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STORM 101 Februa 2012

No. 101      Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action       Februa 2012
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only
STORM gets a lot of 'insider' information, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm these stories:

OVERHEARD: “Do you remember Chris & Sue? He was the minister who quit being one. Then his wife want to college, now she’s the minister. They split up. He’s now remarrying. It’ll be his third wife. He was married before Sue. This one is Sam. Chris broke up her first marriage, oh, 25 years ago. He told her: ‘you don’t have to put up with that! So she left her husband. He ran a church campsite. After that she went with someone else but didn’t marry him. She had two kids but the first one & no one buy the second. Chris had two by his second but both died, one at birth & the other at 16 years old. So how’re your kids?” We weave a tangled web for ourselves these days. It will be a nightmare for our kids to unravel, if this next generation survives the mayhem of the multicultural madness.

DVD REVIEW: Transformers Three: Dark Side of the Moon (152 minutes)
Director Michael Bay. Stars Shia Labeouf(J), John Malkovich(J), John Turturro(J). Despite allegedly costing $839 million – a world record – it is a sad, wasted film. We gave it a 2 out of 10. This film may kill off the Transformer franchise. To test the appeal of the film we took along an eleven year old boy. Fanatical about the first two Transformer movies, he was stunned at ‘how bad’ this third one was. He even described it as: ‘little more than a 2 ½ hour-long video game’. How could they get it so wrong?

To start with Sam Whitwhicky’s girlfriend, the stunning brunette Megan Fox, has been replaced by a dumb English blonde, not even an actress but a model. What a contrast! Fox was a fighter, along the lines of Angela Jolie in Tomb Raider. Fox often used her initiative to save Sam & his US Spec Ops pals. She was never a victim. But this blonde bimbo is a throwback to the 1960’s where female leads played variations on the ‘damsel in distress’ role. Sam is repeatedly having to stop fighting aliens to rescue his limp noodle of a girlfriend. Whereas Fox soared this blonde is an albatross around his neck.

Why was Fox sacked? After Transformer Two she was quoted in the Hollywood press describing Executive Producer & Hollywood Godfather Steven Speilberg as ‘a little Hitler’. SS has made a career of putting Hitler or ‘Nazis’ into every single one of his films since the 1970’s, from Darth Vader's helmet to The Indiana Jonah series. It is his one constant obsession so to have someone call him ‘Hitler’ especially someone he could punish, well…let’s just say we don’t expect to see Fox in a film again for a long time.

Another serious flaw is casting a favourite of the Hollywood elite, John Malkovich(J). JM dominates any film he's in, no matter how minor his role. Recent examples of this are Red with Helen Mirren & Burn After Reading with Brad Pitt & George Clooney. T3's plot, what there is of it, is warped by placing a major actor in a minor role & a non-actor in a major role. All the 'smoke n mirrors' can't distract us from that.

Other factors imbalanced the plot. The 'baddies' or Decepticons are shown torturing and executing prisoners plus carrying out random massacres of civilians. But then the ‘good’ aliens, the Autobots, also show scant regard for life, alien or otherwise. The 'goodies' tear a prisoner literally limb-from-limb while joking: ‘this is gonna hurt!’ The film ends with ‘good’ leader Optimus Prime executing captured rebel leader Sentinel, voiced by Leonard Nimoy. After so much moral equivalence the target teen audience must be left wondering: 'who’s good & who’s bad?' There could be a subtle message here.

Director Michael Bay has extremely close contacts with the US War Machine – in Transformers One he even had real soldiers & airmen play themselves. Bay used extensive US military technical support in all three Transformer films. We have to ask: is Bay simply ‘channeling’ current US military doctrine? Given US official sanctions for torture (Abu Graib & Guantanamo Bay prisons), use of kidnapping (CIA’s ‘Extraordinary Rendition’ programme) & extra-judicial executions (Osama bin Laden et al) this appears to be true. While Bay's T3 posits the question: 'who’s good & who’s bad?', he himself seems uninterested in the answer. Many in the US elite, Bay included, believe that just as in WWI & WWII that is irrelevant so long as they win. Victors write history. The US must win or die.

Why cast Leonard Nimoy, famed as the good Dr Spock from the Star Trek franchise, as the turncoat, a goody turned bad? It's the first time LN has played a baddy & leaves a lingering bad taste in one's mouth. Why has Bay pushed such moral ambiguity into a children’s film? He is telling us, subliminally, that the once ‘good’ America now choses to be ‘bad’ but in a good cause, the War on Terror. Bay wants to impart this same amorality to the impressionable next generation, one who already fail to distinguish between video ‘war’ games from the real thing on TV. These future recruits to the US WAr Machine are being pre-programmed to believe torture, mistreatment of prisoners, assassinations, civilian deaths are perfectly acceptable - when done by the good ole US of A. It's only a ‘war crime’ if done by someone with a funny name like Saddam or Qadafi. Or B. Hussein Obama? This is the world our kids will enter, conditioned by Wall Street's Hollywood agit-prop brigade.

