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NINS Juno 2010

        Nationalist & Inter-Nationalist News Service                      Juno 2010
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BBC World Service c/- SBS Radio 93.3FM 5am Frigasday 11 Juno 2010:
“A Kenyan man has shown police the graves of 19 victims. He said he’d joined a cult while at school. His goal was to kill 100 women”.

“White farmers in Zimbabwe says 16 of their farms have been attacked by supporters of the President in the past week despite a court orders that recognises their ownership of the land”.

“Two Norwegians are sentenced to death for second time by a court in the DRC. Are accused of killing their driver”. [UN says DRC killed five million since 1995. No one’s convicted, but pick on whitey? Why not! RE].

“Ten accused Somali pirates transferred from Netherlands to Germany. Hamburg to hold first piracy trial in 400 years”. [African barbarism forces back clock in Europe. The primitives should all DIE. RE].

“Two Bosnian Serbs were sentenced to life in The Hague for alleged war crimes at Srebrenica. Others received from sentences of 5-35 years. Were convicted of ‘terrorising civilians‘ and ‘forced transfers' ”.
[Double standard. White Serbs charged but black Zimbabweans not for the same. Equal? RE].

SBS Radio World News 93.3FM 6am Frigasday 11 Juno 2010:
“US Commander in Afghanistan general McChrystal says they may have to ‘move more slowly’ in Southern Afghanistan. Britain has 9,500 troops in Afghanistan, mainly in the South”.

“A Saudi court has gaoled a man for four months and sentenced him to 90 lashes after he was seen kissing a woman on CCTV in a shopping mall”.

“Former Australian Army Major General Keating has said the upcoming Queens Birthday weekend should be scraped in favour a ‘non-monarchist day’ like Reconciliation Day or Diversity Day’ “.

Reporter Greg Diet: “Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin’s call for a 'centralised organisation to register native title claims’ was called racist & discriminatory by Aboriginal leaders who said: ‘there's already 400 such agreements and not much money’. Ms Macklin denies this, saying many such groups  hold ‘millions of dollars’ ”.

“Pakistan’s military claims ’victory’ over Taliban in Northern Swat Valley. Will now cease operations there. Amnesty International says government has ’abandoned’ four million people to Islamist rule”.

ABCTV 7.30 Report 7.30pm Wodensday 16 Juno 2010:  “Is 57th day of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and BP have just admitted that up to 60,000 barrels of oil have may have been escaping per day”.

South East Forests Exports based in Eden, NSW is a Japanese-owned company. SEFE exported 950,000 tonnes of wood-chip to Japan and Taiwan in 2009”.

UCB News Vision FM/87.8FM 12noon Saturnsday 26 Juno 2010:
“22nd annual RIMPAC [Rim of the Pacific] naval exercises begin today off Hawaii. Lead by the US, & with 32 ships and 20,000 personnel, it includes Australia & ten other nations with - for the first time - France, Indonesia, Colombia, Malaysia & Thailand”.

“Australian Christian groups are concerned new PM Julia Gillard failed to use a Bible in her Oath of Office ceremony nor mention ‘GOD’ at any stage. It has been the norm for every Australian Prime Minister and Opposition leader to be a practicing Christian”.

ABC ‘Local Radio’ 4QR 612AM News 4.30am Solday 27 Juno 2010:
"First boat-load of illegal immigrants for new Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has arrived at Christmas Island. Includes 92 passengers and three crew. Is a test of Ms Gillard’s supposedly ‘tougher stance’ on immigration. She announced she does not support a ‘Greater Australia’ and will revise downwards population projections. Last year Australia accepted 300,000 migrants from overseas, double our rate of natural increase" [emphasis ours].

BBC World Service c/- ABC News Radio 936AM 5am Solday 27 Juno 2010:
“The new British Coalition government announced a temporary freeze on non-EU immigration of 24,000 per year. It currently stands at 163,000 per annum. In the 1990’s it was 1/3 of that. Government says they want a return to the previous levels. Britain has a projected future population of 70 million. Business leaders have voiced concern over a labour shortage. The head of an association of 12,000 Indian restaurants says their businesses will ’close down’ if immigration is cut" [emphasis ours].

“New York mayor Michael Bloomberg(J) announced formation of a ’partnership’ to force immigration reform. He says failure to grant amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants is ’a form of national suicide’. Partnership includes corporations Disney & Hewitt-Packard plus the mayors of LA and Sacramento“.  
[Traitor-politicians take note: white masses are awake, even if for a short time. Decelerate the invasion rate. When public are lulled to sleep once again the rate will rapidly increase - till our doom. RE].

Channel Seven Sunrise Solday 6am 27 Juno 2010:
“Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been appointed Australia‘s new ambassador to China“.

“A 29 year old man has been stabbed while bush-walking in the Blue Mountains, NSW”.
[Another white murdered by aliens. RE].

ABCTV The Insiders 9am Solday 27 Juno 2010:
Mischa Schubert(J) of the Melbourne Age: ”Julia Gillard has not reduced the immigration intake from 300,000 per year. She has simply said ‘we don’t want to talk about it’.
Brian Toohey(J) of the Australian Financial Review: “that ’s because it is very popular with business. They loved KRUDD’s projection of a future population of 36 million”.
Piers Akerman of the Sydney Morning Herald: “but Gillard is ’dog whistling’ to the anti-immigration groups in Western Sydney and Western Melbourne where there are rears of growing Islamisation”.
MS: “No! There is no fear of Islam! They just don’t like the increasing traffic congestion”. [E.o.]
[Two weeks ago ALP lost Western Sydney seat of Penrith on swing of 25-30% against. White masses HATE migrants. Business loves 'em? Then the white masses will hate capital, too. RE].

ABC News Radio 936AM 6am Saturnsday 3 Juli 2010:
“A Federal Court has dismissed an application to have 85 year old Charles Zentai extradited to Hungary where he faces charges of having killed a Jewish teenager in 1944. Justice Makaraka(?) said it was due to ‘his poor health and the fact the case was not raised till 2005, more than sixty years after the event’. Simon Weaseltail(sic) Centre’s Efraim Zooduroff(?) has pursued Mr Zentai for five years. Shrieked: 'it's not for an Australia court to decide guilt or innocence! That's for Hungarian courts!’ “

“Former member of the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling groups awaits trial in Japan. Faces two years for allegedly throwing acid in the face of a  Japanese whaling ship crewman. He had attacked the boat to initiate a ‘citizens arrest’ of its captain. Says he regrets his actions but had been ‘standing up for Australia & New Zealand’ ”.

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