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STORM 72 Septembis 2009

        No. 72              Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action              Septembis 2009
ANA accepts no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

CHOICES, DECISIONS, OUTCOMES: A concerned parent approached ANA. Works as Volunteer at an exclusive private school on Brisbane’s Northside. Standing outside a Year Twelve class room recently she over heard a visiting teacher go into great detail with students the various sexual practices of homosexuals as well as how to procure an abortion! When her own child, a Year Nine student at the school, was later questioned she replied “oh, that’s just PDE (Personal Development Education) Class. We all have to do a ’Choices, Decisions, Outcomes’ course every year from Year Seven to Year Twelve”. Year Seven?

SEX ED FOR EVERYONE: 11 year-olds taught ’sex ed’, nto just ’Adam & Eve’ but ’Adam & Steve’ and how to ‘delete’ unwanted babies you produce. We heard in early 2009 of British Labour government plans to enforce ‘sex ed’ beginning with toddlers in Pre-School. Was later copied by NSW ALP government. ALP’s Anna Bligh, Qld Premier, boasted prior to 21.3. 2009 election she would ‘decriminalise’ abortion if re-elected. In imitation of Victorian ALP which did so only weeks prior to Black Saturday Fires in early 2009 which killed 210 whites. Let’s try to tie this all together.

WHITE GENOCIDE: White breeding rates world-wide have fallen to an average of 1.3 per couple. Muslims, mostly Third Worlders, average 8.7 children per couple. The White Race is being outbred at a ratio of 4:1. Does not include the equally prolific Africans & Asians. Our total is now only 900 million of the world’s six billion people, with 30% of these decadent ‘Baby Boomers‘ (born in post-1945 Baby Boom). These sickos caused the social revolution of the 1960’s; the rise of Black Civil Rights that elevated blacks far above their natural station; the fall of apartheid and Women’s Lib. The West will be well rid of this deluded drug-addled gang & their ludicrous political fantasies. But before they ’go’ they have one more sting in their collective tail.

DEMOGRAPHIC BLACKHOLE: Between 2009-2015 the entire phalanx of this Leftist, Hippie, depraved demographic ‘goat-in-a-python’ will retire. They’ll go from being taxpayers to tax-consumers. So shouldn’t they prepare future taxpayers to take their place, if only to keep them in the manner to which they have become accustomed? No, the political parties the Boomers control & the governments they elect continue to encourage the young to abort, turn queers or ’have a career’ till they are way past child-bearing (future taxpayers) age.

NEED FOR URGENT CHANGE: White survival demands the abolition of current ‘sex ed’ programmes. Why target ‘sex ed’? Let’s look at Iran, one of the most socially conservative countries in the world. In 2007 the Islamic Republic introduced ‘sex ed’. Their population had doubled from 1979 to 2009 to 70 million. So why begin to teach it now? Iran learned from Western experience: sex ed limits reproduction. Our parents & grand parents did not need to be taught ‘what comes naturally’. What requires teaching is the unnatural. How to prevent conception; how to become homosexual; that the unborn are not fully ‘human’. A second tier of Boomer evil that must be amended before much longer is the alien inrush.

LIMITING MIGRATION: During 21.3.2009 Qld Election Murdoch media polls warned Bligh’s ALP would lose with only 43% of the vote (they won with 51%), we heard rumours the Federal ALP government were trying to help Bligh out. Being a recession the issue of jobs and immigration had come up. ‘Migration’ since 1997 has meant few ‘whites’ but lots of Africans, Indians & Chinese. Soon after KRUDD was elected in Decembis 2007 he signalled this would not change: he immediately doubled the alien entry quota from 140,000 to 295,000 per year.

