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STORM 125 Feb 2014

No. 125                  Public Information Bulletin of Australian National Action                     Februa 2014
ANA accept no responsibility for information provided/inferred. STORM is an information source only  

STORM gets information from ‘insiders’, SCUTTLEBUTT. We can’t confirm their stories. Here’s the latest:

 CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY: A disenfranchised father complained to us: “the Federal Child Support Agency takes a non-custodial father’s wages till the kid reaches 16or 20 years old, depending on whether the mother encourages them to go to Uni or not. I even had to go to the DSS [Department of Social Services] to prove my 17 year old daughter had quit school and got a job. The CSA wouldn’t stop taking my wages till the DSS told them to stop”.

 ABCTV Channel 24 News 8.30pm Moonday 6 Janus 2014 Madhouse Mess (55 minutes):
Written and presented by John Barron. Sources: James Fallowes Atlantic Monthly; Matt Kibbe Freedom Works; Senator Arlen Specter.

JF: “the name TEA Party stands for ‘taxed enough already’. MK: “the rise of the TEA Party can be traced to the 2007 Bailout of the Wall Street banks by the US Congress. That Congress was thereafter seen as being too ‘in bed’ with the bankers”. Arlen Specter a Republican Senator for 29 years, 1980 to 2009, in 2009 defected to the Democrats. This broke  the Republican filibuster preventing passage of President Obama’s ‘Affordable Health Care Act’ AKA Obamacare. In 2010 Senator Specter left the Senate”.  

 TV Channel 7-Two (72) 630pm Solday 12 Janus 2014 Seconds From Disaster (55 minutes): Produced and directed by Christine Bavette. An NCG Production.
“A hijacked plane struck the Pentagon on 9-11 2001. Pentagon normally held 23,000 employees. The Pentagon in is build in five sections called Wedges 1-5. The hijacked plane struck Wedge One which had only recently been bomb-proofed. Next door, in Wedge Two over 5,000 employees had been relocated three months earlier for renovations. Thomas Stanton, a Pentagon structural engineer: ‘it was a miracle! The casualties could have been 10 times higher than they were’. As it was only 125 were killed. Within minutes of the strike a large section of the effected Wedge unexpectedly collapsed, obscuring the impact zone. All those injured in the Pentagon strike were later given Purple Hearts [normally awarded for combat wounds]” [emphasis ours].

 TV Channel 7-Two (72) 730pm Tuisday 14 Janus 2014 When Weather Changed the World (55 minutes): “In April 1927 the Mississippi flooded. It threatened to inundate the New Orleans Central Business District. On 27 April 1927 the N.O. City Council met, together with all the city’s bankers and business leaders. They agreed the only way to ‘save’ the city was to breech the levies [artificial flood barriers] further down-river, before the flood-waters reached the CBD.

This would necessarily flood the nearby poor white areas, like St Bernard’s Parish. Flooding this 500 square-mile area left 12,000 poor whites without homes. Promised compensation never eventuated. Some families did received US$300, but over 10,000 whites got nothing, losing all they owned. The floods did not subside till July 1927, four months later. By then the media had begun attacking the 27th April decision to flood St Bernard’s. In all 17 million acres was flooded across 17 States, the greatest flood in US history affecting over one million people” [emphasis ours].

 John Barry in his book Rising Tide says:
 “In other areas 500,000 black share-croppers were held against their wills in ‘work camps’ by the State National Guard and rural landlords called ‘planters’. They were held as virtual slaves to do levy repairs. In the political furore following the 1927 flood the US Federal government took a much larger role in natural disasters, no longer relying on individual States to carry the burden alone.  
Herbert Hoover campaigned heavily during this time demanding more government ‘aid’ to those flood-affected. In the 1928 Presidential election Hoover, a Republican, won easily with Southern Black support. But the promised aid to the Black South never materialised. This was seen as a deliberate breach of promise. Blacks had heretofore solidly supported the Republican Party since 1863 when Abraham Lincoln, the first ever Republican Party President, provided for their Emancipation. 
After Hoover’s 1928 failure to deliver, Blacks voters switched wholesale to the Democratic Party. In 1932 they ‘dumped’ the Republicans and delivered victory to F.D. Roosevelt. Southern Blacks have voted solidly Democrat ever since”. 
 Dr. Doug Bruckley of Tulane University says:
“Widespread flooding in 2004 after Hurricane Katrina brought back memories of the 1927 events. Southern Blacks activists in New Orleans alleged: ‘authorities deliberately breeched our levies - again’. Helps explain the hostile reception Republican President Bush later received in New Orleans”.         
AUSTRALIA DAY: In channel surfing the 26 HDTV channels provided to the public for free by the short-lived K.Rudd ALP government I paused at NITV - National Indigenous (sic) TeleVision. They showed a [panel all yelping with hurt and rage when asked: ‘How will you be celebrating Australia Day?’ The general response: ‘what's to celebrate?!’

