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STORM 87 Decembis 2010

 No. 87                                                                                                                      Decembis 2010
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 DVD REVIEW: Baader-Meinhof Complex (2008) (143 minutes) [In German only]
Executive Producer Mark Shapiro(J); Producer Gilbert Adler(J); Producer/Director Bryan Singer(J) for United Artists & 20th Century Fox.

Blurb on the cover says ‘from the producer of Downfall comes the story of the most notorious terrorists group of our times, Germany in the 1970’s. The true story of the rise & fall of a left wing terrorist organisation started by radicalised children of the Nazi generation’. Despite the cover blurb the RAF were not a ’product of the radicalised children of the Nazi generation’ but a continuation of the Red filth who battled the Hitler’s party in the streets of Germany, 1923-1933.

Like feeble Weimar Republic’s liberal democracy 1919-33 the post-WWII Federal Republic refused to defend itself till 1972. Its showcase Munich Olympics left it thoroughly embarrassed after PLO commandos killed 11 Israeli athletes. After this it was ‘gloves off’. The aftermath of the massacre is dealt with in Steven Speilberg’s Munich starring expatriate Australians Geoffrey Rush & Eric Bana.

MEL VERSUS SOLLYWOOD: The Baader-Meinhof Complex is released by ICON Films, Mel Gibson’s private production company. Mel has suffered the scornful wrath of the Sollywood elite since his Passion of the Christ not only accused them of murdering their own Messiah but earned him US$800 million world-wide.
his film opens with an anti-Chosen tirade by RAF co-founder Gudrun Ensslin where she lambasts her pastor father for the US’s pro-Chosen bias & resultant death of innocents in Palestine. Is this Mel’s payback for the Chosen campaign against him since Passion? We hope so. Best defence is good counter-propaganda.

LEFTIST BRAIN-WASHING: West Germany’s post-WWII generation were so indoctrinated with Leftist ideology as part of their ‘education system’ they came to see the democratic system itself as ‘fascist’. After street battles with police in 1967-68 University-based  Leftist radicals formed into groups to fight ‘the System’ on behalf of its most prominent foes, Palestinian Liberation Organisation fighting Israel & Viet Cong fighting the US.

One radical group was the German Red Army Faction (RAF) dubbed ‘the Baader-Meinhof Gang’ by the popular press. Among the RAF‘s role models were Argentine terrorist Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara & the Uruguayan  Tupomaros terrorists (see p.291 Edward Hyams Dictionary of Modern Revolution Tapling Pub. Co., New York 1973; also p.177 ‘Guerrilla Groups‘ by H. P. Willmott in War In Peace: Warfare since 1945 by Sir Robert Thompson (Ed.) Orbis Pub. Co.; London, 1981).

Che ’fought the System’ and died young. He was captured, tortured & murdered by the CIA in 1967. For many Lefties Che’s life was similar to 1950’s movie icon, the actor James Dean who in words of one fan: “lived fast, died young & left a beautiful corpse“. Proof of Che’s continuing allure for impressionable youth is the success of the 2007 film Motorcycle Diaries.

LEFTIST MURDERERS: RAF’s radicals followed Che’s murderous path to self-destruction but not before killing many innocents. These self-appointed martyrs of the Left included:
Gurdun Ensslin; Andreas Baader; Ulrike Meinhof; Brigitte Mohnhaupt; Holger Miens; Siegfried Hausner; Bernhard Rossner(J); Karl-Heinz Dellwo; Lutz Taufer; Hanna Krabbe(J); Suzanne Albrecht; Gottfried Hagemann; Petra Schelm; Chtistian Klar; Peter-Jurgen Boock; Jan-Carl Raspe; & a ‘Mrs Moller’.

Called the ‘Baader-Meinhof Gang’ by the popular press the group’s leaders were Gudrun Ensslin & her boyfriend Andreas Baader. Ulrike Meinhof joined later after her journalistic ‘cover‘ was blown; she’d been writing for her husband’s Ultra-Leftist magazine, Konkret. Ensslin & Meinhof never agreed on policy. Film even suggests Ensslin forced Meinhof to commit suicide while in prison together.

RAF ORIGINS: What drove these German youth Leftist Uni-types to take up arms? In 1967 the Shah of Iran, an American puppet, toured Germany. Where ever he went he inspired protests. The largest of these, in Berlin, turned violent when Iranian secret police assaulted the Leftist Uni types. Instead of protecting students the German police joined in! Degenerated into a ‘police riot’. Hundreds of Lefties ‘copped a hiding’. One was shot dead.

