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STORM 108 Septembis 2012

No. 108 Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action  Septembis 2012
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘inside’ sources, SKUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. Here’s the latest:

Q FEVER: Contact tells us that, like Dengue Fever and Ross River Fever, Q Fever is spreading through the white population of Queensland. For all three there is no cure. For all three there is no research being done, despite the foreign aid money sent to fund AIDS research. He told us: ‘I live in Woodford near the cattle abattoir. Q Fever comes from cattle. We travel the same roads as the big road trains [two-three section tractor-trailers] that haul in the beef cattle. Q Fever is airborne. That’s how I got it’ ”. Symptoms: lost appetite, stopped eating & in six months lost 20 kg. Suffers permanent lethargy & abdominal pain. Is physically disabled.

BUNNINGS CONTACT: An employee there told of a male co-worker sacked for asking out a female staff member 'on a date'. Was accused of 'sexual harassment'. We've heard similar cases from the government sector. So how is a man to ask a woman out on a date? Appears to virtually illegal. No wonder so many go to the internet & buy an Asian 'online'.

ARMY CONTACT: In mid-2009 a member of the Australian Army told STORM: “we can’t sell our old uniforms to the local disposal store anymore. Even boots, worn once, are put though a slicing machine. Why? Occupational Health & Safety regulations. To prevent cross-infection. Anything that has touched the skin has to be destroyed. Old uniforms, even collar-tabs, have to be destroyed. New uniforms have rank insignia not on shoulders but along the button line, in the French-style. So it’s easy from a distant to tell the old from the newly-issued ADF uniforms”. Why this pointless waste? We believe it has nothing to do with ‘cross-infection’. Have the ADF never heard of soap ‘n’ water? No, we believe there are several possible ideas at work here.

FEAR OF ARMED REVOLT: Given the so-called ‘Global Financial Crisis’ had begun only a year before this comment was made, we suspect our Masters fear loss of control over their slave population - us. After the 1992 election of Ultra-Leftist President Bill Clinton a militia movement rapidly arose, spurred on by the murders of several Right-wing figures. These included the killing of Randy Weaver’s wife & son on Ruby Ridge, Idaho & massacre of an inoffensive cult - a splinter from the Seventh Day Adventist Church - at Waco TX in 1993.

MILITIA RISING: Citizens rapidly realised their worst enemies were not the ‘Russkies’ or ‘the Chinks’ but their own government death squads. Two years after Waco, in 1995, a building imploded in Oklahoma City killing 89 government operatives and others. It appeared an undeclared civil war had begun. The US government started a massive infiltration of the militia movement which in time neutered this threat. Same thing happened in Australia to a much lesser degree after the 1995 Port Arthur massacre allegedly by a ‘lone gunman’. Of prodigious skill he supposedly eliminated 35 people, each with headshots. All doubters, like Joe Vailes, were silenced. Australia’s gun owners were disarmed. This was not enough to reassure our Masters.

CAMMIES NEXT: One thing a militia needs most apart from guns is uniforms. But what type? A lesson from overseas showed a militia was most effective when it wore identical uniforms to the Armed Forces of a country. In 2004 Israel launched another unprovoked sneak attack, this time on Lebanon. The IDF invaders found Lebanon’s, Hezbollah, wore IDF-issued uniforms. When the two confronted each other at close range the IDF hesitated. ‘Are you friend or foe?’ This was enough time to win a fire-fight for the outgunned, Hezbollah. Many IDF invaders died not knowing whether it was IDF or Hezbollah bullets that killed them. It could lead to ‘blue-on-blue’ shootouts, ‘friendly fire’ missions where IDF attacked IDF assuming they were Hezbollah.

IDF ENDANGERED: As a result of this confusion IDF lost their usual aggressive style; loses mounted; the invasion stalled. They were forced to withdraw. Lebanon won a great victory, the first by Arab forces against the largest war machine in the region. Of course there were ‘consequences’. Unable to defeat Hezbollah the Masters sought to undermine them. Hezbollah’s main supporters were Libya, Syria & Iran. America is broke having arrived at the point of ‘imperial over-reach’. So the US subcontracts its wars, allowing others as share in the spoils of world dominion.

OTHER ALLIES: In 2011 Qadafi’s Libya fell after a seven month military campaign, not by rag-tag ‘rebels’, but by the Special Forces of America’s three chief stooges. France ruled by Sarkosy(J); Britain ruled by Cameron(J) & Qatar who also ran the media misinformation campaign through Qatar’s Ministry of Information Ministry A.K.A., Al Jazeera TV. After Libya’s defeat they began on Syria. Campaign began in Februa 2011, at the same time as Libya’s, but the Syrians are a ‘harder nut to crack’ as the IDF learned in 1967 & 1973. The same Special Forces were involved: from France, Britain, & Qatar, but this time they were joined by Turkey. It is alleged that Northern Iraq is itself a staging-post for rebel operations.

