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NINS Novembis 2009

        Nationalist & Inter-Nationalist News Service                Novembis 2009
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ABCTV Where Is the Wall? 8.30pm Tuisday 10 Novembis 2009 (55 minutes):
Producer Steffen Pannen for Fernhen-jburo for ZDF 2009.
Documentary to commemorate 20th anniversary of ‘fall of Berlin Wall’ on 9 Novembis 1989. Interviews 'average' people - 'vox populi' - to ask their reactions. Like Ari Rath, Israeli journalist.
“I came to Israel in 1938. The fall was very significant here as it occurred on the 50th anniversary of the Reich-Progrom Tag (AKA Krystal-nacht? The night the Reichstag was burned down by Communists and the masses reacted by attacking homes of Bolsheviks)”.
Gerhardt Falk in Malchin, Mechlenburgh-Vorpommern:
“I built the L sections that made the New Wall, the 11 ft high sides. The walls were for grain silos on communes but the leadership decided to use them as sections for the Wall. Very practical. We built it very well. You can see that from when the Wall-peckers tried to chip it apart they couldn’t. Any regrets? No! It was just another job. Orders ceased six months before the Wall came down. We were ordered to cease production so we did’”. 
Thierry Noir, artist:
“I lived opposite The Wall in Berlin. One way to cope with it was to paint it. So I personally painted 100 km of the Wall. We went out on moonless nights. We had to be careful not to paint near border crossing points or ’secret doorways’ that would suddenly fly open. An East German border guard would appear on the Western side”. 
[Later shows one such ‘door’. Were used for routine maintenance on inside of the Wall. To prevent escapes these needed two keys to open, each carried by an East German border guard. RE].

Channel Nine The Kerri-Anne Show 10.50am Moonday 16 Novembis 2009 (two hours):
[Sydney-based talk show hosted by Kerri-Anne Kennerley].
K-A: “Now Bob what ideas do you have for Christmas presents for men?”
“Well the latest is this GPS Tracker. You fit it to your car, hiding it behind the dash-board, so no one knows its there. You can then track your car from home on the computer-map. Say if your kids borrow it? This will tell you where they're going, if the car is speeding or does an illegal left hand turn, when it stops and for how long”. 
K-A: “Wah?! I find that seriously scary!”

Bob [tech-head]: "Oh? Why?"

Russia TV News [] c/- Queensland Community TV 6pm Moonday 16 Novembis 2009:
“Czech military will investigate after two soldiers in Afghanistan reportedly wore Nazi symbols”.

“Prior to the 20th March 2003 US invasion of Iraq the major US news networks made no secret they were unbiased. CNN Chief News Executive Eason Jordan even boasted on-air at the time that he'd approached the Pentagon 'for a list of retired generals he could uses as sources’. Would the Pentagon provide anti-war generals? No!”  [emphasis ours].

SBSTV World News Australia 7.20pm Thorsday 19 Novembis 2009:
Reporter Evan Charlton, Tuvalu:
“In August 2009 Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd signed a AUD$4 million agreement to fund a football A-side for the Pacific. This has been endorsed by Football Australia president Frank Lowy(J)". [Lowy is Australia's richest man. RE]  
ABC News Radio 936AM 5.20am Frigasday 20 Novembis 2009:
“An American official accused Afghan Minister of Resources of receiving a US$30 million bribe from a Chinese government company in return for mining concessions in the country’s East worth ’several billion dollars’ ".
Reporter Gavin Hewitt, Brussels:
 “The Belgium Prime Minister is to become the first EU President and a British female peer is to fill the second most powerful post(sic) of Foreign Minister. This comes a day after the British candidate for President, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, withdrew. There was no enthusiasm for him here. In return for his withdrawal the British candidate for Foreign Minister was approved. This was a win for the Franco-German Alliance, the ’engine’ of the EU. It also has the approval of all seven Socialist governments in the EU”.
ABC News Radio 792AM 5.30am Frigasday 20 Novembis 2009:
Professor John Mackay:
“Main beneficiary of the Obama Administration’s ‘Cash for Clunkers’ policy [Federal 'green' policy funding purchase of new, fuel-efficient cars] has been Asian car companies. Hyundai, and to a lesser extent, KIA, who have seen their car sales in the US leap by 50% in the past 12 months alone”.
[Typical Obama Administration error: copied German government but omitted a key phrase. German law aimed to encourage purchase of newer, less polluting German cars in exchange for old 'fuel in-efficient' vehicles. So the German law specified: 'the new cars must be of German manufacture'. Obama's Posse omitted this. All cars sold were older 'US-made' clunkers but all the new cars purchased were foreign-makes. Duh! Obama might as well have just sent $2 billion dollars 'aid' to Korea. RE].
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