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NINS Juli 2010

        Nationalist & Inter-Nationalist News Service                      Juli 2010 (2)
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BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 933 FM 5am Thorsday 22 Juli 2010:
Reporter Duncan Kennedy: “An Arab-Israeli man has been jailed for 18 months for ‘rape by deception’. An Israeli woman complained he’d contacted her on the Internet posing as an Jew using the nickname 'Dudu', a version of David used by Israelis. The couple met & had sex but she claims she later discovered he was an Arab so called police. The man says the whole case is ‘racism’ and he never pretended to be a Jew“.

“Lord Conrad Black has been released on bail in the US only two years into a six-year sentence. He was gaoled in August 2008 but released after the US Supreme Court overturned a controversial ‘honest services’ law". [Lord Black formerly owned the Jerusalem Post. Punished for misuse of funds. RE]

BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 933 FM 5am Frigasday 23 Juli 2010:
“Somali Transitional Federal Government Defence Minister in Kampala at the African Union Summit asked for more troops to be sent to his country. “We need 50,000 troops to defeat the militants” he said.

“Ten judges of International Court of Justice ruled 17th February 2008 Unilateral Declaration of Independence by Kosovo to be legal. Sets a precedent for independence movements around the world”.

Pakistan’s Army Chief of Staff has been reappointed for a second three year term. Locals say this is because he is a ‘favourite’ of the American generals in neighbouring Afghanistan“.

BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 933 FM 4am Moonday 26 Juli 2010:
“Pakistani authorities say a US drone aircraft has killed five Islamist militants in the area bordering Afghanistan. That follows a similar strike earlier in the day by a drone which killed four militants”.

Kampala: “UN High Commissioner For Refugees is in Uganda's capital to address the annual African Union meeting. Says there are now 500,000 Somalis fleeing the fighting in their homeland and  ‘all have the RIGHT to seek refuge and the RIGHT to live free of xenophobia’ [our emphasis]. Two weeks ago bombs in Kampala killed 79 people celebrating the football World Cup. Somalia’s Al Shabaab militants claimed responsibility. The AU has 6,000 peace-keepers in the Somali capital, mostly Ugandans. The militants control most of the capital, Mogadishu. Al Shabaab currently mortar the AU’s Ugandan & Burundian troops daily".

BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 933 FM 3am Tuisday 27 Juli 2010:
“The Pakistani President has vehemently denied allegations in NATO documents leaked on the Internet that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) meet regularly with the Taliban to plan attacks on NATO and Afghan targets in Afghanistan and on Indian targets. The leak names retired ISI Chief General Hamed Gul as the key link between the ISI and the Taliban. The Internet site, Wikileaks, regularly features reports of NATO war crimes“.

“The Afghan President has condemned a NATO air-strike which left 40 civilians dead. The women and children had gathered in Sangeen(?) to escape nearby fighting between NATO forces & the Taliban".

Reporter Mary Harper: “Eleven suspected Somali pirates have gone on trial in the Seychelles. Is the first such trial in the islands despite the regular occurrence of piracy in the area, more than 1,000 miles from Somalia“.

“Russian authorities say they have thwarted plans to import 100 kg of cocaine per month into Russia from the US. They report the arrest of an American and his Russian accomplices“.

BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 933 FM 5am Wodensday 28 Juli 2010:
“Britain formally rejects a Serb request they extradite former Bosnian Prime Minister Ejub Ganic(?) for ‘war crimes’ ”.

“British Prime Minister Nick Cameron has promised to ’put Turkey at the top table of European affairs’. Turkey's Prime Minister called Mr Cameron: ‘our good friend Nickolas’ ”.
[‘Top table’? This can only mean EU membership. Britain is run by Chosen. Just look at the eight Chosen Cabinet Ministers under the previous Labour government. With Labour sinking Cameron was ‘chosen’ to replace them, not to alter their policies. But Turkey? Has been demonised by Chosen media since Mittel-Ost Terror-Staat’s piratical assault on a Turkish peace flotilla killed nine. Why is Cameron, a Chosen puppet, cosying up to them? Only on Chosen orders. Will wiley Turks fall for it? RE].

Reporter Christian Frasier, Marseille: “Following death of a 'local criminal' (sic) 23 members of a 30-man crime squad have been ‘sent home to their families' and three have been transferred out of the region. Follows death threats by organised crime gangs against all the officers. It began last week police were called to a casino where a 27 year old Karim Mujumba [a Muslim] was threatening staff with a sub machine-gun. He opened fire on police. They returned fire, killing him. Four accomplices who also opened fire were arrested. Then the threats began. French President Sarkozy(J) vowed to ‘crack down on those who loot shops and burn cars’ fearing a repeat of October 2004 riots which swept many towns and cities in France”.
[Free yourself of fear: revive the Christian Churches; proclaim a Crusade on all infidels. Cleanse your land of Enemies, aliens and atheists. But anything less is cultural strangulation & slow death. RE].

“Indian has welcomed Burmese military dictator Tan Shwai(?) on a State Visit. Despite supporting Burma’s pro-democracy forces under Aung San Su Chi(?) India wants to counter growing Chinese influence in Burma plus gain a foothold in Burma’s vast gas reserves“.

Peter Blunt, Imperial College London: “The technology involved in oil drilling now is fantastic. The oil well that ‘blew out’ in the Gulf of Mexico was drilled through 1.5 km of water. At the bottom of the ocean the pressure is 150 times that of surface pressure. Then through four km of rock till it was at pressure of 1,000 times surface pressure. After all that they, using ‘sound waves’ [ultra-sound?] are able to arrive a point within one metre of where they want“.
Interviewer: “are the risks too great? Is it time we just said ’sorry no more oil’ “.
PB: “That attitude is na├»ve. Society as we know iti s predicated on cheap oil. Turn off the oil and it would all end within one week. There is not one industry today that doesn't use oil products".
Int: “So to continue producing oil you need to take bigger risks?”
PB: “Yes and to exploit fields which were once non-viable. There is not much oil under the oceans for geological reasons. Our next target is shale deposits in the USA”.

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