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STORM 73 Octobis 2009

        No. 73               Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                Octobis 2009
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

SBSTV Between Gandhi & Hitler: Mysterious Death of an Indian Hero 8.30pm Frigasday 10 Octobis 2008 (55 minutes): Director Tilman Remme for WDR + Mertize Gmbh for EU Media Union. Based on book by Anja Freyhoff. (2007 documentary):

EARLY CAREER: Recalled political career of Indian Nationalist Subas Chandra Bose. Professor Anita Pfaff is his (half-white) daughter: “In 1944 there were 40,000 Indian National Army troops between Singapore & Burma. Subrata Bose was a Member of the Indian Parliament for the Forward Bloc Party. Was the only Nationalist leader to confront the British on the battlefield. PAP calls SCB: “the father I never knew”. Bose’s father was a lawyer who sent him to a British school in Calcutta. His friend Captain S.S. Yadava, an Indian National Army officer: “SCB saw British rule as racist”. In 1919 SCB travelled to Cambridge to enter the Indian Civil Service. After eight months study he successfully passed the ICS entrance exams, coming fourth in his year. But would he willingly serve the British?

POLITICAL CAREER: Professor Leonard Gordon(J) wrote of SCB in his book Brothers Against the Raj. “He was a fervent nationalist. After he returned to India he became involved in anti-British strikes. He was arrested due to alleged links to Bengali terror gangs over a period of ten years“. In gaol he became ill with gallstones, was pardoned in 1933 but exiled to Europe. Travelled to Austria for surgery. Called himself ‘the Ambassador for India-in-Bondage’. While there he married Emilia Shenkle(J), became fluent in German and began travelling the German-speaking world. In 1933 he moved from Vienna to Berlin.

Professor Anton Pelinka author of Democracy: Indian-Style:
“SCB was very charismatic. Was Mahatma Gandhi who first allowed SCB into the Indian National Congress. Problems soon arose as Gandhi was officially for non-violent but SCB publicly advocated the violent overthrow of British rule. SCB was also pro-Soviet Socialism but Stalin was too paranoid and assumed SCB was a British agent”. 
Professor Sugate Bose, nephew of SCB:
“SCB saw WWII as simply a contest between ‘old imperialism’ & ‘new imperialism‘. He was a realist. He wanted India free of the British Raj so saw it was necessary to ally with newly emerging forces - like Nationalism Socialism”.
SCB MEETS HITLER: Is why he traveled to Germany in mid-1941. When he was granted an audience with German Chancellor Adolf Hitler SCB offered troops in return for money, guns and post-war recognition of an Independent India. AH agreed. In June 1941 AH was about to launch a pre-emptive strike against Stalin‘s Russia. On SCB’s advice part of this plan now became to go “halfway to Russia via the Kyber Pass”. SCB was so impressed by AH that he later adopted the title ’Netaji’ (Leader) in imitation of AH’s ’Fuhrer’ [was common for fascist leaders to use such titles. Italy’s ‘Il Duce’ for Mussolini & Spain’s ‘El Cadillo’ for General Franco. RE].

INDIAN NATIONAL ARMY: Subrata Bose, SCB’s nephew: “in WWII there were two million Indians in the British Army“. Professor Sugate Bose, nephew: “the British government rightly saw the British Indian Army (BIA) as the bed-rock of the British Empire - it would cease without them”. During the war BIA units were in action from Tobruk to Burma, Singapore to Iraq. As a result of British defeats in North Africa by 1941 of 32,000 British POW’s held by Germany 10,000 were BIA.

ADOLF HILTER APPROVES: AH gave SCB permission to visit Germany’s British Stalag’s (POW camps) to recruit for his proposed new Indian National Army (INA) at this stage still called 'the Indian Legion of the German Army' (ILGA). Response was immediate. Faltering British efforts, a string of victories by the Wehrmacht, Kreigsmarine & Luftwaffe from 1939-1941 [up till the Russian campaign] combined with SCB’s political skill & charisma soon saw many eager members for his new formation. Appeal was simple: SCB not only offered Indians a gun to kill the English oppressor but a front-line position establishing a New World Order free from the twin curses of Capital & Communism.

ANTI-RACIST NAZIS?! The ILGA base at Annaburg, South of Berlin, was soon home to 3,500 new recruits. SCB‘s German liaison officer was Dr Rudolf Hartog of Konigsbruck. RH: "At Annaburg we built a true [national socialist] community - combining Christian, Hindu &  Muslim". Local girl Michaela Samra: “I saw these men, very smart looking in their Wehrmacht uniforms. All the German girls lusted after them - me included”.  She later married SCB’s Indian secretary.
[lot of photos of Indians in Wehrmacht uniform. Some ask: ‘weren’t Nazis racist?!’ Yes & no. AH’s NSDAP believed true Aryans came from India hence their positive attitude to SCB’s men. Supposedly ‘racist’ Nazis granted the Indians the equality denied them by ‘democratic’ British. Go figure! RE].

