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        No. 82                Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action              Juli 2010
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‘ANTI-VILIFICATION MORNING‘: STORM were contacted by students of a local Christian community college with 1,100 pupils. Year Nines there, all 13-14 year olds, are now suffering full-blown Bolshevik indoctrination in   SOSE (Studies of Society & Environment - formerly ‘social studies‘) & HPE (Human Potential Education - formerly Physical Education) classes. This term’s Year Nine SOSE Assignment topic choices were: ‘was Captain Philip (first governor of the NSW colony) racist in his treatment of Aborigines?’, ‘Were the Tasmanian Aborigines victims of a policy of racist genocide?’ & ‘Was Early Queensland Sexist in banning Women from voting?‘

HPE: HPE introduced students to ‘your various sexual options’ & ‘how to procure an abortion’. A student told STORM: “we call Wednesdays ’anti-vilification day’ as first up we have SOSE & HPE. Then Religious Education but we never open a Bible. Instead we discuss ’how can we make everyone feel accepted & included?’ ” Whites students from South Africa or with Germanic names are made to feel ’guilt’. One cried to us: “I’ve suddenly realised I was this terrible person! I had the same name as someone who’d killed millions of people. What can I do?!”

ERASED FROM HISTORY: In SOSE they learnt ‘South Africa gained its independence in 1994 under the wise leadership of Nelson Mandela‘ and ‘Zimbabwe gained its independence in 1980 under Dr Robert Mugabe’. We asked: ‘if SA got independence in 1994 -from whom?!’ Kids were puzzled. SOSE has obliterated 350 years of white rule in Southern Africa. Erased from History. Don’t think it won’t happen here, too. We’ve wondered for some time why our material has little or no impact on teenagers especially as these same teens are the ones suffering racist violence from Asian & Pacific Islander gangs. Why do they not embrace ANA & read our material? Herein lies the answer: SOSE and HPE got to them first.

PEER LEARNING: Both subjects use ’peer learning’ I.e. topics discussed in class are then peer-evaluated as in Mao’s China. There ’struggle meetings’ were used to force conformity to all the latest Red policies. End products of such ‘education’ were unleashed by Mao on society in the 1960’s as the Red Guards, teenage Red fanatics numbering in millions. Children of white South African refugees now living in Australia are forced into these indoctrination classes. They fled their homeland to escape black racism & should be our natural allies. But they’re ’turned’ by SOSE, HPE & ’Bible Classes’ into our most virulent foes. For this their parents pay AUD$5,000 per year. Why pay for mis-education when you can get the same bilge free at any State School?

STUDIES OF SOCIETY & ENVIRONMENT: Who invented SOSE? In 1995 Federal MP Pauline Hanson founded a pro-white party, One Nation. Queensland ALP government responded by commissioning a Professor, head of Asian Studies at the most Leftist university in Queensland, Griffith Uni (Nathan) & one of their most rabid Maoists to write SOSE, a course taught ‘P-12’ I.e. in all classes from age 4 till 17 years old. 13 years of brain-washing. Professor boasted on ABC Radio in 2007 he had visited China “every year for 40 years in an annual ’pilgrimage’”. Who better to ’immunise’ Queensland youth against the virus of racism?

13 YEARS OF BRAINWASHING: But how? He wrote a programme of indoctrination that begins in preschool and goes till the students escapes the System. May seem heavy-handed to us but Left have 100 years of experience at this. Begins as ’fun’ but by the time they reach Year Nine (13 years old) it is deadly serious. Who commissioned him to write this obscenity? Then Education Minister Anna Bligh, a committed Maoist and now Queensland Premier.

Was she who paid for thousands of stickers that pupils plastered on schools: ‘RACIST MP’s DON’T REPRESENT ME!’ Bligh then allowed the Socialist Workers Party’s youth wing, Resistance, to organise hundreds of State school students into ‘anti-racist walkouts’ that ended in street marches down Queen Street the main street in Brisbane’s CBD. What were they protesting? The democratic election on 12th Juno 1998 of 11 One Nation MPs.

ABCTV News 7pm Frigasday 28 Augustus 2009: Reporter Christine Harizin, Brisbane:
“Father of four today sentenced to 25 years gaol for two-year long ‘Bikeway Bandit’ attacks. Eleven women were attacked from behind while either jogging or riding on Brisbane bike-ways. One victim said in court ‘he robbed me of my positive outlook on life’. He will be eligible for parole in 15 years”. 
BLACK KILLER versus WHITE 'RAPIST': Case needs further examination. Sentence was excessive. A white youth was beaten to death by a black two years ago in the CBD. Killer got only 18 months as court 'did not want to ruin his life’ and ’he'd shown remorse’. This 'rapist’ gets 10 times the sentence of a murderer? 'Rapist’ was white not black and victims were women, a privileged class under the New World Order, unlike white men. We have our first female Premier, an Ultra-feminist who appointed our third female Governor and our first female Governor-General. All three are EMILY's LISTers and ALP lawyers. Judge who sentenced alleged 'rapist' was not mentioned but most likely was one of twenty feminists appointed by outgoing Premier 'Sneaky Pete' in 2004. Due to ’equal opportunity’ these get accelerated promotion over more learned, male judges. In return they give out ’politically correct’ sentences.

RAPE RE-DEFINED: Are we defending a rapist? No. But what is 'rape' as currently defined by our laws. In 1995 the gross and embarrassingly obscene ALP PM Paul ‘The Lizard of Oz’ was standing for re-election. He made a remark that 'offended’ key feminists voters upon whom the ALP Left rely. By way of apology he 'tightened' existing rape laws. How? A debate had been raging. 94% of rapists are unable to ejaculate during the assault so most rapes are incomplete. Meant many rapists were only charged with 'attempted rape', leading to reduced sentences. Feminists argued: ‘rape is not about sex but power so any attempt is the same as rape'. To appease these extremists PM changed the law to match the feminists’ definitions. Even created a new crime of 'digital rape' where if a man inserted one of his ‘digits’ inside a woman that counted as full ‘rape’. Now let’s place all this in the context of contemporary cultural practice.

'HOOKING UP': Concurrent with this 'tightening' a new cultural practice had emerged in the night clubs of our larger cities. Termed 'hooking up', and imported from America, it involved a consenting couple randomly meet on a dance floor, share drugs then proceed to a toilet cubicle where they engage in anonymous sex, never to meet again. While this animal-like behaviour was becoming the new norm the PM & his feminist allies were pretending their bodies were something from a Jane Austin novel. Needless to say the PM lost the following election but left us with these evil laws. RE].

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