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STORM 109 Octobis 2012

No. 109    Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action    Octobis 2012
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘inside’ sources, SKUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. Here’s the latest:

FAMILY PLANNING? 40 year old lower class white female: “a friend of mine had twins then triplets. All boys! He’d only ‘tried’ again as she wanted a girl this time. After this second ‘failures’ (sic) her doctor warned her hot to try for any more as they’d be sure to have either twins or triplets. Today she dropped her ‘usband orf [at the hospital] for ‘da chop’ [sterilization]. ‘E was shoutin’ & arguin’ all da way. Huh! If he’d bin mar ‘usband I’dda dun ‘im myself after the twins. Imagine: all boys!”
[We listened to this in silence. Why’s the white West dying? White females imagine their role to be anything but what it was meant to be: as brood-mares for the next generation. RE].

‘I WORKED FOR ANSETT AIRLINES’ @ 6.4.2011: [Ansett Airlines - AA - was Australia’s second, private, airline the other being the government-owned Australian National Airlines – ANA]. An ex-AA worker told us how the company ‘went under’. “Rupert Murdoch bought AA. Then he went to the US. He bought 20th Century Fox Studios using the cash reserves of AA.
He emptied AA’s bank accounts then shipped all their ‘account books’ offshore, to New Zealand, to avoid financial regulators from uncovering his theft. You never heard about that on Channel Ten News or in any of the 12 daily newspapers- ‘cause Rupert owns them all! Then he sold AA to Air New Zealand.
ANZ didn’t know AA was bankrupt as Rupert didn’t tell them. But they soon found out. To save money ANZ immediately closed down AA’s maintenance depots in Brisbane & Melbourne. They shipped what few spare parts remained back to Auckland, New Zealand. AA had just bought new Boeing 737’s. But Rupert needed cash so he sold the engines, replacing them with older worn-out engines from earlier model 737’s. ANZ didn’t suspect a thing: they’d bought a bankrupt airline with worthless aircraft. Three broken down AA 737’s were just left, abandoned, on the tarmac at Melbourne airport.
So ANZ simply repainted them in ANZ colours & left them there. It was estimated ANZ would have to spend AUD$10 billion to refurbish the AA fleet just to get it back into the air. Money they didn’t have. So they scrapped the entire airline, sacking 15,000 staff throughout Australia. There’s been suicides since then; two books written by former AA staff detailed all this. No newspaper in Australia will review them”.

WHIGGER’S LAMENT @ 11.4.2012: “I have to fly down to Melbourne [2,000 km South of Brisbane] for a wedding. My wife’s first son is marrying a Somali girl. She’s so beautiful! (sic) She’s Muslim but he’s Christian so he has to convert. Her family come from Tasmania”.

ARBITRARY FEES & CHARGES: A white female complained: “My Mum died in Toowoomba Hospital. I asked the nurse who was looking after her: ‘when did she die?’ She says: ‘at 1145 hours’. I later get the Medical Report. It says she died at 1215 hours. So I phoned the Hospital. I said: ‘did my Mum die at 1145 hours or 1215 hours?’ They said: ‘send us a Freedom of Information Request From & pay the AUD$39 fee. Once we get that we’ll tell you’. I told them to p--- off!
Then came the funeral expenses: the cost of cremation is $9,500. It’s $2,000 just for a basic coffin. If you want something fancy it can cost $10,000 – that’s with gold handles & silk lining. Mum pre-paid for her ‘box’ in 1963. It only cost her 5 Pounds. But since then they reckon they ‘lost’ her account so they wanted me to $360 for a new one. I told them to p--- off! Someone told me all these funeral parlours are American-owned. There’s not one Australian owned undertaker left in the whole country. Is that true?’ ”

THIS IS NOT INDIA! Overheard @ 28.8.2012: Two recent arrivals from India discuss Australia: “if the house prices here were only lower we could bring in more of our own people”. “But this isn’t India! They won’t allow you to put 15 people in every house”.

END OF THE CELTIC TIGER @28.8.2012: Irish contact tells us
“there are two political parties at home. Fianna Fail(?) is the largest. It can usually rule by itself. The conservatives are the Fianna Gail(?). They split from the FF. The FG has to co-rule with the Labour Party as both are too small to rule alone. The Green Party held nine seats till recently but they lost all these at the last election. People saw that ‘tree-hugging’ was OK in good times but not now, post-2008 Recession. Now the fastest growing party is the Sinn Fein”.  

