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STORM 69 Juno 2009

        No. 69              Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action            Juno 2009
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only. 

THEORY & PRACTICE: Karl Marx tells us: ‘learn by praxis” I.e. a theory is worthless until ’field-tested’ to see if it actually works. Is now happening with the Capitalist banking System: supposed to work one way in theory, but in reality it does not. Same as ALP’s ’race discrimination’ laws that protect anti-whites but not whites.

CASE STUDY: Several months before ‘Christ-Day’ (Christ-Mass) 2008 a Brisbane area white racial activist noticed,  from media reports, the rail stations in his area had experienced a dozen assaults on white males over the previously few months. In each case the attackers were ‘black gangs‘. None were apprehended. Activist wrote, printed & distributed door-to-door to homes near the affected (in-fected?) rail stations a simple flyer: ‘racially motivated attacks are taking place. Police do nothing. Media ignore them. Local ALP MP does nothing. White men are dying - ACT NOW!’

SILENT TREATMENT: As expected controlled media gave him ‘silent treatment’. Why should they care if whites die? But the attackers took notice. Also noticed the silence. So became bolder. Just after Christ-Day graffiti began to appear around stations: ‘Black Power’ plus the vile Abo flag. Were claiming this area as their ‘killing ground’. Still no media or police action. A month later the Abo graffiti disappeared under a barrage of ‘NSHC’ tags plus the old standard, the Swastika.

RACIAL CONSCIOUSNESS: Did not take long for Abos to respond but the ‘National Socialist High Command’, as these anonymous white youths call themselves, continued to tag the local RSL, schools, etc. In their own way they were ‘reclaiming the country one-street-at-a-time’, an old ANA idea. What’d happened? Lenin said: “Bolsheviks are about agit-prop. Our first task is agitation - tell the masses they ARE oppressed. Our method is propaganda - tell them how to ESCAPE their oppression. Our efforts will lead  them to see our party as their ’guide’ to a brighter future”.

JOINING THEIR DOTS FOR THEM: We can see from our case study where a local nationalist, simply by ‘joining the dots’ for local ‘lumpen‘ (ignorant) whites enabled them to find a solution, or at least a partial response, to their problem. How? He pointed out to them: 1. the attacks were all connected; 2. police were NOT acting to prevent them OR to catch those responsible; 3. police were inactive because local Red MP told them to ‘back off the blacks”; 4. controlled media were complicit by under-reporting the issue then refusing any follow-up reports. Time between the attacks, the activist flyer, Abo response & white backlash by so-called ‘NSHC’ took six months.

BOLSHEVIK MAJORITY: Some suggest Lenin was exaggerating in 1908 when he re-named his party faction ‘Bolshevik’ (majority). After their split with the faction Lenin dubbed ‘Menshevik’ (minority) it was Lenin’s faction which had the fewer members. Misses his theoretical point: Lenin saw his faction as representing ’the majority’ I.e. the 80% of Russians who were peasants. Their foes aimed at reaching the 10% who were ’industrial proletariat’. Lenin was not talking about the SIZE of his party but of their potential support BASE.

OUR MOB FIRST: Local Abos refer to themselves not as ‘our tribe‘ but as ‘us mob’. Like female activists, blacks only began to gain political attention & ‘payoffs’ when they agitated as a GROUP. Whites must do likewise. Aim to get the majority of whites racially motivated, I.e. to see ALL politics in terms of: ’what’s best for OUR race?’

VICTORY OF FEMINISM: This myopic, tunnel vision has richly rewarded female activists or ’feminists’ in Qld where they now have our first female Premier, a female Governor & female Governor-General - formerly the Qld Governor - plus 25 female ALP MP’s. A total of 36 females from all parties in a State Parliament with only 89 MP‘s. Is the highest proportion of female MP’s in any Parliament in the British Commonwealth’s 49 countries.