‘SAVE BLIGH’ OR ANOTHER LIE? Now KRUDD allegedly plans to ‘cut immigration’ to ‘save local jobs’. Soon after, Red Anna was re-elected. No cuts to immigration were made. Was just the Murdoch monopoly media ‘doing their bit’ to get Anna over the line. Immigration ministers often ‘talk’ about ‘reducing the quota’ but never do. During the January-June 2001 global recession the ‘ bubble’ imploded & ‘new technology’ companies crashed taking US$200 billion of investors money with them. The Federal Liberal Immigration Minister Philip Ruddock was asked if the quota would be cut. He acted both flustered and shocked before blurting out: “but we have to fulfil our internationalist obligations!“ Spoken like a true Bolshevik. Whether nominally Liberal or Labor all obey the same Masters.

CHINA VERSUS AUSTRALIA - ASSIMETRICAL WARFARE: (‘attacking an opponent from where he least expects‘). In Mars 2009 an ANA member asked: “do you think China will attack Australia? After all, we’ve relied on the US to defend us from Asian aggression since 1942. They saved us from the Japs. That’s why we fought in Korea & Vietnam, so when we need them they’ll help us. It’s the only reason we’ve troops in Iraq & Afghanistan. But now the US is in financial collapse don’t  you think it would be the perfect time for China to attack?”

ASSIMETRICAL WARFARE: Good question but ignores a few facts. In 1990 the US easily defeated Iraq. China had supplied Iraq with many of its weapons. Hoped its ‘client’ would defeat the US as pro-Chinese forces had earlier defeated US in Vietnam. Little known fact: 25,000 Chinese Army anti-aircraft gunners ran the flak guns around Hanoi that US flyers so feared, 1965-72. Was Chinese pilots who flew the MIG’s against US air raids as they had done earlier in Korea, 1950-53. China hoped for similar victories in Iraq, 1990, but these failed to eventuate. Chinese commissioned a report by two Colonels: ‘Assimetrical Warfare: War by other Means’.

UNDECLARED WAR: Some ask: “but if China is such a threat why doesn’t the US simply attack them?” China is wise. During the Cold War between the USSR & USA, 1949-89, both sides sought to ally with China. Was a three- way war much like current War of Terror. W.o.T.’s three sides are: Christian, Islam and ZOG. Aim in a three-way war is to trick one of your enemies into destroying another of your enemies; wearies himself in the process; then becomes prey for you. Chinese military study Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Sun Tzu wrote: “you must defeat your enemy before you ever meet him on the field of battle”. How? Destroy their morals & morale, their society & culture.

WAR BY OTHER MEANS: During Cold War USSR & China worked to undermine US internally. Rock music, drugs, Black Rights, Women’s Rights, all gutted the US. Few white American males now see anything worthwhile defending in their society. One Rightist group even boasts: “don’t join the Army! You’ll only be fighting for our Enemy!” US society is riven. White men won’t fight for African B. Hussein Obama, their new black Presidente. US has defeated itself. As Mao Zedong observed in 1960’s: “the US is a paper tiger”. True, but a very dangerous one until their nuclear & conventional military stockpiles are depleted or scraped. These dwarf the next 20 nation’s armies combined, making them impossible to defeat ‘in the field’. Chinese sought alternate method.

FEED THE GREED: What is fatal flaw of Capitalism? Its greed. John D Rockefeller, at one time the world‘s richest man, was asked: “how much is enough?” His reply: “just a little bit more”. Greed of Kapital is insatiable. Many were shocked in Mars 2009 when failed Wall Street bankers still granted themselves multi-million dollar ’bonuses’ from taxpayers funds granted by US Congress to bail them out. banks acted shocked: they’d always acted like greedy swine. How dare anyone say otherwise. And after all it was legal. So? Legal and moral were divorced long ago in America. Remember this is the same country which invented ‘the separation of Church and State’ I.e. morality from public behaviour. Now their public officials and corporate chiefs act like swine they are surprised?