A contact attended a 8//7/2012 meeting with Aiden McLindon, a Liberal National Party MP who in 2010 founded his own Queensland Party then in 2011 defected to Katter’s Australian Party. In the 24 Mars 2012 Queensland election. AMc was appointed Qld State Director of the KAP when former Director Luke Shaw quit after the 24.3.2012 poll. KAP lost their two seats in Parliament but gained two others. Aiden McLindon:
“KAP will establish Zones across Qld alongside 30 Federal Councils, one per Federal electorate. The new Liberal National Party government is punishing KAP & rewarding their erstwhile foes, the ALP. That’s because they fear us, not the ALP. We are the biggest threat to the LNP. They promised a lot & can’t deliver on it. So they took all the Parliamentary staff away from our two MP’s but gave the ALP’s seven MP’s 22 paid staff at a cost of $2.2million per year. Our loss of staff means we now have no access to photocopies or printing or any other secretarial skills. Why are we such a big threat? 280,000 Qld voters gave us their first preference (vote). Then 280,000 gave us their second preference (votes). That means almost 600,000 people - 40% of Qld voters - thought KAP had something to offer.
We must build on that support using our ‘21 Core Policies’. These are the same as the National Party & ALP used to believe but no longer do. KAP HQ has lost 2/3 of its staff since the election so now has only two paid fulltime staffers [to cover Qld's 667,000 sq miles & four million people]. Bob Katter is touring Tasmania. He’s met a lot of good people. He’s going to South Australia, Victoria & NSW. In all these states we're setting up branches”.

DVD REVIEW: Nazi Collaborators (12 part series) (2011) Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment Executive Producer Matthew Barrett & Richard Wise. Produced & directed by Martin J O Hughes. WMR & IMG co-production. Each 46 minute episode dealt with a different country, party & leader from amongst the countries of United Europe (1939-45), a Europe freed from the twins yokes of alien-controlled Kapital & purged of alien-inspired Bolshevism.

NETHERLANDS: ANTON MUSSERT: Born in 1894 AM became a civil engineer. As a result of the 1929 Depression AM joined a series of Rightist groups. On 14th December 1931 AM founded his own group, the National Socialist Movement (NSB). AM modeled it on Hitler’s NSDAP. AM wanted to be Holland’s Fuhrer. His Brown-shirts were nicknamed the ‘the Mussert Guard’. NSB was not anti-Semitic; they even welcomed Jews. He was not anti-religious. Like many Dutch, AM’s supporters feared a Communist takeover. NSB even used the slogan: ‘Mussert or Moscow’.

Within five years NSB had over 6,000 members. AM was invited to meet Adolf Hitler in Berlin in late 1936 where he pledged to ‘help fight Communism’. Despite their numbers, NSB won only 4% in the 1936 elections. They did even worse in the 1939 local government elections. WWII began the same year. AM was accused of planned to kidnap Holland’s Queen Wilhemina, aided by Germany’s Abwehr. The plot was ‘discovered’ by Dutch authorities & several NSB men were arrested. AM was forced to go into hiding.

Soon after 16,000 German paratroopers arrived. After Germany had conquered Holland, they appointed a Reich-Kommissar. Viennese lawyer, Seyss-Inqvart, released all Dutch POW’s, then dissolved Holland’s Parliament. He had earlier Nazified Austria. Now it was Holland’s turn. On 23 September 1940 the German Fuhrer granted AM a personal meeting where AM proposed a European ‘Federation of National Socialist states’. Herr Hitler replied: ‘first you must re-educate the Dutch’.

There were 150,000 Jews living in Holland by September 1940. At first the new German administration only issued special identity cards for Jews; later they expelled all Jews from the public service. Rudi Oppenheimer said: ‘it was rotten for Jews! There was even a curfew’. Then the Jews retaliated: they murdered a prominent member of Mussert’s NSB. In reprisal over 400 Jewish men ‘disappeared’. Left-wing trade unions organized a march through Amsterdam. They called a 48-hour strike ‘in support of Jews’. Nine strikers were shot dead by German Occupation troops.

Seyss-Inqvart then began undermining AM by promoting rival NSB leaders like Rost Von Toningen, head of the Dutch National Bank. One source said: “[RVT] wanted the Dutch language replaced with German. He was a rabid anti-Semite(sic). Even Mussert was afraid of him”. S-I appointed RVT ‘Co-Leader’ of AM’s NSB. It was only after this that AM agreed to expel every Jew from NSB membership. After June 1941 AM even recruited Dutch Legion to fight in Germany’s war with Russia. 3,000 of these Dutch Legionnaires served at Stalingrad.

Netherlands East Indies (Indonesia) were the ‘jewel in the Crown’ of the Dutch Empire. Japan sought DEI’s oil. When Japan attacked the US 7 December 1941 the Dutch Queen declared war on Japan. This gave Japan the excuse they needed. Nine days later they seized the Dutch East Indies. 2,000 Dutch were killed & 60,000 captured. AM begged AH to stop the Japanese but AH ignored him. Dutch were being slaughtered by Germany’s allies. AM’s position in the NSB was now undermined.

