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NINS Novembis 2011

Nationalist and Inter-Nationalist News Service   Novembis 2011
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SBSTV Spitfire Women 8.30pm Frigasday 4 Novembis 2011 (50 minutes) (documentary):
Executive producer Cassian Harrison; director Harvey Lilley. Based on the book by Gilles Whitell. The RAF used women pilots to ferry aircraft of all types to frontline units during WWII. One pilot, Maureen Dunlop flew 76 different types including Spitfire, Wellington, Hellcat, Warwick, Walrus, Mitchell, Sea Otter, Tiger-moth, Fairchild & Anson. British, Polish & American women all took part. Pilots included: Freydis Sharland, Margaret Frost, Nancy Stratford, Ana Leska, Jackie Cochrane, Dot Lang, Roberta Allo.
Amy Johnson who was killed over the Thames Estuary. Despite the misleading title the civilian, women pilots never saw combat thought they did suffer 10% loses during the war with 136 dying in crashes. At first only Polish & British women flew. In May 1942 the first group of 25 US women pilots arrived. Women pilots ceased operations in 1944. With a lessening of combat operations in Western Europe the demand for replacement aircraft also ended.

BBC World Service News c/- 936AM 5am Solday 6 Novembis 2011 (50 minutes):
Interview with author Noah Richler(J).
“I’ve examined the role of the novel in European cultural conquest & domination of the Third World. I met a young Ghanaian writer who angrily lamented: ‘if we’d the novel, instead of the oral story-telling tradition, we’d have defeated the colonialist invaders’. This may seem strong language but not when we examine the rival world-views present in each. A Canadian Native-American(sic) leader explained: ‘in our oral tradition the community is emphasised, not the individual. In the Western novel it is the individual who is most important. He gets the girl, gains the throne, gets the prize, The interests of the community are ignored. In our tradition the hunter must ask permission of the moose to kill it & it must be killed in the right way following elaborate ritual preparation’. In short the oral tradition has a community cooperating to work with nature, not against it. In the novel the hero confronts nature & defeats it". 
Norman Deutsch(J) in his book Brain Plasticity said: 
‘thoughts follow paths like a skier down a new slope. They create paths then each new thought follows it. These become habits of thought. We now know the brain can regenerate damaged areas & thoughts are not limited to one area of the brain. When irreparably damaged other areas will ‘take over’ the damaged areas functions’. Some have called science fiction, a creation of the West, ‘speculative fiction’. Sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury said: ‘sci-fi is a short-hand way of dealing with the long-hand problems of the world’.
Steven Pinker(J) in his book How the Brain Works says: 
‘novels are a series of thought experiments’ ".
[In other words, novels allow Europeans to imagine a world different from the one they inhabit. How does this differ from the Third World experience? Their oral tales emphasize continuity not change. When confronted by a more modern foe, like the European with his modern arms & technology the traditional society is unable to compete or compute a way of reacting. We see the result: fractured societies in all neo-colonial states whether Abos in Australia, Maoris in NZ, Natives in the US or Canada or the average African wherever he lives. 
Are we saying Third Worlders are lazy? No, just unable to adapt. Better to see what Richler calls ‘european’ as Christian. After all it was GOD at Creation who gave Adam dominion over the earth, not the West or the Church. GOD made individuals. The Third Worlders hide their collective foolishes in groupism. We parade our successes & errors by ourselves. The Greens would return the World to a pre-Western, pre-Christian communalism. WRONG. RE].

BBC World Service News c/- Classic FM 101.4FM 8am Solday 6 Novembis 2011:
“100 people have been killed by the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Harum in the NE town of Damantura(?). Eyewitnesses say a suicide-bomber destroyed the HQ of a special police unit, in town to hunt Boko Harum. Then gunmen wandered at will for several hours attacking a bank & churches with guns & grenades for several hours”. [Un-armed population; easy targets for Islamist 'heroes'. RE].

Since 9-11 2001 SBS TV has been a markedly Chosen TV network with one programme per week dealing with Hitler or alleged events in Poland during WWII. An example is the week 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2011:
830pm Frigasday 28 Oct 2011 SBSTV showed ‘The Polish Battle of Britain’ from the UK.
3pm Solday 30 Oct 2011 they ran their six-part series Hitler’s Bodyguards with the episode ‘Nearly assassinated at the Berghof’.
11pm Solday 30 Oct 2011 they had part one of the 3.30 hours documentary Ship of No return: Last Voyage of the Gustloff’ about German refugees killed in 1945 by Red submariners.
11.40pm Tuisday 1 Novembis 2011 the Israeli film Zion & His Brother (2009).

Why this weekly deluge of anti-German hate propaganda? Is a publicly-funded network. Do the public want this or just the 100,000 Enemies who now infest Melbourne & Sydney?

SBSTV The Light-bulb Conspiracy – the Untold Story of Planned Obsolescence 4pm Solday 21 Augustus 2011 (50 minutes): Sources:
Nicol Fox, technical writer: “there is a light bulb that’s been burning continuously for 100 years”. Markus Krajewski of the Bauhaus University, Berlin: “at a cartel meeting in Geneva, 1924, it was decided to shorten the life-span of light-bulbs”. Why? 21 Octobis 1871 Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb. He started marketing these by 1881. At the 1924 meeting The company of S.A. Phoebus moved that the bulbs, which usually lasted 2,500 hours, be deliberately limited to last no longer than 1,000 hours.

At the 1925 meeting the cartel, which including Osram & Philips, set up a ‘1,000 hour light bulb committee’. This committee would fine cartel members who did not shorten bulb life-spans. Within two years average life-spans had fallen from 2,500 hours to 1,500”. Warner Philips, grandson of the founder: “by 1940 1,000 hours was the new standard”. Marcos Lopez, computer technician (Dirty Little Secret of Inkjet Printers DVD): “After 1925 amateur inventors were still attempting to lengthen the lifespan of light-bulbs. One managed to make one that lasted for 100,000 hours”.

Marcos Lopez found, as seen in his DVD, that: “there is a preset failure of sponge in the average inkjet cartridge. There is a microchip in each with a ‘die’ date preset”. Nicol Fox: “planned obsolescence was invented at the same times as mass marketing. Why? People's consumption was too low. It couldn’t keep up with mechanised production. So either production had to slow down or cease, or consumption had to rise".

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