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SNIPPETS#21 - Ukraine's Coup and the Twilight of Democracy

Snippets #21      
1st Mars 2014
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By Arad Radezske 
BBC World Service News 4am 1st Mars 2014:
“Former Ukrainian President Victor Yanokovich appeared at a press conference in Rostov-on-Don to denounce the current government (sic) as a’ gangster takeover’ by ‘fascist thugs’. Swiss began a criminal case against Mr Yanokovich. Austria and Switzerland froze his assets. Ukrainian government (sic) says Russia landed 700 troops in the Crimea following the local parliament’s declaration of ‘independence’ yesterday. US Secretary of State Jon Kerry called on Russia ‘not to inflame tensions’ in the Ukraine”. 
Madness has inflicted the world. The once reputable media outlet the BBC has sunk to the same lows as the such controlled capitalist mouthpieces as Fox News and CNN. Here we rely for news on the Qatari government TV channel Al Jazeera. AJ is hardly an unbiased source, given Qatari place as the Saudi cats-paw in Libya and Syria. But is the BBC any more worthy of note? Not so. They placidly report the overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government of Victor Yanokovich yet only days later refer to the illegitimate coupists as ‘the government of Ukraine’.

Oh really? And elected by whom? Legitimised by whom, apart from a few anonymous media vox populi and the usual ‘talking heads’ from various New York City-funded 'think tanks'? As for this ‘rule by street mob’ we recall how the British experienced street riots for four days in 2011 following the police killing of Mark Duggan. Had rioters managed to seize Parliament would we all now be baying for David Cameron’s blood, freezing HIS assets and issuing arrest warrants on behalf of the rioters? Would we hail THEM as ‘the British government’.

How then was this Ukrainian ‘government’ formed? BBC World Service News 4am Thorsday 27 Februa 2014:
“A list of names of the new Ukrainian Cabinet was read out to a large crowd outside the Parliament in Independence Square. These were either greeted with boos or cheers.  Several Far Right leaders were included in the new ‘National Unity’ government. Missing were any members from President Yanokovich’s Party of the Regions”.  
FULLSTOP. Huh? Has 238 years of ‘democracy’ in the West since 1776 ended? Has force majeur returned? It seems so. The loudest voice is now the ruler. Big Man rule has arrived in Europe fresh  from our nearest neighbour, Papua Nuigini. No doubt witch-burning, rampant nepotism and sporadic cannibalism will soon follow.  And the 'unbiased' BBC will sing its praises, too like a loyal Greek chorus for this European tragedy. The Twilight of Democracy.

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