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     STORM ALERT #46 
 23 .1. 2014
STORM ALERT is published in the national interest. No action should be implied or inferred.
By Ixul Dante
WHY IMMIGRATION? Since 1973 the abortion, divorce and ‘equality’ policies of successive LNP and ALP governments has had the cumulative effect of reducing our ‘natural’ i.e. via births population increase to only 1.3 per couple. That is far below the required replacement rate. In 2012 then ALP Prime Minister K.Rudd announced his ‘Big Australia’ policy: ‘we will increase Australia’s population from 21 million to 35 million by 2050’. It is to be achieved purely by immigration. We currently have 300,000 non-whites arriving per year. That means an extra 14 million aliens here.

COMPLICITY: In effect, we were smiling and nodding off while our ALP enemies calmly announced their plan to make whites a minority in this continent within 35 years. Public reaction? Nil. Alien owned mass-media reaction? Applause and adulation! Not wishing to DIE in silence, that is not the ANA way, let’s examine how we got to this low point and how to ‘dig ourselves out’ of it.          

HOW IT ALL BEGAN: In 1942 Australia was unofficially abandoned by the British Empire. Faced with the might of the Empire of Nippon in the Pacific and having lost 20% of our army at Singapore in 1942 we found the response of Churchill’s Great Britain glaringly dim. Secret documents later revealed he had no interest in defending either India or Australia as ‘if lost to the Japanese these can easily be retaken later’. ‘Retaken’?

CHURCHILL, OUR HANGMAN? So the inevitable deaths and subjugation, tyranny, torture, slavery, rape that we all knew faced anyone falling into Jap hands was accepted for us by W. Churchill, since praised as the ‘greatest leader modern Britain has ever had’. Our ALP masters, sagely turned to the US for protection. We offered our land and resources as a base for their re-conquest the Philippines, till then a US dependency. Their wily general Douglas MacArthur quickly grasped the offer and forced Washington to agree. Even with Mac's brilliant leadership and one million US troops here it was still a close-run thing.

ASIA-PHOBES: We were saved! From then on we lived in terror of the Asian and despair of the British, our erstwhile ‘masters’. A psychological link had been broken. We now had to find our own way if we were to avoid being Asianised. It is with irony then that in 1949, having saved Australia from Asian invasion in 1942 the same ALP adopted ‘mass immigration’. Their new policy was sold to the public as ‘Populate or Perish’ i.e. get more whites in Australia here or remain a magnet for Asian’s ‘teeming masses’. How to avoid a re-run of August 1942 when Asian forces came within 50km of capturing Port Moresby, capital of Australian New Guinea?

MASS MIGRATION: The quickest way to boost our meagre population vis-a-vis Asia was to bring millions of whites here from post-war Europe. Other British Dominions - Canada, South Africa and Rhodesia – had received a similar ‘fright’ to us and had the same thoughts: get bigger quickly. The African colonies sought to forestall their demographic time-bomb. Rhodesia lost this race in 1979 and South Africa in 1994. But in 1945 both were our competitors for racial survival.

ASSISTED PASSAGE: Australia’s Federal government recreated the ‘assisted passage’ programme with its ‘Ten Pound tourists’. For a ten-pound fee a British couple could move to Australia and be given a job, house, etc. The catch? They could not leave for three years or would have to re-pay full cost of their trip. Many poor whites re-located from bomb-ravaged England to our sunny shores. Most thought they had cheated us and were only here for a ‘holiday’. Most we spoke to voiced regret they’d ever left ‘home’. Some ‘assisted’ were not British migrants but from Displaced Person camps in various parts of Europe.

EUROPEAN DP’s: By the early 1950’s Brits chose to remain at home and rebuild their own post-war economy. In 1954 Britain ended war-time rationing. Austrian former DP told to us: ‘your government was sneaky. Knew after three years we’d put down roots, make friends, have kids to school. We didn’t know we were being trapped! We never intended to stay but found we couldn’t leave’. The sense of being ‘trapped’ lead to a late 1960’s phenomena, the ‘whingeing Pom’. Every English settler family one met, parent and child, had some gripe. Aussies found these ubiquitous types in their schoolrooms and work places. We, quickly exasperated, would say: ‘shut up or go home, ya whinger!’ We never understood their scowling response.

