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STORM 89 Feb 2011

        No. 89     Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action      Februa 2011
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only. 

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’. We can’t confirm their stories, their ‘Scuttle-butt’.

SCUTTLEBUTT: @26 Octobis 2010 a Somali professional: “our pirates have captured two LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) bulk carriers 1,600 miles from our coast – they were off Mombasa [Kenya]. The boys used ‘mother-ships’ & GPS. The Western media never say why our pirates are so good. Is because they’re lead by members of the former Somali Army & Navy, trained by Soviet Union.

Recently the pirates released two British yachtees held for a year till their ransom was paid. It was only US$300,000. Was raised by the 500,000 Somalis resident in Britain, mainly around Manchester & Birmingham. The go-between was a UK-based Somali businessman. Was his tribe who held the two Britons. Their latest capture is a Chinese oil tanker. They set the ransom at US$30 million as the oil on board is worth US$100 million. Was taken near India. If the EU send ships round the Cape of Good Hope [South Africa] to avoid Suez Canal & the Somali Coast our boys will simply catch them there.

The world’s navies can’t be everywhere at once! They’ll have to do a deal with us…err…them. Our boys are gooood! They’re all former Somali Navy crewmen. Before the fall of the Siad Barre government [in 1991] we had six big ships & 10 fast patrol boats. Now…we may have no government but our boys are still defending the country’s coastline. The EU’s factory give us a wide berth!” STORM: “how is it your pirates obtain such modern weapons?” “It’s easy. When I lived there you could buy an AK47 for US$50 plus 3,000 rounds of ammunition. Or get an M-16 with 5,000 rounds for only US$60. Suppliers arrive from Israel, Bulgaria, South Africa & Rumania. They’ll sell to anyone who pays”.  

SUPER SURVEILLANCE: Another contact talks to STORM on a variety of topics:
“An associate is back from the McDonnell Douglas factory in the US. He saw over 1,500 Global Hawk drone aircraft under construction. It can ’loiter’ on target for 24 hours. Can traverse the world without refueling. No one’s safe from them. Are now enough ‘Hawks to keep everyone in the world under surveillance 24/7. As for helicopters, our latest has FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) so the authorities can track people at night, backwards. How? Say you fire a gun, then flee. They ‘see’ your footsteps & trace you back to where you came from. Think hiding in a large crowd will save you? Wrong! Fire your gun in a crowd of 10,000 people they’ll still ‘track’ you via the ‘heat signature’ of your weapon.

DRONES: US cops now use drones to watch civil protests. This was revealed during a recent court case in Los Angeles. At the trial of protesting cyclists LA police produced evidence they’d had the protest watched by aerial drones which ‘tagged’ each protester with using infra-red devices. They were tracked back to their homes. When this came to light the cyclists involved filed a Federal lawsuit citing ’violation of civil rights’.

ROBOTS: Latest developments have advanced robots as weapons platforms. Once robots were used only to disarm bombs. Was done by remote control while the operator watched on CCTV [as seen in the movie Hurt Locker. RE]. It has now reached another level, where the US military parachute armed robots, equipped with sniper rifles, onto Afghan mountaintops. Run on long-life batteries, they ‘power down’ [turn off] till needed. Say, in six months time a rebel convoy may pass by. The US ‘powers up’ the nearest robot sniper. Within minutes its ready to kill. It waits for its ‘target’ to enter within range, currently 800 metres, then WHAM! The only limits now are the range of the weapons available.

RACE RELATIONS IN NORTHERN AUSTRALIA: Race relations in Northern Australia continue to deteriorate. White civilian helicopter crews working out of Saibai Island [Saibai is the Northern-most part of Australia. RE] are regularly assaulted by natives. These are ethnically Papuans [as in PNG. RE] so at low-tide many Papuans walk across the Torres Straits, direct from PNG. This is legal but they’re expected to return home ‘by Sunset’. Many do not. In fact many are not even Papuans but from other parts of PNG. Posing as Saibai Islanders they get access to Australian schools & hospitals. Some then fly from Saibai down to Melbourne [3,000 miles away. RE]. There they melt into its ’multi-culture’. Imagine: Illiterate natives, straight from the jungle, arrive in a city of four million. Wonder about urban crime? Don’t!”          