LOGICAL CONSEQUENCES: More like chickens coming home to roost. As one writer has noted, “the seeds of America’s destruction lie in its origins: bad foundations lead to an unsound structure“. As for the yawning gap between moral and legal just ask any man cursed by divorce. Media ‘went along for the ride’ during the economic bubble but now try to play ‘moral watchdog’. So long an accomplice of the capitalists, they now lead the attack in exposing them. Why? Their owners realise the danger to the entire System. The dozey public are waking up. The beer is no longer cold and the TV is no longer warm. They want to know WHY. Is simple: the greed-merchants are no better than drug addicts. Their corrupt business practices are, like a junky, too lazy to use clean needles: is eventually fatal. China has followed a brilliant strategy: since 1990. Simply ‘feed the greed‘.

CAPITALISM: SHORT-TERM PROFITS, LONG TERM DEFEAT: Want cheap labour? Move all US & EU factories to China. Want cheap goods? Buy Chinese. After 19 years of this ’warfare’ West was flooded with cheap shoddy goods but robbed of its own manufacturing capacity. Now all are dependent on China like a junky on his pusher. US trades with China. But to trade you need to have something the other party wants. US makes nothing -  consumes all it owns e.g. oil. So what to trade? Worthless paper. A mountain of paper. China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are awash in worthless US Treasury Bonds, or 'T bills’. Trillions of dollars worth were being held by Asian Central banks. Then the ‘Global Financial Crisis’, a.k.a. Great Depression II, struck in Decembis 2007. Was 18 months before the controlled media admitted it in March 2009.

MOUNTAIN OF DEBT: This mountain of debt has been a problem, a ticking bomb, for ten years. To attempt to sell the T bills on the open market would soon expose them as worthless thus negating the entire economies of Asia. What to do? They must be exchanged for solid assets. The US must be forced to take them back: no one else wanted them. In effect they were IOU’s. In Dec 2007 China and the other Asia banks demanded the US ’pony up, i.e. pay out its IOU’s. But how? Chinese had a plan. Would ’save capitalism’ .Greedy US was so stunned at its own failure it readily agreed. After all, one year later elected an Alien to lead them. This was only slightly less foolish.

ASSET SWAPPING: For the Asians to get ’solid assets’ US economy had to be imploded. Overnight largest US banks stopped lending to each other. Smaller ones stopped lending to consumers. Why? They said: “we don’t’ think you’ll repay”. Odd. One of the strange ironies of Capital is small consumers are the most trust-worthy. Home-owners have an average 95% repayment record. Is ’big boys’ who refuse to repay loans. But controlled media focused on ’home foreclosures’ as if you and I are the problem not the ’big boys’. Deferred blame, an old trick. Why did banks stop lending? Forced US Congress to pass ’Bank Bailout Bill’ in Octobis 2008. Bankers still refused to lend. Instead paid themselves obscene bonuses. But why not lend the US$700 billion? China wanted US homes. They now, through their newly acquired US banks, own two million of them.

‘LET THE FIRE SALE BEGIN:’ In Decembis 2007, when the GFC began, only 260,000 Americans were unemployed. By Decembis 2008 this had grown to 2.6 million. Cut-off of cash caused thousands of healthy US businesses to collapse. The ’fire sale’ began. Look at American Insurance Group, largest US insurer. Everyone needs insurance. Capital can’t operate without it, the risks are too big. Popular excuse among Sinophiles: “only reason capitalism succeeded in Europe but not in China after 1500 AD was the concept of the ‘limited liability company’. Ability to risk your cash but not your life made capitalism attractive in the West". Without similar laws in China the ‘family business’ remained sole business model - until recently.

By March 2009 AIG shares had dropped from US$25 to US.50c. Next question should be: who is going to buy them? Remember every one of their policies is still valid & are now all ’government guaranteed’ thanks to the 2008 Bailout Bill. China, and all Asia, are buying the US - literally. An asymmetrical victory & without a shot being fired. “When will China invade Australia?” many ask ANA. Why invade what you already own.
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