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STORM 110 Novembis 2012

No. 110   Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action  Novembis 2012
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets ‘insider’ information, SKUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm the stories. Here’s the latest:

A RED BLACK: A black, Zimbabwean, professional was lecturing a foolish, white, Australian, female co-worker:
RB: “Zimbabwe’s a Communist country. It’s great! We all share everything; we’re happy”.
She: “And if all the world were Communist, just like Zimbabwe?”
RB: “We’d all be happy!”
She: “Ooooh!” ululating.
One can only wonder at what University she gained such ignorance.    

SOUTH EAST POWER: “My son works as an engineer for South East Power Co. He runs a unit that draws methane gas off suburban garbage tips & feeds it into the Qld power grid. The technology is so advanced they’re selling it to the USA”.

HPE: Parent of a Grade Eight student at a local High School:
“my kid learns nothing in English lessons but Abo Dreamtime myths & ‘how to be a homo’ in HPE class. Oh yeah, they taught him where to find veins so you can a heroin addict”.
All under a Liberal-National Party government. Nothing’s changed since Labor lost power, 24/3/12. Is time to start calling Campbell Newman ‘Rob Borbidge’ after the failed & long forgotten 1993-95 LNP government. They also tried to be ALP wanna-bees. Don’t work, cussy-bros. We vote Right we wants Right, for real, OK?

‘NOT CARIBS’: A white race-mixer complained:
“my wife is a Indian/Hindu from Trinidad. They’re awash in oil & should be the richest country in the Caribbean but… the two main people groups – Indians & Negroes – don’t get on. They fight about everything, arguing over who gets what so nobody gets anything. Trinidad’s population is divided 50% Indian, 50% Negro. Negroes say: ‘this is our land!’ We say [remember he’s a white Australian]: ‘you came here as slaves, just like us Indians (sic). You’re not Caribs!’ [Caribs were the region’s original inhabitants; that’s where the name came from. But they are now only 2% of Trinidad’s population]. ‘Indians work hard; Negroes don’t. They prefer to steal. That’s how one of my brothers-in-law got shot & another was kidnapped for ransom. We refused to pay up so they murdered him. Negroes would rather do that than work! Trinidad’s Police now has a Kidnap Squad’.

PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE:  STORM is campaigning for the release of American POC, George D Loeb Jr. Please visit the Facebook page, ‘Friends of George D. Loeb Jr,’ & click ‘like’. Our aim is to get over 1,000 ‘likes’ before Christmas 2012. Can you help? Once the US government frees GDL Jr other POC’s will follow.

DVD REVIEW: Nazi Collaborators (12 part series) (2011) Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment Asst Producer Benyamin Schwartz(J). Produced & directed by Nick Aarons(J). WMR & IMG co-production.

HITLER’S KILLER POLICE: LITHUANIA & THE UKRAINE: “Over 100,000 Jews were executed in Lithuania’s Benares Forest, not by Germans but Lithuanians. The dirty little secret of WWII was that all across Europe tens of thousands aided the Nazis. They were formed into Security Brigades - death squads. Hitler’s most brutal collaborators came from Lithuania & Ukraine. Why? When Germany invaded Russia in June 1941 they immediately took 900,000 Russian soldiers as prisoners. After three months the figure had reached a staggering 1.5 million with just as many Red Army troops deserting or staging mutinies” [our emphasis].

As Germans advanced Eastward they were welcomed everywhere as ‘liberators’, especially in the former Baltic States. People there hated Russians keenly, even though they had only been under Soviet rule for one year. In 1940 the Soviets had annexed the Baltic States, snuffing out their 20 year-long Independence from Russia, 1919-40. Nigel Jones: ‘these States were different from Russia. Stalin’s saw this as treason & their citizens as fifth Columnists so he killed 1,000s & exiled 1,000’s to the Siberian Gulags. In response, Lithuanian nationalists formed guerrilla groups & plotted the overthrow of Soviet rule. Then in 1941 the Germans arrived.

