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Obama Not Welcome at Brisbane G20

STORM ALERT #48                                  2.2.2014
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by Ondine Valentine 
Why President OBAMA Is Not Welcome At Brisbane's G20:
In Novembis 2014 the Group of 20 will meet in Brisbane's CBD. US President Barak Obama has been invited. We'd rather he not attend. Why?

1. Mr Obama is a person with a shady past. Or is he Barry Soetaro? The whole 'birthed' position makes it difficult to accord Mr Obama any credence. Is anything he says to be trusted? 
2. He's a war-monger. Mr Obama may not be directly involved in creating the Arab Spring, which since 2011 has cost thousands of lives and destabilised governments in 10 countries - Libya, Ivory Coast, Mali, CAR, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Italy. But he oversees those clandestine agencies that do. Ed Snowden's 2013-2014 disclosures  of National Security Agency spying shows while BO gains from this he claims to have no control over them. Can anything he says be trusted?  

3. He heads a nuclear-armed terror-state. What other state has 5,000 nukes and has a history of nuking not one but two cities? This same State also lays sole claim to the 'first strike option' and uses this 'option' to routinely any seeking to resist its will, whether China in 1951 or Iran today. 

4. In 2013 PBS Newshour, a US government-funded media took umbrage at Russian President Putin's claims the US saw itself as 'exceptional', i.e. a unique State not to be held accountable for its crimes like other countries. Rather than repudiate this view, later PBS interviews made it plain the US-based intelligentsia view 'exceptionalism' as their birth-right. 

Such a position affords them 'the moral high ground' in every debate and 'victim status' in any conflict, even when they are the  aggressor. Such odd-Volk as these are not the sort Australia wants to be keeping company with.  Those so lacking a 'moral compass' are not our friends. Mr Obama, please stay away. 

5. Mr Obama took centre-stage at the funeral for a convicted terrorist, N. Mandela. He showed he believes today's South Africa preferable to the 1994 version. Oh, really? 

By any social or economic indicators that would be a hard argument to win. Only a RACIST would argue a poor, depressed South Africa with 50% unemployment is better off than one with 5% unemployment.  Simply judging a country by the race of its rulers makes one a RACIST, doesn't it?  South Africa in 2014 suffers rampant nepotism, well-documented corruption, high crime rates with regular robberies, mass-murders and rapes. 

6. It is no wonder Detroit filed for bankruptcy under Mr Obama's 'watch'. It would appear he sees nothing wrong with incompetence or malfeasance so long as the perps 'colour' is pleasing to him. This race bias and blatant absence of a moral compass renders any 'deal' made we could ever make with Mr Obama worthless.

Mr Obama, please stay home. Without you maybe the G20 can achieve something. 

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