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No. 59              Public Information Bulletin of National Action           Augustus 2008 
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only. 

‘DEMOCRACY’ AUSTRALIAN-STYLE: In our Februa 2008 STORM we spoke of this country having entered an era of dictatorship. Some thought we were guilty of hyperbole or exaggeration. So we will in this issue examine one small part of that ‘democracy’. Think: do parallels exist in my local area? Then decide: if everything about the current set-up is crooked, corrupt and criminal does that match classical definitions of a ‘democracy’ - or a dictatorship.

‘OVER-GOVERNED’: In mid-2007 the Qld public were informed by the State ALP Beattie-led government: ‘you are over-governed’. Beattie’s solution to this was to abolish half the local government areas and ‘merge’ these with the other half in what was termed ‘amalgamations’. Oddly only non-ALP ruled councils would be abolished and all these would be merged with larger ALP-ruled councils. E.g. large urban centres, home to most welfare cheats, malingerers and aliens, would swallow up their surrounding mostly white-flight rural townships.
Those who had sought to escape the ALP’s atheistic, anti-male, anti-white rule would now be snared.

CASE STUDY - PINE RIVERS SHIRE COUNCIL: A classic study of this was Pine Rivers Shire Council (PRSC). A dormitory city to Brisbane, the State capital, it held 135,000 citizens. It was only formed in 1994 but had grown as a cheaper alternative to Brisbane’s one million cramped residents, flooded with Abos, aliens and Reds fleeing the Southern slums of Sydney and Melbourne. As they crowded in and slum-ified Brisbane sensible whites moved across the boundaries, to PRSC. Was only a quick train ride to their jobs in Brisbo, then back to sane living amongst their fellow whites each night.

“TARGET CHAPMAN“: An added bonus was PRSC’s sole Mayor for its 13 years was an old colleague of ‘Joh‘*, former Nationals Cabinet Minister Yvonne Chapman, a fundamentalist Christian. It she who gained nation-wide attention in 2000 when campaigning against queers using public toilets to meet. She removed all toilet doors to counter this. Media loather her, public adored her. She was a female ’JOH’. This galled the ‘local’ Murdoch-monopoly media and their ALP lackeys. When the ALP forced amalgamations onto the local councils, the media let rip with lies and innuendos about Yvonne.

ALP’s MURDOCH MEDIA: The two local Murdoch rags the Northern Times (www.questnews.com.au) and Pine Rivers Press (www.questnews.com.au), both free weekly ’throwaways’ usually only ran articles of gardening tips and footy results for local high school teams. Most only read them for the free TV guide. But…every three years for four weeks the front page is transformed from ’grow your own vegies’ to ’vote ALP’. Is the secret weapon ALP used to secure monopoly rule across Australia. The ‘local rag’ that carried ’little Jimmy’s photo from the footy match’ is a trusted source when TV and radio are not. ALP abuse this trust because like the other two media this ‘local’ is foreign-owned. All ’local rags‘ are controlled by a Delaware-based News Ltd. NL is owned by New York based-Murdoch, a US citizen and billionaire. He loves to tell ‘the masses’ what to do and orders governments about like pawns on a chess board.

MEDIA SMEARS: As usual the NT and PRP swung into high gear for the ALP. Here are the headlines for the four weeks election campaign: NT page one Friday 1 February 2008 ’WALL OF SILENCE’, ’Harassment payout claim rocks council’ & ’Council silent over issue’ all by Bernie Dowling & Steve D‘Arcy. Allegation was a council employee had been harassed by another so the victim was paid out. So? The matter could not be aired as that was against the ALP’s own ‘privacy policy’. Media knew this but the masses didn’t. So for four weeks media demanded something they knew the Council couldn’t do without breaking the law. Brilliant.

