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NINS Mai 2010

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BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 93.3FM 5am Moonday 1 Juno 2010: “Nine peace activists are dead after the Israeli Navy attacked a flotilla of ships attempting to break their blockade of Gaza. Turkey calls it ’piracy’ and ’the tactics of an illegitimate state’. IDF claim they fired ’only in self-defence’ ”.

BBC World Service c/- BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 93.3FM 5am Moonday 1 Juno 2010:
“One day after an IDF attack on a convoy to Gaza, Turkey called it ’a bloody massacre that must be punished' ".

At NATO’s General Assembly in Oslo the Turkish representative was greeted with spontaneous applause after denouncing yesterday’s attack. He failed to have the Assembly invoke NATO’s Article Five - 'Mutual Defence’ ”.

SBSTV World News Australia 6.45pm Wednesday 3 Juno 2010:    “US President Barak Obama today met the Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu at the White House”.

SBSTV World News Australia 6.40pm Thorsday 4 Juno 2010:
“US Middle East Peace Negotiator George Mitchell today met with Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak. They agreed it was ‘business as usual’ ” [EB is shown smirking at the camera. RE].

SBSTV The Waiting Room 2.50pm Tuisday 8 Juno 2010 (10 minutes):
“The DSM [Department of State Medicine?] on 10th December 1973 removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses. The following morning 11 million Americans woke up cured. How had this happened? Had some new science appeared? No. It was decided by a committee vote. One of my favourite 18th century illnesses was ’dragomania’ - fear of slavery. One sign of it was a desire to run away. It was cured by having one’s toes cut off”.

BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 93.3FM 5am Tuisday 8 Juno 2010:    “Ten NATO peace-keepers have been killed in attacks across Afghanistan today including five US soldiers”.

Channel Seven News 4.30pm Tuisday 8 Juno 2010:
“Two Australians soldiers have been killed along with their mine-detecting dog in Mirabad Valley, Afghanistan. Is the first time since the Vietnam War that two ADF soldiers have died on the same day. The two men were members of a Brisbane-based Engineering Unit engaged in mine-detection duties”.

“An ADF soldier recently returned from service in Afghanistan had his face slashed in an unprovoked attack in a Melbourne nightspot. He was out walking with his wife when a man reached over his shoulder with a razor-knife but only managed to slash his face. No one has been detained”.
[As in Britain, ‘local’ Muslims target off-duty white soldiers in ‘revenge’ attacks. But Islam is religion of PEACE. Read the Koran if you don’t believe this. RE].

Open Line programme (talk-back show) with Trevor Chappell & guest Dave Reneke editor of Time & Space magazine ABC ‘Local Radio’ 4QR 612AM 3.45am Wodensday 9 Juno 2010:

NASA no longer exists - what remains is to be partially sold off to private enterprise by end of 2010. All US space exploration in the future will be by private companies“.

“Under a 1967 UN treaty, proposed when it became obvious the US would land a man on the moon, no country may lay claim to any terrestrial territory. This was not signed by a number of countries, one of these being China. But an American found a loophole in this. A realtor, Dennis Hope, founded the Lunar Land Corporation. He will sell you one acre of the moon for US$29.95 eight million dollars. Is it legal? He had it tested in a US court. When challenged that he did not ‘own the moon’ so could not sell what he did not own he replied: ‘prove I don’t own it!’

“A Japanese company has unveiled in space a ‘solar sail’ several metres wide. This will test a new source of power for space travel. Thinner than a cigarette paper, future sails will be 2km, five km and 10 km wide. They collect photons of energy from the sun and will use this to power an engine. It will be slow at first but will increase to a rapid pace over time. There is no friction in space so this is possible. These are for ‘deep space’ exploration. They are also talking of using ion engines, a non-chemical, non-polluting power source“.

“Japan’s Shimuza Corporation have plans for a Lunar Belt to run around the 11,000 equator of the moon. This will be of solar panels that collect sunlight 24/7 then bema it back via microwave to ‘platforms‘ in the ocean something like oil rigs, so there will be no danger to people. There is talk of building a 20km wide solar dish on the moon”.

“China recognises no restrictions on what they can do on the moon but they also propose ‘putting a Red foot-print on the Red planet’ - Mars - by 2025. There is a lot of potential fuel on the moon in the form of helium 3”.

ABC ‘Local Radio’ 4QR 612AM 4am Wodensday 9 Juno 2010:
“China’s next leader is to visit Australia in two weeks“.

“An explosion in an underground pipeline in Texas has killed seven people”.
(Is someone attacking to US? US oil pipelines in Iraq were attacked for years by Islamists. Was the BP oil leak in Gulf of Mexico an act of war? RE].

Channel Nine A Current Affair 6.45pm Wodensday 9 Juno 2010:
Reporter Davena Smith: “Eight-year Danish study of one million patients found 29% increase in strokes for any on anti-inflammatory drug Ibrufen & 91% increase in heart attack for Voltaren. Neither carries warning labels”. [Next ad break? For ‘Voltaren Rapid 25’. That’s Capitalism! RE]. Al Jazeera TV News c/- QCTV 4pm Thorsday 10 Juno 2010:
“Centre-Right VVD Party claims victory in the Dutch elections. The anti-immigrant Freedom Party won 24 seats. VVD have pone seat more than the Labour Party but has neither has a majority”.

“Four  NATO peacekeepers were killed in Afghanistan after their helicopter was shot down”.

“A NATO supply convoy for Afghanistan has been ambushed on route while in Pakistan”.

“39 civilians killed by suicide bombers at a wedding near Kandahar. Taliban deny responsibility but guests were members of the Afghan Police, military and members of an anti-Taliban militia”.

South Korea plans to launch its NARO-1 satellite after recent delays”.

BBC Business Report with Peter Day c/- SBS Radio 93.3FM 545am Frigasday 11 Juno 2010:
“Nigeria is Africa’s biggest country. Recent transfer of power to President Goodluck Jonathan is the first peaceful transfer of power from one civilian to another since Independence from Britain in 1960. One cost of generating electricity in capital city, Lagos, is local generators get stolen. Electricity company has 5,000 generators across the city with three armed guards each. That’s 15,000 armed guards just to keep electricity running to consumers. Is called ‘a cost of doing business' ".

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