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STORM 99 Decembis 2011

No. 99                 Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                 Decembis 2011
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories:

@ 21.9.2011 NSW PRAWNS: A geriatric: “I met a guy from a pawning factory in Northern NSW. He told us its cheaper to ship Australian prawns to China to be peeled & tinned than to do it here. So they closed down the NSW factory. Are the Chinese taking over? Why should I care! It won‘t affect me. But It’ll be bad for the kids of today. Soon the Chinese will own everything” [selfish older Australian are happy to mortgage our children‘s future to fund their present. RE].

“My daughter goes to Murray McScollop Catholic High School (sic). Cath-Ed [Roman Catholic Education Office] are very p.c. [politically correct]. They sent us a survey recently. We were expected to say things like ‘we’re so sorry for being white & racist’. No way! There are only 500 girls at MMCHS but it’s a terrible place. MMCHS got a recent influx of Africans. This, added to the many Maoris, Samoans & Tongans - those three together are a powder-keg! - then there’s the Saudis with their full face veils, plus the other Muslims. The minority are whites & Asians - Koreans, Chinese & Japanese. They just try to stay out of the way of the warring racial groups. But the African girls - they’re terrifying“. We asked: “is your daughter being brainwashed into accepting the multicultural?” “No way! I re-educate her every night”.
“I lived & worked in Brisbane but retired to Hervey Bay 22 years ago. Then it had only 3,000 residents. Now it has 60,000. Nearly all the newbies are ‘blown-ins’ from the South (Sydney & Melbourne). I hate them! They’re arrogant, rude & short-tempered. I call them ‘2nd chancers’. They’re all here looking for a ‘2nd chance’ & are on the run from relationship breakdowns, drug addiction or bad debts. They want a fresh start but simply bring their problems with them”.  
EDUCATION FOR OUR OWN DEMISE:  Recent sentences for murder in Queensland have received only 18 months gaol. It is clear we are ruled by a government of demoniacs who value animals more than people. Their ‘value system’ is upside-down. Given 30 years of ALP control of public education it’s no wonder Green Party now get 11% of votes. They electorally underpin ALP governments in Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia & Federally. Is a direct result of ALP Education unions. Same result is seen in pro-queer & pro-refugee policies.

Public vote for parties which promise to destroy the country because the unions which control ‘education’ have brainwashed the masses into seeing the corrupt elites’ goals as their own. How can we expose this illogic which is nothing new. 2,000 years ago the Christian Scriptures exhorted:
“No longer think like children or be tossed to & fro with every wind of doctrine [or policy]. You are prey to wily men who use cunning craftiness, lying in wait to deceive innocents” (Ephesians 4. 14).

DECEITFUL TEACHERS: Amoral teachers ‘deceive’ those in their care, leading them astray with ‘cunning craftiness’. Demons in human form rule the ALP & its mis-education unions. They seek the ruin of us all. How will all this end? Only when: “the Wicked One is revealed…(8) Him whose coming is after the workings of Satan (9). He will deceive them that perish for they loved not the truth (10). For this reason GOD sent them a strong delusion that they should believe the lie (11) so they might be damned who seek not truth but take pleasure in evil” (12) )II Thessalonians 2 v 8-12).

Educated to believe lies, the ignorant masses choose liars to rule them & submit to illogical policies like ‘equality’ of all races & sexes. Eventually homosexuality appears ‘OK’. How can we tell the Saved from the Damned? The Saved reject lies & seek the truth regardless of cost. The Damned eagerly accept whatever lies they’re fed & cheerfully cling to these. We’re often asked: “why do so few agree with Right policies & so many embrace anti-racism & ‘gay rights’?” Easy: they’re damned.

A SIGN OF THE TIMES? Overheard: A teenage white boy confides to a teenage white girl: “I always got on with my Dad’s girlfriend but not with my Mum’s boyfriend”. Girl: “Gee! I always got on with my Mum’s boyfriend but never with my Dad’s girlfriend!” [Yuk! RE]

National Geographic magazine June 2009 (Vice Presidents Mark Bauman & Daniel Edleson; TV President Michael Rosenfeld).  (p.25):
“US WWII artifacts continue to emerge from the Hurtgen Forest scene of a bloody battle that saw some 31,000 US casualties. The Pentagon’s Joint POW-MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) estimates 84,711 soldiers, airmen, sailors & marines from WWII onwards remain missing in Europe, SE Asia & the South Pacific”.
[America’s global empire has cost much blood. Was it worth it to fight for Wall Street? RE].

