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                                   STORM ALERT 26: THE COMING WAR
We were asked: 'will a war with Iran begin soon?’  Let's assess the facts:

BBC World Service Thorsday 16 Augustus 2012:
“Richard Silverstein(J) a Leftist US blogger has been leaked a top secret Cabinet briefing from Israel. He says: ‘it was a sales pitch’. The Defence Forces were trying to prove to the government they could carry out a successful, unilateral attack on Iran. The attack would be timed to coincide with the Novembis 2012 US Presidential elections.

The IDF plan called for an attack in three phases.
Phase One: a massive cyber-attack on radio, TV, Internet upon all Iran’s military & governmental facilities. This would include the entire transport system & electrical power grid.

Phase Two: Hundreds of missiles would be fired from Israel. Hundreds of cruise missiles would be fired from IDF submarines in the Mediterranean. These would target the homes & offices of top regime officials & nuclear/defence scientists.

Phase Three: Invisible aircraft, unknown even to the US, would launch follow-up raids against the same targets ‘just to make sure’ ”.

We question why Silverstein released this? As a Leftist he maybe anti-war. But as one of the Chosen he is biased so may be simply ‘testing the water’ to see how the world reacts.

We did not give this report much credence till it was pointed out to us the 1st Augustus 2012 mass cyber attack on India which ‘took out’ half their entire electric power grid for two days. Half India’s population, 600 million people, were left without transport, communications, water or sewerage. (See attached media report).

Who would target India? India is an ally of Russia, as is Iran. Both have similar infrastructure & equipment. Attacking India would be a good way to test the use of such a strategy against Iran. The blogger released his report 15 days after the attack on India. He did not say when the IDF briefed the Cabinet.

On 19 August 2012 again suffered an attack, this time a mass text-messaging campaign. 35,000 Muslims were targeted with messages telling each to ‘flee for your lives! You are about to be killed!’ Muslims living in South India then fled to the North causing chaos in the schools & industries they had left. India was forced to order 250 websites to case operations, blaming them for spreading the false messages.

Pakistan denied any involvement; we suspect the IDF. Such a mass attack against Iran’s potential targets would disrupt key defence industries for several days, as happened in India. Another ‘dry run’?    As to timing, we do not know. We suspect the US will elect Mitt Romney who gave total & unequivocal support to Israel on his recent visit, so desperate is he to be the first Moron President. (see attached. Note the comment: ‘the road to the White Hose leads thru Jerusalem’).

In 2004 the IDF used the gap between incoming & outgoing President, to attack Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon, a key Iranian ally. It cost 1,400 lives & destroyed US$%8 billion worth of infrastructure.

After the 2008 election Israel attacked Gaza & killed 1,100 Palestinian women & children. We believe any IDF attack will take place AFTER not before a US election, possibly in early December 2012. President Romney will do nothing just as Bush & Obama did nothing in 2004 & 2008 as the US is in ‘caretaker mode’ till the Inauguration in March 2013.

But it is not the issue of if or when Israel attacks. What is important is the Aftermath. Who will then attack Israel & will the US protect them, as they have in every previous war? Why does the Israeli PM ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu wish war? For personal reasons. His brother Yoni was the sole fatality on the 1976 Entebbe Raid. Bibi has always sought to be a hero, too. US Neo-Cons, including many Christian preachers, have fed Israel’ leaders ‘a line’ that they can re-create the Old Testament Kingdom of David, their greatest king.

See 1 Chronicles Chapter 18. In summary it says: ‘David conquered & enslaved all the surrounding nations’. That’s Bibi’s goal, his monument to Yoni. But what if it is a massive trap? When Israel has exhausted all their weaponry & awaiting the ‘US Cavalry’ what if the US leaves them in the lurch? The same Christian-Zionists seek a Return of their Messiah. He is said to only return AFTER Israel is destroyed in a massive war, possibly as retaliation for their attack on Iran. (Revelation 20.7)  

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