NATIONAL FEMINISM: In 2006 Federal Parliament was ‘debating’ whether to legalise the ‘night after’ abortion pill RU486. Bill was blocked till an ‘all party group’ of female MP’s from the five parties (ALP, NPA, Liberals, Australian Democrats & Greens) joined together to pass the Bill. Later appeared on page one of Murdoch’s Australian toasting their ‘victory’ with champagne glasses. Revealed feminists in ALL parties put gender before party loyalty. Till men & whites do same there is no saving this country or any white homeland.

FAULTY LOGIC: Returning to our Abo/NSHC ‘case study’. Is a classic case where a white nationalist ‘seeded’ an area then stepped back. Some see 2004 Cronulla Riot as similar. For two years before 12.12.2004 ‘white riot’ a pair of racial nationalist groups, the Patriotic Youth League & Australia First Party, had leafleted the area addressing issue of ‘anti-white violence’ by Lebanese gangs . Received minimal response. But public still absorbed their message. Fact they didn’t join PYL or AFP show its not lumpen whites at fault but our own faulty reasoning.

LUMPEN LOGIC: ‘Great unwashed masses’, as one Australian socialist leader once described them, are simply being sensible. They see from our actions & writings that we are both professional and knowledgeable. If there is anything that antagonises the semi-peasant mind of the ’average white Aussie’ it is someone who knows more than they do. So instead of joining us they sit back & watch us. All the while assessing us: are we honest? Are we sincere, persistent & consistent? Do our actions match our words or are we ’full of hot air’? All these questions must be answered before they will even listen, let alone join us. Then they may not. Why?

PRACTICAL PEASANTS: Simply being practical. ’If you guys are already doing a great job why do you need us?’ they ask. Logical. They don’t pretend to be lawyers or plumbers but hire these professionals when they need them. Politics in Australia is seen as ’something best left to the professionals’. Is idea the ALP love to foster. Helps prevent any ’grass roots movement’ against their rule since 1891. One such movement was One Nation 1995-2001 where 50,000 ordinary citizens fed up with the corruption of ’politics as usual’ joined forces to make a change. ON  were crushed in a year of lies, court cases & a hundred member-assaults. Australia was doomed in the process. ON as our ’last, best hope’. Now we’re destroyed by alien rape gangs (NSW), wild fires (Victoria) & deluge (Qld).      

OF LIGHT & DARK: Senior nationalist activist lamented to ANA recently: “this current global financial crisis should be a golden opportunity for we opponents of the System. But members of the public seem divided into two groups we call Light & Dark. The Light are few in number but seek ‘enlightenment’ or knowledge. The Dark are the majority who remain willfully ignorant. These seem to feel ignorance relieves them of any responsibility for whatever happens in the world. So we have a small group who understand & agree with us but a much larger group who don’t have a clue what we’re talking about & don‘t want to know. In short, the public either think like us or they don’t think at all. Focus on recruiting the few wise whites. Avoid the larger group, the lumpen whites”.

HOLLYWOOD FICTION EQUALS PUBLIC’S REALITY: One great mystery of the Nov 2008 installation of America’s first half-black President is why so many whites, many of them Republicans, voted for Obama and not McCain. One theory has it that the System wanted Obama in so set up a ‘loser’ like Mc Cain whom they knew no one would vote for. Even Sarah Palin was accused of being chosen by McCain for her lack of vote-drawing ability. Is not so simple. We all know the way a person is and the way the media present them to the public are usually opposites. How Obama got elected goes much deeper. Take a popular TV series like ‘24’ starring Kiefer Sutherland, a young man very popular amongst middle-aged white women. 24 is now in seventh season. When 24 began in 2002 George Bush II had just been elected US President. Hollywood were not happy.