PRP JOINS ASSAULT: On Wednesday 6 February 2008 PRP followed NT’s lead with p.3 ’DEMAND FOR  ANSWERS’ & P.8 editorial ’Truth must be given’ and ’investigate doubts in council payout’. Included the usual calls for the CJC to be involved. CJC is a notorious ALP hyper-police unit that only ever ’investigates’ enemies of the ALP, like Joh and Yvonne. PRP’s page eight ‘Letters to the Editor‘, a key ALP mouthpiece, ran ’CMC should probe use of funds’ & ‘extensive changes [to PRSC] are required‘. The link was made: amalgamation would remove a corrupt council.
NT’s second attack on page one 8 February 2008 ‘PAYOUT PROBE’ ‘Public Lockout forces State to Act’, ’Minister Launches Payout Probe’ & ‘Silence Defended - ‘We run the Show‘ ‘ again by Dowling & D‘Arcy. PRP on page one 20 February 2008 ‘ENOUGH SILENCE‘ by B. Dowling. Local rag ’The Westerner’ (wwwthewesterner.com.au) ran article by Lee Oliver & David Peterson on Thursday 13 March 2008 ’Ritzy Retirement for millionaire mayor’ alleging Yvonne ‘whose salary is $137,000 per year would benefit from sale of land she had held since 1973. When she bought it it was worth $16,500. She sold it in July 2006 for $4.18 million” . Media had kept silent on this sale till the election then - BANG! Hoping to destroy Yvonne. NT ran on page seven Friday 14 March 2008 a full page advert ’PRSC - A need for change’ by ’concerned citizen’ J.H. Grant. Was usual ALP smear. Election was the next day, Saturday 15 March 2008.  

ALP CORRUPTION CONTINUES UNABATED: In the meantime ALP’s Beattie had handed over power to Ultra-Leftist Deputy ‘Red Anna’ Bligh, descendant of the infamous Capt Bligh of HMS Bounty. As would be expected she is a feminist tyrant. Beattie took a post at a Uni in North Carolina lecturing in Law using a fake Doctorate he granted himself from Uni of Qld just before he quit office. (His wife has a PhD in history and he wanted one, too). Now has a home in Brevard, NC. As well as his Uni pay he got Bligh to grant him a sinecure (job for doing nothing) at AUD $300,000 per annum as’ Trade Commissioner for the Americas’ in Los Angeles (reporter Patrick Lion page six Brisbane Courier-Mail 19 May 2008). But isn’t this corruption?

POST-ELECTION IRONY: One reason given by ALP and media for amalgamations was ’increased efficiency’. One hoped that meant saving money on salaries. Apparently not. After departure of Yvonne and entry of ALP Mayor Allan Sutherland, former Mayor of Redcliffe, a neighboring ethnic-Abo slum, first move was to appoint an Administrator. The three mayors of Caboolture, PRSC & Redcliffe had earned roughly $100,000 each. So the combined Administrator earned $400,000 (page one NT Friday 18 April 2008 ‘I Quit‘ by Bernie Dowling). What saving? To make the folly clearer this man, Ray Burton ’Acting CEO of the new Moreton Bay Regional Council’ quit after one week in office and was given a ’golden hand shake’ of $300,000 ( ‘$300,000 payout‘ page three PRP Wednesday  .

* JOH: Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen was Qld Premier for 19 years, 1968-1987. A National Party MP, Christian fundamentalist and Lutheran lay preacher, he rule Qld with an iron hand. Pro-white, pro-Christian, he openly supported apartheid and opposed feminism, queers and every Red/ALP plot. His rule meant aliens and Reds feared to migrate to sunny Qld, leaving us with the lowest ratio of aliens to whites in Australia till 1989, 1:10. After that ALPistas encouraged their alien friends to ’move North’ as it was now safe for them. We are now being flooded. When enough had arrived the ALP pulled their ’amalgamations’.

BEERWAH FORUM: ANA were proud to be invited to attend another ‘roving forum’. On Saturnsday 31 Mai 2008 the Sunshine Coast town of Beerwah, 30km North of the State capital Brisbane, joined with Warwick as sequential host to the roving ‘SE Qld Forum’. Interest in the ‘roving forums’ is growing. Warwick saw 30-40 delegates from throughout SE Qld. Beerwah had 95 attend from as far away as Mt Bartle Frere in Far North Qld (2,000km travel) to Cowra, NSW (500km travel).

ALLIANCE OF VETERANS: The growing popular movement includes many veterans of the Right over the past 15 years, those who saw the rise and fall of the Confederate Action Party (1993-95), One Nation (1997-2001), Shooters Party, Reform Party and Australia First Party (Part 1). They now resolve NOT to form a ‘party’ as this only attracts System stooges, secret police informants & other alien-loving offal. This new concept of a ’roving forum’ helps to defeat infiltrators.