ABC News Radio 936AM 10am Tuisday 12 Juli 2011:
“New Zealand Prime Minister said his country will refuse to accept a boat carrying 400 Sri Lankan asylum seekers. They were shown flying NZ flags & holding signs saying ‘our future is in NZ’. He said to allow them entry would means ‘millions will follow’. He's been warned by Amnesty International he must ‘obey international legal obligations’ ”.
[Same used by Philip Ruddock, Immigration Minister 1995-2007, regarding illegals. ‘Legal obligations’?  Zimbabwe shows none over farm seizures nor South Africa on 5,000 farm murders. RE].

ABCTV Architects of Change 10am Wodensday 13 Juli 2011 (55 minutes):
A Lato Sensu Production for TV5 Monde & Quebeccor. Producer Jean Bourbonnais.
 “After Thailand, Cambodia is a hub of the child sex industry. Of 60,000 prostitutes on the streets on the capital, Phnom Penh, 20,000 are children. Of these 12,000 have HIV. The FRIENDS Society now trains these street kids in its chain of restaurants, Restaurant Romdeng. They have no birth certificates & have been abused so have no pride. With a job & trained in Cambodian cooking they regain their pride. They learn they do not have look to Thailand or the USA for examples but to themselves. Many go on to run their own restaurants. In 15 years FRIENDS has gone global & now operates in Thailand, Laos, Indonesia & South America. ”.

The Mural Arts Programme in Philadelphia has been run by Jane Golden for 25 years. Ph has the highest murder rate in the US with one murder per day. The unemployment rate is double the US average at 1:4. This is rooted in endemic poverty. JG: ‘I was drawn to Ph as it had America’s first black Mayor. We enrolled 3,000 graffiti artists. In 25 years we have done 3,000 murals using 20,000 artists from the streets & prisons. ‘Mona’ has a mural on her house. ‘My mother was a block captain for 42 years’ [i.e. black Democratic Party activist]. MAP is now the largest employer in Ph. Graffiti has disappeared from the city. MAP now has a Branch in Montreal. They work in Habitation Jamal(?) a public housing project built in the 1950’s where 70 ‘cultural communities’ (sic) now coexist”. JG: “We’ve found graffiti artists will never deface a mural. This is art that reflects the community”.

Ram Karam runs the Barefoot College in Rajistan: “They’ve built 1,200 water reservoirs in public schools across 16 Indian States. That has freed 500,000 children from having to carry water during school hours. The water reservoirs collect rainfall during the monsoon season, sparing the ground water. BC has no pre-requisites, not even a common language. Rajistan has the lowest literary in India at 50% for men & only 20% for women. BC began enrolling women as solar power engineers as ‘these have the most interest in having electricity in their homes’ so they used their intense interest to motivate them to learn. It has worked. We used colour codes to train those illiterate in which wires to solder. As a result women now run many affairs of the state and are demanding change e.g. in the caste system. For children who are forced to work in agricultural during the day BC runs night classes. In the past 30 years BC has educated 200,000 women. Today there are now 700 BC night schools where 3,000 children are educated.

DVD REVIEW: The Matrix Warner Bros. 131 minutes Written & directed by the Wachowski Bros(J); produced by Joel Silver(J); Executive producers Andy & Larry Wachowski(J); stars Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne & Carrie-Anne Moss(J).
Neo (Keanu Reeves) meets his mentor Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne).
M: “Do you believe in fate?”
N: “No”.
M: “Why not?”
N: “I don’t like the idea I’m not in control of my life”.
M: “You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain. But you feel it. You felt it your entire life. That’s there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what but its there. Like a splinter in your mind driving you mad. The Matrix? The Matrix is everywhere. All around us. You see it when you turn on your TV. You feel it when you go to work or church or pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. That you are a slave. Like everyone you were born into a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch. A prison of they mind. No one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it [i.e. experience it]. This is your last chance [M. shows N two pills]. Take this pill and you wake up in your bed & believe whatever you want to. Take the other - you stay in Wonderland & I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes”.

Being science-fiction, Morphius leads Neo on a crusade against ‘alien invaders’ that goes nowhere except to two sequels. For political activists The Matrix has become an open door to many socially aware individuals who, thanks to the Global Recession, now question the world they live in. When we describe the world as White Nationalists see it we often get the response: “ah! Just like in the Matrix” to which we reply: “yes but this isn’t fiction. Its reality & the Enemy doesn’t come from outer space”.  