Well, maybe the fact the British did not kill you on sight or enslave you liked the French, Portuguese or Spanish would have. Or that you, at only 1% of the Australian population, have a government-funded TV and radio network and your own weekly newspapers. All at taxpayers expense. None of this counts, apparently. Yet the 68% Christians in this country, not to mention the millions of ethnics from all over the globe, don't get such largesse from our supine government.

In the 1980's we were told Abos cost taxpayers one billion dollars per year. Were recently shocked to hear this had ballooned to over AUD$7.6 billion under the disastrous K.Rudd/J.Gillard/K.Rudd ALP government 2007-2013 [she sacked him then he sacked her].

 Will the newly elected (7.9.2013) Abbott LNP government 'wind back' this wanton waste? No. He fears being targeted as a RACIST by these aliens. He equally fears the ALP’s other 'pets', the femo-Nazis. Abbott upset these by rating higher than their idol, Julia ‘Ju-liar’ Gillard, 2009-2013. Juliar was a bigot, favourite of the femo-Nazi dominated, Australian media circus for being founder–president of EMILY’s LIST (Australia).

Enough of their sponsors, let's get back to our indigenous(sic) friends. In 1995 the DNA code was broken. Much about 'racial origins' is now clear that was once clouded by 'Dreamtime' myths and Leftist anthropologists' outright lies. From the DNA 'trail' we now know the alleged Abos are not. Abos, that is. They came here not ’60,000 years ago,’ as a foolish NITV Australia Day advert boasted, but only 700 years ago.

During the last mini-Ice Age ‘Abos’ arrived, in an indirect route, from Dravidia in South India and North Sri Lanka. They picked up the dingo, AKA ‘Asian Wolf’ in Thailand. This we know, via the DNA 'trail', not of the dingo but of its fleas. Appropriate. We now know the Abos [‘aboriginal’ means ‘original’. We refuse to use it of these frauds] were the third ‘wave’ to arrive here. That makes the British in 1770 the ‘fourth wave’ and the post WWII migration as a ‘fifth wave’.

But to see Abos as ‘original’ when they were not, is a lie. They do not deserve their own media at our expense. Rather, give it to the Christians or the Mormons. Yes, as Mormon child- and family-policies match ours. Many wives, many kids, no abortion or drugs. Sounds great! We can guarantee such Volk will use their media well. Not to tell lies, spread false news and race hate like alien Abos. What then of the lying Abos?

Deport them back to Dravidia! I’m sure Sri Lanka’s government will know EXACTLY what to do with them. Whatever bribe we have to pay it will be a 'one-off' and certainly cheaper than their current drain on the economy. We'd give President Rajapaksa their AUD $7.6 billion to 'take care of them' just as he did the troublesome Tamils in 2009. Without the Abos there is no other serious threat to our national sovereignty. Next step, let's rectify those traitors in the ALP/Greens! 

BOOK REVIEW: Stalin: Triumph and Tragedy by Dr Colonel-general Dmitri Volkogonov (Moscow: Novosti/London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1989).

 (p.318): “Winston Churchill said that [in 1937] Stalin had become ‘hooked’ on a document fabricated in Berlin. It alleged a plot against Stalin by a group of Soviet generals, lead by Marshal Tuchachevsky. To this end Germany’s counter-intelligence service, the Abwehr, simply copied Tukhachevsky’s signature off a document in their possession. It was a contract he had signed in 1926 in Berlin for some obscure aircraft technology.

