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STORM ALERT 25: the World of Tomorrow

                STORM ALERT 25
8 Janus 2013 
by Clothilde Runcymen
STORM ALERT  is published in the national interest. No action should be inferred or implied. 

The world faces a time of hard decisions in the not too distant future. 30% of the population are Baby Boomers i.e. born before 1960. The social demographers have decided to segment the population into niches e.g. Builders, Battlers, Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y & Gen Z. Boomers were born after WWII in 1945 up till 1960. Gen X were born 1961 to 1980. Gen Y 1981 till 2000 & so on. Where this all comes unstuck is the Boomers make up a larger proportion of the population than any other. They are now beginning to retire. They are the most pampered & cosseted generation in World History. Why?

In 1914 the Western World exploded in a fratricidal war. Whites butchered each other for five years. In 1918 the war ended having achieved nothing but the demise of the White race. Of the 53 million combatants, 10 million white men of marriageable age were dead. Millions more were maimed. Ten million white women would never marry & reproduce. Our Race had delivered itself a death blow from which we’ve never recovered.

The millions of demobbed hardened killers produced by the War to End All Wars returned to countries supposedly ‘fit for heroes’. They found themselves scarred & fit only for fighting. They formed radical political parties of the Left & Right & proceeded to battle it out on the streets of Western , Central & Eastern Europe. Russia’s veterans formed a Soviet government. Italy’s & Germany’s veterans formed Fascist governments. Other states were paralysed as Left & Right tore the fragile democracies apart.

This titanic, continent-wide struggle led directly to WWII. There the Soviet Union attacked & destroyed a Fascist alliance of states, by forming a rival Allied front with its foes, the purportedly ‘democratic’ UK & USA. By 1945 the two fascist states lay waste along with millions of their allies in all European states, East & West. To forestall a repeat of 1919-33 the Western states showered the returning warriors with all & any privileges they might desire. Aged pensions, unemployment benefits, child endowments, widows pensions, etc. None of  this was costed. The Western democracies had mortgaged their futures. As the Boomers grew older they demanded more & got everything they asked for.

They had 4-6 children each. These grew up but when they entered the workforce found themselves increasingly saddled with the social debts incurred on behalf of their parents. By the 1990’s this included a drive by all governments of all parties to draft women into the workforce. This forced their children into day-care. It also allowed women for the first time in world history to opt out of child rearing altogether.

By 2010 30% of women in all Western nations had refused to breed. Those that did breed soon returned to fulltime work some with a month of birth. The overall birth-rate plummeted. The Boomers had 4-6 kids each. Their children, Gen X had 2-4 kids. Their kids Gen Y hav 1-2 each if any. One sample Australian family, the P’s, had six members in the Battlers Gen 1929-45. These had six Boomer kids in total, 1945-60. These had six Gen X kids in total 1995-1999.

This was mirrored across the West. Meanwhile, in the Third World the opposite was true. Medical advances brought by Western missionaries had slashed infant mortality rates. Birth rates leapt. The post-WWII population swelled. This ‘revolution of rising expectations’ by this 30% - the Third World’s Boomers - lead directly to outbursts of protest against white rule of the Third World & the end of empires in Holland, Belgium, Britain, France, Portugal & Spain.

By 2015 the two poles will meet. The declining birth rates in the West will meet the rising births in the Third World. All the world’s refugees are Third Worlders fleeing into the First World, the West. Where they seek the same benefits as we have become used to but can now not afford. The cost of the privileges bestowed on the Battlers in the post-1945 era have bankrupted all the Western nations & Japan. We now face the prospect of supporting the Battlers in their retirement with our taxes, with no children coming along to pay for our benefits.

When you see a retiree with the bumper sticker ‘Spending the Kids Inheritance’ don’t smile. Its true. This elfish bloc has drained us of our future’s then ever so kindly opened the immigration door to alien savages who will not build or work but only tear down & spoil. We don’t need the latter & can no longer afford the former. For there to be any hope of survival of the White Race anywhere we must abandon social welfarism & any concept of pity or mercy for aliens.   Either we survive in part or fail in whole.

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