BOOK REVIEW: The Brave Japanese by Kenneth Harrison (Adelaide: Rigby Press, 1966).
Chapter Two, pp.26-56, dealt with the unpleasant aftermath of a WWII action by the Australian Imperial Force [Australian Army] at Parit Sulong bridge, Malaya. The author was taken prisoner by the Japanese & held with 700 Dutch, British & AIF soldiers at Pudu Prison, Kuala Lumpur. There they shared their war-tales & learned of atrocities by the Imperial Japanese Army [IJA].

“At Pudu Prison, a former civilian prison, we 700 men were held with 30 Asian women. A tragic figure there was 18 year old Jimmy Wharton. Jim'd been among the wounded left at Parit Sulong when our 2/19th & 2/29th units staged a fighting 70-day withdrawal down the Malay Peninsula. We assumed, wrongly, the IJA would take good care of our wounded just as we would have of theirs. Jimmy was among 135 wounded POWs dragged from the PS hospital to be tied up, machine-gunned then bayoneted. He watched in horror as the other 134 were drenched in petrol & set alight. He heard their screams, pleas & curses as those still heavily drugged awoke to the smell of petrol & realized their fate. He saw trucks driven back & forth across them as they lay on the damaged PS bridge. He watched till night fell. Jungle creatures came out, feasting on the charred flesh. He fled” (p.101).

[Author (KH) had passed through PS in Februa 1942 during a two month Escape & Evasion attempt following a failed counter-offensive North of there. He saw the remains of dozens of bodies crammed into potholes on approaches to the PS bridge. They’d been partially eaten by wild pigs & baboons. KH wondered whose they were but only found out later, after meeting JW months later. PS village had been held by AIF units attempting to block the IJA’s inexorable progress South. AIF took a heavy toll of IJA troops before making an orderly retreat. As in European wars, AIF left their wounded behind in the expectation the IJA would take care of them. They did not. Instead, they took revenge on wounded AIF for the set-back to their tight invasion schedule. This pattern was later repeated throughout the Pacific War: any set-backs for the IJA lead to terrible reprisals on captured prisoners. RE].

“JW wandered for a week with a bayonet wound right through his chest but which missed both his lungs. Then he was captured by second-line IJA units and brought to Pudu. There his limbs quivered & colour drained from his face each time he heard a Jap voice. The only other survivor of the Ps massacre was Lt Ben Hackney. His leg had been shattered by a mortar bomb during the defence of the PS bridge. When the massacre began Hackney shammed death despite being bayoneted eight times by the Japanese [our emphasis]. One even stole his army boots. The agony of his broken leg can only be imagined. When I met Hackney in Pudu his legs & body were covered with bayonet marks. His left leg was bent at an odd angle. His horrifying experience had made him grim & unyielding to the guards. He appointed himself guardian of poor bewildered Jimmy Wharton & protected him. Grim, implacable, an example of guts for all of us. I was proud he was an Australian (p.102).      

KH noted some odd items:
“The Jap’s used puppet Chinese troops from Occupied China” (p.69) yet “every Chinese man, woman & child we met had been wonderful friends to us & ran dangerous risks for us” (p.70) as all supported Chang Kai Shek’s Nationalist regime, not Mao Zedong’s Reds. RE].

DVD REVIEW: The Long Way Home 133 minutes 2010
Written produced & directed by Peter Weir for National Geographic Entertainment + Abu Dhabi Film. Based on the book by Slavmir Rawicz. Stars Colin Farrell & Mark Strong. Filmed in Bulgaria & Morocco.
Is the true story of Polish POW’s captured by the Red Army in 1940 during the Russian invasion of Poland. They later escape from a concentration camp near Lake Baikal, part of the Siberian Gulag system. These POW’s fled with members of several other nationalities. All had been arrested as ‘spies’ by Stalin’s paranoid regime. They crossed Siberia entering Mongolia. Finding it to be also a Communist dictatorship they continued into China. China itself was in the grip of a Japanese invasion & a Nationalist-Communist Civil War. Too unsafe, the escapees were forced to continue. On into Tibet & then to British India. Their journey took them 4,000 miles.

In the ‘making of’ featurette Australian Director Peter Weir gives the background to this extraordinary true life adventure:
“the Soviet Gulag or concentration camp system had 450 separate camps, but all were linked into a network. Some were large, some small. In all 20 million people were imprisoned. That included 1,000s of American Communists who’d believed the Soviet propaganda & migrated to the USSR during the 1930’s Depression looking for work. All were eventually accused of being ‘spies’ & sent to the Gulag. Spying? Stalin sentenced all alleged spies to 20 years ‘forced labour’. He used them to build railways, dams & infrastructure across the vast Siberia landmass. To simply question Stalin’s action would earn you a 10 year sentence for ‘slandering the State’. These also went to the Gulag as forced labour”.

The few media reviews for this anti-Soviet film were all negative. Hollywood’s media lackeys are the last ‘true believers’ in Bolshevism. A truly traumatic film made by a true-blue Aussie.

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