They sought to show Tuchachevsky to be in contact with key German generals whose goal was to topple Stalin.To aid their ‘story’ a fire was started the night of 1 March 1937 and documents ‘stolen’ in Berlin, later to appear in Prague. There they were allowed to be ‘found’ by Czech secret police. Czechoslovak President Benes immediately passed them Stalin. Tuchachevsky and five fellow Red Army Marshals - Yakir, Uborevich, Kork, Eideman, Fledmen, Primakov and Putna - were arrested. 

Just the day before Stalin, had read in Trotsky’s newspaper Bulletin of the Opposition: ‘dissatisfaction amongst the Soviet military with Stalin’s dictatorship places a possible revolt on their immediate agenda’. On 11 June 1937 the trial of the six Marshals began in closed session, just two weeks after their arrest. It opened at 9am and ended at noon. The accused were denied defence counsel or the right of appeal (p. 321). The military court officials were all friends and associates of the accused, so couldn’t believe the charges but still convicted them.

 Only one judge refused to appear, Y.B.Gamarnik. Asked by the NKVD to appear, he refused. His daughter later testified: ‘when [the NKVD] had left, he shot himself. They then arrested Mum. She was arrested and gaoled for eight years for being ‘a wife of an enemy of the people’. They added another ten years for ‘aiding an enemy of the people’. I never saw her again. She died in a Soviet concentration camp in 1943. As his daughter I was sent to a State children’s home. On reaching 16 years old I was given a six-year gaol sentence for being a ‘socially dangerous element’. After that I was forced to serve a term of internal exile…’ ” (p.322).

 “This case would be repeated hundreds of thousands of times. The accused Marshals were denounced for ‘wrecking’, specifically Tuchachevsky had proposed replacing Soviet cavalry units with tank and mechanized units” (p.322). The night after sentencing all the accused were shot, 12 June 1937 After convicting the six Marshals the members of military court were themselves arrested, three within days, and shot. Stalin had suspected them all, from the start... The massacre of the military cadres was only just beginning.”(p.324).

 (p.328) “The list of officers who perished is endless. Who would have thought the seeds of provocation by the Gestapo (sic) and inadvertently by Trotsky would have found such fertile ground! 45% of all the command and political staff of the army and navy perished. Voroshilov reported at the end of November 1938: ’40,000 men have been cleansed’. NS Krushchev reported in March 1938 from Kiev: ‘3,000 troops have been removed from the district, 1,000 having been arrested. All corps and divisional commanders have been replaced’. (p.329)

 (p.330) : “Violence reached its peak in 1938. Repression proceeded under its own momentum. Denunciations lead to arrests; this produced more denunciations, often by vengeful relatives. The situation was getting out of control. Stalin decided to get rid of his main assistants and blame them with ‘excesses’ and ‘exceeding their authority’ as well as every crime he could think of. The chief amongst them was the then head of the secret police, Yezhov. Sacked as Commissar of internal Affairs on 7 December 19938 to be replaced by Beria, Yezhov was arrested in March 1939 and later shot. No one knows when, where or under what accusation” (p.331).

Beria’s first task was to kill all of Yezhov’s assistants, vicious men like Frinovsky, Zakovsky and Berman. They were replaced by Beria’s equally vicious bunch”. (p.332): “the madness of 1937-38 had slowed but not ended. More than 23,000 NKVD [secret police] men had perished, many for trying to put a brake on the violence. Attempts were made to ‘open the eyes’ of Stalin to the worst excesses but he knew – he’d sanctioned them. Alongside Molotov, Stalin had signed over four hundred lists of victims to be executed. Each lists contained hundreds of names.

The repression did not end in 1938. Stalin ordered the last cases to be ‘tidied up’ so in a report of 16 March 1939 Ulrikh wrote: ‘from 24 February 1939 to 14 March 1939 the USSR Supreme Court held closed trial for 436 persons. 413 were sentenced to be shot, including the Minister of the Navy and the Trade Minister” (p.337).

 “Beria himself was arrested and sentenced to execution on 23 December 1953, just after Stalin’s death” (p.333).

