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STORM 68 Mai 2009

        No. 68              Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action             Mai 2009
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only. 

DVD REVIEW: ‘STOP-LOSS’.  MTV+ Paramount Pictures. (2007) (107 minutes).
Written, produced & directed by Kimberley Pierce; produced by Scott Rudin(J) & Gregory Goodman(J). Stars Ryan Philippe, Abbie Cornish & Channing Tatum.

PLOT: The end credits tell us ‘since 9-11 2001 over 650,000 American troops have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. 81,000 of these have been stop-lossed’. What is ’stop-loss’? Members of US military who’ve completed their term of contract are prevented from leaving the Service. Why? A sub-clause says ’in time of war’. Makes sense. During WWII you could not have half the army quit simply because their ’time was up’. But as a character points out, the current ’wars on terror’ are not WWII and have no end in sight; were started at the whim of the US President and he alone can stop them. ‘Stop-Loss’ begins with a unit under fire in Iraq. They return to US after their ’tour of duty’ to bury their dead & find all their worthless wives have deserted them. All turn to drink, one commits suicide & after much humming & hawing all return to the war.

SUB-PLOT: So what’s SL about? Key is it’s made by MTV. SL’s producers are all kosher & therefore pro-war. Is only the Mittel Ost Colony that is served by ‘Terror Wars’. Resultant world turmoil also saw only the Chosen gain financially from 2007-08 Recession. System needs youth of America to serve its wars. MTV is main youth channel. So it makes a movie which, ostensibly, opposes ‘war’ and with lots of rock n roll music in it, parts resembling a music video. But after briefly ‘discussing the issues’ for & against the wars the film comes down is very pro-war, shown by the final scene where all return to Iraq to ’do their duty’.

VINTAGE WWII OR POST-VIETNAM? ’SL’ is very similar to war films made during WWII. One critic compared SL to films done after the Vietnam War. WRONG. Hollywood was pro-Vietcong 1954-75 so no films were made about the ten year long US involvement in Vietnam (1965-75) except for John Wayne’s self-financed Green Berets (1968). The first US feature, ‘Apocalypse Now’, came out four years after the War ended (Run Run Shaw’s Hong Kong-based Golden Harvest Films made ‘Boys of Company C’ in 1978 a year earlier). This was the first of many anti-war pictures on Vietnam. Even today no ’pro-war’ films are allowed about Vietnam. Why?

PRO-COMMUNIST HOLLYWOOD: The Chosen invented Communism. The US in Vietnam, and Korea in the so-called ‘forgotten war’, fought against Communism I.e. against The Chosen. Is why no pro-war films are allowed about either conflict. Film mogul Steven Spielberg has even declared WWII to be “the last good war“. However this all changed in 2001. In the current wars The Chosen alone gain so their ideological arsenal, the media, have bee let loose. Now only pro-war episodes of TV shows (Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural and JAG) and  films (Jarhead, SL, Blackhawk Down, We Were Soldiers, etc) are allowed.

CENSORSHIP:  Believe US has no censorship? Wake-up! Is a basic difference between US ‘war’ films dealing with the 1965-1975 War and the ‘terror wars’ since 2001. In films about Vietnam like Platoon the reasons for the war itself are questioned but the individual soldiers themselves are cast as victims/martyrs. In current crop of War films the opposite is true. Reason for the Terror Wars are never seriously discussed. Failure to achieve victory is attributed directly to personal failings of the troops. They ‘fail’ to achieve goals set them purely due to their own personality flaws e.g. in SL Tommy is a drunk who suicides when given a Bad Conduct Discharge. Is never suggested he became a drunk DUE to the terrible things he done in the war. Another odd feature of SL has veterans of the current wars identify each other by a tattoo on their right arms. Is of a US flag - not in colour, in black. They hide it then reveal it, like Jew tattoo’s from WWII. What do the producers want us to believe? This ‘tatt’, like theirs, will one day gain its wearers  massive financial benefits? Hmmm.
VIETNAM VERSUS 9-11 WARS: Hollywood tells us that in Vietnam, it was ‘the System’ which failed. Why? It opposed Communism. But in Iraq and Afghanistan it can only be the individual that fails as, like WWII, the Chosen have declared these wars to be ‘holy wars’, I.e. ‘holy’ because they serve their purposes. Compare a film made by Spielberg just prior to the 9-11 wars, Saving Private Ryan. The Chosen star ‘Tom Hanks’ plays the role of a Christ-like, self-sacrificing soldier. Is no wonder this film was awarded so many Oscars. The Chosen loved it. Plenty of Germans are killed and lots of stupid Goy die, too. All done to an ethereal sound-track, in an attempt to cast these tools of Finance as ’saints’ in ‘a last Crusade‘, title of another Spielberg anti-Nazi rave.

ANTI-HOLLYWOOD FILMS: Sole exception to torrent of anti-war films about Vietnam, and one of the few made during the war itself, was ’the Green Berets’ starring John Wayne. Wayne, an avowed Rightist, made this film like the equally popular ’Alamo’ using his own money after Hollywood refused him finance. Wayne, much as Cecil B. De Mille before and Mel Gibson since, was a Rightist renegade ostracised by the Chosen elite who rule Sollywood.

