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STORM 67 Apri 2009

        No. 67                   Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                 Apri 2009
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

MURDOCH RULE - FOR REAL? Some think we make too much of the media control exercised by ‘Rupert Murdoch’ (Rubin Moloch). Let’s look at two examples: Briz 31TV & The CCA.

BRIZ 31 TV: Is Brisbane’s sixth station. Of others, three ‘commercial’ stations run endless repeats of US sitcoms - Channels Ten, Nine & Seven; remaining two are ‘government’ stations - ABC TV & SBSTV. Three commercial stations ridicule ‘government’ channels as too ‘high brow’ & rating below 8% with calls for both to be ‘privatised’. Is all lies. And what is their attitude towards the ‘Channel 31’ Community stations in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane?
They ignore them. More ominously, the print media, Murdoch’s daily papers - The Australian & Courier-Mail - and his twenty-two Brisbane ‘Quest’ weekly newspapers - refuse to carry ‘31’ in their TV guides. Carry the five other stations but not Briz 31. Why? Briz 31 was ‘dropped’ five years ago after it began showing BBC News at 6pm, in opposition to three ‘commercial’ stations evening News. BBC drew so many new viewers away from their drivel, usually all celebrities & sports, that ‘something had to be done’. First Briz lost the BBC.

MEDIA BLACK-OUT: The local commercial stations, and their national networks, threatened the BBC: cut out Briz and the ’Community’ stations or we won’t buy news off you anymore. BBC listened. Then Briz itself was quarantined. No mention of it has appeared in any media in the past five years - until now. We urge our supporters to phone Briz 31, now called ’’Queensland Community TV’ (qctv) on 07 3010 7331. Show you want an independent media. Then go to their website for free programme guide. Help break Murdoch’s stranglehold & ’media blackout‘.

ONE NATION: In 2001 Pauline Hanson’s One Nation had 11 MP’s of 89 in the Queensland Parliament. The Liberals had been reduced to only three MPs. Made ON the third largest party after ALP & NPA. Yet such was Murdoch’s media contempt for the will of the populace that they refused to mention ON or NPA. Whenever the controlled media wanted an Opposition MP to comment on ALP government policy they always asked a Liberal whose TV title would appear as ’Opposition Spokesman’.

CITY COUNTRY ALLIANCE: In lead-up to the 2001 Qld election a split developed in ON between those loyal to Pauline’s increasingly erratic style of leadership and true Rightists. The latter became the CCA. Murdoch ignored both ON & CCA, despite CCA having five State MP‘s. These five were reduced to letterbox drops to alert the public to their existence. Imagine a democratically-elected MP barred by an unelected media from communicating with his electors! Such is life in Murdoch-land.
For example in 2001 State poll Murdoch’s (Strathpine) ‘Quest’ paper ran a two page spread allegedly showing ALL candidates from ALL parties yet refused to carry any mention or photo of CCA or ON candidates.
Went so far as to state: ’there are eight candidates in this electorate’ when there were NINE. We did some checking. Along the coast, in seven electorates, where-ever CCA ran people the same thing happened. How many votes did CCA get? Only a handful. This lesson taught us the true Enemy is not  ALP or even Greens but that strangler vine we hear called ‘the free press’. Let us reiterate: a free nation demands a truly free press. Until Murdoch and his imitators are deleted from history our future is dark.

BOOK REVIEW: Third Arab-Israeli War Edgar O’Ballance (London: Faber & Faber, 1972; ISBN057109214 4). Reveals how Western public are deceived by pro-Israel propaganda myths.

MYTH ONE: Israel’s ‘Defence Forces’ in 1948 were ‘outgunned, outnumbered & outfought’ by massed Arab armies. Opposite was true: Israel’s army, air and naval forces were staffed by men who had fought in every army during WWII - including Wehrmacht. Brought a wealth of skills, experience and contacts with serving members of the West’s armies, none of whom had any racial respect for ‘dirty Arabs’. These contacts supplied, usually through illegal means, arms, ammunition & equipment the Arabs could only dream of.
E.g. Israel’s Air Force had B17 bombers donated to them by the US as ‘war surplus’. From Britain they bought Spitfires. From Czechoslovakia brand-new ME-109’s (p.4 War Planes 1945-1976 Editor Iain Parsons, London: Salamander Books, 1975).  List goes on. Whatever they wanted they got, often before the supplier-countries’ own armed forces.

ISRAEL’S ARAB WARS: Arabs attempted to purchase this same material on the open market but the skill that comes with actual war fighting, only the Chosen possessed. They’d planned their Return for 2,000 years and used WWII as their ‘boot camp’. All this became clear in 1948, the First Arab-Israeli War, where, as E. O’B puts it:

“Arabs were far superior to Jews in manpower and armaments but not in TACTICS [our emphasis], as events were to show. On paper the Arab strategy of a concerted attack was sound but its execution was lacking due to poor planning and lack of coordination” (p.18 Israeli War Machine by Ian V. Hogg, London: Chartwell Books, 1983).