‘MEDITERRANEANS’ ARRIVE: Ludicrous Australian government Film Unit propaganda depicted Swiss migrants arriving on our shores, complete with snow skis. By the early 1960’s the available pool of both British and North European whites had dried up. Their economies were booming so why migrate? Australia, like Southern Africa, turned to ‘the leftovers’ i.e. Southern Europe, countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy and Yugoslavia were allegedly ‘European’ but in fact Turkoid. Their uniformly swarthy skin, brown eyes and black curly, oily hair, regardless of ‘country of origin’. All seemed the same so we dubbed them ‘wogs’. Our government imported these pseudo-whites.

FROM CHRISTIANS TO ISLAMISTS: By the 1990’s the Greek and Italian had been replaced by other ‘Mediterraneans’ from North Africa and the Middle East. These, the Fifth Wave of migration to our shores, were dubbed ‘Lebs’ after the numerous refugees from the 1975-1991 Lebanese civil war. Before the Lebs arrival our swarthy friends had mainly been Sicilian Catholics or Greek Orthodox with a few Spanish Reds fleeing Franco. All were nominally Christian till the early 1970’s when Whitlam’s ALP regime changed this. It was then Japan arose to become our largest trading partner. The fear of Asia which generated ‘Populate or Perish’ seemed anachronistic.

MIGRATION AS AN INDUSTRY: Why was mass immigration not scrapped? Like so much government policy, it had its own momentum. Migration had become an institution, an industry, self-sustaining and autonomous. In the late 1990’s the immigration industry had devolved into a series of corrupt sinecures and funk-holes. ‘Refugee advocates’ were in fact government-paid lawyers whose ‘job’ it was to aid illegals seeking to enter and remain. The government was in effect fighting itself, with one section tasked with preventing illegal entry, another with assisting it. This schizophrenic illogic has lead to the current mess where by 2013 aliens had swamped our border defences, aided by government ‘human rights’ lawyers and other taxpayer-funded entities. Under K.Rudd/J.Gillard’s 2007-2013 ALP regime over 40,000 illegals arrived plus two million legal aliens.

TIME TO END ALL IMMIGRATION: We demand an end to ALL immigration. The Immigration Department must be abolished along with its ancillary auxillary agencies, of which there are dozens. All work against Australia’s long-term National Interest. When a clarified policy has been enunciated, i.e. not one promoting skill-less ‘refugees’, skill-less ‘family reunions’ or anything but whites-only, can we recommence where we started in 1945.

BLOCKED EXITS and RECONQUISTA: Worthy migrants will be selected from still-white regions of a world inundated with aliens. Here they may find succor till it is opportune to retake their lost lands. This should not be long. Without white intellect to sustain them the soon-to-be alien-ruled West will collapse. Look at Detroit 2013 as a microcosm for ‘the West’. End all aid to Africa. It will vanish within 12 months. Cut escape of its ‘refugees’; they will eat each other. With these one billion defectives removed, and our white women deprived both of the ‘right’ to abort our children and the means via the Pill and RU-486 we will begin to rebuild lost numbers.

POLICIES TO SECURE our FUTURE: Rights are not inherent, despite what dreamers like Voltaire say. They must be earned, not given away to those with no interest in the common good. Voting in elections will follow the pattern set in Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. A true Germanic idealist, he proposed: ‘only war veterans be allowed to vote as only they have earned the right to decide government policy’. Future ‘relations with Asia’ will be charted by our need not their greed. All alien-lovers will be deleted from our shores. The current mis- education system is to be replaced. Disloyalty requires deportation. Citizenship will be a rare commodity, unlike in 2014 where on ‘Australia Day’ 15,000 aliens were re-branded simply for being here.

SURVIVAL: Can we survive? YES Can we thrive? YES Will it take pain? Of course. For us, but also for our foes. To use a metaphor, after a terrible life-threatening accident much pain follows. Scar tissue must be removed periodically from wounds to aid healing and re-growth of healthy tissue. Think of us as ‘de-braiders’. Do we ‘hate’ others? No! We simply love our own more. This is natural. To love Others and hate one’s own. That is Un-natural.

ANA: Yours for a white Future.

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