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STORM 95 Augustus 2011

        No. 95  Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action  Augustus 2011
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only.

STORM gets a lot of information from ‘inside’ sources, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t use their names or confirm their stories. Here’s the latest:

TAFE TEACHER: An ESL [English as a Second Language] teacher at South Brisbane TAFE told us:
“I teach English to refugees who want to pass the new immigration rules which require a ‘sound knowledge of English’. Two are Muslim men, from Iraq & Afghanistan. They confided to me them want to quit Islam as they desperately want to be more ‘Aussie’. They say Islam is ‘too restrictive’ ”.

SOMALI CONTACT: (@ 23 Juno 2011): “Did you hear the price our boys [Somali pirates] got for their latest release? US$32 million. Not a bad income stream!”

NSW POLICE CONTACT: “What happened to Donald Mackay [Griffith anti-drugs campaigner who disappeared in 1974]? Was put through a kangaroo mincer. [Mafia] don’t muck around”.

SRI LANKAN CONTACT: “I hate Indians! They’re a big country but they want ours, too. We’ve got gold, diamonds & minerals. They want them!”
STORM: “If SL is rich why are so many in Australia?”
SLC: “It’s got wealth but the rich don’t share it. There are beggars in the streets. Not like here. Professional people like doctors, nurses & teachers are very badly paid. Foreign countries send ‘aid’ to SL but it all disappears. That’s why everyone I know there wants to leave”
[Nogs mess up their own lands. Are we to be the site of their next mess? RE].

FILPINA CONTACT: “Why has Australia no limits on foreigners buying up our land? (sic). Both the US and China are buying up the Northern Territory. New Zealand has a limit of five hectares that any one foreigner can buy. Even the Philippines has limits but here – none. Why?! Soon we won’t even own our own country” (sic).
[Similar comments from a white Australian are an offence under Racial Vilification & Race Hatred Acts. She saw hatred of Chinese as ‘natural’. Believed Australia is ‘ours’. RE].

FEMALE ENGLISH CONTACT: “I’m 91 years old. I remember the War. I lost four girlfriends to the Americans! They killed them! There were all ganged raped in Carlyle, on the Scots-English border. This was in 1944. Just before the Normandy Invasion, it was never reported. They kept it quiet so as not to damage civilian morale. The Yanks didn’t arrive till 1943. All the trouble started then. They’re still there. Part of the deal to secure US troop support was we had to allow them bases for 100 years. We didn’t want them then & we don’t want them now. We were doin’ alright! We had the French, Canadians, Australians – but when the Yanks turned up all the trouble started” [She changed the subject & we never discovered what ‘the trouble’ was. RE].

2011 FLOOD VICTIM CONTACT: An 85 year old woman from Chinchilla, 500 km West of Brisbane. The January 20011 floods saw 94% of Qld declared a ‘natural disaster’ zone.
STORM: “How badly affected was tiny Chinchilla?”
She: ‘we got flooded but it was not as bad as in 1942. You’ve never heard of the 1942 floods? The government was worried it’d encourage the Japs to invade us from New Guinea, that they’d see Australia as vulnerable. So no one’s ever admitted the ‘42 floods actually occurred. Media were heavily censored. We just got our lives back together & carried on. That’s what we did in these floods, too’ ”.

PARENTAL DILEMMA: A parent contacted. “My 16 year old son attends Bracken Ridge State High School [formerly Nashville SHS]. Since the Januar 2011 floods they’ve had an influx of Sudanese. That’s when the trouble began. The Sudanese lived in Ipswich & Southern Brisbane in the vast welfare ghettos there. Since the flood wiped out 18,000 dwellings they’ve headed to the North of the River, to our area [mostly white North Brisbane was not flooded]. BRSHS now has a violence problem. The Sudanese don’t know any better. Whenever they don’t get what they want – BAM! - they assault someone. Everyone else is just a punching bag for them”.

DVD REVIEW: Good (2007) (92 minutes):
Director Vincente Amorim; Executive producer Jason Isaacs; producer Miriam Segal(J) for Miromar Productions. Based on a play by C.P.Taylor. Stars Mark Strong, Jason Isaacs(J) & Viggo Mortensen. A vanity piece by Isaacs who plays villain Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series. Isaacs is using the fortune earned from the HP franchise – fellow star Emma Watson allegedly earned US$32 million from the eight films. JI funded this puff-piece, filmed in Hungary, adapted from a badly written stage play. Regurgitates usual lies & half-truths surrounding Second European Civil War 1939-45.

Plot: VM plays a German academic with a Chosen best friend, a psychiatrist played by JI. VM character is ‘seduced’ by Nazi flattery into writing anti-Semitic books. Even joins SS as an ‘adviser’. Meanwhile his friend played by JI is detained for his own protection after Kristelnacht & begins a new career in a work camp (Koncentration Lager). From there things become odd. VM gets promoted to an ‘Inspector of Camps’ just so he can run hither & thither whining: “Joseph, my friend where are you?“ across half of Poland. What’s going on?