IRAN WAR: When Syria is conquered, Iran will be next. The US is not having it all their own way. Reports of bombings in Turkey & Northern Iraq show Iran & Syria are fighting back. We believe the war on Iran, predicted regularly by the US media since 2004 as part of their psy-wars ops, will begin after the US Presidential elections in November 2012. Why? The US has a curious system where the new government is elected on November of one year but is not inaugurated till January of the following year. This three month gap has been used in the past two elections by the IDF to launch assaults. In 2004 IDF attacked Lebanon killing 1400 people & causing US$8 billion worth of damage. The ‘international community’ paid for rebuilding, not the aggressor. In 2008 the IDF attacked Gaza to depose HAMAS, an ally of Hezbollah, killing 1,100 people. The world sat by & did nothing. It will again fail to act in November 2012 – January 20123 when the IDF attack Iran. Iran will reply. The US will declare war on Iran, its media portraying Iran as ‘the aggressor’. The UN will agree. We’ll see a repeat of the 2003 US/UN invasion of Iraq.

BIBLICAL PROPHECY: Last will be Lebanon, alone & bereft of allies. This is the rationale behind our Master’s endless war. They follow their ancient history. Let’s look at it:
1 Chronicles Chapter 18 verse 1:
“King David attacked Philistia [Palestine]. 2 He defeated Moab [South East Jordan]. They became his slaves & paid him taxes. 3 He attacked Syria as the king of Syria attempted to gain control of Upper Mesopotamia [North Iraq]. 4. David captured a thousand chariots [tanks], seven thousand horsemen & 20,000 foot soldiers. He kept enough horses for 100 chariots but crippled all the rest. 5. When another Syrian city sent an army to help their kinsmen David attacked it & killed 22,000 men. Then he set up military garrisons in Syrian territory. They became his slaves & paid him taxes. David was victorious everywhere. 9. The king of Hamath [a city-state in Syria] congratulated David & sent gifts of gold, silver & bronze [i.e. became his fief]. 12 David’s general Abishai defeated the Edomites [Southern Jordan] and killed 18,000 men. He put garrisons throughout Edom. The people became David’s slaves”.                              
                                                                                1 Chronicles 19 verse 6:
“The king of Ammon [NW Jordan] feared David so hired 32,000 chariots & charioteers [ancient tanks] from Upper Mesopotamia [Iraq] & the Syrian city-states. 7 Ammon came out to fight Israel. 18 The Israelis killed 7,000 charioteers & 40,000 infantry”.
On what basis does Israel attack its neighbours so routinely? The promise made to Joshua in Joshua 1.4:
“I have given to you from the wilderness [Sinai] to the mountains of Lebanon as far as the Euphrates [Iraq-Iran border] & as far as the Great Sea [Mediterranean]”.
It is this promise the US Christian-Zionists are now urging the Israelis to fulfill.

SBSTV Coast: The Netherlands 7.30pm 15 February 2012 (50 minutes):
“Tonight we go to the Dutch island of Texel where 800 Georgians lead a revolt against German Occupation forces on 19 April 1945. When Germany was winning in Russia, Georgians saw them as liberators. But after 1943, when the tide of war turned against Germany, Georgians saw they were in danger from a Russian victory. Desperate, they staged a revolt. A youthful Dutch eyewitness described events:
‘[Georgians] killed all the Germans they had lived alongside. Where ever they found Germans, they killed them on sight. The Germans had disarmed them so they mainly used knives. They threw grenades into German sleeping quarters & into their cinema. They used flame-throwers. They murdered five hundred [unarmed] Germans’.

When the Germans sent reinforcements from other islands the Georgians fled into the coastal minefields. They knew the Germans wouldn’t follow’. Fighting on Texel lasted two weeks AFTER the War in Europe ended [on 8th May 1945]. The arriving US Army units ordered German forces on Texel to surrender to the Georgians, but they refused. They said: ‘these are simply murderers’. Of the 800 Georgians based on Texel in April 1945 only 200 survived. All were ‘returned’ to the USSR to be tried for ‘collaboration’. This was denied by the USSR till 1991. Their actions against their German allies were commemorated in a Soviet propaganda film [shows scenes; gives no title].
Also based on Texel were Indian troops in Wehrmacht uniform. A Dutch resident showed us photos of them & said: ‘the Germans didn’t trust [Indians] with weapons so they got them to build the Atlantic Wall [a line of forts] to ward off the Allied invasion in 1944’ ”. [These were Chandra Bose’s Indian Legion].

SBSTV Singapore 1942 - End of Empire 8.30pm 15 Febuary 2012 (50minutes):
Written & directed by Don Featherstone for BBC Scotland, 2011. Executive Producer Trevor Graham.
“Following the 1942 surrender of Singapore’s 85,000 British Empire troops to Japan’s 36,000 man Army Chandra Bose, a charismatic Indian nationalist politician, was permitted by the Japanese to address the 40,000 captured British Indian Army troops. Bose appealed to them to ‘help liberate India’. 20,000 that day signed up for his Indian National Army. The Japanese used many of these prisoners as gaolers, tasked with guarding their former comrades the British & Australians, with a ratio of guards of one Indian for every Japanese.