 “Can Stalin be personally held accountable? On a note from Yezhov attached to lists of people to be executed Stalin has scribbled: ‘shoot all 138 of them’. Molotov had counter-signed it. Another request by Yezhov was to shoot four lists of 313 prisoners, 208 prisoners and 200 military personnel. Stalin wrote: ‘I am in favour’. On 12 December 1938 alone Stalin and Molotov authorised the shooting of 3,167 prisoners” (p.339).

 “What of those close to him? Researcher V.V.Nefedov discovered these were not spared. Of his first wife’s family – Ekaterina Semenova Svanidze – her brother Alexander, Stalin’s childhood friend, was arrested in 1937 for ‘espionage’ and shot. Alexander’s wife Maria, an opera singer, in 1937 was given ten years in a concentration camp where she died. Alexander’s son Ivan was arrested as ‘son of an enemy of the people’ and exiled till 1956. Ekaterina’s sister Maria was arrested in 1937 and died in a concentration camp. Iyulia the wife of Stalin’s son Yakov was arrested in 1937 and not released till 1943” (p.340).

 “What of the family of Stalin’s second wife, Nadezhda Sergeyevna Alliluyeva?  Nadezhda’s sister Anna was arrested in 1948 for espionage and not released till 1954. Anna’s husband Stanislav was arrested as an ‘enemy of the people in 1938 and shot in 1941. Ksenia, the wife of Nadezhda’s brother, Pavel, was arrested in 1947 and not released till 1954. Evgenia the wife of Nadezhda’s uncle was sentenced to ten years for espionage in 1948 and not released until 1954. Ivan, the son of Nadezhda’s uncle, was arrested in 1938 but released in 1940 after intervention by Stalin’s father-in-law” (p.340).

“Leadership of the Comintern, the Communist International, were hit hard during the 1937-38 purge. Leaders of the Communist Party of Austria, Hungary, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Finland, Estonia and Yugoslavia were wiped out along with the Bulgarians, Swiss and Greeks. All had taken refuge in Moscow against the rise of fascism in their own countries. The Polish Communist Party leaders suffered the worst. Its leadership was wiped out entirely, the last being arrested in September 1937. The PCP was abolished by Comintern decree. Stalin ordered it ‘not be mentioned in the press nor be debated by the Comintern’ ” (p.345).

 “Since Soviet Foreign Minister, Litvinov, was of Jewish origin – his real name was Vallakh – it was obvious to Stalin he would not trust Hitler and would insist on an alliance with the Western democracies. Therefore Stalin could not trust Litvinov. He instructed Litvinov be replaced with Molotov, a ‘real Russian’. The Soviet envoy to Berlin reported the Germans now saw ‘real chance of improved relations with the USSR’ (p.347).

 “On 28th September 1939, Germany and Russia signed a Treaty of Friendship and Borders, one of Stalin’s biggest mistakes. It befuddled both the Soviet public and our friends abroad. Such an ideological change of course created havoc in the public mind and revealed a total lack of principle. In the past Stalin had sent millions to their deaths on just such faint suspicions of ideological impurity. [Now the chief ‘suspect’ was Comrade Stalin himself]” (p.395).

 “On the 28 November 1939 the USSR renounced the 1932 Soviet-Finnish Treaty of Non-aggression. Military action began on 30 November 1939 and lasted four months. The Finns called it the Winter War. On 14 December 1939 the USSR was expelled from the League of Nations, accused of ‘unprovoked aggression’. At the war’s end, a Peace Treaty was signed between the USSR and Finland in March 1940” (p.364).

 “The USSR’s budget allocation for defence1928-33 was only 5.4% of the GDP. By 1941 it had risen to 43.4% of GDP. By the time of Hitler’s invasion 2,700 aircraft of new types and 4,300 tanks, half of them new types, had been built” (p.374). “The Politburo [Soviet Cabinet] in September 1939 ordered the construction of nine new aircraft factories. Production leapt” (p.375).

 “The USSR signed a Treaty of Neutrality with Imperial Japan on the 8th April 1941 to lessen the threat of an attack from the East as Russia saw Germany as its greater threat” (p.388).

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