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STORM 85 Octobis 2010

        No. 85                Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                Octobis 2010
STORM is published int the Public Interest. ANA accept no liability for actions implied or inferred. Opinions remain those of the author entirely.

SBSTV What On Earth Is Wrong With Gravity? 7.30pm Tuisday 24 Novembis 2009 (55 minutes): Presenter Dr Brian Cox; Writer/director Paul Olding; Exec. producer Andrew Cohen(J) for BBC/Science Channel (2008).

SCIENTIFIC IGNORANCE: Dr Cox has a disconcerting TV presence. He grins like a Cheshire Cat for 55 minutes and is never out of frame. Apart from showcasing him this programme achieved little but highlight the abysmal ignorance of ‘science’. And this at a time they demand our absolute trust on ‘global warming’. Bad timing, guys! Cox began with the basics but then went nowhere. First the ‘discovery of gravity’ by Sir Isaac Newton, a devout Christian. Then the General Theory of Gravity by Chosen pin-up boy, notorious plagiarist Albert Einstein.

NEWTON PLUS EINSTEIN: Cox then tried to reconcile these two opponents, the believer and the atheist. He failed. Why? Newton’s theory well worked on Earth. But Einstein’s relied on the atheistic Big Bang Theory. There it failed. BBT is a nonsense taught in public schools to prevent acceptance of GOD’s existence. Scientists deny this so go to extremes. For the final third of the show Cox takes us to his workplace, an Atomic Collider or ‘atom smasher’. He poses trite questions to his co-conspirators. They let slip that their multi-billion-dollar facility “can’t find what say causes gravity” but suggest “elusive gravitons. Since we can’t yet find them, because they are so small, we’ll have to build bigger [& more expensive] Colliders until we do”.

FAITH IN SCIENTISM: Then Cox admits another mystery confounding the all-knowing high priests of scientism: “we chart what happens to the atoms we smash but we find a lot of their ’material’ goes missing. We think maybe it goes into another dimension(sic). We think gravitons spend most of their time in this other dimension”. For those with any faith remaining in the global warming scam the frank admissions of people like Cox should give them pause. “Other dimensions”? Have these guys crossed the line from science to science fiction? Is it too much to believe they have done the same on the warming hoax? It seems so.

COSMOS DEBATE: For those of us who believe in a world as the Bible describes it “of seen and unseen” the idea of ‘other dimensions’ rings true. But what could these atheists mean by it? Let’s look at another theory scientists have used as a crutch to avoid acceptance of a GOD. Those not following the Cosmos Debate over the past few years may be unaware of String Theory. Scientists become trapped in half-baked theories so constantly cobble together more elaborate ones till they collapse like the old USSR ‘under the weight of their own internal contradictions’ .Yes, Marx’s ’Scientific Socialism’ got it right for once. But back to physical science. One pet theory of scientists is ’nature abhors a void’. How’s this apply to Outer Space? Let’s see.

COSMIC STRING THEORY: In 1957, a year before the first Sputnik was launched the Chief Scientist of Britain issued a statement that “space travel can never happen because space is a void [as there is nothing in it travel through it was not possible as there was nothing to travel ‘through’] “. He was laughed at the following year but the theory still stands. So what is it that astronauts travel through if space IS a void? And how are the stars and planets held in place? Scientists recently stated: “according to our theories 94% of the universe does not exist [as it is not solid matter or gas] so what is it?” So they cooked up a theory, Cosmic String Theory.

JUST MORE MYTHS 'N' FABLES: The planets and stars are “all held in place by invisible string”. Don’t believe us? Google it! Look it up. As these pagans drift further from belief in a true GOD they, as the Bible predicted, “give way to myths & fables“ (I Timothy 1v4 & 4v7). And you believe them regarding global warming? Ha! Better a solid belief in a real GOD than flights of fancy with crack-pots.

RACE & POLITICS IN AUSTRALIA: In 2006 Northern Territory’s third largest town, Wadeye, imploded. Its 1,000 inhabitants were trapped by gang warfare. Hundreds were flown, at taxpayers expense, to NT’s second city, Alice Springs. NT’s population is 25% Ab. In Wadeye Abs make up 95% The 5% whites do all the work, run government agencies & keep the town alive. Wadeye is an eyesore but since the 1970s and rule by the Ultra-Left Whitlam government it has been a large social laboratory. The population were not taught English at school but in local dialects only. Means most do not complete formal schooling.

