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STORM 71 Augustus 2009

        No. 71              Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action             Augustus 2009
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.
[Some may find the following distressing. Feel free down to ‘interview with an ex-Rhodesian‘. RE].

DELINQUENCY OF A MINOR: Member contacted us about his retarded son, a 12 year old mute autistic with a mental age of 18 months. Able to walk but do little else he has recently begun to act ’odd’. For past four weeks has been ’playing with himself’ to such an extent he had been banned from local female-run ‘After School Care‘ for ‘inappropriate behaviour‘, a politically-correct way of saying ‘we don‘t like him‘. What’d changed? Found his Special School had put his class through ‘the boys talk‘ I.e. Sex Education. The results were predictable. Another child, 16 years old, has begun to molest women.

FOOLISH FEMINISTS: What sort of foolish feminists would not see putting ‘sex instruction’ into such empty vessels would have ‘negative consequences‘? They now claim ‘it was the children‘s RIGHT to be informed‘. Society will have to live forever with the results of these Leftists educators. Informant told us something equally shocking. Had not been informed by school they were doing ‘the talk‘ nor was parental permission required. His other son, attending local State Primary School, had been put through the Life Education Bus at age seven years (grade Two). For six months after had talked of ‘bums‘ at every conversation. Why? His class had been taught homosexual sexual techniques as ‘normal behaviour’. What is the LEB?

LIFE EDUCATION BUS: Was established by deranged Leftist Uniting Church minister, Reverend Charles Nofts of the Wayside Chapel, Sydney. Nofts was ’chaplain’ to pimps, prostitutes & pedophiles of Sydney’s notorious Kings Cross district in the 1970’s. Media constantly quoted him as expert on need for a ’permissive society’. Nofts saw all society’s ills as cured by ’early sex education’. Seen as eccentric at the time his views are now ‘main-stream’ & taught at all ALP-controlled school teachers training colleges. All such colleges are pro-ALP as ALP dictates ALL education policy in Australia through its total control of all ‘education unions‘. Permissive society Nofts envisioned has now become our waking nightmare.

PERMISSIVE PERVERTS: Is not paradise this Leftist crank foretold but a vile sea of child pornography, ruled by pedophiles ALP MP’s who act with impunity. Children are trained at age seven in advanced sexual practices only a prostitutes should know, resulting in massive teenage pregnancy rates, abortion rates, sexual diseases epidemics and sterility. Could not wiser heads have foreseen this? Of course they did. During rule of the great Sir Joh, Qld National Party Premier 1968-1987, there existed the crime of ’contributing to the delinquency of a minor’. Carried a three year gaol term. All these sicko ’teachers’ who so enjoy deflowering innocent youths & corrupting their minds would be where they belong - in ‘the slammer’ with their pervert friends.

RIGHTEOUS RULE: Sir Joh of Qld was not an isolated voice. During the ALP’s 23 years in exile from power at the Federal level (1959-1972) Australia experienced a ’golden era’. While Sir Joh ruled Qld his friends Sir Richard Hamer ruled Victoria & Sir Charles Court ran WA. In 1970‘s Conservatives ruled every State, unlike today where depraved ALP misrule exists in every State & Federally. Left media & academia loathed 1970’s. Both worked hard to overthrow Righteous Rule & install ALP rule knowing it would ‘liberate’ them from bondage to the virtuous.

ALTERED ATTITUDES: We now suffer the fruits of this ’liberation’: Women’s Lib, Aboriginal Land Rights, Ethnic Rights, pervert ‘rights‘. During our Golden Age (the 1960’s & 1970s) life was better. People literally went to sleep with their front doors open and their cars unlocked. The 5% of the population who are habitual criminals were either in gaol or lived in terror of police. Now opposite is true. Depraved are ’liberated’ so the normal 95% are forced to turn their own homes into prisons from which they peer out at a decaying society. Left call this ’progress’. Is it? Sharply differing views as to the value of human life now occur where once agreement was universal. E.g. over three weekends in Feb-Mar 2009 three surfers were attacked off Sydney beaches by the same White Pinter shark. Media reports were identical: in each case they blamed the surfers, then wheeled out Green ’experts’ who said the same thing: “the surfers deserve this as they are intruders on the shark’s  environment”.