A NEW STRUCTURE: As the RF’s continue to evolve over coming months we hope to engineer a new movement: a disorganized Resistance. Many groups coming together every two months in a different town or city to discuss overall strategy and tactics. In the USA their many Nationalist & Rightist groups have over the years been constantly infiltrated by both the FBI and various civilian covert organisations funded by International Finance on behalf of a certain anti-Christ religion. The US Right have been repeatedly cooperated and subverted.

‘LONE WOLF’: To prevent this several years ago the ‘Lone Wolf’ concept was advanced. This saw Rightists operating individually but followed a pre-planned strategy. Unfortunately our type of people work best in groups. Left to their own devices they often did little more than surf the ‘Net, visiting cyber-Nazi sites. The ’Net Nazi’ was born. This lead to a period of stagnation. Some in the US are now attempting to shake off this failed experiment and return to more organized forms, but...they find the Enemy waiting for them. What to do? Stay safely underground or reemerge and begin the sad saga of infiltration, paranoia, mutual suspicion & mole-hunts.

OUT OF THE CUL DE SAC: We may have found a way around both failed ends. The roving forum presents a moving target. Its disorganized structure makes it impossible to poison more than a few of its disparate wings at once. Its lack of a formal leadership means no one is responsible for decision so EVERYONE does what they know needs to be done. No leaders means everyone is both an initiator and an instigator of actions. No more deferring to authority. See the need? Meet the need. Stay tuned for more RF news.

DVD Review: ’Enchanted’ (103 minutes), (2007).
Released by Walt Disney Studios written by ‘Bill Kelly’, directed by Kevin Lima; producers Aaron Perkash & Aaron Sonnenfeld; Executive Producers Ezra Sverdlovsk & Sunil Perkash. Stars Patrick Dempsey (as Robert), Amy Adams (Giselle), Susan Sarandon (Queen Narissa), James Marsden (Prince Edward) & Idina Menzel.
Controlled media critics praised ‘Enchanted’ for its ‘wickedly funny reworking a of a tired fairytale format’. That’s code for ‘the Chosen have stolen someone else’s cultural icon, twisted it beyond recognition then pedalled it as their own’.

Begins with a traditional retelling of the ’beauty meets prince and both live happily ever after’. The couple are to marry but, unfortunately for them, the prince has an evil stepmother - the Queen. Queen Narissa  pushes the beauty, Giselle, through a portal into another world - New York City. There she meets & befriends divorced single father & Jewish divorce lawyer, Robert (‘Patrick Dempsey‘: Why doe the Chosen always adopt Irish names? Is common in Australia but also in the US). Although prince Edward eventually rescues Giselle by that time it is too late. She has been convinced by the corrupt Robert that ’true love doesn’t exist’ & ’no one loves someone forever - there is no happily ever after’.

So Giselle rejects her prince so she can stay in ’The Big Apple’ as temporary wife to the Jew lawyer.
What of the evil Queen? She’s been defeated in combat by Giselle. Giselle? The prince, a more traditional hero, stands impotently by while newbie NYC gal Giselle saves her Jew-lawyer Robert from the Queen, who has transformed into a giant dragon. Once the Queen is dead Rob and Giz ’shack-up’. But what of the Prince? He’s ’fallen in love’ with Robert’s cast-off Jewish girlfriend played by Idina Menzel. This Jewess is only too happy to travel with Ed back to his fairytale kingdom of  ‘Andalasia’, where she will now rule as Queen. Unlike Rob & Gis the prince and the Jewess marry.