MORE RECRUITS: When Singapore fell to Japan over 130,000 British Empire troops went into captivity. SCB saw opportunity for recruits so met Japan’s Ambassador to Berlin. Ever the pragmatist, SCB decided it was time to leave Germany. Why? Dr Lothar Gunther: “Hitler refused to destroy the British Empire. He sought to co-rule the world with them. India was the British Empire’s ’crown jewel’. Is why AH refused a ‘declaration of Independence’ for a post-war India” [also why AH refused to vanquish defeated British Army at Dunkirk. Allowed 338,000 troops to escape.

HITLER, THE VISIONARY: AH foresaw clearly that defeat for one white power by another would simply create a racial vacuum for non-whites to enter. Why do Africans and Asians now flood our lands? Blame Churchill & Rosenfeld! RE].  "Before leaving for Japan SCB attended the Berlin 'Conference of German Allies’ where he introduced what is still India's National Anthem. Also first used 'Jai Hind!' (Hail India!), the greeting still used by Indian nationalists. Himmler insisted on meeting SCB “as was fascinated by India, land of ancient Aryans”.

FROM GERMANY TO JAPAN: In January 1942 SCB left the Reich on U-180 for Madagascar. Once there, a Japanese submarine picked him up for the rest of the trip to Tokyo. On arrival in Tokyo SCB was asked to address Japan’s Diet [Parliament]. LG: “SCB was treated very well by General Tojo“. There were, at this stage, three million Indian civilians living in Japanese-Occupied territory. SCB was freedom to travel freely across Japanese-Occupied Asia, recruiting from POW camps using same techniques as in German POW camps.

JAPANESE CREATE INA: Dr Lothar Gunther: “SCB soon had 50,000 recruits for the now-named INA. Was even a Women’s Regiment - the Rani of Janzi Regiment - made up of teenage girls“. One of these was Colonel Dr Lakshmi Sagal, a medical doctor still practising today. LG: “Japanese officers showed great respect for SCB’s personal courage. They called him ’a true samurai’". Professor Sugate Bose: “The Japanese and SCB agreed INA was to be a catalyst for a civil uprising across India to would extinguish British rule”.

INA DEFEAT: In March 1944 INA began its long-anticipated Final Offensive against British-ruled India. Unknown to SCB & INA leadership their plans had been betrayed to British by double-agent codenamed 'Silver' - Bagat Ram Talwot. The unsuspecting INA were massacred. For the first time they in combat against other Indians - the BIA. Due to harsh British discipline the BIA did not, as hoped, join forces with the INA. The shock of this double-betrayal broke the INA spirit.

BRITISH REPRISALS: Many fled, pursued by the merciless British. Raj revenge reached beyond the battlefield. In early 1946 the British Indian government put three INA generals on trial for ’treason’: one Muslim, one Hindu and one Sikh. [British policy had always been to set these groups against each other - divide and rule. Fascist policy was to unify society, uniting supposedly ‘hostile’ groups. RE]. Britain’s act of spite against the Indian communities backfired. LG: “It was a stupid error by General Auckinleck and only provided good public relations for the INA”.                

END FOR SCB? On 18 August 1945, three days after the Empire of Japan surrendered to the Allies, SCB left Japan for Manchuria traveling by Japanese aircraft. Only 48 years old SCB believed he could ‘continue the struggle‘ against British imperialism - this time from Russia. Soon after a stopover in Japanese-held Formosa (Taiwan) his plane crashed. His body was cremated & his remains returned to Japan where they still are. Or so the official history has it. But this all-too convenient ‘disappearance’ of India’s leading nationalist spawned conspiracy theories. The fascist leader’s niece, Shida Sengulpa, says: “he is not dead. It was a trick [to escape the vengeful British]”.

CONSPIRACY THEORIES: Some believe Japanese killed him to appease the Allies. Others say Allied aircraft, tipped off by Enigma code-breakers, intercepted his plane over the ocean and shot it down just they had Japan's top naval commander, Admiral Yamamoto, in 1943. Controversy continues today. A six-year long Indian government Inquiry, the Mukherjee Commission, concluded “SCB is not dead. He flew to the Soviet Union where he was imprisoned by paranoid Stalin in his vast prison camp system, the Gulags.

After 1947 India’s first Prime Minister, the Socialist Nehru, contacted Stalin specifically requesting he keep SCB a prisoner' ". Either way it left the British with only the pacifist, M.Gandhi, to contest post-war rule of India. Gandhi was seen by many Indians as a traitor for his wartime cooperation with the Occupying British including recruitment to the BIA. He was assassinated in 1947 by former INA members.

[Gratifying to hear INA supporters so proud of their WWII effort. Unlike European fascists, Asia's WWII fascists neither apologies nor show regret. Very refreshing to see proud fascists, so conditioned are we to supine, penitent Germans. Show was all in Urdu with English sub-titles. We assume, with the Enemy having ridden the USA into the dust, they will focus on making India & China anti-Aryan?]
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