GREEN RULE: When 210 Victorians died in Februa 2009 as a result of Green bans on ’back-burning’ of overgrown forests media barred all mention of the cause. Instead they again wheeled out Green experts to ’blame the victims’ e.g. “they should expect this as they live too close to Nature”. Same ’blame-the-victim’ logic occurs whenever a black gang attacks a single white. “They asked for it” is standard media response. WRONG. Swim with paranas & it is your ‘fault’ but simply to walk the streets of one’s own city should not require anyone else’s permission. Nor should a swim in the sea or a trip to The Bush. Free yourself from Green illogic.

PAGAN’S RULE: Is standard for Left to decry 1960’s as ’time of special repression’. Damned right it was! We repressed all who required it: sexual deviants, Leftist sociopaths & other perverts. Unfortunately our humanity barred us from deleting such trash from History. Now we pay the cost of that ’compassion’. Many on the Left hate Christian ethics. They oppose Religious Education (RE) in Australian schools. US educators tell us our schools are unique in the world for requiring outsiders be allowed access to teach RE in all State schools. We just accept this ’right’. But the official curriculum is now Pagan. An hour per week of RE cannot break through the crust of anti-Christ behaviours enforced by the ALP-controlled Teachers Union.

CHRISTIAN VALUES VERSUS PAGAN WORSHIP: What difference do ‘Christian values’ make to child’s education? As we have seen demented do-gooders like Reverend Nofts had a fatal impact on many children‘s lives by undermining Christian vales & replacing them with Pagan ‘moral equivalency’. By portraying all religions & ‘faiths’ as of ‘equal value’ the Left have driven a wedge between children & their parents and a stake into the heart of Western Society. In ‘Christian values’ an individual human life has value; unborn has value; surfers have value. But in Pagan beliefs the Sea is a god; sharks are gods; the bush is a god. All are revered. Pantheism is logical outcome of Left/Green ‘reverence’ for Nature.

WORSDS & ACTIONS: Words dictate thinking. To see Man as focus of the universe & GOD as ruler leads us to speak of Creation. But see man as just pond scum that ‘evolved’ & one speaks of Mother Nature. Talk of ‘Natural disasters’ betrays one as a Pagan. GOD-believers see GOD’s Judgment. Seek to discern His purposes in world events. For Pagans all is ‘random’ Chaos. Disturbing element over past 20 years is increasing number of Pagan Rightists whose views are indistinguishable from the Ultra-Left. Both denounce Christianity as ‘a tool’ - one of the Jews, the other of ’Capital’ - yet neither propose anything to put in its place - except neo-Paganism. Odd: people who claim to hate today’s society reject its one hope - Christ.

CHOSEN’S TOOL: Is true Church has fallen on hard times of late but so has all Western culture & society. We spared those the Fuhrer had allotted to destruction. Now their spawn rule us, as he predicted. Evils of all types corrode & corrupt us from without & within. Church of 1939 would not recognise the church of today. Would be like asking a couple married in 1939 to foresee ‘de facto’ relations their grandchildren practice. Is unthinkable. So why criticise The Church? Frankfurt School, lead by Gramsci, saw destruction & subversion of the Church as central to overthrow of Western society. Targeted its minister’s training colleges as well as teachers’ colleges. Our social institutions all suffered attack simultaneously.

TOTAL WAR: Cold War is not over. Anti-Christ Commissars of 1945 continue their attacks - from Wall Street to the local pulpit. Our response must be equally broad. We must see the entire society in need of ‘Renovation’. No social institution will be free from cleansing when The Revolution comes. We must extirpate the Left and their allies ‘root and branch’. As Goebbels asked his 1943 ‘Totalen-Kreig’ speech audience: “this is total war. Are you ready?” Are YOU?

STORM: “describe how you came to leave Rhodesia“.
Friki du Pre: “I grew up in Rhodesia. I turned 18 years old & was about to be ’called up’ for National Service with the Army when Mugabe came to power. In those days (1979) we left school at age 16. My Dad refused to sign my ’call up’ papers so we fled to South Africa. They allowed us to stay two years but then wanted to induct me into their Defence Forces. Everyone serves in the SADF. They boasted they could assemble a one million man army within 24 hours. Every man was in a Kommando [local defence unit]. Each had their service firearm at home. When we left South Africa for Australia we came to a place with a South African Church. And who should I meet but an old school chum from Rhodesia. Is a small world“.

