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NINS Augustus 2010

         Nationalist & Inter-Nationalist News Service                Augustus 2010
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BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 933 FM 5am Frigasday 30 Juli 2010:
Russian security forces have detained a man who attempted to take over a flight from the North Caucasus”.

“A Frenchwoman has been charged with suffocating of eight of her own babies to prevent her husband knowing she was pregnant after the bodies were recently discovered. She said she did not want anymore children but did not want to go to a doctor for contraceptives“.
[Female illogic. Murder is better than going to a doctor. And these ½ wits want to run the world? Odds are she’ll be acquitted. Such is the sad state of law in the decaying West. RE].

“An Anglican minister has been charged with presiding over 100’s of fake marriages between 2005 & 2009 to ‘facilitate illegal immigration’. All the marriages were between East Europeans & Africans”.

“High temperatures in Moscow have caused pollution levels to 10 times above normal“.

“6,500 graves at Arlington National Cemetery are mis-labeled. The former official responsible for the section of the graveyard said he was at fault but was inadequately resourced”.

90,000 top secret documents were released this week onto the Wiki-leaks website. The website say they kept back 15,000 documents to ‘preserve lives’. But it is now claimed many Afghan informants have already been exposed“.

Channel Ten Meet The Press 730am Solday 1 Augustus 2010:
Guest Ian Kortlang, former Liberal Party official:
“Julia Gillard made the same mistake in toppling KRUDD as we did in 1986 when we rolled John Howard for Andrew Peacock. We did the ’strike’ well but failed to think through the consequences. We went out to dinner the Friday night but the Monday morning it was all over. We’d lost it. She needs to give KRUDD the position of Foreign Minister if that‘s what he wants. Its not him doing the leaks; its his staffers. You know these are always more ideological than their MPs”.
ABCTV Landline (rural affairs) 12 noon Solday 1 Augustus 2010 (30 minutes) :
Don Basse, UB-based grain industry analyst: “Russia and Azerbaijan have both had bad crops this year. Brazil and Argentina have mandated compulsory ‘bio-fuel’ levels on their vehicles. Both these mean greater demand for Australian grains. You’re competing against the US & Ukraine. But world demand for grains is rising by 37 million metric tonnes per year with no end in sight“.

SBSTV Dateline 8.30pm Solday 1 Augustus 2010:
Reporter Mark Davis, London: “Julian Assange is the editor of Wikileaks. His website now has 200,000 pages of Top Secret documents describing war crimes by the US, UK & other countries in Iraq & Afghanistan. He admits ‘we got the material from The New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel. These three don’t want to break the story. They came to us to ‘break’. This is unprecedented. And why? They want to be able to quote someone as the source of the leaks. They don’t want to be seen as ’unpatriotic’ ”.

BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 933 FM 5am Thorsday 12 Augustus 2010:
“US has sold an improved version of the Patriot anti-missile missile system to Kuwait“. “

Israeli Defence Force Chief, General Gabi Ashkenazi, told a government inquiry ’insufficient force’ was used to ’neutralise’ a Turkish ship where nine civilians were killed. He said: ’live fire not stun grenades would have more readily created a sterile environment’ ”.

Channel Seven News 6pm Saturnsday 14 Augustus 2010:
“An Australian soldier killed in Afghanistan brings the total since 2001 to 18, seven this year alone”.

“Melbourne police are still investigating yesterday’s gangland murder of crime boss Zayad Urchuk [shows three Muslim women laying atop of dead man. RE]”.

[Early morning TV runs foreign news services. What was showing on one random morning?]

Russia TV c/- Queensland Community TV The Alyona Show (current affairs) 5am Saturnsday 18 Sepembis 2010:
Alyona: “Today’s top stories look at why the Iraqi government is to pay US$400 million in compensation to US citizens for ‘hurt’ done to them during the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 yet there is no money for Iraqis ‘hurt’ by the US 1990 till today. We see why hundreds of 9-11 First Responders today rallied outside the US Congress to demand a compensation bill worth US$9 billion be passed. It is to fund the health costs of thousands who have become ill since the 9-11 2001 World Trade Centre attacks.

Reporter Kristina Frazao: “While 3,000 died in the attacks over 900 First Responders have died since. They did not become ill till long after but some had been on the site for weeks even months. They suffer with strange rashes, bruised lungs and even cancer. When this bill was first put before Congress in Juli 2010 it was rejected with cries it was a ’slush-fund’ and ’unlikely to go to those in need’. The victims today attended the vote to ensure this does not happen again’.

Alyona: “we also look at the case of a US citizen with dual Yemeni citizenship who has been placed on a US assassination list. The US Justice Department says he suggested Muslims respond to US attacks by defending themselves. He's only ever given sermons but in these he also called for the violent overthrow of the US government. His lawyer Sam Greenwald says: ‘that is protected speech! The US Supreme Court has said many times that to call for the violent overthrow of our government is covered by the US Constitution. My client is threatened with 15 years if the Yemeni government bows to US pressure and arrests him. If they do not then the US says he will be assassinated.’
Alyona: 'they issued a death sentence BEFORE charging him with any crime?’ ’Yes - it is unusual’ ”.

[While all this was on what was on QCTV’s two Chinese-owned commercial rivals, Channel Seven & Channel Nine? Seven runs the NBC Today Show 4-6am. Nine has Good Morning America 4.30-6am. Their top stories? Seven’s was ’why are grizzly bears attacking so much lately?’ Nine had ’Five Fashion Must-haves’.  Why has the Murdoch monopoly newspapers(sic) refused to carry QCTV for the past six years? Murdoch, who also owns FOX NEWS in the US, owns Australia’s only national daily The Australian, Queensland’s only State-wide daily the Courier Mail, Also all 22 weekly suburban papers in the State capital, Brisbane.
He hates real news so in each paper he carries a TV Guide. There are six ‘free to air‘ channel but Murdoch's media kist only five. QCTV is absent. Why? It carries in English, Deutsche Welle in English & Al Jazeera in English. If these world class media were given wider coverage the local Chinese owned rubbish ’news’ on 7,9 & 10 would be laughed off the air. So Murdoch does what he does best: censorship. Till his fossilised, choking hand is taken from Australia’s popular information jugular we’ll continue to be ruled by foreign appointed pimps & whores. RE].    

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