MEL GIBSON: Some oddball theorists suggested: “Mel G only makes films the Chosen actually want made. The whole antagonism between he and they is just ’for show' ". Such ’hindsight’ passing for wisdom among ’armchairs’ historians only reveals a very twisted mind. Follow this ‘Logic’ & US only attacked Vietnam to make Communism stronger, as that was the end result of the war. Same people no doubt believe JFK deliberately traveled to Dallas in 1963, despite death threats, from a desire to ’die a hero rather than as a debauchee’ (actually stated in an episode of Stargate TV series). Maybe killing of ML King Jr. was suicide? With such convoluted reasoning is no wonder they cannot ‘figure out’ the current economic crisis.

TWO THEORIES: Are allegedly two schools of thought among historians: those who believe ’everything happens by chance’ and those who see ‘everything as planned’, down to the smallest detail. Later are dubbed ’conspiracy theorists’. Fact is history is a combination of the two. Look at WWI. Is true assassins who sought to kill Austria’s Crown Prince in Sarajevo were all Serbs & all were trained & funded by the Serbian terror gang ’the Black Hand’,  an arm of Serbia’s secret police. Is also true the first three assassins failed. The Archduke then went on to an official reception where he harangued local officials for failure to secure his person.

GOD IN HISTORY: But is also true fourth assassin, Gavrilo Princip, waited for several hours, simply not knowing what to do next. Was foolish bravado by Archduke to continue his official tour, plus his driver taking a wrong turn, that brought Princip his opportunity. To not believe in a GOD is where many historians fail. You could say the Archduke was ‘unlucky‘ or that Princip ‘got lucky‘. Is nonsense. Luca is ancient pagan god of luck like Fortuna. Is why no Christians says ‘I got lucky‘ or ‘how fortunate!’ Words reveal thoughts & beliefs. Believe in the Christian GOD? Then acknowledge Him, not dead pagan idols who are in reality fallen angels or demons.

CURRENT ECONOMIC CRISIS: Many ask ANA: “what caused the current economic collapse?“ & “how should it be resolved?“ Wrong questions. Look at wider picture. Western society is decaying. Why? Has foolishly segmented Man into his various functions, following lead of Chosen sociologists like Karl Marx, Boaz, etc. ’Economic man’ versus ‘sexual man’; ’public man’ versus ’private man’. Is false: Man is a single entity. Is as silly as looking at lung function but ignoring heart, kidney or liver. Hmmm. Could explain falling standards of health care across West.

FAITH AND ACTION: Belief determines action. Belief in a GOD dictates career choice, patterns of spending, etc. Cut through false sociological arguments designed merely to confuse. Many Rightist living in the Capitalist West falsely worship The Chosen as economic ‘gods’. WRONG. Is only one GOD and He does not share worship with any others. Fact is we’ve all been ’brought to heel’ for continued lack of righteous in our daily lives & tolerance of evil in both high and low places. Many times the courts abuse those victims of crime who attack their attackers. They are told quite sternly: ‘you must not take the law into your own hands‘ and then given a stiff penalty. This is rubbish. Where else does the LAW sit but in the hands of the righteous? In the hands of corrupt and depraved lawyers & judges, all totally divorced from any concept of good and morality. Lawyers boast ‘law and morality have nothing in common‘. WRONG. Only in our vile legal system is such a boast possible. Is no wonder many whites now look enviously at the Muslim Sharia law to deliver them form the evil enshrined in our ‘laws‘.

EVIL JUDGES: A good case in point is High court judge, Justice Michael Kirby. In the 1980‘s this creature headed the Law Reform Commission. A darling of the media he would be regularly quoted as advancing all manner of sick perversion as ‘reform‘. e.g. he wanted to legalise abortion, queer marriage, lower the age of consent for girls to ten years, etc. What the Left media never told us was the LRC is actually a sub-department of the Federal Attorney-General’s Department. I.e. a government agency. All this took place under the Fraser Liberal government, 1975-83. We all laughed and thought him a fool.  But under the Hawke ALP government Kirby was appointed a High Court judge becoming one of the nine most powerful officials in the land.

ACTIVIST JUDGES: It was under Kirby’s influence that the High Court began its ’activist’ phase. In 1993 & 1995 under the Wik and Mabo decisions it awarded all of Australia to the 1% who claim to be ’originals’ - robbing the other 99% of all their rights. It legalised queer marriage but not before Kirby ‘came out’ admitting he had been ’cohabiting’ with his male lover for 27 years. So all along Kirby and his legal pals has been pushing their private biases as ’law reform’. Conspiracy or self interest? You choose. As a pervert Kirby was quite useful to the Left especially his ALP feminist mates. In one notorious decision Kirby, who was all for ’easy divorce’ prosecutes de a non-custodial father for getting a blood test done on his child which later proved the child not to be his. For ten years he had paid ’child support’ to someone else’s child. His wife knew this. Kirby said such blood tests could only be done with the mother’s permission as ’it had the potential to break up families’ (?!).

EVIL JUDGES, EVIL LAWS: Excuse me?! He saw nothing wrong with a woman cheating on her husband then divorcing him, marrying the real father of the child then getting the former partner to finance them. This is where amoral lawyers have lead us. Of course it takes an amoral society to obey such laws. Try to get a blood test done and you’ll find every doctors surgery only employs women. These will adhere strictly toe the law, reporting you if you don’t have ex-wife’s permission. What about the laws dealing with ’false pretenses’ and ’fraud’? Kirby must not have read these while at queer lawyers school. So why does the economy collapse? Why should it survive. All the other fundamentals of our society have long since eroded away. Only a radical turning of heart and - yes - the shedding of lots of guilty blood will suffice to ’turn it around’ .Start by reading you Old Testament of the Bible. The GOD of the Old is the GOD of the New despite most Christians denying this.            

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