Saturday, 1 February 2014

SNIPPETS #17 'ALP Defends ABC/SBS bias'

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by Beni Yugarni
'ALP allege any Criticism of the ABC or SBS is political' 
ABCTV Channel 24 News 1130am Solday 2 Februa 2014:

ANA Comment: the headline said it all. The ALP defends its lapdogs in the two government - or rather - taxpayer funded TV and Radio networks. Together the two cost at least AUD$550 million per year: $500 million for the ABC and only $50 million for SBS. 

And what do the public get for their money? ABCTV/Radio is the only network - by law- permitted to reach 100% of the Australian public. All others are limited to only a 75% reach. This is to maintain a government 'monopoly' on information flow. Was first envisioned in 1923 when the ABC's parent, the BBC, was first created. Dr Goebbels, Hitler's Minister for Enlightenment and Propaganda, copied the BBC format to devastating effect. BBC, and ABC, alone had a mandate to 'enlighten' (i.e. educate)the public. 

Since the 1980's both ABC and SBS seem to have forgotten this key role. Are both now just pale imitations of their US-cloned commercial rivals, Seven, Nine and Ten. These drown us in cheap imports of sports, soaps and celebrity stories masquerading as 'journalism'. Any who turn to ABC for the 'full story' are sadly disappointed.  

A good example of how far these two have fallen are their 'public forum' shows, Insight (SBSTV) and Q&A (ABCTV). Both purport to be 'panel discussion' shows with 'audience input' but none of those invited, either to speak or to participate are even mildly Right of Centre. Is as if the 60% who refused to vote ALP or Green in the last election simply don't exist. These shows are emblematic of how The Left, who control both networks, appear to believe they ALONE have the right to 'free speech'. 

Such past examples as the sterile and one-sided national 'debates' on abortion, immigration or 'gun control' are totally stage-managed by The Left. The rest of us - all 60% - are left to simmer and stew. This is what the clitter-arty call 'democracy'. Enough! Cut their funding! Close them down! Let the ALP fund its own pets. The rest of us turned off long ago. 

Better still, sack 'em all then re-hire the few real 'journalists'. All the Left's show-ponies - like the 7.30 Report and Four Corners poster guy/girls - can emigrate. That is, if anyone overseas would hire them. More likely they, like the infamous Maxine McKew, will turn up as an ALP candidate or the ubiquitous 'press secretary' for some ALP boob till they again return to office as they do once a decade. How? 

Their ABC and SBS stooges so poison the minds of the gullible public that these soon despair of any but the ALP/Greens 'saving' them from whatever imagined peril they've been lead to believe is  menacing them. The poor Chicken Littles all huddle in the foxes' den. Fed nothing but lies and half-truths this is to be expected. The real dilemma lies with the simple-minded LNP, foolish enough to allow their worst enemies sole control over the public information flow. BASTA! Enough!     

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