MYTH TWO: ‘Israeli stood alone against four Arab armies’ should read: ‘Israel’s modern, battle-hardened army, navy and air forces defeated four smaller, badly-lead, poorly-trained Arab ‘armies‘ by attacking them one-by-one‘. Negated Arab numerical superiority overall as in each individual battle Israel’s more modern forces were always larger and more mobile. Victory was assured. Not ’David versus Goliath’ but a karate champion beating four street punks. Or a farmer ‘attacked’ by his animals. Armed with an axe & shotgun he first dispatches the horse, the cow, the dog then the chickens. Is it a ‘battle’ or a slaughter? That was 1948. 1967 War Israel copied the 1948 pattern,  itself following Japan’s 1941 Pearl Harbor tactic: unprovoked, ‘sneak attack’.

“Israeli strategy was based on aerial attack as the main defence. The Air Force’s primary task was to gain immediate air superiority. The doctrine of massive surprise attack on Arab airfields had been firmly adopted by the Israeli Air Force. They were convinced Israel could best be defended over Cairo. It had planned & frequently practised this against mock enemy airfields in the wilderness of the Negev for many years. Brigadier Hod later said at a press conference in June 1967: ‘for sixteen years we lived with The Plan, we slept The Plan, we ate with The Plan. Constantly we perfected it’ " 
(E. O‘Ballance p.54 & p.54 footnotes).
“Pilots had individually practised these techniques in the Negev on model enemy target sites. Jordan later interrogated captured Israeli pilots who admitted ‘they’d been training for a year and a half on models that were exact replicas of the objectives they each would have to attack‘. Large-scale practices were held every four months and annually involving EVERY SINGLE Israeli aircraft in a mass attack, wave after wave…with live bombs and ammunition used” 
[our emphasis] (E. O‘Ballance p.55 footnotes).
 Israel’s precision pre-dawn raids on 25 Egyptian airfields 6th June 1967 were no accident but the result of years of careful, stealthy planning. The IDF were trained and ready. They used a sinister tactic: “flying in very low, under the radar then climbed high just before reaching their targets. Appearing on the Egyptian radar, the object was to warn the Egyptians at the last moment so their pilots would get into their cockpits and be destroyed on the ground with their aircraft” 
(O‘Ballance, p.64). This left over “100 Egyptian pilots dead” (ibid p.66) exacerbating Egypt‘s “acute pilot shortage. They had only 350 trained combat pilots” (ibid p.59).

ROLE OF MARSHAL AMER: How to explain total lack of response by Egypt‘s air force? Two factors on Day One the War decided outcome in favour of Israel:
1. On the morning of the preemptive attacks the Egyptian air force had just  ’stood down’ from their morning ‘warm up‘, their air defences as well. Why? Egyptian Army Chief of Staff Marshal Amer was due to hold an ‘tour of inspection’. This meant “invariably at each Egyptian airfield the aircraft were neatly lined up on runways” (O’Ballance,  p.65) resulting in “418 Arab aircraft destroyed in the first two days, 393 on the ground, to Israel’s loses of 26 aircraft“ (p.79). What about antiaircraft artillery? Air defence units had orders NOT to open fire on ANY aircraft in case they hit Marshal Amer‘s by mistake. Order was not rescinded till Amer returned safely to HQ.

RIGID DISCIPLINE: Under rigid discipline enforced by Egypt’s Soviet military advisers every order had to be obeyed no matter how nonsensical. This high level of discipline was seen at nine Egyptian airfields not struck in  first Israel attack. Further back from the frontline, these were targeted by the second wave of Israeli attackers yet
“for 90 minutes not a single sortie was launched from them. Is explained in that key senior officers were ‘marooned in the air’ and unable to issue orders. The helicopter carrying Marshal Amer, General Sidki and other senior Air Force staff officers had to stay in the air for 1 ½ hours before it could return to Cairo. This left the entire air force and air defence organisation paralysed and without orders - until it was too late“.
2. AMER’S ERROR: Second error came later in first day when Egyptian Defence minister, on panicked advice of Marshal Amer, ordered withdrawal of ground forces from impregnable ’First Defence Line’ (FDL) to their ’Second Defence Line’ (SDL), 25 miles further into Egyptian territory. Soviet Defence Doctrine dictated three defence ‘rings’, 25 miles apart, based on lessons learned in WWII against Germans as 25 miles was range of a Katyusha artillery rocket. Doomed Egypt’s Army.

Caught out in open, in desert, without water or supplies, exposed to constant air attacks most didn’t survive. Wasn’t war but slaughter. Long columns of burned-out vehicles were shown to Western media as ’evidence’ Egyptians ’ran away’ (‘Israeli patrol passes destroyed vehicles’, H.P. Willmott ‘Six Day War’ p.169, War in peace Sir Robert Thompson (ed.) London: Orbis, 1981). A myth is born.

