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STORM 105 Juno 2012

No. 105                    Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                      Juno 2012
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only

STORM gets information from ‘inside’ sources, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. Here’s the latest:

WATERSIDE WORKERS FEDERATION: We met a retiree, a member of a now defunct union, the Waterside Workers Federation. At the time it was abolished in the early 1980’s the WWF was one of Australia’s most violent & criminal Communist organizations. Apart from the Painters & Dockers Union, also based on the waterfront, it employed the largest number of criminals of any legal entity. Between the two groups dozens of murders, assassinations & disappearance were attributed but never proven. Whatever happened to them? In 1983 Bob Hawke head of the ACTU was elected PM. He ordered all 200 unions & industrial associations amalgamated into 20 mega-unions on the Swedish model.

The ACTU/ALP joint report detailing this was Australia Reconstructed. Well, we met an old fellow, harmless looking, but he mentioned he was ex-WWF. Looked ill so we asked: ‘what’re you living on now?’ ‘Oh, he says, ‘ I got a big compo payout’ [Workers Compensation Board – a government agency set up as sinecure for corrupt ALP types who then hand out government cash to any allies who want it as ‘compo’ for real or imagined workplace injuries. At last word the Qld WCB was in debt $8.6 billion. RE]. ‘Compo? What for?’ We asked. ‘I spent years working in the Sun on the Waterfront. Back in them dayz the bosses never give us no Sun-hats. Weez all got skin cancers now’. ‘So?’ ‘So we sued for a breach of Occupational Health & Safety regulations. My cut of the compo was $368,000’. ‘Wow!’ ‘Yeah, stinking bosses!’

Channel 7 Its Academic 4pm Tuisday 30 Augustus 2010 (30 minutes):
Three teams compete: Hurstville State School, Murray Farm SS & Carsvale SS. To show how the ‘ethnic diversity’ has corroded our education system all the three-member teams were majority non-white. HSS had three Chinese, Carsvale two Chinese & an Indian & Murray Farm two Chinese & one white.

RIGHTIST CONTACT: Was being hassled by a Trotskyite, Ultra-Left grouplet, Resistance. Told us:
“they operate on Uni campuses. Recruit 17 year olds to a queer cult. Use violence against Rightists & Right to Lifers. Any who step out of line. We met ‘em in the City Mall outside Myers(J) department store. They have a weekly stall. We asked: ‘what’re you resisting? You’re more like hall monitors for the System, enforcing conformity. Where’s the ‘resisting’?’ They got angry & abusive. As we left we asked: ‘why not change your name to Conformity - all you do is enforce the status quo?’ More abuse & calls of ‘Nazi!’ “

P.C. PRAYER GROUP: Elderly woman contacted us:
“I’m a member of a Church of England prayer group. Well, I was until recently but it got shut down. We used to pray for everyone in our local church. But someone complained to the minister so he told us we’re now only allowed to prayer for people who specifically ask for prayer & then we need their written permission”.

SOMALI CONTACT @19.3.2010:
Al Shabaab controls several seaports. They’re resupplied by Qatar, Eritrea & Sudan. These wish a Islamist/ fundamentalism regime in Somalia. Recently a 20,000 man militia was formed in the South to fight for the Somali Transitional Government, the internationally-recognised government. The militia are Sufis, a moderate liberal sect of Islam who fear extremist rule”.

BUSINESS CONTACT:  Local builder told us he met a farmer from Northern Territory.
“He’s moved to Kilcoy, North of Brisbane. His farm in NT was so large it took him four hours to drive from his house to his front fence. Last year he was contacted by a US-Japanese corporation who offered him AUD$170 million for the place. He said: ‘come & get the keys!’ With the money he bought 30,000 acres at Kilcoy. Now says he feels ‘cramped’; doesn’t miss the old place. ‘Woz overrun by wild camels, donkeys, water buffalos. I couldn’t wipe ‘em out. Dah nu owners say dey export ‘em overseas. They’re crazy!”

SBSTV’s OBSESSION WITH HITLER: Government ethnic network, SBSTV, is obsessed with holohoax. They alone among five free-to-air channels show every week at least one, sometimes three, anti-German propaganda documentary. Only fellow government-owned ABCTV network has anti-German material. The other three networks, all commercial, show nothing remotely ‘hoaxie’ except the occasional Spielberg bilge. His dozens of films are always spiked by bile against his betters. Despite its hate-speech bias SBS often inadvertently let ‘facts’ slip through.

ABCTV 7.30 Report (current affairs from an ALP slant) 7.30pm Frigasday 17 Februa 2012:
“From this year 19th Februa will be officially commemorated as Bombing of Darwin Day. Locals complain events of 1942 were ignored till now yet the same air force which bombed Pearl Harbour on 7th Decembis 2012 later bombed Darwin, Australia’s most Northern city & capital of our Northern Territory”.
Why ‘ignored till now’?

SENSITIVE JAPS: A clue is found in 2009 when then ALP Prime Minister K.Rudd, the first PM from Qld,  announced the finding of HMAS Centaur, officially ‘missing’ for 70 years. Centaur, a clearly marked RAN hospital ship, was sunk by torpedoed by a Japanese submarine just off Brisbane. ‘Lost’? 200 miles from a city of two million people & capital of Queensland? How? Because no one was looking for it. Centaur & the ignored attack on Darwin show how supine Australia’s politicians have been since 1945. Similar cravenness continues, now focused on China.
Centaur was located after only a short ‘search’ launched a year after HMAS Sydney was located by the same experts who’d earlier discovered last resting place of SS Titanic. Brisbane’s local Murdoch News Ltd(sic) outlet, Courier -Mail admitted: ‘Centaur could not be found earlier as this may have upset the Japanese’. Huh?!

CHINA REPLACES JAPAN AS OVERLORD: In 2007 K.Rudd was elected Australian PM, a career diplomat to China & our first PM to speak fluent Mandarin. China & Japan have been rivals as leaders of North Asia since 1868. Australia sells minerals to both. In 1997 Japan’s economy imploded. They have been in stagnation ever since as US investment shifted to Red China. Now China is in ascendance. This fulfils US plans in 1945, derailed by Mao’s 1949 victory.

US planned to rule Asia via Chang Kai Shek’s Nationalist regime but this was deposed & exiled to Taiwan. Forced US to rebuild Japan, not demolish it. Same model was to be used as on Germany: the Morgenthau Plan. But Mao wrecked this as did Stalin in Europe, e.g. the Berlin Blockade. So US 1945 plan not achieved in China till 1997.

AUSTRALIA’S PLACE IN NEW WORLD ORDER: In the 1970’s Australian school students learnt either German or French. Since 1995 they must choose between Mandarin & Japanese. K.Rudd’s first overseas trips in 2007 was not, as is usual with Australian PM’s, to Washington DC to pay homage to our feudal masters there, nor to Yad Vashem as all US politicians & aspirants must. Instead K.Rudd went to Beijing. He avoided DC for six months; this slight on the Masters later cost him his job. K.Rudd gave a speech at Beijing University in Mandarin to a vast audience. These were highly amused. No other foreign leader had ever spoken in Mandarin to the Chinese people.  But what did he say? Australians saw it on SBSTV but no translation was ever provided. What did he promise?
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