UN-EMPLOYABLE: Makes them unemployable outside of Wadeye. They cannot communicate with anyone outside Wadeye due to their enforced illiteracy. Wouldn’t you be angry, too? Paternalist White apparatchiks (ALPista bureaucrats) rule Wadeye. They decide what is best. They repair any damage done & the experiment continues. The increasing frustration and violence of Wadeye and other Abo ’out-stations’ (non-white settlements) was the reason for Howard’s Federal Intervention in mid-2007, just prior to his being voted out of office. Among other things Howard suspended the 1974 Race Discrimination Act; he lifted the Permit System whereby whites (including police) were denied access to ‘Tribal Lands’.

TYRANNICAL RULE: Where elders rule over life and death for thousands with no outside media allowed to see or report. Rape, incest, murder drunkenness are the norm in the Ab Lands but the Ultra-Left don’t care. The Intervention stung them into to counter attack. To maintain their tyranny they called in the UN Human Rights Commission who issued a report, written for them by ALP apparatchiks, strongly critical of the Federal government. What is the real situation in the Ab Lands? Despite media myths & the lies taught daily in our schools by ALP teacher-whores Abs are in no danger of dying out.

FALSE STATISTICS: Latest statistics show there are now 500,000 who claim Ab benefits, an increase of 33% in five years. How if they are an ‘endangered race’? Statistics show Ab birth rate, despite the lie that “Ab infant mortality is 4 times that of whites”, is 8:1 with 50% of the Ab population under 15 years of age. Sound like we neglect them? NOT! Another reason for the population explosion amongst alleged Abs is there is no guideline for proving who is an ’Ab’ & who is not. Anyone can claim. In fact, a former ALP Prime Minister's son now claims to be ‘Ab’ based on three years he spent living on a settlement and therefore his ‘shared affinity’ with Abs.

INCREASING NUMBERS: National Independent No 48 (Februa 2009) claimed “census figures show 52% of Ab men and 55% of Ab women had non-Ab partners. In capital cities this leapt to 82% for men and 83% for women”. Why choose non-Ab partners? Many are poor whites who co-habit with Abs to obtain the free education, free housing, cradle-to-grave pensions, plus many other privileges denied white tax payers that cost us three billion dollars per year. For many whites, especially with welfare rules tightening, an Ab is a meal-ticket for life. Disgusting but true.

ALP MISRULE FOREVER? Statistics say: “90% of blacks vote ALP & 75% of Asians“. Is how ALP now rule every State, Territory & Federally. Aliens act as a ‘voter bank’ for the Left. At 2009 Queensland election the Bligh ALP government’s obvious incompetence & corruption was so blatant that pre-polls showed 51% planned to not vote for her. But she won the election with 51% of votes. How? 25% of our population are not Queensland-born but foreigners transplanted from NSW & Vic by the South’s economic collapse. These vote ALP en masse.

BLOC VOTERS: Despite repeated ALP failures these Southerners refuse to vote Liberal-National Party (LNP). Their illogic is suicidal. Ask black South Africans who voted ANC in late 2009 when their President faced 784 charges of corruption. As for Australia it shows the democratic experiment must be abandoned by anyone seeking to save the white race. Our women refuse to breed. They instead swallow the lure of Uni courses, ALP jobs & rapid promotion in ALP’s Public Service jobs.

WHITE EXTINCTION: Are we doomed? Only if we continue to play this game where Reds write the rules & change conditions to suit themselves. ’Majority rule’ is a dead issue here now just as it was in South Africa after 1948. Apartheid was a rational response to an extreme situation. We’ll need something just as sensible to survive. Yes, it’s that desperate. But this time no weak-kneed liberals will be allowed to undermine us. Just as orchids must be grown in a hot-house so an elite needs special protection to survive when surrounded by weeds.

A WHITE ENCLAVE? Imagine if a white enclave of 500,000 could receive the AUD $3 billion per year wasted on the ALP’s Ab pets? Hand feeding rubbish is not considered ’racist’ but to give the same funds to whites would be. A future for the white race  starts here. For our race to remain we need to begin here, now. First we secure Australia then the rest of the West.    

STORMer MEETS UN-HISTORY GEN: ANA member discussed political history with 18-year old, male, co-worker. When member mentioned 1993 Waco Massacre of Branch Davidians the youth looked stunned, then laughed saying: “you’re making that up!” STORMer called over several older workers, men in their fifties & asked: ’you guys remember the Waco Massacre when they killed all those people in Texas?’ ‘Yeah, sure we do’. Kid still would not believe it: 'but this is America you’re talking about! Things like that don’t happen there'. Had not been taught it in school; had never seen it on TV; so it did not happen. Was un-history - history that had not been recorded. TV News media have a saying: ’no pictures, no story’.