ANTIFA = ANTI-WHITE: We hear lots these days about ‘Anti-fa’ (‘anti-fascists’). These operate in every country. Where ever white nationalists attempt to build resistance to alien invasion & its ally, capitalist exploitation. These race-traitors usual modus operandi is the same world-wide: to smear pro-white groups; make threatening phone calls; graffiti our premises; threaten venues so our meetings, conferences & rallies get cancelled; intimidate our employers; take our photos for posting on the Web; remove our literature, posters & stickers so our goals & even our existence are kept a secret from the public. These Red goons claim to be ‘anti-fascist’ yet ape the actions of Mussolini’s Black-Shirts. They are what they claim to oppose. Is the usual Red lie but we ask: why do they so urgently support the genocide of the white race? Why happily aid Big Business which they claim to hate?

BRAINWASHING: An answer may be found in our mis-education system. Every year 100,000 youth graduate from Australia high schools, after 13 years of brain-washing by teachers themselves brainwashed at Uni. After 13 years both share the same anti-white nationalists goals: love of ‘the environment’; hate racism; love aliens; hate their own race; hate capital; hate pollution; think ‘government’, especially an ALP or Green government, is the font of all good; private effort is suspect if not unnatural. In effect they are trained to think collectively, like good little Reds. Any critical thinking they may retain is further eroded by mass TV & media campaigns selling product targeting youth. Like lab-rats they’re constantly bombarded with stimuli to get specific reactions. Mentally pulverized they become an un-thinking mass, blobs of humanity, like dough ready to be kneaded by sinister hands. Educationalists refer to the young minds placed into their care as ‘tabula rasa’ (blank slates) ready to be written on.

REDS RECRUIT AT UNI: Of the 100,000 high school grads each year 25% go to Uni. STORM did some research on Brisbane campuses. We found this breakdown after 12 months: 10% had turned to the Right in reaction to Left-wing lecturers; 10 % had turned hard Left, in response to Leftist lecturers; 80% stayed neutral taking the middle ground. Only wanting a quiet life they pretended to be Left when they needed to, attending Leftist rallies & signing petitions. Mostly, like sheep, they were happy to be herded, not heard. Let’s do the maths: if 10% of 25,000 Uni-types are pro-Left that’s a potential 2,500 Leftist activists nation-wide acting as un-paid ‘thought police’ on the rest of us.

RED FUNK HOLES: Wonder why we can’t make an impact on the Uni campuses? Watched over by the mostly Red lecturers, spied on by disparate Left groups - from feminist to Green, ALP to hard-core Anarchists. Student unions fund most such groups. They printing their flyers, posters & stickers; bail them out when they get arrested; pay their courts costs; provide them with a ‘safe haven’ from police. When Howard’s Liberal government banned compulsory student unionism in 2004 it was revealed these had a combined income of AUD$170 million per year.

PROFESSIONAL TROUBLE-MAKERS: This writer was in the Brisbane office of a Student Union when two Reds met.
Red 1: ‘where’ve you been?’
Red 2: ‘Sydney. I got arrested seven times!’
Red 1: ‘Oh!? I stayed here - but I still managed to get arrested three times!”

Like little kids, but very dangerous ones. Same as handing a baby a machine-gun. Who destroys WN print material and then phone to threaten us? Student Union first year’s. They get ‘blooded’ by older Reds. The Firsts are happy to obey as, like as any recruit to a cult or gang, they seek approval more than anything else. In the process they storm WN meetings, bash us & severe our every link to the public. When we do make personal contact with the public their first reaction is surprise followed by: ‘Oh, are you a new group? Why’ve we never heard of you?!’ If only we could ‘turn’ these misguided youth to the Truth. Then through them we could reach their mis-informed  peers & through them the unwashed masses. How? All & any ideas are welcome.
DONATIONS: Newsletters like STORM aim to break the silence of our politically correct society. That does not endear us to the System. We rely on donations and subscribers who send funds, cheques &/or postage stamps. Postage is our biggest expense. We gratefully acknowledge the following for their ongoing support:
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