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STORM 84 Septembis 2010

        No. 84            Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action             Septembis 2010
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

DVD Review: The Good Shepherd (2001) (160 minutes) Producer/Director Robert De Niro; Co-producers James G. Robinson & Jane Rosenthal(J); Writer Eric Roth(J); Executive Producers Francis Ford Coppola & Howard Kaplan(J); Stars Angelina Jolie; Matt Damon; Alec Baldwin; John Turturro, William Hurt & Joe Pesci.

ELITE DRAWN TO DARK WORLD: TGS  is a thinly veiled ‘biography’ of  CIA’s first Chief of Counter-Intelligence, James Jesus Angleton (JJA). JJA once described his role of chief Soviet spy-hunter as ‘a war of smoke and mirrors‘. JJA is played by Matt Damon. The film begins with JJA as an alumni of Harvard University, joining the Skulls & Bones Society, same secret fraternity as George Bush II. S&BS are shown to be an 'elite' pool from which OSS (early CIA) recruits. JJA’s first overseas posting is London during the 1940 Blitz. Invasion seems imminent. His Controller, played by William Hurt, sends all OSS trainees to learn spying from experts: the British Secret Service. He advises:
“learn quickly the English system of intelligence especially ‘black arts’: use of information; disinformation & how their use is power (Our emphasis). The English need us but don‘t want us. Intelligence is their mother‘s milk & they don‘t like sharing the Royal tit with any who don‘t have titles”.
DOUBLE AGENT: JJA’s mentor is a ‘Dr Fredericks’, a university professor played by veteran English actor Michael Gambon (plays Prof. Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series).  JJA suspects Dr Fredericks of being a German double-agent. Is ordered to murder him and does after Dr Fredericks tells him:
“use your trade-craft well, particularly ‘black propaganda’ & ‘playback’ [measuring effect of your propaganda on an enemy]. Its vital you penetrate the enemy’s intelligence services & push them into an ’unreal world’. Here’s what it takes to be a good intelligence officer: a suspicious mind, a love of complexity & detail. These are the traits of those you’ll be observing. The ability to detect conspiracy & betrayal are also able to corrode your own judgment. After a while everything appears bent. But bent things appear clear. You become trapped in reflections unless you recognise lies from truth. Learn to deal with it”.
MURDER: JJA seeks an example of ‘black propaganda’.
Fredericks: “you’ve heard the ’story’ that Adolf Hitler contracted syphilis during WWI?”
JJA: “Yes!”
F: “I invented that!”
JJA: “so how do I know if I can trust you?”
F: “You don’t. You may one day find someone you can trust. I haven’t”.
After Fredericks’ murder Angleton gets a new assistant US Army sergeant and New York Chosen, played by real NYC denizen John Turturro. JJA asks for proof the Sgt has 'black arts' experience. Sgt replies: “You've heard that Hitler has only one testicle?“ “Yeah?” “I invented that one!” Unfortunately, this film never admits the same crew created the ‘gas chambers’ tale but it is easily inferred.

FACT OR FICTION? How closely does this tale follow the true life of JJA? The case of Fredericks  raises an interesting question: were there English double-agents? Did a large section of the British people oppose another World War for Kapital, knowing clearly it would terminate their Empire? Many, such as the British Union of Fascists, were interned from 1939 till 1943 on bogus charges - simply for opposing the War. The viciousness of Fredericks murder, and Angleton’s casual betrayal of him, is used to ’test’ Angleton: will he spare none in his quest for ’national security’?

LONBG LIFE: Just as Fredericks  predicted, Angleton lived long but had no friends. Long after WWII JJA’s own son becomes an agent. But JJA has his fiancee killed after suspecting she is a Soviet double-agent. White nationalists do battle with the System’s ’security services’. They defend what must offend all decent folk. Films like TGS, Syriana starring George Clooney & Body of Lies with Russell Crowe show how these System flunkey’s ’tick’. Study them, as Sun Tzu advises: ’know your Enemy’.

SBSTV World News Australia 6.45pm Tuisday 1 Septembis 2009:
“Australian Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard is in New Delhi to meet India’s Human Resources Minister to ‘rebuild education ties’ after racist attacks against students here earlier this year. Ms Gillard said ‘we have zero tolerance for racist attacks’. Anit Meghani of the Federation of Indian Students says their main problem is ‘non-delivery of services’ to Indian students in Australia. Overseas students market brings in AUD$15 billion per year to Australia”. 
[We lower standards of our education system to let aliens in who then complain standards are so low they don’t want to come here! RE].