National Geographic magazine June 2009 (p.78-97)‘Christian Exodus from Holy Land: Forgotten Faithful, Arab Christians’ by Don Belt & Ed Kashi.
“Huddled alongside Jewish converts in caves of Palestine & Syria, Arabs were the first persecuted for the new faith, the first to be called Christians. It was her In the Levant – a geographical area including Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel & Palestine – that hundreds of churches & monasteries were built after Constantine, emperor of Rome, legalised Christianity in 313 & declared his Levantine provinces holy land. Even after Arab Muslims conquered the region in 638 it remained predominantly Christian. It was during the Crusades (1095-1291) that Arab Christians slaughtered along with Muslims by the crusaders & caught in the crossfire between Islam & the Christian West began a long steady retreat into the minority. 
Today native Christian communities have dwindled in the past century from 25% to 8% of the population as the current generation leaves for economic reasons & to escape the region’s violence. Their departure deprives the Levant of its best educated citizens & the most politically moderates – people these societies can least afford to lose’. 
‘Mark a Palestinian Christian from Bethlehem, west Bank, says: ‘80% of the Christian guys I grew up with have left for another country to find work’. Mark, a trained sociologist has been unemployed for two years. He calls the West Bank a science experiment. ‘You’re surrounded by this giant wall & there are no jobs. If you keep rats in an enclosed space & make it smaller & smaller every day & introduce new obstacles & constantly change the rules, after a while the rats go crazy & start eating each other. It’s like that here’. When Mark tried to wash his car the water did not work. He was outside with the kids, Nate & Nadia, with his wife Lisa watching. 
Why no water? ‘They turned off our water’ he says gesturing to the new Israeli settlement on a nearby hill, ‘and turned the pipes on for them. No more water for us’. Lisa tries to explain this to her kids. She then says: ‘I hate the Israelis. I really hate them. We all hate them. Even young Nate’s starting to hate them’. ‘Isn’t that a sin?’ asks Don Belt(J). ‘Yes it is’ she replies’. 
[Our emphasis. Chosen want to restrain Christian minions. Read Chosen Scriptures. Hate evil as GOD does. Eg Psalm 139.21-22].
‘The 196,500 Palestinian & Israeli Arab Christians have dropped from 13% of the population in 1894 to only 2% today. They occupy a unique, oxygen-starved space between traumatised Israeli Jews & traumatised Palestinian Muslims whose rising militancy targets Arab Christians. Razek Siriani who works for the Middle East Council of Churches says: ‘we’re outnumbered & surrounded by angry voices’. He says Western Christians make matters worse. Many Arab Christians agree. 
‘It’s because of what Western Christians, led by the US, are doing in the East’ including the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, US support for Israel & the threat of ‘regime change’ by the Bush Administration. ‘To many Muslims this looks like the Crusades all over again. Because we’re Christian they see us as enemies, too’. Every Arab Christian family is debating whether to migrate. Mark lived with his brother in San Diego where he worked till 2004. Living as Arabs in the US after 9/11 was an eye-opener. He says: ‘Americans had never heard of Arab Christian. They assume all Arabs are Muslim - terrorists - & that Christianity was invented in Italy. A woman asked me: ‘what did your parents think about you becoming a Christian? I bet they were very upset!’ But I was born a Christian’. 
‘Lebanon’s Marionite Christians are followers of 4th century hermit monk, St Marion. When he died in 410 his followers battled rival sects over theological issues. After the arrival of Islam, they opposed Muslims, too. Fleeing persecution they pushed into the mountains from Syria to Lebanon where they sort out the most inhospitable valleys, fortified their caves & monasteries & set about defending themselves from the caliph’s armies. 11th century French crusaders marched through on their way to Jerusalem; Marionites poured out of the mountains to greet them. 
800 years later, at the end of WWI, France took charge of Syria & Lebanon. They repaid Marionites by creating the future nation of Lebanon to their advantage. The French-speaking Marionites nurtured a cultural affinity for Europe. Alone among Arab Christians, in 1943 they were a majority in a Middle Eastern country. Till recently they were amongst the most feared militia fighters in Lebanon’s civil wars – waging fierce campaigns against Shiite, Sunni, Druze & Palestinians between 1975 & 1990. But today after decades of migration, they too are a minority with only 40% of Lebanon’s population. They have formed alliances with the ascendant Shiite group, Hezbollah & a coalition of Sunnis & Druze. Christian militias have gone underground. 
Liliane Geagea, a Marionite shopkeeper in Bcharre, says: ‘everyone is saving their money to leave this crazy place. So are my family. I’m exhausted. When my daughter finishes Uni I’ll tell her: go to America, Europe, Australia - it doesn’t matter where. Just go & take me with you’. Many, like 40 year old Milad Assaf, a member of Lebanese Forces Christian militia, don’t have that option. ‘We have weapons but the Shiites have more. They have everything, all supplied by Iran. If it turns to a shooting war, we’ll lose’. 
“When the Muslim Caliph Omar first conquered Syria from the Christian Byzantine Empire in 636AD he protected Christian subjects, allowing them to keep their churches & worship as they pleased. Many Christians converted to Islam preferring its emphasis on a personal connection to GOD to the oppressive hierarchies of the then church. Early Islam accepted both the Old & New Testaments, esteemed Jewish prophets & venerated both Jesus & the Virgin Mary. Many Christians, including the theologian St John Damascene, accepted Islam, thinking it just another of the many Christians heresies then sweeping Byzantium. It never occurred to them Islam was a separate religion. Later caliphs imposed heavy taxes on Christians; Conversions to Islam soared”. 
“As a percentage of the Levant’s total population Christians face slow decline: in 1882 - 24.5%; in 1914 - 26.5%; in 1945 - 19.1%; in 2007 - 8.7%. By 2007 the Christian populations had shrunk to only 8.2 million in Egypt, 2,500 in Gaza Strip, 73,000 in West Bank, 121,000 in Israel, 1.5 million in Lebanon, 1 million in Syria & 258,000 in Jordan”.
(Graph/map p.87 by Jerome N.Cooksen & Marguerite B. Hunsiker; sources M.R.Izady & P.Fargues)