In the South, in Ukraine, the response was the same. Once the bread basket of the Russian Empire, all this ended under Stalin after he forcibly collectivised all farmland. Five million rural Ukrainians starved to death as a direct result. This is why the German Army were so warmly greeted. This, however, created a problem for Adolf Hitler.
He now ruled over 40 million more people but they were Slavs, his sworn enemies. What was he to do with them? NJ: ‘the only purpose Hitler could see for [Slavs] was slave labour for German colonists’. As well as Slavs Hitler’s newly conquered territories contained millions of Jews, Gypsies, Communists & ‘undesirables’. As the German Army was fully engaged combating the Red Army Hitler’s security forces were forced to recruit collaborators from amongst the conquered peoples.
Many recruits were deserters from the Red Army itself; others had a background in anti-Soviet, underground groups. NJ: ‘Hitler saw Jews & Bolsheviks as the same. Lithuanians had a long history of anti-Semitism(sic). They even blamed Jews for the Soviet Occupation, 1940-41. Lithuanians carried out anti-Semitic progroms during the Tsarist rule [before 1918]. Starting on the day Germany invaded the Soviet Union, secret Lithuanian radio stations announced: ‘the time has arrived to rise up against Asiatic Bolshevism & Jewish exploitation’ ”.

Prof. David Cesarani(J) Royal Holloway, Uni of London: “Lithuanian armed groups began attacks [on Jews] within hours of Germany invading, often before German units arrived. Anti-Sovietism was seen as anti-Semitism”. One group was the Lithuanian National Labour Defence Battalion (TDA) who began murdering Jews in the streets of Kaunas. Crowds gathering to watch as TDA clubbed Jews to death while a band played the Lithuanian national anthem. One TDA member was Antonis Getsavagas/Gekas. DC: ‘Gekas was a Lithuanian Air force pilot’. His TDA group captured & executed hundreds of Jews at Fort Seven, just outside Kaunas.

In the South, when the German Army arrived in Ukraine’s capital, Lvov, they found in the city gaol the bodies of hundreds of Ukrainian nationalists. They’d been slaughtered by retreating Soviet secret police. Local nationalists blamed ‘the Jews’. While German forces looked on, nationalists rounded up the city’s entire Jewish population & forced them to remove the bodies of the murdered nationalists. After this, the revenge began. DC: ‘Jews were driven from their homes, into the street. They were beaten, then hacked to death; women were raped in full public view’. The bodies of 5,000 Jews were later collected. To prevent further disorder Himmler had all Ukraine’s militia’s disarmed. These were then reformed as Auxiliary Police Battalions & were now under his direct control.

Across the Occupied Eastern Territories volunteers flooded into APB’s. Estonia provided 9,000 recruits & Lithuania 5,000. The first task for APB’s was to assist the German Einsatzgruppen. These had already executed 50,000 Jews & Communists in Poland when morale began to sag. German soldiers had no stomach for butchery. APB’s did. Gekas’ APB, the 12th Lithuanian APB, was lead by Major Antanis Polavigius & attached to Einsatzgruppe A under SS Brigade-fuhrer Dr Walter Strelnicker. E-A’s Area of Operations was the entire Baltic States. A sub-unit was commanded by SS Standarten-fuhrer Karl Jager who kept detailed notes of all unit aktions.

What was later named the ‘Jager Report’ details the deaths of 137,346 Jews across Lithuania between June-December 1941. Jager wrote: ‘there’s no more Jews left in Lithuania’. Between July-December 1941 Jager’s group executed 48,000 Jews outside Vilnius. Next the 12th APB was sent to Minsk, capital of neighbouring Belarus. DC: ‘The Germans sent Ukrainians to Poland & Lithuanians to Belarus. This negated any chance of local bias. In Belarus the 12th APB executed 300,000 people’ ” (sic).

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