Amongst Singapore’s five million civilians the Japanese played the three races [Chinese, Indian & Malay] off against each other. Publicly, they favoured Malays over the other two, even promising Malaya ‘Independence’ at war’s end. They failed to deliver on this. Instead, Japanese rule became harsher as the war lengthened. Singapore’s Indians were well treated, even regarded as Japan’s ‘allies’ against white rule of Asia. For Chinese there was only hatred. China had been at war with Japan since 1937. Soon after Singapore fell in March 1942 Japanese troops took 50,000 local Chinese into the nearby hills. They were bayoneted to death, the Japanese refusing to ‘waste a single bullet on a Chinese’ ”.          

SBSTV Apocalypse: the Second World War - Shock 9.30pm 15 February 2012 (50 minutes):
“Ukrainians welcomed German troops after June 1941 as liberators from their hated Russian Masters [shows large wartime march by Ukrainian women. All carry German flags & give Hitler salute]. After all, during the famine of the 1920’s Russians had starved three million Ukrainians to death. At the end of 1941 ‘extremists’ (sic) from across Europe flocked to the German colours. From Spain, Holland & France. The LVF, French Volunteer Legion, joined German forces in the drive to Moscow but paid for it…[our emphasis] when temperatures dropped to minus 40’C” [shows frozen German corpses].

DVD REVIEW: Nazi Collaborators (12 part series) (2011) Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment Executive Producer Matthew Barrett & Richard Wise. Produced & directed by Martin J O Hughes. WMR & IMG co-production. Each 46 minute episode deals with a different country, party & leader from United Europe (1939-45), a Europe freed of alien-controlled Kapital & alien-inspired Bolshevism.

GREECE – YONOS RALIS: Ralis established Security Battalions to hunt Communists. Under his rule 10% of the Greek population died of famine & 10,000 Jews were deported. An anti-Communist, he was 61 years old in 1939, the son of a former Prime Minister. Professor Thanos Veremis of Athens University: “Ralis was a Royalist, not a fascist”. In 1936 King George II rejected an election result which would have seen a Communist government come to power. Instead he turned to Minister for War, General Yonis Metaxas who modeled a new  regime on Mussolini’s Italy. Ralis opposed General Metaxas’ dictatorship.

On 28 October 1940 Italy invaded Greece. Metaxas was shocked by his idol’s betrayal. Greece fought back. Within six weeks they’d forced the Italians back into Albania. Veremis: “It was the first Allied victory in Europe” [show cheering Greek crowds, many in fascist uniforms with black shirts & giving the fascist salute]. In November 1940 Britain sent a small taskforce, ‘several hundred troops’ & then RAF planes. Not wanting to provoke a German intervention, Metaxas restricted the British to their bases. In January 1941 General Metaxas died mysteriously. Churchill immediately dispatched an additional 60,000 troops to Greece. Veremis: “why’d Germany invade Greece? Fear of RAF bombers attacking Rumania’s oil fields from Greece. Germany needed these for their action against Russia”. On 6 April 1941 German forces entered Greece which was then divided into three zones of Occupation: Italian, German & Bulgarian.

The British Navy imposed a blockade on Greece. Food shortages followed. Veremis: “the winter of 1942 saw 400,000 starve to death”. As a result of hardships, Partisan forces arose representing the four main pre-war political blocs: Nationalist, Liberal, Socialist & Communist. Largest was the Communist’s National Resistance Front or EAM who had their own army, ELAS. EAM’s main rivals were the National Republican League, EDAS. ELAS & EDAS clashed occasionally but both hated the three Occupying nations. Greece was a crucial supply line for Rommel’s Africa Korps. The British sent in SOE saboteurs on 25 Nov 1942. They met both ELAS & EDAS. Their goal was to raise local, British-led units to destroy Greece’s railways.

By 1943 ELAS controlled one third of Greece. When Allies invaded Sicily in 1943, Italians deposed Mussolini. Germany reacted to the loss of its ally by disarming the Italian Army & occupied their Areas of Operation, including South Greece. In 1943 a third Greek collaborationist government was appointed, lead by Yonas Ralis. He knew Germany would lose the war but feared a post-war Communist take-over. Ralis’ first task was to secure the railways. For this he formed his own ‘army’, the German-armed & trained ‘Security Battalions’. These attempted to halt EAM’s sabotage. 22,000 Greeks joined SB’s. All swore an oath of loyalty to Adolf Hitler. YR complained of this but was overruled. Veremis: “Germans killed 20-50 Greeks for every German killed [by ELAS]”. Reprisals turned ordinary Greeks against the Resistance. On 13 December 1943 the bloodiest massacre took place when 696 men & boys were killed in Kalavrita after ELAS had murdered 81 German soldiers. Germans destroyed 100’s of Greek villages in reprisals. When the war ended in 1945 ELAS attempted a coup, not against the Germans, but their British liberators. This began a civil war which raged till 1949. Ralis was sentenced to life in prison; his former SB’s were recruited to fight ELAS. Ralis died in 1946, less than a year after being gaoled [murder?]

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