BOOK UN-REVIEW: Recent book about Murdoch media empire: Rupert’s Adventures in China: How Murdoch lost a fortune but found a wife (Bruce Dover, Penguin Books Camberwell, 2008).
We hoped it would be the first ever critical expose of one of the world’s most powerful media moguls but were disappointed. Is a puff piece by a senior News Corp. Vice President’s who “hopes to help humanise Murdoch the man”. Who could humanise this anti-white, megalomaniac race-mixer? Another race-mixer. Dover’s credits list him as “Former deputy editor of The Australian, News Corp VP for China 1992-99; CNN Editor for 2000-2007; ABCTV Chief Executive 2007-2008; married to Hoai Bich with two kids” by this Vietnamese.

RACIST MASTER, RACIST HIRELING: Same as The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan, married to an Indian. Why is Murdoch media so pro-Asian? News Corp. gives preferential employment to race-mixers who ape Rupert, himself married to Wendy Deng since 1999. They seek to ’normalise’ their aberrant behaviour. Look close when media criticise Right as ‘racists’. Are only seeking to justify themselves. A member of Chosen was asked by ABC Radio: “why do you oppose nationalism?” “Whenever nationalism arises eventually it always turns into anti-Semitism”. Explains funding by Chosen of every Antifas group, world-wide. Pretend to defend Africans, Asians etc but is, as usual, just pure self-interest.

SBSTV Images of Conflict: Photographers in the War Zone 3.05pm Sat. 9 Janus 2010 (55 minutes):
Written, produced & directed by Huw Talfyn Walters for Indus Films & BBCTV 2008.
On the war in Iraq, 2003-2010, one war reporter complained:
“Pentagon passed a rule: you can’t photograph a dead US serviceman unless you have his written permission first. Of course I won’t go around asking people: ‘can you sign this release so I can take your picture when you die?‘ That rule makes me furious with the Pentagon”.     Stanley Jones covered Russo-Chechen War for ten years.
SJ: “I hate it when paparazzi say they’re ‘real journalists’. War reporters risk their lives to get a photo yet can’t get coverage because some a---hole somewhere decides ‘the public’ can’t cope. Instead they’d rather watch Britney Spears, Paris Hilton or some celebrity get chased down a street. That’s insulting!” [no pictures of 4,425 dead US troops? US learnt from mass media coverage of Vietnam. RE].  
SBSTV John Adams (seven-part HBO TV series) 9.30pm Solday 10 Janus 2010 (85 minutes):
John Adams: “Most people are wicked, weak, vicious and are in need of strong governance”.
[Never heard that quote from freedom-loving Americans? JA was second US President, after George Washington. Was ‘power behind the throne’ in early US: was JA who commissioned Thomas Jefferson to write Declaration of Independence. Then ordered General Washington to be first Commander of Continental Army. And so on. Unlike GW & TJ few quote him today. Maybe because he saw people as they really were: in need of a Leader. RE].

HOW LAWYERS DESTROYED OUR WORLD: Two case-studies: Use of Tasers & the ‘doctor shortage’. (Excuse imprecise dates; editor appears to be suffering early dementia). In early 2009 WA Police were first in Australia to ’roll out’ their newest weapon, the US-made Taser. By mid-2009 it was working so well Qld Police  adopted it, too. Victorian & NSW Police did not as civil liberties groups there opposed Taser use as ’cruel & in- human’.

TASERS: What is a Taser? Many youth today are not only drunk & disorderly but hyped up on super-caffeinated drinks & illicit drugs the use of pepper spray or batons to subdue them has minimal effect. They’re impervious to either pain or reason. Brute force is all that works. So WA & Queensland chose a disabling electrifying bolt-gun, which projects 24,000 volts for five seconds, rendering most people compliant. Both WA & Queensland police soon registered fewer police shootings than either NSW or Vic. Enter media & lawyers. Never happy at any semblance of order being restored to our increasingly chaotic world, local Left media began a hate-campaign against Tasers.

