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        STORM ALERT 30 - US 'Fiscal Cliff' Explained
A number of supporters asked us to explain this complex issue. Here goes:

CLIFF: There is no 'cliff'.  It is a media cliche used to communicate a complex fact to an infantile, dumbed-down public. The 'cliff' date of 31 December 2012 was set for a the first in a series of financial 'triggers' which will automatically make both budget cuts & taxes increase should the two reigning US political parties be unable to agree on new taxes & cuts. So far they have failed to agree.

WHY USE A CLIFF? Some media commentators believe it is in the interests of the parties to allow these 'automatic' taxes/cuts to go ahead to spare both the blame. They can both blame 'the cliff', not themselves, for the new taxes/cuts which both parties know are needed, although they are unable to persuade their supporters.

WHY WAS A CLIFF NECESSARY?  A year ago the two parties could not agree to new taxes or cuts. They did agree to defer a decisions for one year. Due to the impending 28 Nov. 2012 elections, neither side could allow itself to be seen as 'weak' by its supporters. Both agreed to wait till after the election to settle the issues. That's why it is occurring now, one month after the election. But they still cannot agree. Why? It is not the fault of the two parties despite what the media say. It is their supporters.

NATURE OF U.S. POLITICS: The two system parties in the US as in most Western social democracies represent interest groups who could not run for office as they are unappealing to the public. Can you imagine a bankers party or an illegal immigrants party getting votes? So instead they hire 'faces' to stand for them. This is called 'representative democracy'. Two token parties represent these two disparate blocs.  Which are:

1.  REPUBLICANS: One bloc is white, male, mostly Christian, pro-gun, anti-non-white migration & middle class. They oppose new taxes as they ARE the rich & the wealth producers. Any new tax must fall on them. The US Republican Party looks after these interests.

2.  DEMOCRATS: The other side of politics is covered by the US Democratic Party. This can be described as an umbrella for welfarist groups. These are unions, pro-migrant groups, pro-abortion, mostly female voters. Virtually any group that lives off government funding. Such parasites love new taxes. The taxes fund an expanding array of new welfare programmes to replace the old, failed ones. The programmes always fail as the only cure for poverty is hard work which these are incapable of doing. Why?

DEMOGRAPHICS: This section of the population is the most rapidly expanding whereas the rich whites have stopped reproducing. Since 1962 the 'pill' has allowed young white women to reject birthing as a career. Since 1973 abortion has complimented their position. Now only non-whites & aliens in the US breed. In mid-2012 the US fell off a demographic cliff when for the first time ever more non-white births were recorded than whites. The whites are effectively now in decline. Then came the election which the whites' party lost for the second time in a row. US whites are now asking themselves, as South Africa's whites said before them: "why should we pay taxes so the non-whites majority may feed 'n' breed?" This is why the non-white ruler Barak Hussein Obama will find no friends in the Republican-controlled lower house of Congress.

WHY USE A CLIFF (2)? The US owes US$16 trillion. The current President forced through a bill in 2011 expanding the legal debt limit from US$15 trillion to US$ 16 trillion. He did this using similar tactics to the ones he's using now. The Republicans caved in then but forced him to agree to the 'cliff' they now face. The first 'cliff' will only cut US$12 billion off the national debt. That leaves $15.988 trillion still owing. How was the US$16 trillion debt amassed?  A long time ago the US as every other Western country, spent more than it earned. A company or an individual goes bankrupt. A country just borrows more. But the taxes are used to fund 'programmes' for the alien poor, not for whites. These feed literally off the sweat of the few remaining whites. The whites are saying: enough is enough!

WHAT VOTERS SHOULD DO: This cliff is the first of many. That is why 'saving' the US from this one will not prevent the series cascading down upon them. The media can't tell the public this or they'll stop spending & the capitalists who own the media will disappear. Without capital the Masters can no longer bribe the politicians to obey them. The US may yet free itself from tyrannical alien rule. Don't demand, like Starbucks, that  'the politicians work together'. Pray they let the whole mess collapse. Then a new way, a Third Way, may begin to be built in its place.          

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