SOCIALIST AGENDA AS ’SOCIAL CHANGE’:  Traditional home of Reds & queers Sollywood has always used its sinister power to influence the simple-minded, corroding the social fabric or as they put it ‘effect social change‘. Want women in the military? Make a movie like Courage Under Fire or Uncommon Valor with Melanie Griffiths or GI Jane with Demi Moore. Want to put people off joining the KKK? Make a movie like Mississippi Burning with Gene Hackman. Want to ridicule the Catholic Church? Make a movie like Doubt with Meryl Streep. Want to deter youth from joining Rightist groups? Make American History X with Ed Norton.

HOLLYWOOD’S PRESIDENT: In 2002 Hollywood decided it was time for a black President. First season of 24 had Sutherland’s character Jack Bauer assigned to protect the first black Presidential candidate. Bauer foils several  assassins. Black is elected. Following six seasons show what a good President he is. Did 24 get Obama elected? Not by itself. For past 30 years Hollywood has pushed an agenda with blacks in ‘power positions’ in TV & film.

BLACKS AS AUTHORITY FIGURES: In film or on TV where ever there is one police officer they must be black or female. If there is a police chief he has to be black. If a doctor in in the show it must be black or female. If there is a chief doctor it must be black or female - or preferably a black female as in Grey’s Anatomy. In The Simpsons  the doctor is a black. Early episodes had police chief Wiggin as black but he was such a fool they soon painted him white. Get it? A black must NEVER be ’dissed’ (disrespected) I.e. shown as a fool. To do so would quickly bring calls of ’Mr Bojangles’. To have a black as side-kick for a white is also denounced as ’Uncle Tom’. Australian star Paul Hogan killed his US career after the wild success of his popular Crocodile Dundee film by making a film with him as a cowboy and Cuba Gooding Jr as his dumb black sidekick. What ever happened to Hogan? He made no more US films apparent from a remake of Flipper that flopped. Lesson: don’t ’diss’ a black or you’ll suffer.

SPIELBERG’S ROLE: Major force behind this ’black empowerment’ film movement is Steven Spielberg. First element in every Spielberg film is divorce. Are no white ’happy families’ in his films. Even a feature such as the 1978 ET has children living with their single mother. 2006 saw him do a re-make of War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise as hero. Is a single father & being white, a loser. Second aspect of Spielberg films: white males are losers;  white women are always successful doctors or lawyers as in The Day After Tomorrow. Third element: blacks are always authority figures, capable & ‘in charge’.

GULLIBLE PUBLIC: Why do public not tire of such obvious, formulaic film-making? Apparently they haven’t noticed. After 30 years of indoctrination Hollywood decided it was time to test their mind control experiment in the real world so they ran Obama. All critics was silenced. All media were bought. Public followed the script just like they were supposed to. Result: ‘OUR first black President’. No. Blind masses obeyed Masters. Will Big ‘O’ make a good President - can any black? Look at Africa & Caribbean where blacks have had self-rule for decades. Then ask  why their populations are starving, disease-ridden & and fleeing as refugees to the remaining whites lands. Answers question many asked since 1994: why did 68% of white Afrikaaners vote to abolish apartheid & install black President Nelson Mandela? Now same question can be asked of US whites. Any answers?

BLACKS INCAPABLE OF SELF-RULE: An old white activist complained to ANA about African migrants:
“Blacky said to whitey: ‘get out of our land. Got back to Europe!’ so we did. Now blacks arrive here and say: ‘I made a mess. Let me in!’ So we do. Duh! America has just leapt from the frying pan into the fire. No where on the face of the earth does there exist a successful black nation, company or institution. They do not exist. Some think ‘America has come of age’ for electing Big ‘O’. WRONG. He is a zero, not a hero - like Mugabe, M. L. King Jr and every other black fraud the media have foisted on the white world. Keep the blacks in Africa. There they are free to murder and eat each other. But don’t let them into white countries or into positions of power over whites“.