TASERS BANNED: Why? We may never know but the lawyers got Tasers banned in Australia. How? US media stated in mid-2009 29 people world-wide had died from Taser use. All had pre-exiting cardiac conditions. Taser altered its user guidelines under threat of legal action. Tasers could now ‘no longer be used on people with cardiac  conditions’. Qld Police stated, in their usual blunt manner: “what?! Are we to question someone about to knife us: excuse me sir do you have a heart condition?” Ludicrous. But then Taser ominously issued formal ‘Conditions for Use’ specifically advising against aiming Taser bolts ‘at the chest area’.

TARGET AREA: Obviously the largest area, any weapon is automatically aimed at one’s chest as this provides the biggest probability of getting a ’hit’. So Taser were saying: ‘stop using our product’. WA Police immediately did. Queensland Police planned to continue but lawyers warned: “use of  Tasers in defiance of issued guidelines lays individual officers open to prosecution”. For fear of prosecution all Australian police stopped using Tasers by Christmas 2009. Ten came the predictable result: Christmas Day News: “Victoria Police last night shot dead a mental patient who threatened them”. New Year's Day News: "NSW police last night shot dead a mental patient who threatened them”. One more victory for lawyers; another step nearer the Abyss.

Channel Seven (Brisbane) News 6pm Frigasday 16 Janus 2009:
Reporter Erin Edwards:
“Queensland Police Union calls for heavy fines for drunken louts who wear the Australian flag on Australia Day [26 Janus]. Have support of National Flag Association. Won’t affect retailers selling board-shorts or bikinis with the flag on them. Police want fines increased 500% to AUD$1,000 per offence. Follows riots at Burleigh in 2008 when police were assaulted by dozens of flag-waving youths" 
[TV shows 20-30 teenagers protesting as white male police wrestle with two white females wearing flag bikinis. RE].
"Civil Liberties Union accuse QPU of ’a stunt’ saying laws already exist but QPS refuse to enforce them”. 
Chinese-owned Channel Seven then run pro-foreigner story:
“Qld Tourism Minister says its every Qlder’s duty to assist foreigners who need help. Follows several drownings of tourists who refused to obey directions of life-guards”. 
[Message? System fears nationalism may awaken our youths, provoked by the millions of Asians flocking here. Our advice to foreigners: ‘Go drown!’ RE].

BOOK REVIEW: The War Chronicles: From Flintlocks to Machineguns (1792-1988) by Joseph Cummins (Crows Nest, NSW: Allen & Unwin, 2009) ISBN 978 1 74237 0316. P. 262 ff.
“ 'The Influenza Pandemic': In June 1918 Germany launched her ‘Ludendorff Offensive’ in France using one million men drawn from the Eastern Front after Russia’s surrender. Was expected to be decisive. Instead they were easily halted - too easily to the minds of most observers. It turned out the German troops were suffering from first outbreaks of ’Spanish Flu’.
By July 1918 half a million Germans soldiers were afflicted. The 1918 flu pandemic was caused by a particularly virulent A virus strain that targeted young people aged 20-30 - rather than the elderly and the very young as influenza usually did. Modern tests show the virus caused people’s own immune system to ravage them. By 1920 the flu disappeared as mysteriously as it had come. Estimates of 20-40 million deaths occurred world-wide” (our emphasis).  
BRITISH BIO-WEAPON: 1918 Offensive should have ended WWI, with Germany the victor. After five years of war the Allies armies were worn out & near mutiny. Yet Ludendorff's million man attack  was easily defeated. Only now do we find out why. 'Mystery' of why only Germans were initially afflicted and why just before their decisive move? We ask: was this an early case of British use of biological weapons? Since April 1915 (p.256 ibid.) chlorine gas had been used in action in the Western Front with soon both sides using it. It is too much to suppose that by July 1918 the British had perfected and then delivered biological weapons onto German staging areas, infecting them with a ’flu’.

SECRETS YET TO BE REVEALED: One oddity of the Spanish Flu was its attacks on men of military age. Is it possible the terrible success of this weapon prevented its use in future? It lasted two years after the war and spread to every town & city to which WWII veterans returned - including Australia. For many years we were told only 20 million died of it. Now scientists admit, in the wake of the 2008-2009 Swine Flu Pandemic, that 50 million died. When will They feel safe to tell us the truth? During WWII soldiers carried gas masks, expecting a repeat of WWI. But nothing happened. Why? Churchill boasted that he had threatened Hitler “I will gas your cities” if Germany used gas weapons against British troops. But what if both knew the truth of the Spanish Flu? That bio-weapons already existed more terrible and uncontrollable than gas.      

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