RUN-AWAY EGYPTIANS: One infamous photo given world-wide coverage showed hundreds of Egyptian boots piled up next to the Suez Canal. The media boasted at the time: “Egyptians are such cattle they were not used to wearing shoes. When the IDF attack they run away. To run faster across the desert they discarded their boots, then jumped in the Suez canal and swam for their lives”. Cute, racist image - but false. Running on hot sand without footwear is not faster. Other photos show Egyptian POW’s without boots OR uniforms (‘Israelis pass Egyptian prisoners’ H.P.Willmott ibid. p.172).
Were stripped to their underwear by Israeli captors to prevent escapes. Israelis knew hot sands meant no escapes as Egyptians, like Israelis, had very sensitive feet. Another shows the Egyptian POW’s being forced, at gunpoint, to remove their footwear (’Barefoot prisoners do not run far in the desert - Egyptian troops removing their boots’ p.138 in Ian V. Hogg Israeli war machine (New Jersey: Chartwell Books, 1983). NYC media masters used anti-Arab sentiments of Western public to promote a racist lie.

SOUTHERN FRONT VERSUS NORTHERN FRONT: Do we give Egypt too much credit? Let’s compare Egypt’s situation on the Egyptian or ‘Southern Front’ to the situation on the Syrian or ‘Northern Front‘. When Israel attacked the Syrian Army these, like the Egyptians, used Soviet tactics. Without a Marshal Amer the outcome was very different. Rather than ’run away’ the Syrian Army “held fast & fought back until overrun” (p.256). Staying deep within their heavily fortified FDL, IDF were forced to go in after them.
 “Syrians fought back well. Israeli air force flew more missions against Syrians than all other fronts together“ (p.257). Bunker-to-bunker fighting is costly in manpower & very slow. Israel lost twice as many men in Syria as against Egypt: 70 killed in action (KIA) against Egypt for 1,500 Egyptians killed (p. 117). Against Syria the IDF lost 152 KIA & 306 wounded for the lose of only 1,000 Syrians (p.257). Without Amer results on the Southern Front would have been very different. (Our emphasis)

HEBOLLAH, 2004: We see how the Syrian-advised Lebanese militia, Hezbollah, produced a similar stalemate during the ‘34-Day War’ of August-September 2004. When attacked by Israel, Hezbollah stayed deep in their bunkers. Refusing to run, they forced the IDF to go in after them. Cost Israel hundreds killed and wounded yet gained Israel no ground. Stymied on the battlefield, Israel was impotently reduced to shelling Beirut, killing 1,000 civilians and doing US$8 billion worth of damage. Myth of Israeli military invincibility was broken. But a close reading of the 1967 war shows ‘myth’ was false from its outset, a creation of pro-Israel Western media outlets.

U.S. ROLE IN 1967 WAR? O’Ballance uncovered evidence of a possible active US military role in the war.
“King Hussein was informed on the morning of the First Day that his radar screens on Mt Ajlun (before they were put out of action just before midday) had detected groups of aircraft flying from stationary objects in the Mediterranean towards the region of Lydda airport. He passed this information onto Egypt’s President Nasser. Both concluded ‘foreign powers’ were helping Israel [with their attacks]” (op. cit. p.80).
Other authors suggest these aircraft were sent to attack Egypt by US President Johnson after he was wrongly informed Egypt had attacked US ‘spy-ship’, USS Liberty. These nuclear-armed bombers turned back after Johnson learned it was Israel, not Egypt, behind Liberty’s attempted sinking.

BRISBANE RIGHT UNITE: Leaders from several Brisbane area groups met near Brisbane CBD afternoon of Saturday 13 Decembis 2008 to commemorate Eureka Uprising of 3rd Decembis 1854. Members of Blood & Honour, National Action, Christian Falange and GSG were present. Several uninvited Reds appeared but soon left when became clear we ‘meant business‘. Three-hour meet was fruitful. Look forward to future cooperation.

U.S.TRIP: 4th to 29th Novembis 2008 STORM’s editor was in USA as guest of several US groups and individuals being invited to speak in California (West), Texas (South) Washington DC (East) and Pittsburgh (North East). Travel by bus & stays in local hostels & homes enabled contact with ‘common man’ (mostly Blacks & Mexican). Arriving on Presidential election day and leaving on Thanksgiving was opportunity to observe political process first hand. Am still trying to assimilate what was seen & heard. Hope journey will inform future jottings. For those concerned the trip was done entirely at my own expense: no cost to ANA.

FAMILIAR STORY: ANA were contacted by supporter with what, for us, is by now an old familiar story. His elderly in-laws, a white couple in their seventies, live in retirement in a small all white Qld country town. A recent trip to the ’alien lands’ - South of the Tweed River - came as a shock. They visited with friends in Eastwood on Sydney’s North-side. Once an all-white area they were surprised to find it now entirely Asian, apart from their friends. “But everyone was still very friendly:” they said, lamely. As if a friendly Asian were any less threat to our racial existence.

SHOCK:This supporter has been castigated for many years by same old white couple for ’racism’. Now they are in deep shock. Supporter compares it to someone who refused to learn to swim their entire life who now find themselves drowning. Asked us: “what do I say? ’I told you so’?” We hear this increasingly often. Stupid whites ’wake’ in fright. Frantically seek a rescuer but reject ANA & others. Even as they recognise the danger our Race & Nation are in their life-long media indoctrination ‘kicks in‘. They’d rather DIE than ’cross the line’ to our side. Sums up the West: sick. Sad, but suicidal.

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