What are Disney thinking? Let’s remember Walt’s real surname was Elias, not Disney. The past 20 films reviewed by STORM have been based in NYC. Why? The Chosen have thrown off any pretence of there being any world but theirs. The much lauded Left idea of ’World Music’ has come to mean simply US black ‘rap’ and ‘hip-hop‘. The twin idea of ’World Culture’ is simply NYC-centric idolatry. All other films are remakes of older classics but with whites deleted or white roles replaced by blacks and women. E.g. the 1960’s John Wayne revenge epic ‘The Searchers’ about a white Confederate War vet and ½ caste Indian on the trail of white female hostages of the Indians was remade with Cate Blanchette as Wayne and the Indians as the heroes! The 19602’s version of H.G.Welles TimeMachine which predicts a future where weak whites are prey to ruthless back cannibals was in 2005 with the roles reversed. Instead of Australian actor Rod Taylor falling in love with blonde girl in the future Australian actor Guy Pierce falls for a black girl he rescues from white oppressors. Disney films will be deleted in a future State.        

MUSLIM BRIDGES‘: We’ve begun receiving a glossy, expensive newsletter from a US group ‘Muslim Bridges’. Is all very intelligent and un-bigoted. Designed to appeal to Westerners so exudes tolerance. But a recent issue called for ‘gifted writers’ to ‘attack Islamophobia’ in the media. Also called for ‘civil rights lawyers‘ to make ‘cases against Islamophobes‘. In other words any who oppose the insidious infiltration of the West and its suborning by Muslims is to be silenced. This made us think: who else uses this approach? Who are the US Muslims modelling themselves on?

THREE GROUPS: Three groups occurred to us: feminists, homosexuals and The Chosen. All are constantly on the hunt for enemies they can attack in the media, through the media and then in the courts. It occurred to us: do you ever wonder why the TV evening News is so dull, crammed with celebrity and sports stories? These are ‘approved’ stories I.e. a p.r. firm has asked for them to be run to get free publicity. But any real news may involve reporters in threats of law suits and prosecution s before the Human Rights courts. If you were a reporter what story would you run?

REPORTERS: Given the ’equal opportunity’ laws most reporters are now female. These normally run from ’conflict’ to ’human interest’ stories hence the number of ’animal’ and ’female’ tales which are not news at all but at least are not a blank screen. We believe the level of censorship is now so high and the quality of reporters now so low that News cannot exist as a medium for information. Is why so many rely on Internet Samizdat (home made newsletters) like ours.  

Deutsch Welle Radio ‘Newslink’ c/- SBS Radio 93.3FM 4.30am Frigasday 13 Juno 2008:
La Chamorra, the Naples-based Mafia, now earns US$23 billion annually - equal to Lebanon's annual GDP. It has links with organized crime groups from Russia, Colombia, the US and Mexico”.

ABC News Radio 936AM 1.30pm Solsday 15 Juno 2008:
“Many countries facing energy shortages are turning to ‘alternative fuels’. One is solar power. A draw back of solar is its inability to operate at night and to store energy. This has now been overcome. ‘Concentrated solar power’ (CSP) uses molten salt as storage batteries overnight. Arrays of solar mirrors are circled around a tower filled with liquid. The heat warms the liquid which turns a turbines producing electricity. Such arrays are being tested in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Southern Spain. The technology is particularly attractive to any country with large expanses of desert [like Australia]”.

ABC News Radio 936AM 5.30am Wodensday 18 Juno 2008:
Dr Kent Anderson, Dept of Asian Studies, ANU: “Japan faces the prospect of losing 70% of its workforce within the next 40 years. Ruling LDP officials in Japan have raised the question of immigration as a way of coping with Japan‘s low birth rate. They propose bringing in 10% of the population through migration, I.e. 12 million people. One way to overcome resistance from Japanese, who pride themselves on their homogeneity [undiluted race] is to have first migrants be ’health care professionals brought in to deal with the aging population’. So Japan recently began issuing visa for nurses from Indonesian and the Philippines”.

[Getting the public to agree to their own demise, simply appeal to their selfishness. This poisoned pill is killing the US and Europe. ’Cheap labour’ is the trap used there. ’Aging population’ is used elsewhere but the treatment remains the same: more lethal injections of non-assimilating, Third World sludge. RE].  

BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 933FM Frigasday 20 Juno 2008:
“Rebels from Nigeria’s MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta - ex. Biafra) have attacked a Shell oil platform 100 km offshore. Shell have relocated much work to these off-shores to avoid the regular MEND attacks on onshore. MEND say they took a US citizen Capt Jack Stone captive in exchange for the many MEND POW’s to the Nigerian Armed Forces” .

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