon you will have people marching it the streets“.
[Wall Street banksters act without scruples confident they have key politicians on the ‘payroll‘. They  retain their ill-gotten wealth but now no one outside the US trusts them. US is a pariah. RE].

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