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SNIPPETS #18 BBC our masters mouthpiece

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by Jegar Sadah-Uthur
BBC: Our Master's Mouth-piece 
BBC World Service 'World Business Report' 345am Saturnsday 8th Februa 2014:
Reporter Tommy Standidge, The Economist:
"All the media here [at Sochi] for the Winter Games at very upset. The hotel rooms aren't up to 'par' the tap water is brown. But of course, all of us have just come from the World Economic Forum at Davos [Switzerland] where everything was excellent". 
MEDIA BIAS: Reporting by the 'unbiased' BBC on Russia and Putin in particular is becoming obscenely biased. But 'tap water'? We can only imagine what the bigoted BBC - which boasts of being 'the world's news service' - was like 1933-39. Then they had six years to fan the flames of hatred for another One who had stood up against their Masters.

MASTERS & MINIONS: Who are their Masters? Thousands of them visit Davos each year for one week to set their agenda for the coming year. Their media 'pets' are allowed to worship them there, like good minions. Who are some of these minions? A usual in the world's 'power centres' a certain group is overrepresented. These are ever eager to flee the shadows and parade themselves in broad daylight. A repellent miasma to the Few clear-sighted, to most the deluded, blinded majority they remain invisible.

So who reports for 'the world's news service' from Moscow and incidentally also for ABCTV/Radio? Steve Rosenberg(J). It was Steve who single-handed made stars of the infamously untalented yet self-styled 'lesbian rock band' Pussy Riot, unknown except for being arrested while dancing on a Moscow cathedral altar. Would have been quite different if they'd trashed a synagogue.

Who's BBC reporter from Kyiv, Ukraine neighbour and client-state of Russia? David Stern(J), another shadow seeking redemption in the Light. His reports reinforce the EU posture, which is to smother Kyiv in their Master's embrace of 'Union' - or to destroy them. Either way it is solely to discomfit Putin, not to benefit the people of the Ukraine. Do we making too much of the role played by aliens in controlling one of the world's largest English-language media outlets? No.

SOUTH AFRICA: Recall the 1990's when South Africa's whites were struggling to give justice to a black majority whilst suffering a constant barrage of lies, and misinformation from this 'world's new service'. Their reporter from Johannesburg recently admitted in an interview:
"when I was about to go out [to South Africa] I received no written instructions but a verbal one. I was summonsed to the Chief Editor's office. There he simply sad: 'we don't like apartheid. Get it?' I got it". 
In short, no matter what the whites of Africa did the BBC followed their Masters' 'party line': damn them and doom them. For that very reason no news of the fate of the 4.5 million whites since the 1994 Black takeover has emerged via the BBC. In the meantime South Africa has since 1994 leapt ahead of most other nation's for all types of crime especially robbery, murder and rape.

Recall the 2013 media hysteria over the Reva Stellenkamp accidental death at the hands of Special Olympian, Oscar Pistorius. The same week Reva died women's groups in South Africa had planned a mass media campaign against rape, South Africa being the world's 'rape capital'. A tragic case of a 17 year old blonde girl who fought off black attackers only to have both her hands removed by machete seemed sufficiently vile to rouse the dulled conscience of the 'world's news service'. No. When they did arrive they were conveniently diverted by Oscar's killing of Reva. Now you see why we were all forced to suffer a week of 'in-depth coverage' of that single obscure crime.

OBSCURE NOT ENLIGHTEN: It was sad in and of itself but was used, as so often these days, to obscure a greater evil. Surely a few odd bad eggs in the field can't alter the public perspective of an entire media outlet? No but a biased editors can. The organisational gatekeeper he signals those 'in the field' what is acceptable and what its not so they only report what he will 'run' with.

News editor Tim Franks(J) was talking to the BBC Sarajevo correspondent at 6am regarding widespread demonstrations across Bosnia. "What was the trigger for these?" Tim asked. When the reporter replied: "the European Union" Tim almost choked. "You can't blame the EU!" he shouted. The reporter held his ground so was cut short. His suggestions was "the war ended in 1995 and since then the warring factions have continued to rule. The mass of the population feel cut off. The EU made the mess so refuse to address ti preferring to pretend that Bosnia is 'just another country' ".

A media outlet that obscures news is not 'the world's news service' but a disservice. When David Cameron cut the BBC Overseas budget in 2012 by 25% we hoped such poisoners as the Steve's and David's would go. They stayed but more worthy types were lost.

Dear BBC listeners, keep a weather eye on all you see or hear.    

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