INSANE RIGHTISTS? US Rightist leader H.A. Covington complained in 2007: “I seem to attract more than my fair share of lunatics”. Has been observed that many desperate people are drawn to our fold. An Australian Rightist leader observed: “75% of my time is taken up with settling members personal problems”. Why? Average political party is a social club for middle class, a talking shop, a badge to show off. Is why Yuppies (Young Upwardly Mobile Professionals) and Dinks (Dual Income No Kids) join the ALP. Is simply another step in the climb up the State-Corporate ladder. But we on the Ultra Right attract the victims of this society.

CAPITALIST MADNESS: As Australian National Action’s co-founder Dr J. Saleam once said: “Many are driven mad by Capitalism”. Add to this the effects of biased divorce & child custody laws; anti-white, anti-male equal opportunity laws and blatantly anti-white immigration quotas. In fact everything in the failed societies across the West seems designed to destroy men’s mind. Alternative is to render oneself completely insensate with drugs, alcohol & rock ‘n’ roll. The survivors seek Order from the chaos now  engulfing this society.

MENTAL ILLNESS: Two types of mentally ill are drawn to the Right: the blabbers and the tight-lipped. The Blabbers have often ‘done the rounds’ of various parties and are usually ‘information gatherers’. See selves as playing ‘Master Spy’. Are happy to sell us out to build up their own ego. Are to be shunned. We prefer the Tight-lips. For a little loyalty these paranoids will do great things for the Party. They will never willing divulge our secrets, in fact ours become theirs. Befriend them. They don’t give their trust easily but when they do you have a fierce friend & ally for life.

THE CENSORATE: An older contact asked: “why is there no news in the TV News? I watch it but then feel I’ve robbed. Why aren’t they telling us anything”. Are two reasons. The so-called ‘media’, named for something which ‘allows passage from one to another’ do not do so. In science a ’medium’ allows movement from one area to another. In paranormal studies a ’medium’ allegedly facilitates communication between the dead and the living. Our media do not do this. They censor out pro-white, pro-Right information and delete anything that may have a negative impact on the Enemy. Why? The censors are trained in this way at Uni. If they refuse to comply they are failed and cannot become journalists. Is that simple. The Left rule all Unis, especially the Arts or Humanities Departments where journalists are trained.

‘FEAR IS THE KEY’: A second reason is more insidious & legal. Was recently revealed that spokesman for Australia’s largest mosque, at Lakemba, & also the Australian Islamic Association, a Mr. Trad, had lost his first court case. Trad has sued hundreds of people and organisations over the years. Has limitless funds c/- the Saudi Embassy. Any mention of Muslims in the media instantly draws his fire. Media refuse to report on Muslims, no matter how criminal their behaviour, for fear of Trad.

CHOSEN VERSUS CHOSEN: Several years ago a Chosen threatened to sue the Sydney Morning Herald, the most pro-Chosen newspaper in Australia. SMH is upper crust and caters to the Chosen, with regular features on their events and Holidays. So why sue? For ’anti-Semitism’. Allegedly SMH had reported a dispute between two Chosen factions over control of a Sydney Chosen High School. For revealing that such ’internal conflict’ existed was enough grounds to legally constitute 'racial vilification'. Explains why the various ethnic group & special interests groups are no longer mentioned. Ab rights? Yes. But Ab crime? Don’t mention it. Gay Rights? Yes but their more un-savoury activities - ignore.

MEDIA’S SUICIDE: With lawyers ready to swoop and their ingrained University training is no wonder the only ’safe’ avenue now for the ‘media’ is to carry vacuous blurbs from the various public relations firms. These routinely celebrate some fake ’celebrity,’ like Paris Hilton, only 'famous for being famous' or some sports favoured star. Irony is such rubbish is losing an audience for print media world-wide. Dozens of ‘traditional’ newspapers and magazines have folded during the current Depression due to a fall in advertising revenue and loss of sale as people cut their luxuries. Who killed the news? Special interest lawyers & the Censorate’s own ingrained biases.  