STORM: “How do you compare Australian and South African cultures?“

FdP: “Many tell us ‘Australia has no culture’. Bull-dust! South Africa and Australia have the same rugged culture - a love of sport & a love of BBQ‘s. A funny thing about culture is word-use. Words change over time. Look at two words that are now illegal in SA. ’Niga’ is Swahili for ’give’. Camina is ’mine’. Combine these & you have ’niga mina’ I.e. ‘give to me‘. But now the government says ‘niga’ is a bad word. Same as ‘kaffir’ which means ’unbeliever’. There are only two races in the world without a god: Africans and American Indians. Both worship ancestors. So Arabs called Africans ‘kaffirs‘ - unbelievers. Now in South Africa both ‘niga‘ and ‘kaffir‘ are officially racist terms. Why is that?”

STORM: “In Korea the local term for ’man’ is ’gook’. During the Korean War British prisoners were called ’my-gook’ by their guards; Americans were called ’yuk-gook’. When Korean War veterans went to the Vietnam War 10 years later the media saw reference’s to Vietnamese as ’gooks’ and declared it ’racist’. Left always look for something  to be offended by. What was it like in Rhodesia when white rule ended?“      

FdP: “When Mugabe came to power the peace-keepers came, too. There were French Foreign Legion, Canadians, British troops direct from Northern Ireland. We used to come home from school on the school bus. We’d see those Brit’s in their Land-Rovers, olive green with large white crosses on them. Just the sight of ‘em would set us boys off. We’d gather stones and let fly. They’d reply with tear gas rounds, then the Rhodesian Police would turn up and beat us all with donkey-whips. We were so angry at Mugabe coming to power. He wasn’t the first black Prime Minister we’d had. [Bishop Abel] Muzorewa(sic) was first but the United Nations refused to recognise him. They installed Mugabe instead. Now they refuse to depose him. Why?”

STORM: “You saw two white countries overthrown and their people turned into refugees. What advice have you for racially-aware Australians wanting to avoid the same fate?”  
FdP: “YOU CAN’T. It’s all ’high finance’ ".
STORM: “So tell us why are you in Australia now?“
FdP: “As representative of a South African mining company. We aim to buy up the 38 specialist engineering companies across Australia that service your mining industry. These are usually one-man operations, a family business but the owner’s kids aren’t interested in continuing it. So we step in and offer them ’top dollar’ to sell up. It always works. We just bought two such firms in Mackay, just before the [Februa 2008] floods hit. Once we control all 38 we will have a stranglehold. Then we‘ll sell out to - who else? The Chinese“.

CRAZY TALES FROM P. C. LAND: STORM hear tales that verge on the ludicrous. Here‘s one:
“I’ve worked as a Qld Railways ganger for 27 years. We fix the tracks. The other day we’re at Bray Park Rail Station. Our Safety Officer goes back to the platform to erect our ’red board’ - this is to warn the engine driver’s that we’re there so they don’t run us down. Well over on the other platform is this female cop issuing infringement notices to fare evaders. She turns and sees our SO coming back to us and about to drop down off the platform with the red board. She calls out: “if you climb down from there I’ll have to issue you with a ticket”.
He thought she was joking. He was in full Railway uniform but she says: “we have to set an example”. He says: “I have to do my job” and climbs down. She is then joined by three other cops, all female. She proceeds to write him a ticket. He then calls his supervisor. All this time we are in danger from approaching trains as the red board still hasn’t been erected. Well, the ticket still stands. It has to go all the way up to our QR Area Manager“.
STORM asks: Are femo-Nazi cops following Premier Red Anna Bligh’s idiot example? YES. RE].

AFRIKAANER ASIDES: Homesick South Africans contact us. Here are some stories:
“My son returned home [to SA] when he turned 18 years old to study music. He’s now 24 and a qualified lock-smith. He says business is booming!” [due to increased black-on-white crime].

Old Africa Hands usually employ each other. One white, forced to leave both Rhodesia & South Africa, works with a mate, also a ‘double exile’. Were recently whining about their boss, an ex-South African. “He’s South African - but a German! So precise!” says one. “So pedantic!” replies the other.

A Namibian had no complaints: “I worked for a multinational mining company there. I work for the same multinational mining company here. Nothing’s changed.”

A South African, shocked at large number of poisonous snakes, spiders & reptiles in Australian ‘Bush’ compared our tiny ‘predators’ with their carnivores: “In Africa if something kills you, it eats you. Here it just kills you”.

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