 This dead Red soon became a martyr, a model for the others. Not long after a nationalist teenager, angered by the free rein of the streets he saw the Left enjoying & wishing to end the anti-American protests, shot Leftist/student leader Rudi Dutschke(J) four times. Did not kill him but left him permanently brain-damaged. Left had another instant martyr.

FROM PROTESTERS TO ASSASSINS: Radical Leftists used these two assaults as a trigger to ‘go underground’. From there they initiated ‘next phase of the struggle - armed conflict’. From then on a minority of student radicals abandoned ’peaceful methods’ for ‘direct action‘. Began a ten-year campaign of robberies, kidnappings, murder & bombings. RAF was born. At the same time similar groups arose in the US, France, Italy, across Latin America & in the US itself. Left eulogise these as ‘legitimate protest movements against capitalist oppression‘.

BABY-BOOMER SELF-INDULGENCE: More likely they were just post-WWII baby-boomers overly indulged by middle-class parents. The lax sentences initially handed down to RAF terrorists by liberal German courts certainly point to the latter. In the days before SWAT teams & the War on Terror Western societies did not know how to react so either didn’t or overreacted. Our ‘open society’ was prey to these Soviet stooges and their media accomplices.

Remember this was during the US-USSR Cold War, a war without borders. Pool of German youth from which RAF recruited were so indoctrinated against becoming Rightists by post-war Leftist educators that they became perfect Marxists. Result was predictable. A weak and effete West Germany, fearful of being called ’fascist’, refused to fight back. Leftist terror gangs soon ran riot in the streets, schools & Universities. Survey at the time found ¼ of German youth ‘praised the actions’ of the RAF.

DVD REVIEW: Valkyrie (2008) (115 minutes)
Starring Tom Cruise; Executive Producer Mark Shapiro(J); Producer Gilbert Adler(J); Producer/Director Bryan Singer(J) for United Artists & 2oth Century Fox.

Is no wonder The Chosen should make a film about traitors attempting to murder the legally elected German Chancellor. More interesting than the rather predictable film is the accompanying featurette The Valkyrie Legacy. This one-hour documentary reveals that from 1944 till 1952 the majority of Germans saw the July 20th 1944 coup plotters as traitors. All this began to slowly change after the newly formed Federal Republic of Germany decided to promote these copyists as ‘democrats’.

FRG instituted a policy for their new Bundeswehr [West German Army] where every officer candidate is asked: ”what do you think of the July 20th plotters?” To say: “traitors!” saw one automatically barred from admission. A similar policy began in the public schools. Slowly the mind-control succeeded.
Ironically, according to relatives of 200 executed plotters, they were not democrats but wanted a return to the pre-1918 monarchist rule by a Kaiser-figure. Fact: most had the aristocratic ’von’ in their surnames is never mentioned by any of their apologists.

At the time their target, the German Chancellor, himself drew attention to this. In 1933, AH was leader of a mass movement which won power through elections. Germany's aristocratic elite refused to accept his election win but were forced to decide between him and a worse, Communist Party led, Revolution. This 'pact' was sealed in blood when, to appease them, AH slaughtered his Left faction, lead by the SA leadership of Roehme and Co. lasted till 1934. n they felt ‘the time was right’ they struck. The featurette reveals July 20th 1944 was fifteenth attempt on life of Germany's elected Chancellor by this same group. 13th March 1943 a bomb in a bottle of alcohol on Hitler’s plane planted in Smolensk, Russia. It, like the 20th July bomb, used British ‘pencil’ fuses supplied by the SOE terrorist equipping agency.

A question unanswered: why are the Chosen seeking to rehabilitate the Germans whom even the lines of the featurette admit: “Nazis! Germans! For many people these are the same”. It is 2008. The war on Terror is being lost by the US and its lackeys or ’allies’. This war is not the US’s. It fights on behalf of the Mittel Ost Terror-Staat. This illegal Staat threatens further wars against other countries principally the Islamic Republic of Iran. It could not defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon. The US & Co cannot beat the Taliban in Afghanistan. Time for reinforcements. Call in the Germans! Already 4,000 Bundeswehr serve in Northern Afghanistan in non-combat roles. Stay tuned: that may change very soon…

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