After invading Holland the Dutch had set up ‘an arm of their security police the SS’ (sic) These soon incorporated the Mussert Guard unit. Its chief was one of AM’s lieutenants Henridk Feldmeyer. The MG men now obeyed AH, not AM. So on 17 May 1942 six hundred Dutch SS swore an oath to AH. It was even renamed ‘the Germanic SS in the Netherlands’. Holland had the highest proportion of Jews in any of the Occupied countries of Europe. There the solutions were the most drastic. A round-up of Jews began in June 1942.

Rudi Oppenheimer: ‘in April 1942 they made us wear of Jewish Star’. The round-up was done by the Dutch SS. They were taken to Westerborg Camp built to house Jewish refugees from Germany. It was built with Jewish funds. ‘A rail-line ran direct from Westerborg to Auschwitz & Sobibor in Poland death camps (sic). In just one month 11,000 were sent. AM knew of the round-up. He asked that former NSB men be spared. This was refused. The 35 man unit the Henika Column lead by Wim Henika were former NSB. They ‘cleared’ Jews homes after their removal. They became bounty-hunters. The HC were paid 7.5 Guilders for every Jew they captured. They arrested 9,00 Jews in 1942-43. 25,000 Jews were hidden by their Dutch toadies. ‘Anne Frank’s Diary has become one of the most read books of all time’.

In February 1943 AM was appointed Dutch ‘leader’ by AH at his own request. He then held a joint NSB-NSDAP rally with S-I to pledge ‘we Dutch will stand & fall with our German allies’. RO: ‘Westerbork wasn’t too bad. I’m always telling people this! I went to school there. There was a primary school. We played football at lot. The camp was only 500mX500m. They kept it clean. We had to shower once a week’. RO’s family were never sent to Poland as ‘we had a blue card; we were Exchange Jews as my sister was born in England’. EJ’s were those who could prove they were citizens of Countries Germany was at war with. These could be swapped for Germans held prisoner in Britain or the US. So they were kept safe. RO: ‘so we stayed in Westerbork for seven months’.

In February 1943 the Dutch resistance began killing Dutch NSB. Began with CO of the Dutch Legion, Lt Gen Seyfert was shot dead. 50 Dutch were executed. Dutch SS leader HF assembled a 15-man death squad, Operation Silver Fur, to carry our reprisals. They deleted 54 Dutch traitors including writer AM De Jong. AM expelled HF from the NSB. 18 February 1943 J Goebbels gave his ‘total war’ speech in response to the loses at Stalingrad & North Africa. The Germans ordered all former Dutch soldiers to report for ‘duty’. A Red strike was called. 80 were executed for refusal to work. 100 NSB had been murdered by pro-Allied assassins. 1,000s of Dutch were lost on the Eastern Front. 4 December 1943 AM met AH for the last time. Told AM: ‘you will never be in power’.

31 January 1944 all Dutch Exchange Jews were taken from Westerbork to Bergen-Belsen in Germany. ‘It was NOT a death camp. It had been a camp for enemies of the State but was now solely for use by EJ’s’. RO: ‘Everything we had had in Westerbork was banned in BB. No play, no entertainment. We now had to work 6.5 days per week’. On 6 June 1944 the Allies landed at Normandy. Amongst them were 1,500 Dutch troops fighting for the enemy. 13 September 1944 the first Dutch city fell to the US invaders. 1,000s of NSB fled to Germany but AM stayed behind.

The Dutch celebrated prematurely. Four days later the Allies launched Operation Market Garden. Two bridges were seized. Queen called for a rail strike to cut all supplies to the Germans. The British failed to take the third bridge. In reprisal the Germans in Holland cut off all supplies of gas, coal, electricity, food & water. The retreating German blew dykes holding back the North Sea. The Allies feared all Holland might be lost so halted their advance. The Hunger Winter of 1944-45 killed 16,000 in Western Holland from starvation & cold. The Germans allowed the RAF & USAF to drop 11,000 tons of food to Dutch cities.

RO: ‘the Germans brought survivors from Auschwitz so we now got typhus & lice. People began to die’. 5 May 1945 117,000 German troops in Holland surrendered. 120,000 Dutch were arrested for aiding the Germans. 7 May 1945 AM was arrested for High Treason. After two days he was sentenced to death. On 7 May 1946 he was shot by firing squad. ‘AM failed to recognise the demonic nature of the Hitler regime’ (sic).      

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