RACIST TYPE-CASTING: JI & VM both face same dilemma as Ralph Fiennes who was type-cast as a Nazi in Spielberg’s racist slander piece, Schindler’s List. After that he was forced to play a fascist in The English Patient & the HP series’ ultra-evil Lord Voldemort. Since the epochal Lord of the Rings series VM has been reduced to playing violent psychopaths as in the post-apocalyptic The Road,  A History of Violence & two cow-boy flix, Appaloosa & Hidalgo. His crime? He played a white hero battling the sub-human Orcs in LotR. An inspiration to White, Western youth, something Hollywood hates. Only non-whites are to be role models now. Such odious specimens as Nelson Mandela, B.Obama & Oprah Winfrey. They see VM’s LotR role as ‘racist’. As such his film career is dim. So, too, JI’s. With the eighth & final HP film completed he is unemployable. His response? To do a mini-Spielberg, on the cheap: Good. Title comes from expression: ‘the good German’. After 1945 many Germans claimed they were never Nazis but simply been ‘good people caught in a bad situation‘. This film aims to show these ‘good’ Germans were not. Is a racist libel on an entire race but is legal as these days only whites may be freely smeared.

DEMOGRAPHIC DECLINE & FEMALE PEER PRESSURE: We’re all concerned with the declining white proportion of the world’s population, now only 5%, but few agree on the causes. Some facts: 37% of Danish men are now involuntarily sterile. Is it caused by fluoride, after-shave lotion or diet? 97,000 Australian un-borns are murdered per year by their own mothers, paid for by the tax-payers. Procedure costs AUD$2,000 but the cost to the murderer is only AUD$68 thanks to Medicare. Recently another factor was added to our equations.

TUBAL LIGATION OR VASECTOMY? A contact told us of a startling event when he & his wife had their second child 14 years ago. “We’d just had our second & were telling all our friends. Along with congratulations we got a second message from women: ‘it’s time to have the snip’ i.e. a vasectomy. One woman nagged us for weeks. Kept saying ‘you’ve had your two! You’ve got your pigeon-pair!’ Even tried: ‘be a real man – have the op [operation]’. Was fanatical. Same universal disapproval greeted us when we told our close friends we were ‘trying for a third child’. Standard response was: ‘but what about world overpopulation?’ To which we began to reply: ‘tell the Third World but get off my back!’ That got me cast as a ‘racist’. Too bad! Oddly, a year after we’d had our third all our friends then had theirs – till then they all had two’.

PEER PRESSURE: Why this peer pressure from middle-class women? Article from Australian Doctor newspaper: ‘each year 29,000 Australian women & 39,000 men undergo voluntary sterilization’. Women have tubal ligation - their ‘tubes’ are tied. For men its ‘the snip’. Why do it? Back to our contact: ‘our married female friends tire of taking their daily birth-control pills. But the wife of a sterile man doesn’t need to take the pill. It’s that simple - and that selfish. Women in Australia are brain-washed to believe they must be on the pill; that they must only have two kids. So they seek a way out – short of avoiding sex. They choose to sterilize themselves or their male partner. We heard of one case where a girl, a part-Maori, had two children then divorced. She remarried but to a man who was also divorced. She wanted no more children so convinced him to ‘get the snip’ but their marriage only lasted six months. After her he married a white, his third wife. What could he tell his new wife? Maori later suffered an identity crisis. Was committed to a mental hospital. Too late, if you ask me”.

VOLUNTARY EUTHANASIA: So there you have it. The hidden killer, self sterilization. Add to this the many pre- born’s murdered in Australia per year. On top of this nearly the entire fertile, white, female population are on the pill - some from 12 years of age. Some allege gay educators want to convert 1/3 of school children into ‘gays’ by 2030. How? Compulsory High School subjects like HPE [Personal Education] & PDE [Personal Development Education] encourages youths to identify as ‘gay’ as one of their ‘lifestyle options’. Includes  becoming bisexual or transgender. Californian contact told us the state’s made this education compulsory. Parents are denied a right to rebuke such information at home. Can be prosecuted if they do. Goal is to diminish breeding by our dwindling white population. Less of us - more of them. We cooperate in our own demise.

ABCTV Landline 12 noon Solday 27 Februa 2011 (55 minutes):
Reporter Kerry Lonergan: “In 2010 consumption of chicken meat overtook beef for the first time. Consumption of chicken has risen in Australia since the 1960’s from six million tones to 37 million tones. This is predicted to rise to 42 million tonnes. Meat chickens grow twice as fast today as they did 40 years ago purely through genetic manipulation, not hormones. These have been banned in Australia for the past 40 years”.
[Why a rise in chicken use? Immigration. STORM spoke to Poles in the 1980’s. They had never eaten beef & the wives were too embarrassed to ‘begin again’ so only ever ate the pork they had known at ‘home’. Same was true of Asians who flooded in after 1979. They only knew of chickens at home so only ate chicken here. Many find beef too ‘tough’ to eat plus far too expensive. Is another sign of our increasing Asianisation. RE]. .

Reporter Tina Lee: “Premium wool prices are at a 25 year high due to higher demand in China and a lack of alternatives. Previously manufacturers turned to cheaper synthetics. Now their prices are also high as is cotton”.

ABCTV Indus Civilisation: Clues in the Mounds 1040am Moon 7 Mars 2011 (BBCTV2005) (20 minutes). Executive Producer/director for the BBC Andrew Parr.
“In 2600 BC cities were built in the Indus Valley North of modern day Karachi, Pakistan’s main seaport. The major excavation sites are Harappa & Mohen-djaro. The modern discoverer of the Harappa site in 1820 was British Army deserter & spy, Charles Masson AKA James Lewis. He wrote a book about the site later but by then the walls of the city had been demolished by the British . Some went to build towns nearby. Others were used for a 200 miles stretch of railway to modern-day Harappa. These bricks still exist as the Harappans first perfected kiln drying of bricks”. [What is left unsaid is the Harappans of 4,600 years ago were white, not Arabic as are today’s Pakistanis. RE].

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