SBSTV Hitler’s Bodyguard 3pm Solday 21 Augustus 2011 (series) (50 minutes):
Negus/Martin Production.
 “There were 380 political assassinations in Germany’s Weimar Republic in 1919 alone. Fights in beer halls & on street corners were the norm. Preferred weapons were knives, clubs & knuckle-dusters – even guns & grenades on occasion. In 1919 gun ownership for private citizens was banned in Germany. Violence became so widespread that all private armies were outlawed. AH’s first bodyguard unit, the National Order Troop, were code-named the National Gymnastics Group to get around the ban on private armies. The NOT/NGG was renamed the Hall Security as most NSDAP meetings took place in beer halls. 
One historic assault came in 1921 where 500 Communists attacked AH’s 50 HS using clubs & knives. Shots were fired at AH; AH returned fire! Both Emile Maurice, first HS leader, & Deputy NSDAP leader Rudolf Hess were wounded. AH later wrote: ‘my men fought like wolves! Within five minutes everyone one of us was covered in blood’. In 1922 AH received a three month sentence for assault (sic), then one month & probation for an assault by the HS on a rival nationalist speaker. 
After 1921 the HS were renamed the Storm Troop in honour of the WWI close combat squads of the German Army. In 1922 Storm-Truppe AH adopted the Death’s Head in honour of elite WWI cavalry unit, the Prussian Hussars. AH had rivals within NSDAP. In 1930 & 1932 Walter Stennis seized the Brown House, NSDAP HQ in Munich. In 1931 Ernst Roehm was recalled from Bolivia to ‘restore order’ at HQ. Ernst Roehm was a classics scholar from a family of Prussian Junkers (landed aristocracy). While in Weimar’s Army he supplied weapons to NSDAP’s SA units. 
Kurt Walecke(?) was chief arms procurer for the SA, as he later confessed in his book: I Knew Hitler (published in London by Jarrolds & sold through the National Book Association). The 1923 ‘beer hall putsch’ involved 2,000 NSDAP members. Of these 14 were killed along with four police. After it the NSDAP, SA & ST were all formally banned & Adolf Hitler gaoled for five years. SA members were then routinely sacked from their jobs if publicly exposed”.
ABCTV Australian Story: ‘House of Gold’ 8pm Moonday 23 Mai 2011: Executive Producer Deborah Fleming-Bauer(J).
“Emile Sherman(J) won Best Producer at the 83th Academy Awards in 2011 for The Kings Speech. His parents Brian & Jean fled South Africa in 1975. Jean: ‘we found the country morally offensive due to apartheid’ (sic). Emile’s grandfather had migrated to South Africa from Lithuania in 1910 ‘due to persecution’ (sic). Brian Sherman & his friend Lawrence Friedman(J) travelled to New York City in 1985 hoping to raise US$60 million for their brokerage firm, Equitylink. Instead they raised US$ $250 million. After much financial success Brian retired in 2005, selling his share of Equitylink for $152 million. He now devotes his millions to animal welfare. He made his daughter CEO of his charity, Voiceless".
Brian Sherman:
“Ondine became a vegan at age 8, so I followed. We founded Voiceless in 2004 to give a voice to pigs & chickens. We employed Australia’s first animal rights lawyer. Now we have ten. Why start Voiceless? We put creatures into cages & play GOD with them: we’re not to do that!" [A Chosen refuting GOD’s grant to Adam of: “dominion over the whole earth” (Genesis 1.26) is a "fool, not to be listened to" (Proverbs 15.21). By seeing Aussie films you persecute Aussie farmers. RE]. 
"Writer Edmund Capon is a friend of Brian’s. Kings Speech starred Geoffrey Rush (J). Received four 12 Academy Award nominations & won four Oscars including Best Picture. Emile received the statue personally from Steven Spielberg(J). Emile’s previous films included Wogboys; Wogboys II: Kings of Mikanos; Disgrace; Rabbit Proof Fence & Candy”. 
[Rabbit Proof Fence is a notorious, tax-payer funded ‘anti-racist’ film. Depicts alleged 1930’s white ‘abuse’ Abos. Is hawked around Europe by Abo activists to smear Australia’s reputation. Chosen seek to undermine white rule of Australia just as they did in South Africa. RE]

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