BIG ‘O’ - HARBINGER OF DEATH: Good advice from a veteran white Nationalist that goes unheeded. Can Big ‘O’ save the US? Of course not. He was put in charge after the Chosen deliberately destroyed the US in a planned economic implosion beginning in Decembis 2007. Just like they did to World Trade Centre Building 7. Essence of Capitalism is to regularly create booms then burst them: they lend you money then foreclose on you. Is how they increase their ‘share’ of the economy. Today larger banks ‘foreclose’ on smaller ones. What’s the role of Big ‘O’?

BANKERS’ PRESIDENT: Former Senator Obama, along with Senator McCain, was equally responsible for the November 2008 bill to award US banks US$700 billion of taxpayers money - the infamous ’Bank Bailout‘ Bill.  Same week Big ‘O’ recorded his biggest ever donations: US$155 million. Gee, I wonder who gave him that? With that money he bought extra ‘air time’ on controlled TV & ‘won’ election. As White Nationalist Elder Statesman Eric Thomson put it: “we got the best man money could buy”.

NO FUTURE FOR USA: In a hundred year time historians will record:
“America’s first black President arrived in troubled times. Despite his best efforts he could not save the country. His successor, the first US Hispanic President, amalgamated the now defunct US with Canada & Mexico to form the now highly successful ‘North American Union”.
NAU is to be one of the ten kingdom’s of the New World Order as prophesied in Book of Revelation . (Rev. 13v1). The masses, as always, will suspect nothing. They believe whatever they’re TOLD  - not what they SEE with their own eyes. Either way whites won’t live long enough to see the advent of this ‘glorious new dawn‘.

DVD Review: Michael Collins (Geffen Pictures, 1996, 127 minutes). Writer/Dir. Neil Jordan; Producer Steven Woolley; Stars Liam Neeson; Julia Roberts; Aidan Quinn; Charles Dance; Alan Rickman.
Film opens with Michael Collins, co-founder of Irish Republican Army, surrendering to the British Army after failed 1916 Irish Easter Uprising. As he is lead away to prison he vows:
“the only way we’ll get the British out is to not fight by their rules [I.e. conventional warfare]; next time we’ll make up our own rules [I.e. guerrilla warfare]”.
On his  release from a British prison in May 1918 he began this ‘new war’ - a war of assassinations & secret executions.
As Republican Minister for Intelligence MC called himself “minister for daylight robberies & general mayhem”. When the entire Republican Cabinet are arrested after failing to believe a ’tip off’ from one of MC‘s informants only MC is left free. Released from rule by a conservative committee, MC begins a reign of terror. He makes the IRA ’leak-proof’ & tells aide Harry Boland (played by Aidan Quinn):
“I want peace & quiet. I want it so much I’d die for it“. HB: “You mean you’d kill for it first”.
MC: “No not first - last”.
HB: “Well, Mick you’re good at mayhem”.
MC: “You haven’t seen anything yet”.
HB: “You mean things are gonna get worse? So we’ll have to get worse?”
MC: “I hate them. Not for their race or their brutality. I hate them for leaving us no alternative. I hate them for forcing us to ordering our young men to kill them. I hate them for making hate necessary. And I’ll do what I have to do to end it”.

Is the same for racial nationalists. We do not hate but are called ‘haters’ by our foes. MC gained independence from Britain in 1921 but was murdered by fellow IRA in 1922 during the subsequent Irish Civil War.

A LIFE & DEATH STRUGGLE: Some white nationalists seem confused by the place of anger & hate in our Struggle. The Struggle requires ACTION. Sometimes we must DO things we’d rather not. So how do we do it? As one white summed it up: “I kill cockroaches whenever I see them. When I kill one I feel no personal animosity towards that individual ’roach, but I kill it just the same“. Is not enough to hold an objective opinion e.g. ’I want my race top survive’ and not ACT on it. ANA regularly send out flyers & stickers. We urge members/supporters to put them up or send them to others. But to do NOTHING would be worse than useless. To hold an opinion yet not ACT on it is not logical. Do you agree with ANA policies? Then JOIN us & encourage others to do so. To not do so is illogical.

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