NOT DUMB, JUST HOPELESS: Rightist leader recently lamented the ’dumbness of the white masses’. WRONG. They know what is being done to them but they don’t know who is doing it or how to prevent it. So they ’switch off’. Is simply ‘conflict avoidance behaviour’. When a child is being beaten by a parent or guardian they rationalise their powerlessness. “Step-dad is beating me because I’m bad”. Leads to later self-destructive behaviours and even self-harm. Sociologists tell us the ‘natural response to danger is either flight or flight’. But when faced with inescapable social injustices, like the thoroughly corrupt divorce courts - where biased decision are the norm, the only escape is to numb ones mind. Can’t flee and is futile to fight? The only retreat can be mental. We at ANA meet these dulled down half-deads.

HOPE FOR THOSE WITHOUT ANY: Do we revile them for doing the only thing they can? No. We must present them with correct leadership and st them an example to follow. This will provide hope in them that change, real change, is possible. For many down-trodden white males then only thing they need is motivation & a group worth joining. They have already accurately assessed the problems and many have intelligent solutions they wish to propose. The ’let’s string ‘em all up!’ argument is quite Biblically sound. In the Old Testament justice was carried out immediately & by the victim’s next-of-kin. Not in two years time and by some remote and detached group of professional lawyers or judges. Let’s return justice to where it belongs - in the hands of the People.  
THE GLAZIER: STORM gets contacted by all types of people. One recent contact was a man who works 4pm - 4am shift repairing broken windows. ‘What sort of windows?’ we asked.
“Last weekend I went to nine Chemists [Pharmacists]. They’d all been robbed of amphetamines - even though they all carry signs on the front door saying they don’t have any. Used to be the thieves would only kick in a small panel. Now they ’take out’ the plate glass. They found out this ’safety glass’ shatters and falls out so you can just walk straight in. 
Here’s how it works: an older crim has 4-5 street-kids, all under 15 years old. These do the actual robbery. The older guy ‘cases’ the place first by going in earlier & buying cold tablets. He sees where they’re stored, usually in a safe, so he knows where to look later. The old crim knows police can’t finger-prints juveniles. But they do get ‘em - from their DNA. 
Another of our regular customers is Queensland [State] Housing Commission. Very sad; lots of drug addicts. Usually the damage is from domestic violence. Sometimes the perp [attacker] returns to the scene while I’m still trying to fix up the mess. I call the cops!”
SOMALI MILLIONAIRE: STORM were contacted by a Somali millionaire who claimed “my country is misrepresented in the media”.
STORM: “what about the [Aug 09] piracy of Western aid vessels and the deaths [Sept 09] deaths of African Union peace-keepers who are only their to help your nation?“ Regarding piracy he said:
“it’s a case of ‘who are the real pirates? These ships are not carrying aid. They are European Union factory fishing fleets. They sit outside our territorial waters and harvest all our fish. They track the schools using radar and take the lot. Our people starve because the EU fleets rob our waters leaving us nothing! The unemployed fishermen then turn to what you call ‘piracy‘. In fact in the absence of a government they are armed citizens enforcing our laws on illegal invaders and thieves. The so-called ransoms from these foreign ships are simply the ‘transit dues’ any government is entitled to levy but as we have none the citizens themselves collect it”.
STORM: “What about attacks against African Union troops, peacekeepers from Uganda and Burundi, Nigeria and Ethiopia?”
SM: “These are separate issues. The Ethiopians invaded us. They are our traditional enemy & have been for millennia The US knew this when they sent them in. All Somalis support any actions against these invaders. But with the Ugandans it is a different issue. I am not a supporter of Al Shabab [Islamic Resistance]. 
The Ugandans owe us. During the war against the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin (1972-79) the leading rebel chief was Yoweri Musaveni. He got much of his aid from Somalia. In fact he travelled on a Somali passport. With our help he became President and still is. So he owes us ‘big time’. There are many Somalis living in Uganda. Before ’the civil war’ began [in Somalia in 1990] many rich Somalis fled, knowing the chaos that would follow the Siad Barre dictatorship. They settled in Uganda. 
That place has such rich soil compared to our land! But the Ugandans… they are not very advanced. They need our help. So now the entire oil distribution system for Uganda is run by our people. We also run all the banks. We are now buying land there to cultivate & build communities. The land has such potential”.
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